Beautiful, innovative and ecologically sound.

Beautiful, innovative and ecologically sound.
Beautiful, innovative and ecologically sound.
Quality you can trust.
What sets us apart
from the competition?
Magnum biomass appliances are built to the highest industry
standard. Just ask the thousands of families who have relied
on their Magnum to keep them warm and safe for over 30
years.You can trust our state-of-the-art electronics and high
tech safety features to provide complete control against down
drafts, blocked venting, open doors or lack of fire. Each
Magnum is even designed to detect negative pressure and
shut down before dangerous emissions enter your home.
Countryside Countryside
Features & Options
Safe, reliable operation
Approved for mobile home use
Realistic firebox brick insulation
Large viewing window with air wash system
24 kt gold-plate options
24 kt gold plate legs
12 volt DC operation (selected models)
1 year warranty on electrical
5 year warranty on structure
Firebox oxygenation / Fuel stirrer system
Standard Metallic Black color
Available in Honey Glo-Brown, Forest Green, or Sky Blue
Hook into ductwork
DC models
Forced-Air Furnace
DC models
Battery Backup
Efficiency you demand.
We take saving precious resources and maintaining a
clean environment seriously. Ecologically sound and
economically sensible, each Magnum appliance is
designed to burn organic fuel alternatives such as
corn and other biomass fuels and, in turn, squeeze
the most out of your heating dollar.
(available on select models)
Magnum stoves reflect years of marketing research and development, bringing you state-of-the-art technology. Unlike most biomass
and pellet stoves which rely on 110v AC current, Magnum 12 volt DC models incorporate an advanced electronic design that
allows them to run on a 12v backup battery, which is kept fully charged by an automatic built-in trickle charger.
Did you know you can heat your entire home with corn for as little as $1 - $3 per day?
An average home will burn 85 to 150 bushels of corn a season, depending
on the temperature, size of home, insulation and placement of unit.
Simplicity you desire.
It doesn't matter how great looking a
product is if it's hard to operate — every
appliance we manufacture is attractive and
designed to be simple to use.With each
appliance design we've eliminated every hassle. It's as easy as filling the hopper, setting the controls and
pushing a button. Unlike other stoves, there's never a need to tear up paper, chop kindling, reload the
firebox or split wood. Cleaning your appliance is easy, too. We take great pride in the minimum
amount of effort it takes to operate our products. Let's face it, you shouldn’t need a PhD to
operate a stove. It needs to be simple and work every time you want it to.
Now for most of us, what a bushel of corn equals doesn't really mean anything. So let us answer the burning question
you really have — will this stove keep my house warm and save me money? The answer is very simply and conclusively YES!
The typical home can be heated for about one to three dollars a day using a clean burning renewable resource like corn,
even in the coldest conditions. Compare that with your current heating bill. Our experience shows that the majority of homeowners will see a significant savings in their heating costs immediately. Stop needlessly wasting money and start heating with a Magnum
biomass corn-burning appliance today.When old man winter shivers away from your house, you'll see why we say today is a great
day to heat with corn! For a more in-depth fuel comparison, visit
Safety tested by Warnock Hersey
to U.L. 1482/ULS627, September
1992. Status: Exempt.
Reliability you expect.
Over 30 years ago, Mike Haefner, owner of American Energy Systems and designer
of the Magnum product line, made a decision to provide products that would give
a lifetime of service. Solid state electronics, safety sensors, diagnostics capabilities,
thermostatic operation and self-ignition are a few of the features that will
keep you warm and smiling. Contact your nearest Magnum dealer
or visit to find out more.
150 Michigan Street SE
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Phone: 800-495-3196
Your local authorized Magnum Reseller is:
Your solution to pollution!
OMNI Environmental Services,
Inc. I.C.B.O.TL-130 097-5-03-2,
Inc. I.C.B.O.TL-130.
Or visit to locate a dealer near you.
©2005 American Energy Systems, Inc.,
All rights reserved. Part #020RevB
Choose from a variety of clean-burning,
renewable fuels while getting a return
on your investment.You’ll be proud to
own a Magnum biomass appliance.
Locate your certified dealer at
Biomass/Corn/Wood Pellet
Free-standing Stoves, Furnaces,
& Fireplace Inserts
Versatility is the key to biomass appliances.
Choose your furnace.
The Magnum difference.
There is nothing else like it in the marketplace.
Magnum biomass stoves, fireplace inserts, and
forced-air furnaces offer luxurious modern cabinet
design with the versatility of burning very affordable and renewable energy sources such as shelled
corn, wood pellets, cherry pits, waste paper pellets
and a host of other fuels.
The idea for this innovative product can be traced to the energy
shortages in the late 20th century.With the escalating cost of
fossil fuels and continued dependence on foreign sources of
these fuels, it just made sense to us that the time had come to
explore other energy alternatives.
Magnum Baby Countryside stove
shown with a black door
Through many years of in-depth experimentation, our engineers focused
on finding affordable and readily available fuel sources. As a result of their
dedicated efforts, we have developed the first biomass stove that allows
you to choose from a variety of renewable fuel sources.
