To ensure a successful installation, you need to follow this checklist. Do not assume any of these items are
optional. If you cannot check off an item as being completed, please stop as the installation may fail. Call
SchoolLeader support for any questions you may have regarding this checklist.
My hardware requirements have been met or exceeded
There are many different versions of Windows. While SchoolLeader supports the newer Windows versions,
there are some restrictions with older versions. Ensure all your computers meet these minimum requirements:
Desktop OS Supported: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Server OS Supported: not supported*1*
Architecture Supported: x64 (64-bit) - IA64 not supported
Minimum Processor: 2Ghz Pentium class processor (or greater)
Minimum RAM: 4 gigabytes for main server, 4 gigabytes for workstations
Minimum Disk space: 15 gigabytes of free hard drive space (or greater)
Network Supported: Ethernet, Cat5 wired Connection – Wireless not recommended*2*
Other Recommendations: DVD/CD-ROM: Reader, multiple USB ports, Serial Port
*1* NOTE ABOUT WINDOWS SERVER: If installing on a standalone Windows Server grade OS, there will be
additional support costs from Kressa Software. Contact Kressa Software for pricing details.
*2* NOTE ABOUT WIRELESS: Wireless service has become more robust and dependable. However,
Wireless is inherently less reliable than a wired LAN, so you may experience periodic drops and lost
connections with your database. Communication will also be substantially slower.
If using our SchoolLeader Cloud Service, we recommend at least 3 meg of available up/down bandwidth to
function smoothly. Also, if classroom cameras or other processes share the same internet connection make
sure you have enough total bandwidth to accommodate all of your needs. You can view your internet speed
using a site such as Wait for the BEGIN TEST icon to appear:
My LAN (Local Area Network) is connected, configured, and verified to be working
If you will be using SchoolLeader in a networked multi-computer environment, you must first setup this network
and then connect all computers together. This is not a trivial task, and unless you are experienced in this
subject, you may want to hire a local Computer/Network Technician. In general, this effort includes:
 Running LAN cabling from each computer location to a central hub
 Configuring your hardware for network access (including printers, etc)
 Setting up your networking services (DHCP, DNS, Routers, etc.)
 Setting up any other networking features you need such as email, etc
If you do choose to hire a professional, keep the name and contact info for this individual or company, as
additional support may be needed to maintain your PC environment.
I have identified which computer will act as my SchoolLeader server and verified it qualifies to
host the SchoolLeader database (does not apply for Cloud Service)
One computer on your local network will host the SchoolLeader database and server software. It can be a
dedicated server (recommended method), or it can be a computer that also serves as a user’s workstation.
Regardless, this computer must satisfy the Server hardware minimum requirements as follows:
Runs a Windows Operating System (64bit) certified for SchoolLeader:
o Windows 7 SP1
o Windows 8.1
o Windows 10
Processor Speed greater than 2Ghz (Intel or AMD)
Minimum RAM: 4 gigabytes for main server, 4 gigabytes for workstations
Minimum Hard Disk space available: 15 gigabytes
Network: Cat5 wired Ethernet Connection (WIRELESS not recommended, but can be utilized)
Internet Access: High speed access recommended (for support and software updates). If using our
SchoolLeader Cloud Service, we recommend at least 3 meg of available up/down bandwidth to
function smoothly. Also, if classroom cameras or other processes share the same internet connection
make sure you have enough total bandwidth to accommodate all of your needs.
If this computer is hosting other applications that also use the Microsoft Database Management System
(DBMS) called SQL Server, contact Kressa software for a one-on-one assessment of the computer to
determine if it can be used to host SchoolLeader’s database.
Additional server recommendations:
 Do not use a laptop as your server
 Avoid using an email server such as “Exchange Server” to also host the SQL Server DBMS
 Avoid using the Checkpoint Station computer as your server
 Know your logon credentials to your Windows server as an ADMINISTRATOR (your tech can provide
the logon credentials if he/she setup the computers for you)
 Clearly label the SchoolLeader server. Your staff will need to know where it is physically located as
SchoolLeader support will need access to this server when diagnosing problems.
