LiveView Kit for GoPro - 3DR
Splitter cable
Mounting bracket
Air antenna
Ground antennas (2)
Video transmitter
GoPro video cable
LiveView™ Kit for GoPro
Mounting velcro
User Guide
Transmitter Assembly
GoPro HERO Assembly
Attach a velcro strip to the flat side of the video transmitter to prepare it
to mount to the copter. Connect the air antenna (red) to the transmitter.
For X8+, use the GoPro video cable pre-installed onto the vehicle.
For other vehicles, use the GoPro video cable provided with this kit.
The transmitter has two ports: a two-wire port and a three-wire
port. Connect the black connector on the splitter cable to the
transmitter’s two-wire port. The transmitter’s three-wire port will
connect to the GoPro video cable. On the end of the GoPro video
cable with two connectors, select the connector with the more
widely-set wires. Orient the connector with the metal pins facing in
the same direction as the velcro, and connect to the transmitter’s
three-wire port.
Connect the micro-USB end of the cable to the GoPro’s micro-USB port.
GoPro video cable to GoPro HERO wiring
Select the connector
with the larger space
between the two wires.
Insert the mounting screw provided with the cable through the cable
plate and attach to the hole in the gimbal marked below. This will secure
the cable to the gimbal.
GoPro video cable
Secure cable to gimbal
Splitter cable
GoPro video cable
Complete transmitter wiring
Important note: Make sure that the WiFi on your GoPro is
turned OFF at all times when in use with your copter. The WiFi
signal can interfere with the copter’s radio communication and
cause unexpected behavior.
IRIS+ Mounting
Choose a position on the shell to mount the video transmitter, and
attach the second piece of velcro there. You can mount the transmitter
anywhere on the shell where it will not obstruct the propellers or interfere
with the battery door. We recommend placing it between the gimbal
interface place and the battery door; make sure to place it close enough
to the gimbal plate so that the battery door can fully open.
Locate the gimbal power cable on the underside of IRIS, and disconnect
the two red connectors. This is where you will connect the splitter cable
to power both the gimbal and the video transmitter off the flight battery.
IRIS, video transmitter, and gimbal:
complete wiring
IRIS LiveView complete assembly
X8+ Mounting
IRIS: Disconnect gimbal power cable
Recommended placement of mounting
velcro on IRIS
Attach the second piece of velcro in front of the Pixhawk where the video
transmitter can connect to both the power and GoPro video cables.
Connect the red connector on the X8 to the larger red connector on
the splitter cable. (The splitter cable’s smaller red connector will remain
unconnected.) Secure the two velcro strips together.
Connect the splitter cable to both red connectors. The splitter cable
should now be connected to (1) the red connector on the gimbal power
cable, (2) the red connector on the IRIS power cable, and (3) the video
transmitter. Secure the two velcro strips together.
X8 and video transmitter: complete wiring
X8 and video transmitter: complete assembly
Monitor Assembly
The monitor mounting bracket includes extra parts for attaching to
different controllers.
Power the copter, controller, gimbal, and GoPro normally. Press and
hold the power button to turn on the monitor.
Use for this assembly.
Extra parts
Mounting bracket parts
Insert the larger black screw into the hinge between the two silver
parts. Then position the bracket over the neck-strap attachment
on the controller, and insert the smaller black screw.
To configure the monitor, set the mode to DIV (M button changes modes),
the channel to 8 (+ and - buttons), and the band to E (press the power
button to access the menu, the M button to advance within the menu, and
the up and down arrow buttons to make individual selections).
(2.5 mm hex key)
Video Transmitter Specs
(2 mm hex key)
Controller and mounting bracket assembly
Complete controller and monitor assembly
Add both ground antennas (blue) to the monitor. Add the black
washer to the silver screw, and attach the monitor to the bracket.
5.8 GHz 200 mW wireless AV transmitter:
Transmitter frequency / channel amount: 5705-5945 MHz / 8 CH
Output power: 200 mW/33 dBm
Frequency control: Built-in frequency & phase lock loop
AV input: analog AV signal input
ANT connector: RP-SMA
Power supply: DC 7-12 volts
Current supply: 850 mA
Size: 68*26*28 mm
Weight: 60 g (including antenna)
Gross weight: 85 g
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