RadioRA® 2 — Security Opportunity

RadioRA® 2 — Security Opportunity
RadioRA 2 — Security Opportunity
Diversify your business with light control from Lutron.
Build your product offering, sell more on every job, and expand the benefits of your
security system—with a RadioRA 2 wireless light and shade control system.
You’re already selling a home system—so why not use the opportunity to sell a light
control solution with your next security job?
Security system enhancements include:
Full-flash—programs lights to lock on at full
brightness or flash and raise shades when
security system is triggered.
Remote monitoring—use your iPhone®, iPod
touch®, iPad®, or Android™ to remotely monitor
and control lights and shades.
Car visor control—turn interior and exterior
house lights on from the safety of your car.
Timeclock—use the timeclock to set exterior
lights to turn on every day at sunset and dim
overnight to save energy and extend bulb life.
Away mode—schedule lighting changes so
an empty house appears occupied; lighting
changes will vary each day within 30 minutes
of the set change.
Car visor control
Lutron iPad app with
HomeGlance dashboard
RadioRA 2 integrates easily with security systems via RS232 or Internet Protocol via the system’s main
repeater. Lutron is also working with many security manufacturers to develop certified 2-way drivers.
Check for those drivers and for future additions.
Take advantage of this chance to grow your bottom line. Lutron has a variety of packages making it easy
for you to begin small—such as in the foyer and with exterior lighting—and then expand control throughout
the entire home.
For more information on RadioRA 2 training email your contact information to
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Example Scenario
Energy Package
Pitch: With light control,
you’ll always have a warm
welcome home. Turn lights
on from the comfort of
your car, before you even
reach your front door. That
way, you won’t have to
walk into a dark house.
Total List Price of Components
List Price of Package
You Save
Dimmer 1
Pair with garage lights
Dimmer 2
Pair with front door lights
Dimmer 3
Pair with kitchen lights
Dimmer 4
Hybrid keypad
Pair with deck lights
Pair with Foyer chandelier
Set the following scenes for the home:
Welcome, Away, Vacation, Entertain, All Off, All On
Ceiling mount
occupancy/vacancy sensor
Mount in kitchen
Plug-in appliance module
Use with computer monitor and printer
Pico® wireless control
Place in car
Main repeater
Mount next to security panel
Best Practices After the Job
1 Week Later: Call the customer to see if they are happy with the system—take notes.
3 Weeks Later: Use your notes to guide the customer toward expanding the system—sell more.
4 Weeks Later: Schedule your next visit. Install additional product—grow your profits.
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