Featuring the Vaddio™ Quick-Connect™ CCU
The Vaddio WallVIEW CCU HD1 is built around the
Sony® EVI-HD1 high definition pan/tilt/zoom camera.
With a 2 mega-pixel CMOS sensor, the EVI-HD1 is an
ideal choice for a wide range of high definition video
applications. WallVIEW CCU HD1 allows the user to
adjust color, gain and iris functions of the camera (see
Figure 1). These controls allow the camera to deliver a
more accurate representation of the image that is being
captured. The other added advantages include the ability
to color match multiple cameras and make necessary
changes to iris and gain quickly and easily. Settings may
be stored by using two Scene buttons, for various lighting
The WallVIEW CCU HD1 uses high speed differential
signaling (HSDS), an active video transmission system, to
Figure 1: (top) Quick-Connect CCU 1 RU rack mount
deliver high quality HD or SD video over standard Cat. 5
interface; (bottom) WallVIEW Universal PRO HD1 System
cabling. Adjustments allow the video to be extended up
with Camera, EZIM and Wall Mount
to 500 feet from the Quick-Connect CCU with virtually no
loss in video quality.
Overall, the WallVIEW CCU HD1 is superb for a wide range of high definition shooting applications. It is also
highly suitable for applications where adjusting the color and brightness levels of one or multiple cameras is
critical, such as houses of worship, corporate boardrooms, live event production and distance-learning
Sony EVI-HD1 High Definition PTZ Camera
(1/3 Type, 2 megapixel CMOS sensor with
10x zoom lens)
EZCamera Interface Module CCU (EZIM)
Vaddio EZIM HD Break-out Cable*
Vaddio Quick-Connect CCU (QCCU) 1-RU
Rack Mount Interface
Sony IR Remote
EZCamera Control Adapter (RJ-45 to DB-9)
36V PowerRite™ Power Supply
Vaddio Thin Profile Wall Mount HD1
Mounting Hardware & Documentation
* Optional EZIM SD Break-out Cable sold separately
CCU Controls
CCU controls on the product include: Red &
Blue Gain; Aperture; Auto & Manual Iris; Gain;
Auto & One Push White Balance; and Scene
Store A & B buttons.
EZCamera Interface Module (EZIM)
The EZCamera Interface Module CCU is a small
camera interface module that mounts inside the
wall mount and is a universal interface for several
HD or SD PTZ cameras available today. The
EZIM uses a multi-pin connector and cable
assemblies for maximum flexibility.
Quick-Connect CCU
The 1-RU interface has (high definition) analog
component video outputs (Y, Pb, Pr) for 1080i
and 720p resolution signals or S-Video and
Composite Video* outputs on BNC connectors.
* Optional SD cable sold separately
Distance Adjustments
Because WallVIEW CCU uses active electronics,
there are four cable length adjustments (<100’,
200’, 300’ 400’+), which equalize the length of
the Cat. 5 twisted pairs and vastly improves the
HD video performance.
©2008 Vaddio – All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Vaddio, EZIM, HSDS,
ProductionVIEW, Quick-Connect, WallVIEW, PowerRite, are registered trademarks of Vaddio. All other trade marks are property of
their respective owners. Document Number 101708 Rev D.
Luminance Gain Adjustment
A luminance gain control (Y-Gain) is also
provided, which allows for enhanced control and
fine tuning of the video signals when longer Cat.
5 cabling runs are required.
Superior Power Regulation
The WallVIEW Universal PRO HD1 uses the
PowerRite 36V power supply, which is the key to
providing the electrical current that the larger
PTZ camera motors, like the BRC-H700 or EVIHD1, require to operate properly.
Complete System
The WallVIEW CCU HD1 comes complete and
includes everything the installer needs to
accomplish a professional installation. Three Cat.
5 cable runs for Power, Video and Control are
required to complete the installation. .
Optional SD Break-out Cable: Part # 440-6207-000
(provides Y-C and Composite video)
Figure 2: Quick-Connect CCU (QCCU) interface front panel and rear panel diagrams with functional callouts.
