SP200 Series Dot Matrix Printers SP200 Series

SP200 Series Dot Matrix Printers SP200 Series
SP200 Series Dot Matrix Printers
The SP200 Series are high-speed printers with built-in Verifone 200 emulation, which are ideal for credit
authorization terminals (CAT) and data logging systems. The optional CAT cover provides an ergonomic
receipt printer and CAT package. Models SP212 and SP242 print a single color (purple or black) and
models SP216 and SP246 print two colors (black/red) which is ideal for highlighting features on a receipt.
Standard features include small footprint, RS-232C interface via a DB25 connector, semi-automatic paper
loading and MCBF/reliability of 9 million lines. The integrated cash drawer driver helps maintain minimum
system cost. The built-in self-test function allows the user to check and reset dipswitch settings. The
printer utilizes popular 3" wide roll paper and can print an original plus two copies. The long life metal tear
bar provides accurate and reliable paper cutting. Models SP 242/246 feature a guillotine cutter with partial
and full cut capabilities.
Print Method
Serial Impact Dot Matrix
Print Format
42 Columns at 16 CPI
Print Speed
2.5 Lines/Second
3" Friction Feed Roll Paper
Print Head Life
75 Million Characters
Serial or Parallel
SP200 Series Specification Sheet
Low Cost Dot Matrix Printer
Light weight and compact
Black and red printing available on SP 216
Ideal printer for CAT (Credit authorization terminal)
High speed printing: approx. 2.5 line / sec.
Highly reliable metal tear bar
Popular 3" width roll paper
OPOS Drivers available
Product Range
SP212FC Parallel I/F Single color
SP212FD Serial I/F Single color
SP216FC Parallel I/F Black & Red
SP216FD Serial I/F Black & Red
Print method
7-pin serial impact dot matrix
Print direction
Number of columns
Character font
42(16CPI) A35(13.4CPI)
7 (Half dot) x 7 or 9 (Half dot) x 7
Dot pitch(mm)
0.316(H) x 0.432(V)
Line spacing
1 / 6" (fixed)
Character size
16, 13.4 CPI
Print speed(line / sec)
Approx. 2.5
Paper feed speed
(inches / sec.)
Character set
ASCII, International, Special
IBM special
Ink ribbon
SP212 / RC200P(Purple) 3 million
RC200B (Black) 1.2 million
SP216 / RC200BR (Black / Red) 0.6 / 0.3 million
Roll paper
Normal or carbonless paper
3" (76mm)
Max. 3.35" (85mm)
0.003" to 0.004"
(0.07mm to 0.10mm)-Single copy
Three ply-max. 0.008" (0.2mm)
Each paper should be 0.002" (0.05mm) to 0.003" (0.08mm) in thickness
Ribbon cassette
Print head
9 million lines (CRT)
75 million characters
Operating conditions
0šC to 50šC
10% to 80% RH
(w/o condensation)
Storage conditions
-20šC to 70šC
5% to 95% RH
(w/o condensation)
Power supply
AC100V, 120, 230, 240V
Current consumption
Max. 24W (Avg. 19W)
Paper out detector
Mechanical switch
Cash drawer driver
1 circuit (24V, max. 1A)
Data buffer
Approx. 1KB
Serial (RS232C) or Parallel
Dimensions (mm)
158(W) x 234(D) x 193(H)
Approx. 3kg
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