JetSort® - Cummins Allison
1000 Series
Designed to minimize
counter space, JetSort
provides access to all coin
boxes or bags from the front.
This allows you to put a
currency counter, printer
and/or computer against
one or both sides for
maximum convenience
and space savings.
JetSort 1000
preset coin
counts into
paper tubes,
while tracking
the total coins
Cash Till
While this is the smallest JetSort® Series, it is one
of the most versatile. Retailers and others love the
small size and ease of use that makes training easy.
And the ability to connect the 1000 to a JetScanTM
currency scanner for complete coin and currency
details and totals also has great acceptance in
coin-op, retail, and other markets.
A wide range of options and accessories allows
each user to configure their JetSort 1000 to their
exact needs. You don’t buy what you do not need.
You can keep things small and simple or expand
to sophisticated and higher volume systems at the
time of order or later as needed. And at its heart,
is the industry proven JetSort sort disk!
A special top
hopper takes
coins directly
from a till.
Complete Coin & Currency Systems
A Till
Refill Kit
sorts coins
back into their
respective coin
till areas. This
reduces coin
deposit fees as
well as rolled
coin purchases.
Single Coin
Collection Bin:
Used by armored
cars and bank
vaults with multiple
tellers. Collects
coins in a single
bin that is easily
transferred to a
larger JetSort for
consolidated bags.
When processing both
coin and currency, you
can connect JetSort 1000
to Cummins currency
equipment to combine coin
and currency details/totals in
a single printout and/or
transmission to your
JetSort 1000
JetSort ® 1000
shown with several
options, including
Table Top Stand,
Bag Adapters
and Advanced
Like every
JetSort, the heart
of the machine is
the patented single
moving sorter part
design that assures
ease of use and
Designed and
built in the USA
by Cummins,
this JetSort
brings legendary
reliability to a
new smaller size.
JetSort 1000 Series Coin Sorters
Options & Accessories
Advanced Keyboard & Electronics — Includes remote display, expanded keyboard
and software for data entry, adjustable bag limits, communications and more.
Electronic Option Kits — Each provides different combinations of capabilities such
Floor Stand provides an attractive,
handy and secure home for your JetSort ®
1000. A variety of options enables you to
configure the exact stand you need.
Coins Sorted:
Up to 8 coins/tokens
Standard USA version handles 6 coins
(1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ & $1)
as communications, exact bag stops, software for connecting currency processors,
remote displays, etc. These kits provide connection capability but do not include the
Coin Boxes & Coin Bag Adapters — A combination of bags and boxes can be
used to accommodate different coin volumes.
Table Top Stand — Raises JetSort for coin bag adapters and coin bags.
Table Mount — Provides necessary support for bags if they are suspended over the edge of a table/counter.
Magnet for Lift Tray — Used on the standard lift tray, this magnet catches ferrous
metal debris and some denominations of Canadian coins.
Coin Packaging Kit — For dispensing coins into paper tubes. Includes one
packaging adapter plus coin tubes for all US coins. Requires special electronics and
paper supplies that must be ordered separately.
Foot Pedal — For use with Coin Packaging Kit option. Provides hands-free starting of JetSort. Requires Communications option.
Coin Tube Shelf — Provides support in coin packaging applications where plastic tubes are utilized. Can be used on 1¢, 5¢, 10¢ and 25¢ denominations.
Single Box Coin Capture — Collects all coins in a single large box. Ideal for
applications where multiple people are processing low volumes of coins. Each
person’s JetSort 1000 counts mixed coin deposits and then consolidates all coins
into a single box for fast and easy transfer to a larger central unit so small batches
of coins can be consolidated. Saves space, cost and processing time at each
individual station.
Cash Till Refill Kit — Allows all the coins in cash register till to be poured into the
JetSort in one step. JetSort counts and sorts these coins and replaces them in their
respective locations in the same cash register drawer.
Floor Stand — Provides a handy and sturdy “home” for JetSort 1000 and includes
an adjustable bag support shelf. Up to four bag adapters can be used on JetSorts
mounted in this stand. Several options can be added to this Floor Stand:
Printer Shelf — Mounts at the rear (can be on the left or right).
JetScan Shelf — Provides handy and sturdy home for a single or two pocket JetScan Currency Scanner. Fits on either side.
Security Door — Conceals and secures all coin bags and coin boxes.
Includes lock and two keys.
Bar Code Scanner – Lightweight, durable scanning device for automatic data entry of bar code labels.
Printers — Fast, durable impact and thermal printers.
Power — Voltage operating ranges are either 105-130v or 198-253v. Frequency is 60/50Hz. Customer
Sorting Speed:
Up to 2,200 per minute
10 1/2"W x 10"H x 17"D
Shipping Weight:
54 Lbs.
must provide an electrical supply properly grounded and protected by a circuit breaker in accordance with
applicable electrical code. This equipment must be plugged into a properly grounded outlet.
10,000,000 Coins
Power consumption (full load amps) at nominal voltage: 1.0 Amps (120v); 0.5 Amps (220v)
Sort Head:
* Specifications provided throughout this document are approximate and subject to change without notice.
Power disruptions that result in input voltage other than the power requirements listed can lead to improper
operation of this device or result in failure/damage to electrical components. (Power disruptions are not
covered under machine warranty or preventative maintenance agreement.) Power conditioning/stabilizing
devices are available through Cummins.
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