ADP InTouch Timeclock

ADP InTouch Timeclock
ADP InTouch Timeclock
With increased scrutiny by the Department of Labor
Wage and Hour Division, it is essential to have a
time recording tool to help defend against potential
regulatory claims and lawsuits.
The ADP InTouch is based on the design of today’s most
intuitive consumer electronics, providing a modern and
simple timekeeping solution that translates to faster
employee adoption, faster transactions, and improved
productivity in recording time and performing other
time and labor management tasks.
Whether clocking in, checking paid time off balances,
viewing schedules, or requesting time off, employees
will find the simple touch-screen timeclock intuitive
and easy to use. What’s more, by using the biometric
identification or verification, managers will be able to
help avoid inflated payroll costs associated with
“buddy punching.”
Seamless integration with ADP Enterprise eTIME® or
Expanded Time & Attendance means employees can
view their timecards in real time. It also helps prevent
unapproved time before or after scheduled shifts.
Rest assured that InTouch is ideal for today’s cloudcentric computing environments, with device-initiated
communications capabilities that allow the clock to
work over the open Internet while protecting your data
using SSL encryption.
HR. Payroll. Benefits.
Large 7” touchscreen with wide VGA fullcolor LCD – A simple, intuitive, and unrivaled
user experience featuring a configurable user
interface that delivers an unprecedented level
of functionality and flexibility for recording time
worked, job transfers, department transfers,
breaks, lunch deductions and other time and
attendance activities.
Optional biometric identification or verification
for increased payroll accuracy – ADP InTouch
incorporates biometric technology to validate an
employee’s identity with or without easy-to-lose
badges or PINs.
Supports all major badge formats, including new
smart card readers – InTouch allows employees to
punch in based on the system that works best for
them and your organization.
Language selections support employee
preferences – InTouch was designed to support
multiple languages simultaneously.
Slim-profile enclosure with battery pack
expansion option for power outage protection –
InTouch is durable, reliable and designed for any
office environment.
Easy-to-understand LED indicator – Each punch
is instantly processed and accompanied by an
audible tone and a bright light indicator for
quick interpretation.
Secure, open platform and embedded browser –
Allows you to display virtually any content directly
to the device at any time, such as a company
message or survey.
Remote monitoring and control – Voice over
Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone support allows
employees to quickly report a problem right from
the clock so a representative can then remotely
monitor and control the device to troubleshoot and
correct any issues.
Clock Specifications
User interface:
Integrated readers:
– 7” color wVGA
– Ruggedized, 5-wire resistive touchscreen
– Multi-color LED indicator
– Speaker
– Microphone
– Integrated bar code badge reader
– Integrated magnetic stripe card reader
– Integrated HID or EM proximity card reader
– Integrated iClass or MiFare smart card reader
Communications: 0/100 Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet 1
with DHCP, SSL, IPV4, and IPV6 support
CPU type: TI OMap 3500
Memory size: 2GB Flash, 512MB RAM
1.5A max, internal or external transformer
Integrated power over Ethernet
– Operating temperature: 0° to 40° Celsius
– Storage temperature: -20° to 70° Celsius
Humidity: 10%–95% noncondensing
(standard configuration)
(slim configuration)
– 10.75” wide x 6” high x 4” deep
– 10.75” wide x 6” high x 2” deep
Enclosure: Rugged polycarbonate/ABS resin
Shipping weight: 5 lbs.
Biometric Specifications
250 dpi
Active pixels:
128 x 128
13mm x 13mm (0.51in. x 0.51in)
temperature: 0°–40° Celsius
Humidity: 10%–95% noncondensing
Static discharge:
Protected up to 15 kV (IEC 61000-4-2 Lvl 4)
0.00” wide x 6.25” high x 2.5” deep
(terminal dimensions with biometric device installed)
Storage capacity – biometric verification:
4,000 finger-scan templates
(non-volatile flash memory)
Storage capacity – biometric identification
500 finger-scan templates
(non-volatile flash memory)
Security levels – biometric verification:
Variable from none to normal
Security levels – biometric identification:
Template file size – biometric verification:
348 bytes
Template file size – biometric identification:
2488 bytes
Biometric Verification:
Biometric Identification:
1 : N (where N has a maximum of 500)
Finger rotation:
+/- 18 degrees maximum
Finger displacement:
+/- 7mm maximum
False acceptance rate (FAR) 1 : 1,000, based on normal security
– biometric verification:
False rejection rate (FRR) – biometric verification:
1 : 1,000, based on normal security
False acceptance rate (FAR) 1 : 500, based on high security
– biometric identification:
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
One ADP Boulevard
Roseland, NJ 07068
False rejection rate (FRR) – biometric identification:
1 : 100, based on high security
Equal error rate:
0.1% at medium security
Verification Time:
1 second
Identification Time:
2 second
Enrollment time:
Approximately one minute
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