Printing Citrix UPD Value Add Page 1_December 2015

Printing Citrix UPD Value Add Page 1_December 2015
Tricerat Printing Value Add to Citrix
How Tricerat Printing Adds Value
For years, System Administrators have adopted and
implemented Citrix server
and desktop virtualization
platforms. Printer management has been problematic
for these Sys Admins
because of the manual
nature of installing and
updating printer drivers on
every Citrix server.
100% Printer
Tricerat printing solutions can provide at least basic print functionality
to any printer, including legacy, specialty, and multi-function printers
installed on a Windows or OSX Operating System. Printers not shown on
the Citrix printer list are not guaranteed to have any functionality and
are not supported.
Advanced Print
Tricerat printing solutions allow local client printers’ full, advanced
features and printing preferences to be passed through to the
terminal server, for use in Citrix sessions. Features could include color
and duplex printing, as well as stapling and collating.
For over 15 years, Tricerat has
developed unique, proprietary solutions to extend
and enhance the printing
experience for companies
running Citrix environments.
Citrix has offered some
basic print functionality with
the Universal Print Driver
(UPD) and the Universal Print
Server (UPS). However, as
technology continues to
rapidly evolve, today’s
administrators confront new
issues. This level of required
print support is where
Tricerat steps in to provide
seamless printing regardless
of printer environment
Cross Environment
Tricerat printing solutions work across multiple platforms in a single
IT environment for IT administrators that run Citrix, VMware, Microsoft,
or Ericom environments, as well as physical workstations. The UPD and
UPS only work in XenApp or XenDesktop environments.
Extended O/S
Tricerat printing solutions are compatible with all modern Windows
Operating Systems (Windows 2003 and newer) and can be ‘plugged in’
to any existing Citrix environment including older application servers
and virtual desktops.
Printer Naming
Tricerat printing solutions offer a wide range of printer name customizations. This is a key feature for compatibility with older applications and
applications not designed for use in Remote Desktop Services/Citrix.
PDF Export
Tricerat printing solutions have the ability to export documents as a
PDF. Tricerat printing solutions are not a full-function PDF creator, but
instead places an image of the print job in a PDF container. In a client
printing model, Tricerat printing solutions can export the PDF to either
the server or the client.
Enabled Printer
Tricerat printing solutions are configured to automatically assign printer
drivers after installation. The UPD and UPS are managed through Citrix
policy, which can be daunting if IT administrators are not highly skilled
in Citrix policy scripting.
Supports Mixed
Tricerat printing solutions support 32- and 64-bit on the server and
client, and are compatible with mixed environments. Tricerat’s solutions
also provide support beyond Windows 2008, including Windows 2012.
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Tricerat Printing Value Add to Citrix
Key Benefits:
- No Terminal Server print
drivers to manage. EVER.
Tricerat, a Citrix Ready partner, developed unique remote desktop printing solutions to
extend and enhance the printing experience for Citrix customers. Utilizing Tricerat’s patented technology, a system admin can build virtual printers from one console, without ever
installing a print driver. This means no software clutter or unruly, crash-prone driver configurations in your XenApp and XenDesktop server farms!
- Increase performance
by reducing login times
and spooler crashes.
Manage every print server in your Citrix environment from one location
- Decrease time spent
managing print servers
by reducing 32- and 64bit compatibility issues
Citrix is recognized as a pioneer and leader in App and Desktop Virtualization. So when you
add Tricerat's pioneering print virtualization technology to the Citrix virtual mix--no
matter what type of client or mobile device your workforce is on--what you get is a
recipe for printing success.
- True enterprise print
management, minus the
complexity and confusion.
- System administrator
empowerment: allowing
end users to print in a
variety of environments,
from various devices.
- Print from:
- Citrix XenApp,
XenMobile, other
VDI sessions
- iOS devices
- Android devices
- Thin clients
- Google Cloud Print
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Learn more:
US: +1 800.582.5167
EUR: +44 (0) 1582 638800
make IT Simple
11500 Cronridge Dr., Suite 100, Owings Mills, MD 21117
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