Int-TL 1200 - Proffslampor

Int-TL 1200 - Proffslampor
TL 1200 SET
Instruction Manual
(Read before use!)
Content of package:
20 W programmable High- Power-LED Torch
2 x Li-Ion battery 2.5 Ah / 7.2V
Lupine Charger One with AC/DC adaptor
12 V car adaptor
Instruction Manual (this document)
Technical Information Charger One
Congratulations! You have just bought the brightest single LED Lamp – no other will give you
more light in this size!
The light and charger are ready to use immediately. Please read this instruction manual
carefully and completely to familiarise yourself with all the functions. Before hitting the trails,
first try the system at home to prevent any surprises while riding.
As with any other electrical device, there is a slight chance of failure at any time. Please be
aware and use with caution.
Lupine accepts no liability for any injuries or other damages arising from the use of this
Rechargeable Battery:
The battery is supplied with a very small amount of charge. Before use it must be fully
charged (see chapter 3 "Charging"). The rechargeable Li-Ion battery will reach its full power
after 1 charge cycle.
It might become hot!
The TL 1200 is not a simple torch. The lamp housing can become very hot if used without
airflow. Do not touch the lamp during or immediately after use.
If lamp is used without any airflow temperature control will reduce light power
stepless up to 3 W after some minutes automatically.
The TL 1200 is a powerful light. Always use it with care and with respect for others. Do not
look directly into the light.
All components of the TL 1200 are splash proofed and will withstand even the most extreme
conditions. However, it is not a diving lamp and therefore not suitable for use under water.
The two year warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship only. Batteries are not
covered by this warranty. Modifications to the light or improper use also voids this warranty.
Used batteries have to be put into especially reserved collection receptacles.
Please pay attention that you do not deliberately turn the light to somebody else’s eyes. In
case the light beam hits your eyes, close the eyes and turn your head away so that you are
out of the direct light beam.
Don’t use any magnifying instruments for light beam testing purposes. In case of commercial
usages, the user of the lamp must be instructed by the advice of the International Commission
on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and national advices for safety and health.
TL 1200
After connecting the lamp to the rechargeable battery part , the software will start a
self- test, the Power LED will flash once. The batteries voltage will be indicated with
the blue and red LED, please read more in the section “ Hints “
Now the TL 1200 is ready for use.
Switch on:
By pressing the switch for the first time, the beam starts running on minimum power
( except the high start is choosen ) .
The green LED will glow.
Pressing the button once, after the light has stabilised, will switch the light to low beam.
By pressing the button again the light will go up to high beam. After pressing the button again,
the light return to low beam mode.
2 steps:
20 W
1.5 W
Switch off:
You can switch off the TL 1200 by pressing the button longer than 2 seconds.
After you have turned off the lamp ( but battery is still connected ) blue LED will glow for some
Reading the consumed capacity:
After turning off the lamp the consumed capacity will be indicated as follows:
First, the
then the
blue LED will blink 1 time per complete ampere hour,
green LED will blink 1 time per 1/10 ampere hour.
Example: The blue LED blinks 1 time and the green LED 5 times = the gone capacity is around
1,5 Ah. This information will help you to judge the actual condition of your rechargeable
battery before the next use.
Hint: PCS will count the consumed capacity always if the lamp unit is connected to the battery
part . But if the battery part is disconnected, counting will start from the beginning.
Controlling the remaining light time:
The electronics not only control the high and low beam; they also protect the rechargeable
battery against over-discharge and include a low battery indicator.
Low battery is signalled by the red LED.
Yellow LED lights:
Red LED lights:
Red LED flashes:
Significant amount of the capacity is gone!
Very low capacity, only some minutes runtime !
Reserve tank activated
It is a matter of experience to interpret exactly how much time is left after the LEDs light up.
Remaining burn time depends on the battery's age and capacity and
the operating
Hint: When the red LED light up you can increase the remaining burn time with economical
use of the high beam.
