EZ Guide 500 to Topcon X20

EZ Guide 500 to Topcon X20
EZ Guide 500 to Topcon X20
• The following pages detail the procedure to get
GPS signal from the Trimble EZ Guide 500 for the
Topcon X20.
• This will be required for Variable rate control,
Guidance, and/or sectional control.
Page 1
The Trimble output
Baud rate should be set
to 38400bps
The Trimble GGA and
VTG must be turned On
Page 2
A Trimble P/N 62749 should be
used as a Y cable to connect to a
serial cable going to COM 1 port
located in the back of the X20.
*If using the Trimble remote you can add a
second 62749 cable.
Page 3
View from the back of the Topcon X20
All serial cables must be connected to specific COM ports.
• Guidance to COM1 (To serial port on Trimble)
• Variable Rate Control to COM2 (To serial port on Trimble)
• Seed Rate Control to COM3 ( To SRC interface box)
Page 4
To COM1 port of X20
To COM2 port of X20
3131-07 Y cable
To GPS Receiver
Page 5
Power up the X20 and select Guidance/Steer Assist,
Variable Rate Control and Seed Rate Control.
Page 6
Select the Options tab in the Maplink program.
Page 7
Select COM2 for
Select 38400 for the Baud rate
Page 8
Press the VRC/Guide tab top cycle to the Guidance program.
Page 9
Press the General Set-up tab
Page 10
Select COM1 and 38400 as the Baud rate for Guidance
Page 11
Touch this area to access the Seed Rate
Controller program
Page 12
Touch the Options tab of the Seeder program
Page 13
Select COM3 for the Seed Rate Controller
Page 14
The X20 programs must be closed and restarted to retain the COM settings
Page 15
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