Dynamic FM - I look so I can hear.

Dynamic FM - I look so I can hear.
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We are sensitive to the needs of everyone who
depends on our knowledge, ideas and care. And by
creatively challenging the limits of technology, we
develop innovations that help people hear, understand and experience more of life’s rich soundscapes.
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Concentrate on work, not your hearing
Our goal at Phonak is to significantly
improve people’s hearing abilities and
speech understanding, and therefore their
quality of life. It is with this goal in mind
that we created this guide, to help hearing
aid users participate fully at work and
succeed in their careers.
The modern workplace is a complicated
listening environment. With its openplan spaces, lively conversations, group
meetings and the background hum of a
company going places, it is particularly
challenging for employees with a hearing
loss. No matter how difficult the listening
situation however, to excel in your role
you need to overcome these issues and
A Dynamic FM system by Phonak will help
you rise to the challenge.
Dynamic FM technology adds another
level of hearing comprehension to that
offered by hearing aids alone, cutting out
the surrounding noise and bringing you
just the sounds you want to hear. The
result is vastly improved speech understanding, less stress and greater results.
For you and your employer.
How does FM work?
The person you are speaking to wears or
holds a FM transmitter microphone. Alternatively you can hold it just like a microphone
or place it on the table in the middle of your
group. This transmitter then picks up the
speech you want to hear and uses radio
waves to send these important voice signals
to tiny FM receivers, which are attached or
coupled to your hearing aids.
The result? You hear the speaker’s words
clearly in your ears, overcoming any
distracting background noise without
needing to lip-read, allowing you to fully
participate in the conversation.
In meetings and presentations
Meetings can make for difficult listening. Colleagues often all speak at once,
secondary conversations add to the surrounding noise, and the distance between
you and someone at the other end of the table adds to the challenge. Presentations
and training sessions put even more distance between you and the speaker,
and these sessions get trickier still if the speaker walks around and faces away
from you.
With Dynamic FM in your ear, you hear only the important speech sounds you
want to hear, wherever you are sat in the room.
In presentation and training situations, the speaker
wears any Dynamic FM transmitter, which transmits
their words directly to your Dynamic FM receivers and
into your ears. A DynaMic passaround microphone can
also be added to help you hear other participants’
Here a Phonak Dynamic FM transmitter (SmartLink+ or
ZoomLink+) is placed in the center of the table. This
device is set to 360-degree ‘Omni’ mode, which picks
up speech sounds from every direction.
Phonak’s Dynamic SoundField room amplification
system helps everyone in the room better hear and
understand the speaker. Thanks to its microphone’s
built-in Dynamic FM feature, you receive the speaker’s
words directly via your FM receivers.
For seriously large venues such as theatres and
auditoriums, Phonak’s TX-300V is the large-area
FM transmitter of choice. You simply wear your
FM receivers as usual to hear the speaker’s voice,
wherever you sit.
Big meetings? No problem
Jac Sander of Stockholm in Sweden works as a
technician at premises management company
Tornberget Fastighetsförvaltnings AB, where his work
often involves meetings of up to ten or even 20 people.
With such large groups of colleagues talking over each
other and adding to the background noise, it can
sometimes be difficult for Jac to identify the speech he
wants to hear using hearing aids alone.
Jac even uses his FM system during larger networking
events such as conferences, when he overcomes the
background noise of delegates chatting by holding
SmartLink+ like a reporter’s microphone and simply
pointing it at the person who is talking. This way he
catches every last word.
Although Jac says the sound of his Phonak BiCROSenabled hearing aids is “perfect” in normal situations, he
adds his SmartLink+ Dynamic FM transmitter and iCom
with MLxi receiver when he heads into such large-scale
meetings, which is often several times a day. He
explains: “My FM system works fine and I would simply
not be able to handle or hear anything during these
meetings without it. I just place SmartLink+ on the table
and then I hear everybody around it very well.”
“I just place SmartLink+ on the table and
then I hear everybody around it very well.”
– Jac Sander, Sweden
inspiro is our belt-worn Dynamic FM transmitter and
available with the head-worn EasyBoom or iLapel
shirt-collar microphone.
This Dynamic FM passaround microphone will ensure
you hear every speaker in a large group or presentation.
Conversations around the workplace
One-to-one and small group conversations would be easy if they took place in
silent rooms. However they often take place instead in public areas such as
cafeterias and hallways, meaning background noise becomes an issue. This is
where Dynamic FM comes in, as it monitors the surrounding sounds and
eliminates all the distracting noises you don’t want to hear.
On the table is Phonak’s ZoomLink+ speech transmitter
set to ‘Zoom’ mode – its standard setting for everyday
situations such as face-to-face conversations.
Here a colleague wears either Phonak’s SmartLink+ or
ZoomLink+ transmitter around the neck. This directly
picks up their speech and transmits it to MyLink+,
which is a neck-worn Dynamic FM receiver that works
with all brands of hearing aid.
Switched onto Dynamic FM
Electrician Runar Pedersen of Oppegård in Norway
finds Dynamic FM a seriously valuable work tool.
When working on larger jobs with a colleague for
example, he often needs to communicate over
distances of more than three meters. “Then it depends
on whether the speaker has a clear voice and whether
the room’s acoustics are good or not, but in most
situations I use my Dynamic FM system,” Runar
explains. “With the great sound you get it’s virtually
Similarly, during training sessions and presentations,
Runar no longer feels like he has to automatically sit
in the first row, instead he can choose whichever seat
he likes. “I would always try to sit at the front because
I would use lip-reading as an extra aid, but inspiro
makes it possible for me to sit further back and still
hear the speaker. I just explain to the presenter that I
have a hearing loss and they wear the transmitter
without any problem,” he says. “I took a 16-week-long
coaching course and it would have been very difficult
to follow this if the speaker hadn’t used inspiro.”
