Table de Cuisson Vitrocéramique Vitroceramic Ocaklar

Table de Cuisson Vitrocéramique Vitroceramic Ocaklar
Glass Ceramic Hobs HIC 85402 T
Table de Cuisson Vitrocéramique
Vitroceramic Ocaklar
Dear Customer!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for deciding to purchase one of our
products. The appliance you have purchased fulfils the highest demands and is easy to
use. Nonetheless, you should take the time to read these operating instructions. This
way, you will become familiar with your appliance and can use it optimally and without
disturbance. Please take note of the safety information. We wish you happy cooking with
your appliance.
Table of Contents
1. Technical Specifications.............. 02
Your ApplianCE ee 03
2. Important Information.................. 04
3. Preparation and installation ........ 07
Usage of the assembly clamp.............. 08
Electrical Connection ............. e. 09
Broiler Zone ...............eeveeviereecr 09
4. Operating the Hob ....................... 10
Control Elements and Display ........ 10
Turn on the hob o.oo, 11
Select hotplates ...................eee 11
Heat Boost cco, 12
Turn of the hob o.oo, 12
Turn on dual and triple zone ............... 13
KEY I0CK ivi, 14
Child lock... 14
Timer function o.oo, 15
Operating time limitation ..................... 17
Residual heat function .….…….….….….….……….……………………. 17
Sensor calibration and Error
Messages ..............eneenecnamanaonennanaanenea 18
5. Care and Maintenance ................ 19
Ceramic hob care ee 19
Saucepan types esse 19
Deep fat frying ..................eeervecererennes 20
6. Cleaning -...........—. me. .eeneecanenenneme. 20
7. Trouble shooting -.........-..=-.=-..=..... 22
8. Future transportation .................. 22
9. Warranty terms and conditions ..22
E Technical Specifications
1. Ceramic hot plate
2. Assembly clamp
3. Protection cover
4. Burners plate
The graphics and figures are for illustration
purposes only. The actual view may be
External dimensions 60 cm 80 cm
Width 580 mM 770 mm
Depth 510 mm 510 mm
Height 55 mm 55 mm
Dimensions of installation setting
(9) Width 560 mM 750 mm
Depth 490 mm 490 mm
Supply voltage 220- 240V / 400-415V 2N ~ 50Hz
Your Appliance
The cooking zones are labelled by markings on the glass ceramic plate.
110 -
2700/1950/1050 |»
85402 T
H Important Information
Look after yourself, family and
A * This appliance is not intended
for use by persons (including
children) with reduced pyhsical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack
of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of appliance
by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the
WARNING: To avoid risk of electric
shock, immediately switch off the
appliance from the mains to avoid the
possibility of an electric shock if a
crack is detected on the ceramic glass
surface caused by mechanical impact.
You should contact our customer
service department.
® || 15 therefore advisable to have the glass
secured against breakage in the household
and personal effects insurance.
* |f the appliance is to be installed above a
cupboard, than a barrier is to be installed.
Please refer to installation instructions.
e During use surfaces get hot. Don't touch
hot surfaces during use.
e Don't store items above the appliance that
children may try to reach.
e Close supervision while cooking is
essential at all times.
* When deep-frying, the appliance should
be supervised as overheated fats and oils
can catch flame easily. Never attempt to
extinguish burning oil or fat with water (risk
of explosion!). Smother a fire with wet towels
and keep doors and windows closed!
¢ Ensure handles of pans can not
accidentally be caught or knocked and do
not get heated by adjacent heating zones.
e Check all controls on the appliance are
switched off after use.
Look after your appliance and
se Clean your appliance regularly,
ideally after each use. Always turn off
the mains electricity supply and allow
the appliance to cool first.
e Spillage should be dealt with as soon
as it occurs, taking due care as the
appliance surface may be hot. Any spillage
left on the surface after cooking should
be cleaned off before the appliance is
switched on again to prevent baking on.
* Don't use biological washing powder
or bleach products, harsh abrasives or
chemical cleaners for cleaning.