My server NAME is different than my Windows User ID
Ensure your Server Name is NOT the same as your Windows logon. For example, your server may be named
ServerPC, and your Windows login ID is also ServerPC; change your Windows login ID.
Warning: Do NOT change the server name once the SchoolLeader SQL Server instance is installed.
I have identified which computer(s) will act as my SchoolLeader workstation(s) and the role
each will perform.
SchoolLeader is provided with a per-site license rather than per-user or per-computer license. As a result, you
are free to install SchoolLeader on an unlimited number of computer workstations as long as those
workstations are networked together and support one licensed SchoolLeader server/location. Also, there are
many add-on features such as automatic door controllers, check scanning, etc., that might you may choose to
use on one more of these workstations. As a result, take inventory of the computers you plan to use as
SchoolLeader workstations, and the features you plan to use on each. Then provide Kressa with this inventory
so we can help ensure you are setup correctly with the software and licensing info for these various third party
add-on features.
Your FrontDesk Workstation(s): The FrontDesk Manager workstations are used for your daily operations.
You can run FrontDesk Manager simultaneously on multiple workstations connecting to a single database,
however, make sure these FrontDesk Workstations pass this v10.0 pre-installation checklist before installation
can begin. There are also many add-on features that can be used with these workstations. Let Kressa know if
you are using credit card readers, check scanners, biometric scanners, etc.
Your CheckPoint Workstation(s): The CheckPoint workstation(s) are used for attendance entry for
employees and students. You can run CheckPoint simultaneously on multiple workstations. There are a few
add-on features that can be used with these workstations as well. Let Kressa know if you are using biometric
scanners, credit card swipers, or any electronic door controllers with our software, etc.
High Speed Internet Access Is Active On All My SchoolLeader PCs
Internet access is required for SchoolLeader software installation and updates. Internet access is also required
to perform regular Microsoft Windows updates as well as allowing remote access for technical support. Do not
proceed without internet access on all SchoolLeader PCs.
NO Wireless Is Being Used To Connect My Primary Schoolleader Computers OR I am using
wireless but understand the possible issues with Wireless connections
Wireless networks are great for home use, browsing the internet, and short use tasks. However, they are not
suitable for a multi-user, multi-task, “always on” application such as SchoolLeader. As a result, plan to have
your primary FrontDesk Manager workstations and any CheckPoint Stations “hard wired” to your Local Area
Network for best results. If you must use wireless, expect to experience periodic dropped connections during
the day similar to what you might experience with a wireless phone.
For Existing Customers Reinstalling Or Upgrading - My Current Schoolleader Database Has
Been Backed Up And Secured On An External Or Removable Drive
Please take backups seriously and perform them before upgrading AND on a regular basis thereafter. If you
are not familiar on how to perform a SchoolLeader backup, please read the online user’s guide or contact
SchoolLeader support for assistance before doing any upgrades of your SchoolLeader software.
All Of My Schoolleader PCs Have The Latest Microsoft Windows Updates Installed
Before you begin the installation, YOU MUST verify every SchoolLeader computer is up to date with the latest
Windows updates, which includes security, software and service packs from Microsoft. Read and follow the
separate document titled “How to perform Critical Windows Updates before installing SchoolLeader”.
If you do not have that document or cannot find it on the download page of our website, please STOP here and
contact SchoolLeader Support at 800-858-8570 or email at
I have disabled UAC for the installation step (Windows 7)
Ensure UAC (User Account Control) is turned off (Start Menu, Control Panel, User Accounts, Change User
Account Settings). Depending on the version of Windows, you may need to slide the bar to the bottom (turn
off), or uncheck the UAC box. NOTE: A reboot will be required after turning off UAC. You can turn UAC back
on after the installation is complete.
