STARTING PROCEDURES Automatic Transmission Keyless Enter

STARTING PROCEDURES Automatic Transmission Keyless Enter
Automatic Transmission
Before starting your vehicle, adjust your seat,
adjust the inside and outside mirrors, fasten
your seat belt, and if present, instruct all other
occupants to buckle their seat belts.
The shift lever must be in the NEUTRAL or
PARK position before you can start the engine.
Apply the brakes before shifting into any driving gear.
• Never leave children alone in a vehicle, or
with access to an unlocked vehicle. Allowing children to be in a vehicle unattended is
dangerous for a number of reasons. A child
or others could be seriously or fatally injured. Children should be warned not to
touch the parking brake, brake pedal or the
shift lever.
• Do not leave the key fob in or near the
vehicle, and do not leave a vehicle
equipped with Keyless Enter-N-Go in the
ACC or ON/RUN mode. A child could operate power windows, other controls, or
move the vehicle.
Damage to the transmission may occur if the
following precautions are not observed:
• Shift into PARK only after the vehicle has
come to a complete stop.
• Shift into or out of REVERSE only after the
vehicle has come to a complete stop and
the engine is at idle speed.
• Do not shift from REVERSE, PARK, or
NEUTRAL into any forward gear when the
engine is above idle speed.
• Before shifting into any gear, make sure
your foot is firmly on the brake pedal.
Using Fob With Integrated Key (Tip Start)
Normal starting of either a cold or a warm
engine is obtained without pumping or
pressing the accelerator pedal.
Do not press the accelerator. Use the Fob with
Integrated Key to briefly turn the ignition switch
to the START position and release it as soon as
the starter engages. The starter motor will continue to run, and it will disengage automatically
when the engine is running. If the engine fails to
start, the starter will disengage automatically in
10 seconds. If this occurs, turn the ignition
switch to the LOCK position, wait 10 to 15 seconds, then repeat the “Normal Starting” procedure.
Keyless Enter-N-Go – If Equipped
This feature allows the
driver to operate the ignition switch with the
push of a button, as
long as the ENGINE
START/STOP button is
installed and the Remote Keyless Entry
(RKE) transmitter is in
the passenger compartment.
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