¢ Ensure that no flammable materials are
adjacent to the appliance as the sides
become hot during use.
* Don't place flammable or plastic items
on or near the appliance, and never place
wet cloths etc. on the appliance to dry.
e Don't leave an appliance on for long
periods when not covered by a pan.
* Don't use water to extinguish oil or fat
* Don't heat up unopened food containers
as pressure can build up causing the
container to burst.
* Don't use round-bottomed traditional
woks. Use flat-bottomed types.
e Do not use a steam cleaner with to clean
this appliance.
® Don’t stare at the halogen appliance.
* [he surfaces of the stainless steel model
appliances which are close to the burners
may change colour because of the
excessive heat in the course of time.
4| ED
Important Safety Information
a This appliance is in accordance with
Al) the recognized state of the art and
the relevant safety provisions. In
order to prevent damages and accidents,
however, the proper handling of the
appliance is a prerequisite. Along with the
following information, please take note of
further information contained in the text.
* Do not put the appliance into operation if
there are visible damages such as cracks
or splits in the glass ceramic-plate surface.
In this event, please contact our customer
service department.
¢ No alterations or repair attempts, in
particular using tools (screwdrivers, etc.)
may be undertaken to or on the appliance.
Trained professional who have been
specially schooled for this appliance
may only perform repairs, in particular to
electrical supply parts. Improper repairs
could lead to serious accidents, damages
and breakdowns.
In the event of a breakdown of the
appliance, (before contacting our
customer service department), please take
note of the information contained under
“Warranty terms”. Please contact our
customer service as needed.
How to use:
¢ Infirm or mentally handicapped persons
and persons who are not able to operate
the device properly due to inexperience or
lack of knowledge, should use this device
under close supervision only. This applies
to children, too.
® The glass ceramic hob may only be
used for the preparation of food items
in the domestic household. In the event
that the appliance is misused for another
purpose or improperly handled, no liability
for possible damages can be assumed.
* Do not use the hob to heat the room.
* As soon as a functional disturbance
Is detected or if, e.g. due to extreme
mechanical effects, cracks appear in the
glass ceramic plate, the device must be
put out of operation immediately: turn
off the device and disconnect it from the
electrical mains network (unscrew fuses or
respectively deactivate automatic circuit
e Connection cables of electrical devices
should not be exposed to hot cooking
zones or the cookware. The electrical
insulation may become damaged as a
This is how you can avoid damages to
your glass ceramic hob
The glass ceramic plate is non-sensitive
to heat (up to 650°C) and temperature
fluctuations as well as being break-proof
and scratch-resistant to a certain degree.
Nonetheless, please observe the following
information in order to prevent damages:
* In no event should you pour cold water
over the hot burners.
¢ Do not climb onto the glass ceramic
* A sudden stress could become critical,
e.g. during the impact of a saltshaker.
Therefore, it is best that you do not store
such items above the hob.
e Before each use, you should ensure that
the base of the cookware as well as the
surfaces of the cooking zones are clean
and dry.
* Always lift and do not drag cookware in
order to prevent scratching of the glass
ceramic plate and wear and tear to the
5| ED
¢ Avoid peeling vegetables upon the hob
surface. Grains of sand can scratch the
glass ceramic plate.
* Do not use the hob as a storage surface;
in particular, do not lay any flammable
materials, cartons or plastic packages
upon it. Objects made of pewter, zinc
or aluminium (also aluminium foils or an
empty espresso maker) could melt on hot
cooking fields and cause damages.
* [Take care that no sugar-containing
foods or juices come into contact with
hot cooking zones. The surface of the
glass ceramic plate could be strained as
a result. Remove overflows immediately,
even while still in a hot state.
e Do not place hot pots or pans on the
frame of the burner.
e \Vhen cleaning, care should be taken
that no water penetrates the appliance, as
penetrating water could cause damages.
