Nano Silver Tools from Jilbère de Paris A new standard in styling tools

Nano Silver Tools from Jilbère de Paris A new standard in styling tools
Nano Silver Tools from Jilbère de Paris
A new standard in styling tools
Jilbère de Paris fuses the power of silver nano particles with ceramic
and Sol-Gel technologies, plus advanced heating technology, to
produce a line of professional-quality styling tools for fabulous
results on all hair types.
This versatile collection includes rotating barrel curling irons, a
conical curling wand, ionic flat irons, ultra-thin plate flat irons,
a digital memory flat iron and a curved plate wave styler, all
engineered to the exacting standards you expect from Jilbère de
Ionic technology eliminates frizz and closes the cuticle, for a
polished glossy shine, while far infrared heat gently and quickly
styles the hair.
Make sure to take our new Nano SilverTM Wind 'n Curl styling iron
for a spin. The rotating barrel offers superior flexibility and styling
speed. This iron features 50 heat settings, up to 430°F. The stay cool
tip and silicon thumb rest protect fingers from heat for comfort and
control. And natural ions eliminate frizz for shiny, smooth, perfect
curls every time. Just grip, spin and curl!
The Nano Silver Jumbo Conical styling wand creates chic, modern
curls that start out wide and taper down to a smaller, tighter curl. The
silicon guides channel and hold the hair in place for foolproof results
as the heat resistant finger glove protects hands while styling.
So curl, straighten and wave with the greatest of ease…with Nano
Silver Tools from Jilbère de Paris.
345149 (345161–Canada)
Jumbo Conical Ionic Taper Curling Iron 1¼"
Create a modern, dramatic curl that starts out wide
and cascades down to a smaller, tighter curl.
• Sol-Gel Nano Silver Ceramic Barrel
• Ionic tapered barrel
• Silicon guides channel and hold hair
• Cool tip
• 9-Ft swivel cord
• 50 heat settings up to 430°F
• Includes heat resistant finger glove
• For all hair types
• Clipless barrel eliminates dents and creases
1" - 345148 (345158–Canada, not available until March)
11/4" - 345147 (345157–Canada, not available until March)
Wind 'n CurlTM Ionic Rotating Styling Irons
Just grip, spin and curl for shiny, smooth, perfect results every time!
The smooth, rotating barrel does the work for you.
• Unique rotating barrel design offers superior flexibility and more styling control
• Perfect styling in half the time with less fatigue
• Easily creates waves, curls, flips or bangs
• Ionic Technology eliminates frizz for smooth, shiny results
• Sol-Gel Nano Silver Ceramic barrel is stronger and smoother
• Stay cool tip
• Silicon thumb rest and rotating collar
• 50 heat settings up to 430°F
• 9-Ft swivel cord
• For all hair types
11/4" - 345136 (345133–Canada)
13/4" - 345145 (345159–Canada)
Professional Ionic Flat Irons
The unique properties of these professional
quality ionic flat irons enhance hair’s health
and eliminate frizz for smooth,
exceptionally shiny results.
• Nano Silver Technology
• Ionic generator emits negative ions
• 11/4" and 1¾" plates
• Ceramic heater
• LED temperature control
• 50 heat settings up to 450°F
• Even heat distribution eliminates hot spots
• 9-Ft power cord with 360° swivel
• For all hair types
1" - 345134 (345131–Canada)
11/2" - 345135 (345139–Canada)
Professional Ultra-Thin Flat Irons
These ultra-thin flat irons easily straighten larger
sections of hair, fast for smooth-as-glass style.
• Ultra thin Sol-Gel Nano Silver Ceramic Plates
• Extended 5" plates take wider sections of hair
for faster straightening
• 50 heat setting up to 450°F
• Ceramic emits far infrared heat to penetrate the hair
from within for gentler styling
• Ryton® housing withstands ultra-high heat
• 10-Ft power cord with 360° swivel
• For all hair types
Ryton® is a registered trademark of the Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.
345140 (345144–Canadá)
Plancha digital profesional con
función de memoria
Diseñada para máxima comodidad y precisión,
con una función de memoria que guarda
la temperatura seleccionada en memoria.
• Función de memoria, para máxima comodidad y precisión
• Placas flotantes multidireccionales, que siempre están en
contacto total con el cabello
• Control digital de temperatura, para mayor precisión
• Placas de 1" con revestimiento Sol-Gel de cerámica y nano
plata, para mayor resistencia y suavidad y un cabello brillante
y resplandeciente de salud
• Resistencia de cerámica para un calentamiento instantáneo
y temperaturas constantes, sin pérdida de calor
• Distribución uniforme del calor que evita los daños
causados por éste
• Cuerpo de Ryton®, resistente al calor
• Cable giratorio 360° de 2.75 m (9 pies)
• Para todo tipo de cabello
345029 (345028–Canadá)
Plancha onduladora profesional
¡Cree ondas y rizos sexys y naturales con
sabor a verano, agregue volumen, doble las
puntas y mucho más gracias a esta
versátil plancha!
• Revestimiento Sol-Gel de cerámica y nano plata,
más resistente y más liso
• Placas extra largas, para resultados más rápidos
• Resistencia de cerámica, para un calentamiento instantáneo
y un calor constante
• 50 ajustes de temperatura hasta 450 °F
• Para todo tipo de cabello
• Cuerpo de Ryton® que soporta temperaturas muy altas y permanece frío
Ryton® es una marca registrada de Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., LLC
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