SPECIFICATIONS MODEL M8540 KUBOTA­V3800TIE2 Model Type (Make: KUBOTA) Engine SAE Net Power PTO horsepower Total Displacement Bore X Stroke Rated speed Fuel tank capacity 4­cylinder in­line, direct inject. w/turbocharger 4­cylinder in­line, direct inject. w/turbocharger HP (kW) HP (kW) cu.in. (cc) in. (mm) rpm gal. (l) Alternator/Battery Air cleaner Main clutch type/diameter mph mph (km/h) in. (mm) Brake type Lift capacity 24" behind lift point Remote valves Steering Operator area Cab Seat 8F/8R (12F/12R optional with hydraulic shuttle) 4­speed main transimssion, synchronized shift (6 speed opt. w/hydraulic shuttle) 2­speed High / Low Synchro­Shuttle standard 2wd&4wd models
Optional (0.26­.81) 20.9 (33.6) @Maximum engine rpm Synchro Shuttle, cerametallic button dry clutch 12.8 (325) Hydraulic Shuttle = Mult­Plate wet disc clutch Hydraulically operated wet disc brakes Bevel gear type, with Easy­To­Shift 4wd engagement whiling rolling Front wheel drive system PTO System PTO type PTO Speed Pump flow (Hitch & remotes) Pump flow (Power steering) 3­point hitch (Category II) Control system Hydraulics 84.6 (61.3) 94.5 (70.5) 75 (56.0) 84 (62.7) 230 (3769) 230 (3769) 3.94X4.72 (100X120) 3.94X4.72 (100X120) 2600 2600 23.8 (90) ROPS Models / 29.1 (110) CAB Models 45 Amps / 12V 900 CCA ROPS Models 60 Amps / 12V 900 CCA ROPS Models 8 in. dry, dual element Left side of hood vertical / Underhood muffler ROPS Models Right Side Corner­post vertical exhaust pipe / Underhood muffler CAB Models Muffler / Exhaust Pipe No. of speeds Main gear shift Range gear shift Shuttle shift Creep Speed (Cassette type) Transmission Max. travel speed M9540 gpm (l/min) gpm (l/min) lbs. (kg) Live­Independent PTO, Hydraulically operated wet clutch, w/PTO brake 540 rpm (6 splines) standard, and optional 540/1000 rpm (21 splines, two shafts) 17.0 (64.3) 6.1 (23.0) Telescopic lower link ends, Telescopic stabilizers Mechanical position and mixed draft control, Top link draft sensing Standard 4630 (2100) and 7055 (3200) optional on 8 Speed models 7055 (3200) is standard on HD12/HDC12, 12­speed models 1 standard (2nd, 3rd or Flow control valve optional) Hydrostatic power steering ISO­mounted flat deck, Hanging Pedals, Tilt steering wheel Reclining, full adjustment (height, weight, fore & aft.), arm rests, retractable seat belt SPECIFICATIONS MODEL M8540 M9540 ROPS: 2 headlights, 2 corner lights, 2 tail lights, 2 frt. and 4 rear safety flashers CAB: 2 headlights, 2 corner lights, 2 tail lights, 2 frt. and 4 rear safety flashers two frt worklights, 2 rear work lights. Lighting Cab (cont.)
Arched Beam roof line, Heater/Air conditioner, Sun visor, Front wiper/washer, Beverage holder, 12V/30 amp 3­Pin Electric outlet, Tinted glass, 2 external mirrors, 3­Position switch for Interior light 7­pin Trailer electric outlet Standard Cab Features Wheelbase in. (mm) Overall width (minimum) Overall length Overall height ROPS/CAB Crop clearance Dimensions & Tread width Front 2WD Tread width Front 4WD Weight Tread width Rear Turning radius (w/o brake) Weight (w/Standard tire/Steel dish) Standard front tire Standard rear tire in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) ft. (m) 2wd Models: 80.7 (2050) ROPS / 88.6 (2250) CAB All 4wd Models: 88.6 (2250) 78.0 (1900) 2wd 153.0 (3885) / 4wd 148.0 (3760) 97.0 (2465) / 100.2 (2545) 98.0 (2490) / 101.2 (2570) 18.3 (465) 56.7­72.4 (1440­1840) 55.9­59.8 (1420­1520) 59.8­63.8 (1520­1620) 59.8­75.6 (1520­1920) 13.1 (4.0)** 13.5 (4.1)** lbs. (kg) 5004 (2270) / 5401 (2450) Other optional equipment 5093 (2310) / 5512 (2500) 7.50­18 2wd / 12.4­24 4wd 7.50­18 2wd / 12.4­24 4wd 18.4­28 18.4­30 3PT High Capacity lift cylinders (8­Speed Models) Front weight bumper (std 2wd) Front weights, Rear wheel weights, Drawbar clevis, 2nd and 3rd remote valves, Cassette type Creep speed, Flow control valve, Dual Speed PTO, Rear axle spacer kit, Cab Radio cassette or CD Player with 7­Channel weather band, Grill Guard, Down Exhaust muffler, Deluxe canopy for ROPS Models. The company reserves the right to change the above specifications without notice. These Specifications are for descriptive purpose only. Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information. For your safety, KUBOTA strongly recommends the use of a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belt in almost all applications. Not for sale in Nebraska 
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