Fendt — when the going gets serious

Fendt — when the going gets serious
| Machinery Fendt’s 700 Vario series
Reach for it: Fendt's new 700 series tractors
are ideal for serious work including loading
and haulage duties.
Fendt — when the
going gets serious
Fendt has a reputation as the tractor of choice for the serious farmer or contractor.
Its latest addition, the 700 Vario series, bristles with bells and whistles, built around Fendt’s
famous Continuously Variable Transmission and a Deutz power plant which uses the latest Selective
Catalytic Reduction technology. It’s a combination which should ensure the best efficiency for
the six model range which peaks at 180kW (240hp). Kondinin Group researcher Mark Saunders
had a close look at the Fendt 700 Vario series at the Farmworld field day in Gippsland recently
At a glance...
▸▸The latest Fendt series starts
with the 714 model and peaks
with the 240hp 724. All models
have a six-cylinder Deutz engine
which runs the latest emissions
compliant Selective Catalytic
Reduction technology
▸▸The new engine has been
programmed to always be running
at maximum efficiency for any
given power use thanks to the
Tractor Management System
▸▸Fendt’s new cab has a big tractor
feel about it thanks to an improved
layout and the right-hand side
armrest, which has sweeping
range of fingertip controls, joystick
and monitor (Varioterminal)
Farming Ahead May 2012 No. 244
ix models make up the new 700
Vario series of Fendt tractors, which
range from 145hp to 240hp.
Sporting an individually-styled cabin,
which is only slightly bigger than its
predecessor but much less cluttered; the
700 series won’t disappoint existing
Fendt owners and the high-end contractor
or farmer.
The series starts with the 714 model
and peaks with the 240hp 724. All models
have a six-cylinder Deutz engine which
runs the latest emissions compliant
Selective Catalytic Reduction technology.
SCR means dual fuel, that is, diesel
and an additive.
The additive has a separate tank with a
38-litre capacity and the fuel tank capacity
is 400 litres. Expected additive
consumption is about seven per cent of
fuel use and the additive, called Adblue,
costs about $1 per litre.
Fendt in-house testing revealed the
SCR-based engine technology is about 10
per cent more fuel efficient than its nonSCR previous engine.
When combined with Fendt’s CVT ML
180 transmission, that should equate to a
miserly fuel consumption in the
Rated power take off speed of 1000rpm
is available at 1900 engine rpm, which
again should add to the fuel economy
when it comes to running implements.
Maximum torque is at 1450rpm and
maximum engine power is at 1800rpm.
Engine and transmission
The Deutz SCR engine is a six-cylinder,
water-cooled diesel with six litres capacity.
| Machinery Fendt’s 700 Vario series
Photos: Mark Saunders
The CVT provides infinite speed
changes through two ranges and a top
speed of 50km/h is standard. Crawl
speeds down to 30m per hour are
available and being a CVT, the tractor is a
safe option for hill and slope work as it’s
effectively always in gear.
The engine has been programmed to
always be running at maximum efficiency
for any given power use thanks to the
Tractor Management System.
Adjustable front suspension is also
standard which makes running at 50kmh
much safer and also helps with precision
front-end loader work or if using a
ground-engaging front implement.
Fender bender: External hydraulic and
linkage controls are easily accessed on the
rear fender.
Select: Deutz engines use selective catalytic
reduction technology which requires Adblue.
The Adblue tank is 38 litres.
Cabtastic: The new VisioPlus cab has a big
tractor feel about it.
Farming Ahead May 2012 No. 244
The standard flow rate on the 700 series
is 110 litres a minute at 200 bar pressure
on the two smallest models (714 and 716)
and 152 litres a minute on the other four
models (718, 720, 722 and 724).
There are four hydraulic couplings on
the rear as standard. An optional extra
rear hydraulic valve can be added as well
as a further two on the front for
implement work.
The flow rate and pressure can be
adjusted and directed to particular
couplings via the Varioterminal in the
cabin and there are well placed external
controls on the rear left-side fender.
PTO and linkage
The rear linkage lift capacity is 9580kg
at the ball ends. Front linkage lift
capacity is 4418kg.
The power take off can run at 540E,
540 or 1000rpm at the rear while the front
pto can be 540 or 1000rpm.
Visibility: The 700 series Fendt is ideal for
front-end loader work.
Fendt’s 700 Vario series Machinery |
There’s also an optional front-end relief
control valve which enables the driver to
preset a pressure on the linkage so an
implement such as a disc mower can be
held in a floating position, doing away
with the need for additional springs.
The VisioPlus cabin as Fendt have
branded it, is more in line with Fendt’s
800 and 900 series.
About 15cm wider than its predecessor,
it has a big tractor feel about it thanks to
an improved layout and the right-hand
side armrest which has an impressive
range of fingertip controls, joystick and
monitor (Varioterminal).
The monitor (175mm and 280mm
options) is a touch screen setup and
capable of being quartered so the driver
can see and control four different
The windscreen runs all the way to the
top of the roof and actually forms part of
the front portion of the roof, which vastly
improves upward visibility for front-end
loader work.
The steering wheel and instrument
panel can be adjusted up and down and
in and out and the Varioterminal on the
armrest is ISOBUS compatible so when
running ISOBUS-compliant implements
such as balers no extra terminal is
required to run the gear.
Inputs from two external cameras can
also be shown on the terminal.
The cab is mechanically suspended
and an air comfort system is an optional
extra. The buddy seat is large, slightly
contoured and comfortable.
In the roof, there is a cavity formed into
the design to allow for GPS guidance
The factory-fitted GPS option is
TopCon and factory-fitted Fendt or
Quicke front-end loaders are available.
Standard tyres on the Fendts are 650/65
R42 and 650/65 R38s and on the smallest
model its 580s.
There are many other tyre options
including super singles and AGCO
Australia is also looking into supplying
the tractors with premium Michelin
Ultraflex Axiobib rubber.
Three metre wheel centres and dual
tyre options are also available.
Pricing and options
A comprehensive range of optional
extras are available including various
lighting packages, ballasting, and on
board controls.
Prices start at $169,900 (excluding
GST) for the 714. Contact ▶ Mark Saunders
Flexible: The new Fendt 700 series will
appeal to the serious contractor.
Crop established in unharvested flooded stubble in Central NSW last year
As part of the Government’s Carbon Farming
Futures initiative, it is offering a Refundable
Tax Offset equal to 15% of the purchase value
of an eligible conservation tillage machine.
In conjunction with the Tobin Disc Drills OffSeason discount of 10%, farmers can benefit
from savings of 25% on a new machine in
addition to the productivity benefits from using
a Tobin Disc Drill.
Tobin Disc Drills is offering a 10% discount on
all new machines ordered by July 15th 2012.
Tobin Disc Drills has earned a reputation
of manufacturing quality machines with
exceptional planting speed, able to operate
in challenging conditions with accuracy and
reliability. A Tobin Disc Drill delivers significant
fuel and labour savings and contributes to
continually improving soil quality. The result is
greater crop yields and better margins.
Visit our website www.tobindiscdrills.com.au for an on line information package.
Contact Noel Tobin on 0427 834 994 or noeltobin@tobindiscdrills.com.au.
See video clips of the Tobin No-Till working on YouTube.
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Tobin Disc Drills (0427 834 994)
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No. 244 May 2012 Farming Ahead
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