Quadra-Chek® 330 Series - Productivity Quality, Inc.

Quadra-Chek® 330 Series - Productivity Quality, Inc.
The QC-330 features an enhanced color touch screen interface and
patented Measure Magic® technology. It is ideal for the measurement
of 2-D and 3-D features on manual coordinate measuring machines.
All QC-330 Series models include serial and USB ports for use with
PCs, printers and flash drives.
Quadra-Chek® 330 Series
LCD 8.4” Color touch screen
Enclosure (W x H x D) 11.5” x 7.5” x 2.75”
Up to 4 axes:
Touch probes
External connections:
USB flashdrive
RS-232C serial port
Base (W x H x D) 10.0” x 2.0” x 7.8”
Display digit height 0.375”
Displayable range 8 digits, sign & decimal
Operating temperature 0 °C to 45 °C
Enclosure weight 3.5 lbs
Base weight 7 lbs
Power voltage range 85 Vac to 264 Vac
Power frequency range 43 Hz to 63 Hz
Large color display Graphic and
alphanumeric displays of data clouds,
feature dimensions, position, form and
other important data shown clearly on a
large color screen using big characters that
can easily be read from a distance.
Touch screen interface Graphic icons
on the touch screen provide clear and easy
access to measurement, tolerance, fit,
programming and other operator functions.
RS-232C serial port
USB port:
Printer & Flashdrive
Speaker jack
User-defined programs Sequences of
key-presses are stored as programs and
replayed later to streamline difficult and repetitive measurements. The user is directed
from point to point as the program runs.
Quadra-Chek 330 CMM Encoder interfaces The QC-330 can be ordered with any of the popular
CMM encoder interfaces shown below, or with any of the wide variety of encoder interfaces found in
our Product Guidebook or on our web site at www.metronics.com.
CA-2 25-pin female D-sub for Starrett
CM Checkmaster 25-pin male D-sub for
MTIHON Honda 36-pin D-sub for
CA-2000 CMMs
Helmel CMMs
BH305 and BH500 CMMs
BSMICRO 15-pin female D-sub
ST 37-pin female D-sub for
DA 9-pin female D-sub
for Reflex and PFX CMMs
Starrett CMMs
Heidenhain for DEA CMMs
MS 15-pin round female for Mitutoyo
NX 9-pin round male for CMMs with
ML6 6-pin round female for CMMs with
analog reflex scales
Numerex or Metler glass scales
Mitutoyo linear reflective scales
BH300 & BH500 axis and probe for
Mitutoyo BH300 and BH500 CMMs
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