Therefore, you should only use moist
cloths. Never squirt water onto the
appliance and refrain from using steam
Pertaining to Disposal:
e Please separate the packaging materials
for recycling and dispose of it at a public
rubbish collection location. Packaging
materials are not toys for children.
e Permanently connected devices (without
plug) must be disconnected from the
mains network before removal by a
licensed electrician.
e Make the device non-functional
before disposal: Cut off mains cable
(after unplugging) or any existing loose
connection cables on the device.
e Make sure that the appliance is
disposed of properly.
Natural ventilation is important
for the correct functioning of the
appliance and your own safety.
Prolonged intensive use of the appliance
may call for additional ventilation, for
example the opening of a window, or
the use of permanent fixed mechanical
ventilation system, for example, an
extractor fan or cooker hood that
ventilates to the outside.
Food hygiene
e Ensure meat and poultry is thoroughly
defrosted before cooking.
e Check food is thoroughly cooked and
IS piping hot.
* Always refer servicing to a qualified
appliance service engineer.
Important for asthmatic sufferers
Before using for the first time, protective
coatings need to be burnt off. Fumes will
be emitted but this is quite normal.
Ensure the room is very well ventilated
during the burning off process. Avoid
directly inhaling the fumes during this
3 Preparation and installation
Assembly of the Built-in Hob opening of at least 3 mm must be built
into the house installation (screw-retaining
This built-in hob is intended devices, earthed conductor switch, main
E to be fitted into a hollow in a switch).
tabletop. Fitting may only be performed The distance from one high side wall to
by a trained professional. An electrical the side hollow corner must amount to at
professional must connect the appliance least 50 mm.
to the mains network. Thereby, the local If a stove is to be fitted underneath the
safety provisions as well as the technical hob, it must be ventilated.
connection provisions of the local electrical
supply company must be observed.
An all-pole separator with a contact
<a Um, 9.0 cm (Mir
(* 56cm for 60cm Hobs
75cm for 80cm Hols
In addition, you can install your hob according to the illustrated figure by means of
assembly clamp. Use of assembly clamp may change according to your model.
7| ED
Usage of the assembly clamp (if available)
| |
For worktop thickness’s of less than 20 mm
insert a wood spacer between the bracket A
and the under surface of the worktop.
1. Prepare the worktop as shown.
2. Remove the sealing gasket from the packaging.
3. The sealing gasket provided in the package must be affixed
around the glass frame on the lower surface during the
installation of your hob as shown.
4, Position the appliance centrally in the worktop.
5. Tighten the screws of the springs located on the base of the
appliance to secure the appliance in position.
Attention: When installing the hob above
a cupboard, a diving shelf as pictured
above must be installed. If installing above
an underbench oven this is not required. /
If, for example, due to the fitting EFFET
of the appliance above a drawer,
the underside of the appliance is
touchable, it must be covered by a
wooden plate.
25 mm
Electrical Connection
* Do not connect the appliance to the
electricity supply until all packing and
s transit protectors have been
~ Before your appliance is connected
to the mains electricity supply, check to
ensure that the voltage and frequency
shown on the rating label corresponds
with your power supply.
e Before applying to Authorized service,
have the electrical wiring of your home
ready for connection.
This product must only be installed by a
qualified electrician
This appliance must be earthed.
If the mains connection lead is damaged,
it must be replaced by a special
connection lead which is available from
our customer service department.
The cable length should be 2 m. max
for isolation safety.
* The mains cable must pass through the
cable clamp.
* The mains cable should be routed away
from the appliance.
Broiler Zone
Selective heating of the internal
cooking zone
A, or
A and B together, or
A and B and C together
o Tri-circuit-cooking zone
(a) Single -circuit-cooking zone
Extended cooking zone
Our company shall not held responsible
for any damage caused by the utilisation
of the oven without ground socket.
The appliance must be connected with
the supplied original cable or technically
equivalent cable of the type HO5RRF 3G
2.5 or HO5RRF 5G 1.5.