If Upgrading From A Prior Version - I understand I must plan to Install SchoolLeader 10.0 on
All PCs (including any Checkpoint PC) and cannot mix different versions
Mixing different versions of SchoolLeader on different computers can cause serious problems. This can
happen if you are upgrading or reinstalling SchoolLeader and don’t upgrade ALL SchoolLeader PCs. Install
using the correct SchoolLeader setup. Also, you may have older installations kept on CD or stored on your PC.
To avoid mistakes of which version is the ‘current’ version, discard any old versions of SchoolLeader
installations once you upgrade. Every release of SchoolLeader is cumulative and you cannot rollback your
database to work with older software. For this reason, older copies of SchoolLeader software are of no value
and are best discarded.
I Have Temporarily Turned OFF Virus Software And Permanently Disabled Any Third Party
Firewall Software On All PC’s
Virus software is a good tool to have installed. SchoolLeader will work with most major versions. However,
many Virus checking programs include features that monitor network communications in ‘real time’ and can
block or interfere with this installation. For this reason, temporarily disable any virus software during this
If running Norton, the Norton SMART FIREWALL will need to be temporarily disabled. If running McAfee,
temporarily disable the virus component.
Firewall Software is built into Windows for blocking unwanted access to your PC. Also, your internet Router
may have firewall functionality already built into it as well. As a result, third party firewalls often provided as
bundled features in Virus Software products (e.g. Norton Firewall) are redundant, will slow down your
computer, and are generally not necessary. However, if you prefer to leave it active, you will need to program it
yourself. The SchoolLeader installation can only automatically program the built-in Windows Firewall for you.
Contact Kressa Software for a list of ports that must be opened if you wish to use a third party firewall. The
manufacturer of that product might be able to help you program it.
I Can Log Onto Windows with FULL Windows Administrator Rights
Running SchoolLeader does NOT require administrative right. However, installing it does. Ensure you have a
Windows Administrator account to use on this computer for the setup.
I Have (Or Will) Perform a Fresh Restart Of My Computer(s) Before Starting The Installation
A simple but important step to ensuring a successful installation is to reboot the PC. Often times there are
pending updates from prior installations or currently running software which can interfere with the installation.
Ensure you are starting from a fresh reboot of the PC. Select the START button and click RESTART. Do this
now (if you are about to begin the setup, or remember to do it just before you eventually do begin.
I Have Shut Down Any Programs Currently Running
Look in your Systray to see if any programs are currently running. If yes, close out of those programs before
beginning the installation.
I Have Confirmed That the Server and Checkpoint PCs Do NOT Power Down (Power Options)
The SchoolLeader server must be accessible at all times, and therefore, should not power down automatically.
Please review the POWER options (Control Panel) on the server to ensure it is set to NEVER power down. Also
ensure that the Checkpoint PC POWER options are also set to NEVER power down.
I Have Confirmed That My Backup Software Does NOT Execute During Business Hours
While third party backup software is a great way for you to ensure that your data is being backed up and secured
(preferably offsite) on a regular basis, running a backup during normal business hours can cause a lock on your
database. Unexpected errors may result as you try to access the database while a backup process has a lock on
the database. So if using a third party backup product, check its schedule to ensure that the backup takes place
during non-business hours.
If Extended Assistance Is Preferred – I have Scheduled My Installation With Schoolleader
If you require our extended installation assistance, be sure it was scheduled with SchoolLeader Support prior
to beginning the installation. Although we can accommodate our customer’s needs for installation questions
through the normal tech-support phone queue, please be aware that installations can sometimes take longer
periods of time. For this reason, we cannot guarantee our availability for extended phone assistance unless it
is scheduled in advance. If you have scheduled a separate computer technician to perform the installation for
you, please schedule SchoolLeader support for the same date and time.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not directly perform reinstallations as part of your annual support subscription. If you
prefer a SchoolLeader technician directly perform the entire reinstallation for you via a remote control session,
there may be a fee. Contact SchoolLeader support for more details on that level of service.
Congratulations on completing all of the pre-requisites for ensuring a successful installation!
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Thank you for your participation!

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