TL 1200
Reserve tank:
When the battery is almost empty (red LED have flashed for several minutes already) the lamp
switches off automatically. By double clicking the switch the reserve tank is activated, which
provides some additonal time of emergency light. The flashing red LED indicates the
reserve tank has been activated. The performance of the reserve tank also depends on the
battery condition.
When the reserve tank is empty, the light will switch off and must not be restarted.
Never store a discharged battery. Recharge your battery as soon as possible!
The charging system of the TL 1200 consists of two components:
- AC/DC adaptor ( and included 12 V car adaptor )
- Charger One
The Charger One was developed for use Lupine’s high current Li-Ion rechargeable batteries,
but it is also fully compatible with all other Lupine rechargeables (Ni-MH as well as NiCd).
Plug the AC/DC adaptor into the mains. Plug the adaptor into the socket of the Charger One.
After a short initialisation the display will show: "Li Ion ready for charge".
The Charger One is now ready to charge. Plug the rechargeable battery into the Charger One
and charging will start automatically. The first line of its display shows: "Li Ion charge". The
information displayed on the second line is explained in the "Technical Information Charger
Keep the rechargeable battery plugged into the Charger One until the display reads:
"Li Ion full".
Charging is now complete; the battery is full and is now ready for use.
TL 1200
Programming :
It is possible to modify the charging properties of the Charger One to your individual settings.
For details see the "Technical Information Charger One"
This programming can be done using the small "select" button on the Charger One. If this
button is not pressed the Li Ion program will be the default setting and will be used every time
you connect the Charger One to the AC/DC adapter. By pressing the select-button you can
toggle between the different charging programs for the different types of rechargeable
For Li Ion batteries only use the Li Ion program (Display: "Li Ion ready for...charge")!
Note: The Charger One always defaults to the program that was selected when the charger
was unplugged from the power supply.
If the select button is pressed for a period longer than 3 seconds you will access the
programming mode. If this has been done by error and the settings have been changed,
please do the following:
Unplug the Charger One from the AC/DC adaptor. Do not have the battery connected to the
Charger One! Now plug the Charger One to the AC/DC adaptor while holding down the select
button. The Charger One display will show its name and version number. Release the button.
The Charger One has now been reset to the default setting.
Ensure the display shows "Li Ion ready for...charge". If it does not, toggle to Li Ion mode by
pressing the select button (repeatedly).
The Charger One can be used to charge all types of Lupine rechargeable batteries.
You must not use this charger with unrechargeable batteries!! They will explode!!
The Charger and AC/DC adaptor should not be opened by the user as this will invalidate the
4.) Changing the light modes
The new Power Control System offers easy to handle settings to fine tune the light to individual
needs. Out of the box, the TL 1200 comes with a 2 step mode. Available are several other
with disorientation mode
with SOS
stealth mode on
stealth mode off
low start on
low start off
1.5 W )
12 Hz )
1.5 W + SOS )
10 W + 6 W + 1.5 W )
( no light on the switch )
( starts with the lowest lewel )
Programming is easy , simply press the switch and hold it down until the light
flashes the required number of times and then release.
If the light is turned OFF and you start the programming sequence, please ignore the
first light flash. If the light is turned ON when you start the programming sequence
the first flash you see is stage 1 of programming (2 Step Mode).
TL 1200
Keep the button pressed and then release:
for 5 seconds
1 st flash green
2 step low
for 10 seconds
2 nd flash green
2 step high
for 15 seconds
3 rd flash green
2 step
for 20 seconds
4 th flash green
3 step SOS
for 25 seconds
5 th flash green
4 step
for 30 seconds
6 th flash green
1 step
for 35 seconds
1 st flash blue
stealth on
for 40 seconds
2 nd flash blue
stealth off
for 45 seconds
3 rd flash blue
low start on
for 50 seconds
4 th flash blue
low start off
After connecting the battery part to the lamp unit, the voltage will be indicated as follows:
First, the
then the
blue LED will blink 1 time per volt,
red LED will blink 1 time per 1/10 volt
Example: The blue LED blinks 7 times and the red LED 5 times = the voltage measured is
7.5 V. This information will help you to judge the actual condition of your rechargeable battery
before use:
Between 7.5 and 8 V : fully charged. Between 7 and 7.5 V : Re-charge battery if it is not an
older battery. Between 6.5 und 7 V : Not ready for use.
