winterizing your boat

winterizing your boat
The following are general guidelines. Check your owner's manual for manufacturer's recommendations/procedures
particular to your boat.
Change oil & oil filter
Flush engine with fresh water
Circulate antifreeze through the manifold
Change transmission fluid
Remove spark plugs/spray "fogging oil" into each
cylinder (Gas engines ONLY)
❐ Wipe down the engine
❐ Drain fresh water tank & hot water heater
❐ Isolate hot water heater by connecting the in & out
Inspect stern drive/remove any plant life or barnacles
Drain gear case and check for excessive moisture in the oil
Clean lower unit with soap & water
For units with rubber boot: Check rubber boot
for cracks or pinholes
❐ Grease all fittings
❐ Check fluid levels in hydraulic steering or lift pumps
❐ Pump out holding tank; while pumping add fresh water
❐ Remove valuables, electronics, lines, PFDs,
Flush engine with water; drain completely
Wash engine with soap & water
Disconnect fuel hoses; run engine until it stops
Ensure all fuel is drained from carburetor
Lubricate cylinder walls & pistons with fogging oil
Apply water-resistant grease to propeller shaft & threads
Change gear oil in lower unit
Lubricate engine exterior or polish with a good wax
lines together
❐ Pump non-toxic antifreeze into the system & turn on all
faucets/shower/wash-down areas until antifreeze starts
running out
❐ Put non-toxic antifreeze in the water heater
to the bowl & flush several times
❐ Add manufacturer-recommended marine
cleaner/deodorizer; let sit a few minutes,
then add water and pump out again
❐ Add antifreeze & pump through hoses, holding tank,
y-valve, macerator & discharge hose
fire extinguishers, flares, fenders, etc.; clean,
check and replace as necessary
❐ Open all drawers/lockers & clean
❐ Turn cushions on edge so air can circulate around
them or store in a climate controlled area
❐ Install a dehumidifier or use an odor & moisture
absorber to keep your boat dry & mildew free
❐ Pressure wash hull, clean barnacles off props & shafts,
Clean & dry
Clean any oil spills with soap & hot water
Once dry, spray with moisture-displacing lubricant
Add a little antifreeze to prevent any water from freezing
❐ Fill fuel tank
❐ Add fuel stabilizer
❐ Change fuel filter(s) & water separator(s)
rudders, struts & trim tabs
Clean all through-hulls & strainers
Open seacocks to drain water
Check hull for blisters; attend to any you find
Wax hull
Take batteries out of boat; put on trickle charger
or charge them every 30–60 days
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