® |f a cable is provided together with your
Connection; ® Brown (3x2,5), Black&
gray (for 5x1,5) to live wire
e Blue to neutral wire
© = e Yellow/green to earth
copper bridge
=4|N 12/3 4|N
M E 11/2 SE
= = = =
oc Lu
3733 SE = = ЕЕ
ES 3559 59
w= ее og - Ш =
=> 725 = =
ET SE ыы
3x2,5 mm2
Single-circuit hotplate with
extended cooking zone
Dual-circuit hotplate with
extended cooking zone
Dual-circuit-cooking zone
The fast radian (halogen), extended
and dual plates burn with that
brillant light when they are first ON.
9| ED
4 Operting the Hob
Control Elements and Displays
Main switch - ON/OFF Key 6) Hotplate (cooking zone)
о Selection controls
О Key lock С)
A Heat setting/Timer increase (S
W Heat setting/Timer decrease Lo
O) ** Dual/triple zone-Selection Key Hotplate display (heat setting O...9)
Dual/Triple zone in operation display
e * Activate/deactivate timer via LED (Hotplate display)
() ** Activate/deactivate warming zone * Timer display (4 LED assigned for 4
gp different hotplate)
Note : =D 0) If your hob is equipped with
e This appliance controls via the touch these functions
control unit. If your touch control unit has
a timer, each operation is confirmed with xx О in models with timer.
an audio signal.
e Always keep the control panels clean e The graphics and figures are for
and dry. Moisture and dirt may impair illustration purposes only. The actual view
function. or functions may differ.
(*) If your hob is euipped with
10| ED
Turn on the hob
Touch the “O” key in the control panel The hob will be set automatically
at least 1 second. The hotplate displays stand by mode if there is no operation
will light up. The hob is ready for use. You within 10 seconds.
can now turn on (select) different hotplates
within next 10 seconds. While operating If the main switch “D” is touched more
the main switch “O” ‚ it is not allowed to than 2sec, the hob is turned off and is set
operate other controls. into the stand-by mode again.
related decimal points.
Select Hotplates (Cooking Zone)
1. Turn on the hob. The hob will be set automatically
2. Touch one of the hotplate selection stand by mode if there is no operation
control of desired hotplate. After selection within 10 seconds.
of the hotplate, the decimal point of the
related hotplate display “ДР flashes.
3. Set the heat level between “1” and “9” or “9” and “1”
by touching the “7N” or “W” keys.
The “7N” or “W” keys are equipped with a repeat
function. If you touch one of the key longer time, heat
level will continually be increased or reduced at every 0,4
If you begin with “ZN” key, “1” will appear. If you begin with “NW” key, the display will
show setting value (e.g. half second “A” and half second “9”). This means Heat Boost is
active now.
11| ED
Heat Boost
This function makes cooking easier. If the
heat boost is active, than the hotplate will
be operated with maximum power for a
period of time (see table-1). Heat boost
time is depending on selected heat level.
This is indicated through a flashing “A”
alternating with the heat setting value (e.g.
half second “A” and half second “9”) in
the hotplate display. At the end of the
heat boost time, hob will turn down the
heat setting value you selected will be
indicated continually.
Every hotplate is a equipped with heat
boost functionality.
Turn On Heat Boost Feature :
1. Turn on the hob.
2. Select desired hotplate by touching
hotplate selection keys.
3. Select the hotplate heat settings value
“9” using “NV” key. After heat setting, “9”
and “A” will be indicated alternating. This
means heat setting value “9” and heat
boost feature is active now.
4. Then set the desired heat setting value
at which the cooking will continue at the
end of heat boost time, using “NZ” key
within 10 seconds. By touching the “7N
“W” keys of the hotplate, the heat setting
between “9” and “1” can be used. (e.g.
you set the level 6).
5. The display alternates during heat
boost cooking between “A” and “6” (e.g.)
At the end of the heat boost time “6” will
be indicated continually.
Turn Off Heat Boost Feature :
e Ihe heat boost can be turned off early
by touching the “NV” key until heat setting
“0” appears.
e |f heat setting “9” will be chosen as
under selection of the heat boost and no
low heat setting is chosen, the flashing
will be finished after 10 seconds. The heat
boost is not longer active.
