IBM TotalStorage™ Ultrium External Tape Drive 3580

IBM TotalStorage™ Ultrium External Tape Drive 3580
Ultrium tape technology for backup, restore and archival solutions
IBM TotalStorage™
Ultrium External Tape Drive 3580
featuring Ultrium 2 drives
IBM TotalStorage Ultrium External
With its higher capacity and tape drive
Tape Drive 3580
performance that more than doubles
Today, all types of businesses rely on
up to 35MB/sec native data transfer
data as a key corporate asset. You
rate (70 MB/sec with 2:1 compression),
must be able to access data quickly
the new IBM Ultrium External Tape
and reliably, archive large databases
Drive 3580 is an excellent alternative to
and retrieve them when needed, and
DLT/SDLT; 1/4-inch, 4mm or 8mm tape
complete these tasks economically—
whether you are using a high-
performance network server or an
Advanced features
individual workstation.
The IBM TotalStorage Ultrium External
Tape Drive 3580 features Ultra 160 SCSI
 Offers capacity, performance,
and reliability for midrange and
network tape storage
 Provides an entry-level Ultrium™
tape solution
 Supports cost-effective backup,
The IBM TotalStorage Ultrium External
Low Voltage Differential (LVD) or Ultra
Tape Drive 3580 is one building block of
SCSI High Voltage Differential (HVD)
a family of scalable, flexible tape solu-
interfaces and can attach to IBM and
tions. By leveraging advanced Linear
non-IBM servers and workstations
Tape-Open (LTO) technology, the IBM
that support these interfaces. As a
Tape Drive is suited for handling the
SCSI-attached tape solution, the IBM
backup, save/restore, and archival data
Ultrium External Tape Drive connects to
storage needs of a wide range of small
Fibre Channel server adapters through
selected IBM Storage Area Network
Data Gateway products.
save/restore, and archival storage
New Ultrium 2 models of the IBM
TotalStorage Ultrium External Tape
The IBM 3580 has an LCD display and
understand drive information
Drive have a capacity of up to 400 GB
indicators for write protection, tape in use,
with an LCD status display
with compression (2:1) with the use of
drive cleaning, and data compression.
 Provides continuous, easy-to-
the new IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium
 Adheres to widely supported
Linear Tape-Open (LTO )
200 GB Data Cartridge. IBM Ultrium
Software support
2 Tape Drives can read and write first
You can increase the power of the
generation LTO Ultrium Data Cartridges
IBM TotalStorage Ultrium External Tape
at original capacities and with improved
Drive by managing it with tape manage-
performance. As your needs grow, you
ment solutions such as Tivoli® Storage
can build on this storage investment by
Manager or other third party storage
moving to higher capacity and perfor-
mace automated libraries employing
the new IBM Ultrium 2 tape drive technology.
IBM TotalStorage Ultrium External Tape Drive 3580 at a glance
Model numbers
L23—LVD attach; H23—HVD attach
For more information
For more information, contact your IBM
representative or IBM Business Partner.
For updated attachment, supported
Rack-mount feature code
operating system, media product, and
storage management software informa-
tion, visit
Tape drive type
IBM LTO Ultrium 2
Capacity per cartridge1
Up to 400 GB compressed; 200 GB native
Sustained data transfer rate1
Up to 70 MB/sec compressed; 35 MB/sec native
Aggregate sustained data rate1
Up to 252 GB/hour compressed
Media type
IBM Ultrium 2
Data cartridge
IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium 200 GB Data Cartridge (PN 08L9870)
Cleaning cartridge
IBM TotalStorage LTO Cleaning Cartridge (PN 35L2086)
5.75” H x 6.74” W x 13.11” D (14.6 cm x 17.1 cm x 33.3 cm)
14.3 lb (6.6 kg)
Three year, Customer Element Exchange (CEE) in most countries
IBM Corporation
IBM Systems Group
5600 Cottle Road
San Jose, CA 95193
10° to 38° C (50° to 100° F)
Relative humidity
20% to 80% (non-condensing)
Produced in the United States of America
All Rights Reserved
Electrical power
1.0-0.5 amps at 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
© International Business Machines Corporation 2003
Operating environment
Attachment and systems support2
The IBM 3580 features Ultra SCSI LVD and Ultra SCSI HVD interfaces, attaching to IBM ~ pSeries™, IBM ~
iSeries™, IBM ~ xSeries™, IBM RS/6000®, IBM RS/6000 SP, IBM AS/400®, and IBM Netfinity® systems, and non-IBM
servers and workstations. As a SCSI-attached tape solution, the IBM 3580 connects to Fibre Channel server adapters
through selected IBM Storage Area Network Data Gateway products.
Operating systems support2
Native device driver support is available for AIX® ; OS/400®; Windows NT®; Windows® 2000; Sun® Solaris®; HP-UX; and
Red Hat® Linux®
Based on 2:1 compression
a complete array of servers, software,
printers, and storage devices.
LTO is an open tape architecture
developed by a consortium of three
world-class storage producers.
You can order media for the IBM Ultrium
External Tape Drive at the time of pur-
IBM Ultrium drives share best-of-breed
chase or from IBM Media, Supplies
technology with advanced multi-track
Distribution, and authorized dealers. Call
recording capabilities, magneto-resistive
1-888-IBM-Media (1-888-426-6334) toll-
(MR) head and servo technologies, and
free in the United States and Canada.
high recording densities. Error correction code (ECC) function helps support
IBM, AIX, AS/400, Netfinity, OS/400, and RS/6000
are registered trademarks of International Business
Machines Corporation.
Linear Tape-Open, LTO, the LTO logo, Ultrium, and
the Ultrium 2 logo are U.S. trademarks of HP, IBM,
and Seagate. Tivoli is a registered trademark of
Tivoli Systems, Inc. Windows and Windows NT are
registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
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respective companies.
Performance data contained herein was obtained
in a controlled environment. Actual results that may
be obtained in other operating environments may
vary significantly. These values do not constitute a
guarantee of performance.
IBM hardware products are manufactured from new
parts, or new and used parts. In some cases, the
hardware product may not be new and may have
been previously installed. Regardless, our warranty
terms apply.
IBM reserves the right to alter specifications and
other product information without prior notice.
Photography depicts design models. Actual product may show slight variations.
This document contains forward-looking statements about future development plans. Such plans
are subject to change by IBM without prior notice.
data integrity.
IBM also provides worldwide service
and technical support when you invest
in an IBM Ultrium solution—including
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