Runar’s only regret is that he didn’t discover
FM technology earlier, as that way both his career
and hobbies might not have changed so much. “I
previously ran my own transportation company,” he
explains, “but when I lost my hearing I lost my job
too. I was also a rally co-driver, but I chose to quit
that because of stressful situations in understanding
what was being said. With today’s Phonak FM
equipment I could have continued both of these.”
“I took a 16-week-long coaching course and it
would have been very difficult to follow this
if the speaker had not used my FM transmitter.”
– Runar Pederson, Norway
A versatile Dynamic FM wireless microphone featuring
3 distinct microphone modes for different listening
Design-integrated receivers
‘Design-integrated’ Dynamic FM receivers are desi­gn­ ed
specifically for Phonak-branded hearing aids, for the
ultimate in stylish FM use.
On the phone
The phone can be a real problem for people with hearing loss. Even when already
wearing hearing aids, it can still be difficult to communicate effectively due to
distracting sounds from elsewhere in the office blurring the speech sounds you
are trying to hear. The Bluetooth technology built into the SmartLink+
transmitter microphone is a useful solution, allowing you to hear calls directly
through your hearing aids.
The Phonak SmartLink+ transmitter (shown here worn
around the neck) has been paired with a Bluetooth
cellphone, transmitting the call from phone to
SmartLink+ and then to his FM receivers, making calls
easy to understand.
Here a SmartLink+ transmitter is being used with
a Bluetooth-enabled cordless landline telephone,
so whatever the noise level in the office the
hearing-impaired user can hear every word of the call.
Phonak’s premium Dynamic FM transmitter features
three microphone modes to suit every situation,
built-in Bluetooth, and a remote control for Phonak
hearing aids.
PC & multimedia
In today’s office, technologies such as video conferencing and computer-based
Skype calls are increasingly being used, so it is important that staff with a hearing loss
can also benefit from these channels of communication. Luckily this is simple, as all
Dynamic FM transmitters feature an audio input, bringing the audio in question up
into your ears via your FM receivers. Simply run a cable from any multimedia device’s
audio-out jack into the transmitter microphone’s audio-in and you’re in the loop.
One simple cable connects the computer’s audio-out
jack to the Dynamic FM transmitter’s audio input. This
brings all the computer’s sounds, such as Skype calls,
directly into your ears via your FM receivers.
In the car
For many workers the car is more than just a vehicle for commuting; it is a mobile
office. Thanks to the ever-present hum of road noise however it is one of the most
difficult listening environments for people with a hearing loss, as hands-free
phone conversations, hearing GPS commands and talking with travel partners
can all pose a major challenge. The answer is a Bluetooth Dynamic FM transmitter,
which can overcome them all.
The Bluetooth-enabled SmartLink+ pairs easily to a
Bluetooth cellphone or headset for understandable
phone conversations on the move.
Like all Dynamic FM transmitter microphones,
SmartLink+ features an audio input. Simply connect
SmartLink+ to your GPS device’s audio-out jack (using
the cable provided) to receive in-ear navigation
commands you can’t fail to miss.
Hand your transmitter to your travel colleague and
you’ll catch every word of the conversation without
them having to shout above the noise of the engine.
Dynamic FM by Phonak
The Phonak Dynamic FM portfolio is the best performing in the industry.
Thanks to the fact that this technology measures and then separates out
speech sounds against the surrounding noise, every Dynamic FM product is
capable of vastly improving your speech understanding in noise and over distance.
Use this quick guide to find exactly the right Dynamic FM product for your needs.
inspiro is our fully-feature beltworn transmitter. It works with
all Phonak Dynamic FM receivers
and also works with DynaMic
SmartLink+, ZoomLink+
These Dynamic FM transmitters
are designed for adults and
offer a range of features and
functionality, including Bluetooth and a hearing aid remote
control (SmartLink+) and multiple microphone modes.
This handy passaround microphone works with inspiro,
wing you to hear the
com­­ments of any secondary
speakers in the room over
Dynamic FM.
If you already wear a Phonak
hearing aid, a design-integrated
Dynamic FM receiver is the
stylish add-on of choice. These
receivers are designed to exactly
fit the shape and aesthetic of
your aid, meaning you retain
its smooth discrete lines.
Room amplification
If you wear a non-Phonak
hearing aid, choose one of our
universal receivers to bring
Dynamic FM sound performance
right into your ear.
Cochlear implant
Profoundly impaired cochlear
implant (CI) users can benefit
greatly from Dynamic FM
per­formance, so there is a
Dynamic FM receiver to fit
almost every CI model.
The TX-300V is our traditional
(non-Dynamic) FM transmitter
for the very largest auditoriums
and theatres.
Dynamic SoundField
This intelligent room ampli­
fication system is designed to
boost speech understanding
in every type of training
or presentation room. While
designed with normal hearing
listeners in mind, it also includes dual Dynamic FM and
digital transmission.
Presentations and training sessions
Audience participation/secondary speakers
Roundtable meetings (with large groups
a second transmitter can also be useful)
One-to-one conversation
Small group conversation
Cellphone calls (via Bluetooth)
Cordless landline telephone calls
(via Bluetooth)
Conversation in the car
Computer, multimedia and GPS
Choose the right FM product for you
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