Turn Off The Hob
If the main switch “Dr is touched more
than 2sec, the hob is turned off and is set
into the stand-by mode again.
If there is a residual heat available when
the hob is turned off, this will be indicated
by a steady #4 in the relevant hotplate
Turn Off Individual Hotplates :
A selective hotplate can be turned off with
3 different ways:
1. Simultaneous touching of the “4N” and
“W” keys
2. Reduction of the heat setting to “0” by
touching the “Y” key
3. Use of timer turn off function for related
hotplate. (If timer function is available)
1. Simultaneous operation of the “/\”
and “NV” keys
The desired hotplate must be chosen
with the hotplate selection “Co” key . The
decimal point appears in the hotplate
display “ar. The “4N” and “M” keys must
be touched at the same time to turn off
the hotplate.
2. Reduction of the heat setting to
“0” by operating the “VW” key of the
desired hotplate
The hotplate can also be turn off by
reducing the heat setting to “0”.
12 | ED
3. Use of timer turn off function for
desired hotplate (If timer function is
The timer turns off the linked hotplate
when the time has run out. All displays
indicates “0” and “00”. Dual/ Triple zone
and timer linked LEDs will be disappear.
Additionally when the time has run out,
the buzzer will sound. You have to touch
any key on touch control panel to stop the
buzzer sound.
Turn On Dual and Triple Zones**
Turn on the dual zone :
The desired hotplate equipped with a dual
zone must be selected. The decimal point
of the relevant hotplate must be flash.
After setting the heat setting value 1-9,
touch “CN key to activate the dual zone
of the hotplate.
At the same time, the related dual zone
LED flashes statically. Touching the
O)” key for a second time, the status of
the dual zone toggles: it changes from
dual zone on to dual zone off and back
The extension zone can be activated only,
after a level between “1” and “9” is set on
the basic zone of the hotplate.
Turn on triple zones :
The desired hotplate equipped with a triple
zone must be selected. The decimal point
of the relevant hotplate must be flash.
After setting the heat setting value 1-9,
touch “CN key to activate the dual zone
of the hotplate.
At the same time, the related dual zone
8, LED goes on statically. If you touch а
(O)” key again, The triple zone-LED a.
will be flashed and the triple zone will be
After touching the «O key once
again, the triple zone of the hotplate
will be turned off again. Each
operation causes a status change of
the dual/triple zones following in this
Activating the dual and triple Hotplate by touching O); Key of the selected hotplate.
13 | ED
Key Lock** (In models with timer)
Touch O key more than 2 seconds
to lock Touch Control. You will be
acknowledged by a audio signal.
Afterwards “A” LED flashes and all
hotplates are locked.
The hotplate can only be locked in
operating mode. If the hotplate is locked,
only the main switch- “D key can be
operated. The O LED flashes and
indicates a key locked module. If you turn
off the hob when keys are locked, key
lock will be still active after you restart the
hob again. In order to operate the hob
in a such condition, key lock should be
Lock or unlock the Touch control in operation mode by touching the “a” key.
If the “à” key is touched 2 seconds,
the hotplate is unlocked. You will be
acknowledged by a audio signal.
Child Lock
To prevent children from turning on the
hotplates, you can secure the hob against
being turned on inadvertently. Child Lock
functionality is foreseen to lock the touch
control unit in a complicated Multi-Step
Child Locking and unlocking is only
available in the Stand by -mode.
How to lock the module:
1. Turn on the hob using main switch “D
2. Simultaneously touching the “7N” and *
W” for at least 2 sec.
3. Then touch again “AN” key.
Afterwards the “ LED disappears.
Now, the touch control is unlocked and
can be operated in normal order.
Child lock function will be activated and all
hotplate displays will indicate iL.; symbol.
Cancel Child Lock:
The same way the Child lock is activated,
it can also get for deactivating.
1. Turn on the hob using main switch “D
2. Simultaneously touching the “AN” and “
NM keys for at least 2 sec.
