quick installation guide

quick installation guide
Mobile Repeater visual installation guide
Place the antenna on the point where you
have the best possible mobile signal available.
We suggest the roof or exterior wall.
Afterwards, connect one of the ends of the
antenna cable to the port of the ext. antenna.
IMPORTANT - Be sure not to place the ext.
antenna close to a satellite dish or have it face
downwards or upwards. A clear area with
horizontal view is ideal.
Ext. antenna
Roof / ext. wall
Run the cable to the location, where you
intend to place the repeater unit and connect
the second end of the cable to the port on
the repeater unit labeled with -BTS- and
tighten it firmly. IMPORTANT - Be sure not to
coil the cable or run it along sharp objects
which could damage it. Avoid sharp bends and
Connect the cable connected
to the ext. antenna to the Port
labeled “BTS”
Inside / dry
Connect the int. antenna to
the Port labeled “MOBILE”
Repeater unit
Power supply (connect last)
Int. antenna
Connect the internal antenna to the port on
the repeater unit labeled with -MOBILE- and
tighten it firmly. Afterwards, connect the
power supply to the port labeled -DV12V-.
Then connect the plug to any regular wall
outlet. IMPORTANT - Be sure to supply
electricity last, and disconnect the repeater
from power when ever you make changes to
the system.
Mobile Repeater visual installation guide
Screen & controllers
GSM900 | Gain 1 click + 1dB
Repeater Description
GSM900 | Power switch
Frequency Band
GSM1800 (or 3G) | Gain 1 click + 1 dB
Power Status
GSM1800 (or 3G) | Power switch
GSM1800 (or 3G) | Gain 1 click - 1dB
Gain Counter
Signal Bars / Alarm
GSM900 | Gain 1 click - 1 dB
MRE001 - 24 to 60dB
MRE028 - 29 to 65dB
MRE061 - 24 to 60dB
MRE039 - 29 to 65dB
Max 18dBm
Max 19dBm
Max 18dBm
Max 19dBm
1) The default gain is set to to maximum strength (60/65dB)
2) The repeater will show the received signal strength, it may not resemble the signal outside.
When the repeater receives a signal, it will show the signal strength through solid signal bars. -50dB equal a full signal (five bars) -55dB equals four bars, -
60dB equals three bars, 65dB equals two bars and -70dB equals one bar.
70dB get only If 1the outside
b borders of the signal bars flash, the repeater is not receiving a sufficient signal.. Please check cable connections or adjust the external antenna.
If the repeater receives a signal better than -45dB, the entire signal scale will flash. This can be caused by oscillation (repeater amplifies itself) or low
proximity to the signal source. Please extend distance between repeater and ext. antenna and/or reduce gain by adjusting the signal strength on the
repeaters display (+ and - buttons) the problem can also be caused by a satellite dish placed too close to the repeaters ext. antenna.
70dB get only 1 b
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