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Features and Benefits
• IEEE 802.11a/b/g compliant
• Power input by redundant 24 VDC power inputs or Power-over- Ethernet
• Powerful security with WPA/WPA2/802.11X filters
• Turbo Roaming™ for seamless wireless connection
• Long-distance communication support
• STP/RSTP support to increase reliability
• DIN-Rail or wall mounting ability
• IP30 protected high-strength metal housing
• -40 to 75°C operating temperature range (-T model )
Wireless setup instruction
First decide what IP address you are going to use for the access point. Ask the System
administrator for free Ip addresses.
Notice: In the following example we show how to establish a WLAN with network
segment, 192.168.254.x/, SSID: CIMCO, Authentication: WPA-PSK,
Cipher Type: TKIP.
We recommend using Moxa AWK-3121 (or Cisco AIR-AP2131G-E-K9) if you want to
more than 5 controllers.
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Notice: If you want to setup the Moxa AWK-3121 in a different way than below described
or need some more detailed/advanced setup, refer to manufacturer’s instructions.
Configuring Moxa AWK-3121
Use the web-based manager to configure AWK-3121
Use an Ethernet cable to connect the AP to your Laptop. Power on AWK-3121.
Notice: Since the AWK-3121 support MDI/MDI-X auto-sensing, you can use either a
straight-through cable or crossover cable to connect the AWK-31321 to a computer.
Set the ip address of your Laptop so that it matches the Ethernet settings of the Moxa unit
(the default IP address of AWK-3121 is set to ).
Start you browser and type the address of Moxa unit (
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Moxa AP-3121: Logon to Web-based manager.
To logon Web-based manager type:
Username: admin
Password: root
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Moxa AP-3121: Web-based manager.
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Basic Settings > Network settings
Moxa AP-3121: Network settings.
Set an IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway as shown above (example). Click on
Submit to take over the settings.
Note: You can wait to restart the device until all settings are done.
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Wireless settings > Basic wireless settings
Moxa AP-3121: Basic Wireless settings.
Do the settings as shown above (example). Click on Submit to take over the settings.
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Wireless settings > WLAN security settings
Moxa AP-3121: Wireless Settings > WLAN security Settings
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Security mode: Chose WPA
Moxa AP-3121: Wireless Settings > WLAN security Settings
Security mode: WPA
WPA type: Personal
Encryption method: TKIP
Passphrase: Type a passphrase of your own choice.
Click on Submit to take over the settings.
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Moxa AP-3121: Restart.
Click on Save and Restart to permanently take over you settings.
Connect the AP to an Ethernet LAN through an Ethernet switch or hub.
CIMCO Integration
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