3. Then touch again “NV” key.
All hotplate display is indicated L. during
period of unlocking. / will be disappear
immediately after successful unlocking.
14| ED
Timer Function *
This feature facilitates the cooking for
you. You do not need to be permanently
present during the cooking procedure ;
the hotplate is automatically turned off at
the selected time.
Egg timer:
The egg timer is independent of any
hotplate. So it doesn’t matter whether
a hotplate is selected or not.
1. Start to activation of egg timer by
touching “Y key. The timer display will
dee E anda dot in the right bottom
2. Then sel the desired time value by
touching “7N” and “W” keys.
3. After setting the, time the timer starts to
When the time has run out, the buzzer
will sound. You have to touch any key on
touch control panel to stop the buzzer
Hotplate timer :
Hotplate timers can be set only for
activated hotplate.
1. Firstly turn on the hob and activate
desired hotplate. (hotplate level must be
set to 1-9 before)
2. Start to activation of hotplate timer
by touching Y key same as with egg
timer. The timer display will indicate “00”
and a dot in the right bottom side «6 OO.
The egg timer is active now.
3. You have to touch Y key second
time to activate the hotplate timer. Now
the timer can be assigned.
The timer provides following features:
Touch control can run max. 4 hotplate
assigned timers and 1 egg timer
simultaneously. All timers can be used
only in operation mode.
4, Set the desired time value with “4N”
and “MW” keys.
To set additional hotplate timers :
1. Touch “9” key again after activating
the first hotplate timer. The control rotates
clockwise to the next active hotplate
assigned to a timer. The assignment
flashing “Y” led.
2. Set the desired time value with “AN”
and “W” keys.
3. The running timer of the first set
hotplate timer is indicated by the statically
lighting “Y” LED.
15 | ED
* Touching the Y Key once again
further timers can be assigned to other
activated hotplates.
e [he timer display will change to time
that will end first after 10 sec.
* The statically on LEDS = 0 0 | 0 0, l= ON timer
display identify us the running timers.
e By toggling the Y key you can display
Cancel Timers :
Firstly you have to select the timer by
toggling the Y key until it is displayed.
The value can be canceled then in 2
different ways:
® decrement by touching the “M” until
“00” appears on the timer display.
e touch the “4N” and “M” key
the timer values for the hotplate timers
and the egg timer. The assignment is
always indicated by the flashing Front left
If no led flashes, the Egg timer value is
shown in the timer display.
simultaneously for half second until “00”
is shown in Timer display.
When the time has run out, the buzzer
will sound. You have to touch any key on
touch control panel to stop the buzzer
Display remaining value of hotplate timer 3 (indicator led flashing) in Timer Display
(Indicators leds are on indicate running timers for hotplate 1 and 4, actually not displayed
in timer display)
Warming plate function (if available)
Warming Plate functionality for a warming
zone offers an means an additional heat
level between O and 1 keeping the food
warm. You can activate Warming Plate
functionality by touching the *
Then LED “7 will flash. Touch “
to deactivate warming zone.
” again
16| ED
Operating time limitations than a “00” will be displayed on the
timer display for 10 seconds.( after 10
The hob control has a limitation of the seconds residual heat indicator will light).
operating time. If one or more hotplates Afterwards the timer display switches off.
are inadvertently not switched off ,
hotplate will be automatically deactivated After an automatic switch off of the
after a certain amount of time. (see table- hotplate, as described above, the hotplate
1 below) The limit of the operating time is re-operable again and the maximum
depends of the selected heat setting. If operating time for this heat setting is
a timer was associated with the hotplate applied.
Heat setting OFF- Time ON- Time Operating time |Heat boost
in in li inh in
Table -1: Heat setting parameters, Cycle Time 47,0 s
Residual Heat Functions After an interruption of the supply voltage
Ап “НР (residual heat) lights up on the occurred, that the residual heat display
hotplate displays of a deactivated hotplate flashes, if the corresponding hotplate
or hob if a surface temperature of over had a residual heat of greater than 60 °C
60°C was determined for the hob. A before the power interruption occurred.