It's not surprising that corn would be our No. 1 choice of
fuel for this innovative appliance. Our company is located
in Minnesota's heartland, where waving fields of corn
grow as far as the eye can see.With the growing demand
to develop new markets for farm products, it made sense
to us to consider developing a way to use this organic,
renewable, cost-effective resource as an alternative fuel.
As a result of our continued focus on easily accessible
alternative fuels, American Energy Systems is leading the
country through a revolutionary change in how we heat
our homes.
Magnum Countryside fireplace
insert (left) and leg model stove
shown with gold options, forest
green color (below)
Customers often remark on our modern cabinet design, our
large viewing windows and our graceful, yet sturdy construction.
When you compare the work we put into every appliance to
that of our competitors, it may seem like we go to a lot of
trouble to make a stove. But we feel that your comfort is worth
it; it's just how we do business.There's a personal satisfaction
and responsibility that comes with producing the premier
biomass products in the marketplace.
At American Energy Systems, we're doing more than selling
appliances, we're making friends. Friends who share the same
high standards we do. Friends who want a quality product for
a fair price. Friends who respect nature through the use of
renewable, organic fuels. Of course you can buy a cheaper
stove, but when it comes to the safety and comfort of your
family, like you, we simply won't compromise.When it comes to
buying a biomass appliance, there's only one choice: Magnum.
It's the brand you can trust.We guarantee it.
With a fuel storage capacity of up to 210 pounds, your time will
be spent enjoying your home rather than constantly having to
re-fill your fuel supply. We have taken a "no-tools approach"
that allows you to quickly and easily service your furnace
without needing special tools to clean major ash areas.
Our advanced combustion system means less ash, higher
efficiency, and a clean, safe fire.
Where to find shelled corn
or wood pellets.
To find suppliers of shelled corn, check the
Yellow Pages to find your closest Magnum dealer,
feed mill or grain elevator.The Extension Office
in your county, land-grant University or local
corn growers association will also be
helpful in finding a shelled corn fuel
source.You can find wood pellet
suppliers at
For maximum heating, the Magnum 7500 furnace has a 75,000 BTU range and comes with a self-cleaning
system for the firepot. The 7500 is a perfect fit for those looking for high heat output and low daily maintenance.
Magnum T40 leg model stove shown with gold options
The model 6500 Magnum furnace has the latest in clean-burning, low ash combustion technology.
This means no ash blowing outside.
Today is a GREAT day to heat with corn!
Appliance Comparison
No matter what your
needs are, there is a perfect
Magnum appliance for you.
*These specifications are for
reference only and subject to
change without notice. Heating
capacity can vary with different
fuels and climates.
“Necessity is the brainchild of invention”
This was certainly true in colonial America where open fires
were used to warm homes.To rectify this unsafe method of
heating, Benjamin Franklin invented the iron furnace stove.
Beginning in 1973, Mike Haefner began developing high-end
hearth appliances and invented the world's first certified biomass
fuel stove, improving on Franklin's heating icon. Using corn and
other renewable resources as a heat source is the ecological and
economic choice of thousands of homeowners just like you.
Magnum furnaces are designed with the most advanced heat
exchangers and air distribution systems on the market today.
This ensures heat stays in your home and doesn't escape
through your chimney.
Fuel Type:
Shipping Weight:
Fuel Capacity:
Baby Countryside
6500 Furnace
7500 Furnace
I’m the original certified corn
burning/biomass appliance in the world.
I have the longest burn times between
cleaning in the industry. Call me old reliable every hour, every day, every year.
I’m reliable like Dad but have today’s
hottest technology, self-ignition and a
sleek cabinetry look. And with my small
size I won’t take up too much room but
will still keep you nice and toasty warm.
AC or 12 volt DC technology and a
step top for heating a little food.You’ll
be licking your chops for this traditional
look in a wood pellet appliance.
I’m the newest addition to our
Magnum furnace line. Choose me for
one of the cleanest burns available on
the market today.
I have a different combustion system
than my brother and I can crank out a
bit more heat. Both of us try and make
sure our efficiency is top-notch.
Biomass/Wood Pellet
Biomass/Corn/Wood Pellet
Biomass/Corn/Wood Pellet
28”W x 33”(pedestal)23”(insert)H x 28”D
20”W x 32”H x 22"D
23.5”W x 32”(pedestal)29”(legs)H x 27.5"D
26”W x 47”H x 36"D
26”W x 47”H x 36”D
350 lbs.(pedestal), 300 lbs.(insert)
200 lbs.
265 lbs.
560 lbs.
480 lbs.
up to 50 lbs.
up to 60 lbs.
190 lbs.
210 lbs.
app. 75 lbs.
BTU Range:
up to 56,000*
up to 40,000*
up to 40,000*
up to 78,000*
up to 78,000*
Burn Time:
up to 50 hours
up to 50 hours
up to 50 hours
up to 40 hours
up to 40 hours
3” PL vent (power vented)
3” PL vent (power vented)
3” PL vent (power vented)
3” or 4” PL vent (power vented)
3” or 4” PL vent (power vented)
EPA Status:
0.69 GM/hr
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