Cybernetics` Virtual Tape Solutions Protect Data

Cybernetics` Virtual Tape Solutions Protect Data
Cybernetics’ Virtual Tape Solutions Protect Data
Cybernetics’ Virtual Tape Libraries are designed to eliminate the challenges you
face in archiving and protecting your valuable data. Our units are incredibly easy
to install, manage, scale, and will adapt as your network changes.
The iSAN® V Series Virtual Tape Library is a powerful enterprise-class backup
solution with up to 144 TB of raw, native capacity. Utilizing existing tape backup
software, the iSAN® VTL consolidates backup across any mix of operating
systems with support for iSCSI, SAS, and legacy SCSI host systems. Writing
in sixteen concurrent, parallel data streams - with up to 4 GB/s speeds - the
iSAN® V Series is the ideal choice for the most demanding enterprise backup
requirements. Available with a 10 GbE,40 GbE, Fibre Channel, or SCSI option,
iSAN® V Series delivers all the benefits of virtualization, data deduplication,
and performance at a surprisingly competitive price.
Up to 4 GB/s throughput
Deduplication reduces
backup space typically by 50:1
Consolidates all your backups
cost effectively
Utilizes your existing tape
backup software
Scalable up to 8 units,
a total of 192 disk drives
What is a Virtual Tape Library?
A VTL is a storage device that emulates one or multiple tape drives/libraries. It's designed to greatly reduce your backup
window and increase your restore speeds, especially when compared to tape drives. They can also reduce the amount of disk
storage you need for long term data retention and minimize the bandwidth required for site-to-site replication.
Why Emulate Tape?
By appearing as tape, you have 100% compatibility with any backup software that supports tape without any operational
learning curve. This includes BackupExec, ARCserve, CommVault, Tivoli, DPM, native i5/OS backup commands, BRMS,
Robot/SAVE, IPL and many more. There are no additional software/agents required. Whether you're running Windows, i5/OS
or any Unix derivative, a single VTL can protect your entire data center easily.
A well engineered VTL does not format the disk drives with a file system, thereby eliminating the need for virus scanning and
defragmenting overhead; increasing your read/write performance. This is traditionally faster than using DAS, NAS and SAN for
a backup repository.
By emulating tape at the block level on disk, any off-line copies sent off-site via physical tape will remain compatible with your
backup software. In an emergency situation, restores can be done without access to the virtual tape library.
Deduplication reduces backup space typically by 50:1.
Store more backups in less space, a 1 TB backup could use as little as 20 GB of space.
Supports bandwidth-friendly site-to-site replication.
Cybernetics' powerful data deduplication engine has extreme processing power to reduce data at typical ratios of 50 to 1, without
risking data integrity due to hash collisions. Exceptional data reduction makes a replicating pair of iSAN® VTLs at remote locations the
ultimate disaster recovery solution. Virtual tapes can be selectively archived to removable tape media in a completely serverless,
background mode. All tape archives are universally compatible and recoverable without the presence of a VTL. When you’re ready to
move data off disk for long term archival storage, the Tape Offload feature will write to removable tape in serverless mode - with
absolutely no impact on your host or network operations.
Saves time by backing up to fast disk
arrays (up to 4 GB/s transfer rate)
Encrypt data on the VTL and on media
Centralizes all your backups with a
single device
Several Models to Choose From:
SSD Models
Scalable, easily expand SSD and/or
SAS storage using expansion cabinet
Copy archival tapes to new tape
Simultaneous output to multiple tape
Control operations with flexible
Optional deduplication reduces backup
size (50:1 typical)
SAS Models
Lifetime technical support US-based call center
SSD / SAS Hybrid Models
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Scalability and Connectivity.
Reduce or Eliminate Tape.
With our modular design, you can change the
transport protocols as needed. Use SCSI, SAS,
iSCSI (1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE) and FC (8G and
16G) simultaneously and upgrade to faster versions when available.
Off-line Tape Archiving.
Unlike tape, disk backup solutions are easy to
scale. Add more capacity dynamically when
needed. Our virtual tape libraries can be
purchased with just the capacity you need today
and as your data grows, more disk drives can be
added into the enclosure and expansion cabinets.
Increase Reliability.
By utilizing a fault tolerant design, backups and
restores become redundant. Unlike tape drives,
jobs do not easily fail. With RAID protection,
redundant power supplies and multiple
connections supported, your data is highly
available when you need it.
Faster Backup and Restore Speed.