“0” will light up on the display when the The display will flash until the max.
residual heat falls down from 60°C. residual heat time has expired or the
hotplate will be selected and activated.
17 | ED
Sensor Calibration and Error messages
The hob control performs an automatic
calibration in reference to the sensor-,
glass- and ambient conditions after the
main voltage is applied. No objects are
allowed to cover the glass area of the
sensor during the calibration. In addition,
the hob control cannot be exposed to
strong illumination, like sunlight, strong
halogen lights, etc.
Application Example:
The calibration performs without any
problems if the following illumination
IS present:
lllumination through a light bulb without
reflector (100W, opal) in a distance of 70
cm above the glass ceramic hob.
After a successful calibration the function
of the hob is also guaranteed even with
strong illumination, for example with
halogen spot with reflector ( 50W).
In case of an error, the calibration is
repeated until the ambient conditions
allow a successful calibration. The
operation of the hob control is only
possible, if the calibration of all sensors
were successfully completed.
The touch control has a
sensor which protects against
overheating. When responding
to this sensor, the relevant burner
will be deactivated. For information
on explanations or error messages,
Error reason Display |
Ambient light to high F1
Strong pulsating light F2
(fluorescent tube)
Sensor covered with a bright — (F3
Strongly fluctuating ambient F4
Table-2: Error codes and source of errors
You must remove all objects on the hob
during calibration process. Furthermore
the ambient light should not be too high
the calibration. In case of the message
F2, F2 or F4 the user should switch off all
ambient light sources or cover the window
for the time of the calibration process
after the first connection to the power
line. After successful finished calibration
process the control tolerates a very high
rate of ambient light.
During the operation of the hob control it
is continuously adopting and recalibrating
towards the change in the ambient
please see chart.
In the event of the non-stop activation
of a button (longer than 10 seconds),
the entire control system will be
deactivated and a permanent signal
will sound.
18| ED
5 Care and Maintenance
Ceramic hob care
The ceramic glass surface is tough in
everyday use and its flat surface makes
it easy to clean but please follow the
following precautions.
e Immediately switch off the
appliance from the mains if a crack
IS detected on the ceramic glass
* Keep children away from hot
e In order to avoid hob soilage, make
sure the bottom of the utensils and the
hob surface are clean and dry before
e [Do not use the surface for food
preparation eg cutting bread or slicing
vegetables and fruit.
e [Do not use the surface for storing or
any other non-cooking purpose.
e The scratching or dropping of sharp
cornered pots onto the surface may
cause damage.
e Do not place any material on the
surface, such as plastic, aluminium,
e Any such material that may have
melted onto the surface should
immediately be removed with a hob
e Never use a dishcloth or sponge to
clean the ceramic hob as these may
leave a layer of soiled detergent on the
hob which will burn and discolour the
next time the hob is used.
e Avoid heating up empty enamel pots.
e Splashes may damage the ceramic
surface and can cause fire.
Saucepan types
Pan choice
In choosing pans, look for pan handles
that can be held easily and will stay cool.
Avoid pans that are unstable and easily
tipped. Pans that are too heavy to move
easily when filled can also be a hazard.
Only use flat bottomed pots or pans.
Pan size
For maximum efficiency and safety, use
the recommended pan sizes for each
e Use pans which have sufficient
capacity for the amount of food being
cooked so they don’t boil over and
cause unnecessary cleaning.
¢ Do not place lids on the burners.
Always position pans centrally over the
burners. When transferring pans from
one burner to another always lift the
pans do not slide them.
e Do not use aluminum-bottomed pots.