Hint: You don’t have to wait for the whole voltage information to be shown in order to use
your lamp. You can stop the voltage information at any time by switching on the beam.
Note: Even if the Power-LED is faulty, the LEDs will flash as above. If the light does not
iluminate despite a successful initialisation, the failure is not caused by the PCS but from a
serious damage.
Capacity control
The PCS monitors the capacity of the rechargeable battery by measuring the voltage.
Unfortunately voltage and capacity are not exactly proportional which is why Lupine does not
quote an exact remaining capacity when the yellow and red LEDs light up. It takes some
experience of using the lighting system to tell exactly how much burn time is left when the
yellow LED lights up. Accordingly, it also varies how much burn time is left when the red LED
lights up. The factory default capacity control will be suitable for a long time. It is not
recommended to change the capacity control until you have experienced a remarkable loss of
burn time.
TL 1200
All components should be cleaned with warm soapy water, but do not use a high pressure
spray or hose to clean the torch. Please make shure that the battery part is connected properly
to the lamp unit.
Opening the Screw Top - moisture inside the lamp:
Little moisture on the inner side of the front glass may occur. This is no serious problem and
easily to solve.
Open the casing. Please open the screw-on top on the front of the casing: Hold the back part of
the casing with one hand, with the other hand, turn the srew-on top counter-clockwise. Having
removed the top, you can see the reflector, the front glass and the sealing.
Please notice the right assembling :
Reflector – glass – silicone O-ring.
Please allow all parts some minutes to dry properly. Sometimes it’s also helpful cleaning the
glass with a soft small towel.
Then it’s time to re-assemble your Tesla.
First insert the O-ring silicone sealing properly in the top. Please insert the glass into the top.
Now you can close the top.
The top must be screwed onto the thread in the correct position.
If the thread runs smooth, the top is in the right position. Otherwise, please stop,
rescrew the top and try again or you might damage the thread. Please be cautious!
Please make sure that the top is really closed completely, otherwise the casing will
not be waterproof.
In case you transport your light in a bag or a box so that the button might accidentally be
pressed: Always unscrew the battery part from the lamp unit.
For short periods of time, store the battery fully charged. Disconnect it from the lamp unit.
Before using the system again, re-charge the battery fully. If you intend not to use it for a
longer period (over 3 months), we strongly recommend to store the battery in a cold
place. This will prevent the battery from over-discharging.
Caused by
Lamp does not light and the LEDs
on the Lamp do not light during
Over discharged battery. Charge!
Battery is not or not
correctly plugged into
Check all connections
the light.
Lamp does not light, LEDs of the
Lamp do flash during
Power LED are faulty
Burn times are too short.
Battery was not in use
for a long time
Battery is new.
Battery is very old
Cold temperatures
Charger is defective
TL 1200
Replace LED insert
Please charge the battery
Replace with new battery
Keep the battery warm
Replace charger
Weight complete with rechargeable battery:
Capacity of rechargeable battery / Voltage:
Light output:
Burn time 20 W:
Burn time 1,5 W:
Temperature range:
Beam angle LED:
2.5 Ah 7.2 V Li-Ion
1200 lumen
hour *
15 hours *
- 25°C - +70°C
* Twice with 2nd battery
Burn times may vary depending on battery's age, condition and temperature.
Charging current:
Suitable batteries:
Charge Time:
100 – 240 V~, 50-60 Hz
2.5 A max.
Li-Ion 2 cells 7,2 V
Control of charging by a display
max 1.5 hr
Use of this lighting system might be limited differently from country to country depending on
the purpose you use it for. Please do inform yourself about possible restrictions in your
The design of the TL 1200 as well as of the PCS are protected by worldwide patents.
Lupine Lighting Systems GmbH
Winnberger Weg 11
D-92318 Neumarkt
Fon: 0049 91 81 509490
Fax: 0049 91 81 5094915
TL 1200
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