As your data grows, so does the backup window.
By installing a virtual tape library, you can reduce
the time it takes to protect your data. It's not
atypical to see a twenty hour backup to tape take
less than an hour with a VTL. Restoring your
applications and data is faster as well. What takes
seconds and minutes with a virtual tape library can
take many hours with a physical tape library.
With tape, traditionally one backup job is created
per tape drive. Multi-threading different backup jobs
to one tape drive is supported by some software
packages but cripples your restore speed. Virtual
tape libraries can emulate many tape drives.
Simultaneous backup jobs to one VTL greatly
enhances your backup performance without
negatively impacting restore times.
Cybernetics' virtual tape libraries offer
encryption “at rest” and “at flight”. Backups
stored on disk can be encrypted as well as data
Many corporations are looking to eliminate
tape or greatly reducing their reliance on it by
deploying virtual tape libraries. Technologies
like deduplication and replication ensure you
have multiple copies of your data in different
geographic locations. You can store months to
years worth of backups on cost-effective and
redundant disk while needing less bandwidth.
Backups performed to a Cybernetics' virtual
tape library can be offloaded to removable disk
and/or tape. Multiple tape drives and libraries
can be directly connected to the VTL via
SAS/FC/iSCSI/SCSI for off-line archiving.
Unless encryption is utilized, tapes are not
proprietary and can be restored using a tape
drive and your regular backup software.
Lower the Cost of Backups and
Cybernetics' virtual tape libraries are among
the most cost-effective solutions available.
Not only is the cost of acquisition lower than
our competitors, capacity expansions and
warranty extensions are lower as well. With
deduplication and replication, you can also
reduce the amount you pay for long term
storage and recurring monthly bandwidth.
You can also save time, money and headaches
associated with managing the backups.
Ease of Use.
If you can use a tape drive and your backup
software, you can use our virtual tape library.
With an easy “set it and forget it” interface,
installation is super fast, traditionally less than
an hour. Managing multiple virtual libraries can
be done with one tab in your web browser.
And if you need any assistance, access to our
technical support team is a phone call away.
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Disk to Disk
Tape Backup
iSAN® Models
Disk Drive bays
Single Controller
iSAN® 16 Bay
iSAN® 24 Bay
SATA (Enterprise)
Disk Drives
0, 1, 10, 5, 6 ( + hot spare )
RAID Levels
16 virtual tape drives/libraries (expandable), unlimited virtual tapes,
offline archival support for tape librarieswith 4 drives and 48 slots (expandable)
Virtualization Features
Hot Swap/Redundant
Power supplies, disk drives
System Type
4U Rackmount
Power Supply
1200w, 1+1
Power Consumption
Heat Output
NovaStor NovaBack
OTQ Disk Extender
404 watts average
1,379.6 BTU/HR average
108 lbs.
Commvault Galaxy
Syncsort Backup Express
Symantec Backup Exec
Knox Arkela
Symantec NetBackup
HP OmniBack ll
EMC Networker
Tivoli Storage Manager
3U Rackmount
96 GB
Ten 1 GbE Ports, Four mini-SAS device/host ports
1200w, 1+1
100 - 240 VAC
323 watts average
1,102.8 BTU/HR average
83.4 lbs.
Tivoli Storage Manager
Up to 4 GB/s
Network Interface
1 controller unit plus 7 expansion units
Transfer Rate
iSAN® 8 Bay
iSAN® 12 Bay
Tivoli Storage
Unitrends CTAR
1200w, 1+1
700w, 1+1
300 watts average
244 watts average
10 - 4 A
1,024.1 BTU/HR average
77.5 lbs.
Syncsort Backup
Legato Networker
NovaStor NovaNet
Syncsort Backup Express
Symantec Backup Exec
Symantec NetBackup
NovaStor Novaback
2U Rackmount
Symantec Backup Exec
834.1 BTU/HR average
58 lbs.
Standard Configurations
iSAN® V & iSAN® V2 Series:
10 GbE and 4 Mini-SAS
device/ host ports
Optional Configurations
40 GbE
8 / 16 Fiber Channel
Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics is a privately held corporation specializing in the design and
manufacture of high performance disk, tape, and virtual tape storage solutions. Our product line features cutting edge technologies which
have been rigorously tested to deliver seamless compatibility and solid reliability, along with innovative – and exclusive – features that
provide greater functionality, data accessibility, and return on investment than any other storage solutions provider can match.
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