(This results in the deterioration of the
ceramic glass surface).
e Use steel or heat-resistant glass
pots. Do not use pots made from
materials such as “boron glass”, or
“Pyrex”, which are generally oven-type
e Do not use pots that
have concave or
convex bottoms.
e Optimum efficiency
is achieved by using
pans that match
the diameters of the
o |f the panis too
small energy is
Deep fat frying
e Never fill the pan more than the
one-third full of fat or oil.
e Never leave unattended during
heating or cooking.
e Do not fry too much food at the same
time especially frozen food. This only
lowers the temperature of the oil or fat
too much resulting in greasy food.
e Always dry food thoroughly before
frying and lower it slowly into the hot
oil or fat. Frozen foods in particular will
cause frothing and spitting if added
too quickly.
e Never heat fat or fry with a lid on the
e Keep the outside of the pan clean and
free from streaks of oil or fat.
6 Cleaning
Turn OFF at the mains before
e Before switching on again ensure that
all controls are in the OFF position.
e Make sure the hob is sufficiently
cool before you start cleaning.
o Never mix different cleaning products
as different active ingrediants may
react with unforeseen results.
Use a damp cloth to clean the outside.
Never use any sharp instruments,
abrasive household cleaner, or
detergents for cleaning. For hard
stains use suitable washing liquid.
Ceramic hob
Clean daily to avoid soilage being
burnt on.
1. Always rinse off fully with a clean cloth
wrung out in clean water (as residue
could damage the ceramic glass
surface next time the hob is used).
2. Wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth.
* Do not use steel wool, abrasive
In the event of a chip pan or
other pan fire
1. Turn off the cooker.
2. Smother flames with a fire blanket or
damp cloth.
Burns and injuries are caused almost
invariably by picking up the burning
pan and rushing outside with it.
Do not use water on the fire.
Leave the pan to cool for at least
30 minutes.
powders, detergents or bleach-
based cleaning agents as these
will damage the surface.
e YOu can use a ceramic hob scraper
(available through Hob Brite and good
local stores) to remove spilled food
remains and stubborn marks from the
20 | ED
Sugar-based food such as custard
and syrup should immediately be
scraped off without waiting for the
surface to cool down. Otherwise
the hob may be permanently
Cleaning material that is suitable for
ceramic hobs may damage other
parts of your cooker, so take care with
surrounding parts.
Do not use any steam or spray
cleaners for cleaning the device.
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Over time...
Slight discolouration of liners and
other surfaces may occur in time. This
does not affect the functioning of the
Discolourations and marks that occur
on the ceramic hob are normal and
not a fault.
Coution hob
Please keep children away from
the hob scraper store securely.
7 Trouble shooting
If the hob does not work
, If the appliance does not operate
# check whether:
® The power is on.
* The fuse has blown/circuit breaker has
tripped/main distribution switch has
been turned off.
If the appliance is still not operating
after the above checks, please contact
with your customer service.
Please ensure that the above checks
have been made as a charge will be
made if no fault is found.
8 Future transportation
Performance characteristics
when in use
e [tis normal for the metal parts to
produce noise when in use, this is due
to expansion and contraction.
e ||, whilst cooking, steam produced
comes in to contact with cool surface’s
on the outside of the appliance, it will
condense and produce water droplets.
This is quite normal and is not a fault.
Keep the original carton and other
packaging material in a safe place.
Transport the hob in its original carton.
Follow the instructions that are printed on
the carton.
If you do not have the original
Secure the caps and Pan supports by
Pack the oven in bubble wrap or thick
cardboard and tape it securely in order to
prevent damage during transportation.
The hob must be transported upright. Do
not place other items on the top of the
9 Warranty terms and conditions
Dear Customer,
We hope that these owner instructions
have answered all of your questions.
If this is not the case, please inform us at
the telephone number.
If a problem should crop up with your
appliance, it is vital that you contact
us directly in order to receive help or
tips from our team along with original
replacement parts with a manufacturer’s
warranty. Before you call us, you
must look up the serial number of the
appliance. This is stated on the sticker
located on the appliance.
Nonetheless, before you contact us, you
should check that all directions contained
in these instructions have been followed.
Any services falling outside of the scope
of the warranty will be invoiced.
The statutory warranty provisions cover
your right to recourse. It allows the
trader’s warranty provision obligation to
remain unaffected. This trader must be
your first contact partner.
The date of your sales receipt is
decisive for the warranty period.
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