Gain adjustment for
camera light sensitivity
Tally Light
indicates when
camera is live
Two-Line LCD Screen displays when
CCU Control is active, and the value
of the parameter that is being adjusted
CCU Control transfers RS-232 control between an
external controller (i.e. ProductionVIEW) and CCU
Scenes A & B allow manual settings of color, iris and
other parameters to be stored in QCCU
Auto and Manual Iris
settings for light intake
Aperture allows sharpness of the
video image to be adjusted
Auto White Balance (AWB) and One Push White
Balance (OPWB) allow the user to select either of
these modes, or manual by adjusting knobs
Red & Blue Gain knobs for adjusting the camera’s color levels
For PowerRite 36
VDC 2A Power Supply
RJ-45 for HD / SD
Video Signals
POWER RJ-45 Cat. 5 cable
dedicated to supply power
to camera
HD / SD Outputs on BNC
CONTROL RJ-45 Cat. 5 cable,
which passes RS-232 commands
through CCU to the PTZ camera
Tally & Gen Lock Inputs to for sending Tally and
Gen Lock signals to the BRC series cameras over
CAT-5 cable
Video Adjustments for Y-Gain and
Distance (up to 500’)
CAM SELECT is an 8-position dip switch
that allows the user to select which
camera is connected to the CCU
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Figure 3: EZCamera Interface Module CCU (EZIM) with three (3) RJ-45 connectors for POWER, RS-232 IN / GEN LOCK and VIDEO
(HD or SD), Top View (left) and Isometric View (right)
Mounting Flange for
securing the EZIM
to camera mounts
DB-25 Connector
for Camera
Break-out Cable
RJ-45 Connectors for Video,
Power, Control and Genlock
Gain adjustment (for use on
BRC PTZ cameras)
Figure 4:
Basic system connectivity of a WallVIEW CCU HD1 System and ProductionVIEW Super Joystick Controller
HD Video to
SD Video (in SD mode)
to Switcher/Display
Cat. 5 Cables Up to 500’
High Speed Differential Signaling
Vaddio HD Interface
Cable for WallVIEW HD1
Vaddio ProductionVIEW™
Super Joystick
Connector List
1 Y Pb Pr OUT (DB-15HD)
2 RS-232 IN (8-Pin Min Din)
3 GEN LOCK IN (unused with HD1)
4 VIDEO OUT (BNC) use in SD mode only
Toll Free 800-572-2011 ● Phone 763-971-4400 ● FAX 763-971-4464 ●
EVI-HD1 on Wall
Mount with EZIM
WallVIEW CCU HD1 999-6307-000 (NTSC)
WallVIEW CCU HD1 999-6307-001 (PAL)
Part Numbers
Sony EVI-HD1
Image Device
Video Signal
Effective Picture Elements
Focal Length
Horizontal Viewing Angle
Video S/N Ratio
Pan/Tilt Angle
1/3 type CMOS
1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, NTSC (LB, CR, SQ) or PAL (LB, CR, SQ) (switchable)
2 Megapixels (approximately)
10x Optical Zoom (40x with digital zoom)
f=3.4 to 33.9mm
8 to 70 degrees
50 dB
-100 to +100 degrees (Pan), -25 to +25 degrees (Tilt)
Quick-Connect CCU Interface (QCCU)
Power Connector: 5.5mm OD x 2.5mm ID
Power RJ-45: Supplies 36V to EZCamera Interface Module Regulator
Control In RJ-45: Accepts RS-232 from ProductionVIEW or other non-daisy-chain control systems
Control Out RJ-45: Passes RS-232 and Sync video feed to camera EZIM
Tally: 2-Pin Phoenix type spring cage connector
Video Inputs: BNC Connector for Sync (not applicable with HD1)
Video Outputs: BNC Connectors for HD Analog Component (Y,PB,PR) / SD (Y-C and Composite)
Video RJ-45: Transports HD video from camera EZIM
Camera Select Switch
Selection switch for camera that will be operated with the CCU
Video Adjustments
Y-Gain (luminance gain) for fine tuning over longer cable distances
Distance Compensation: 100’, 200’, 300’, 400’+
Cat. 5 Cable Distance
Up to 500’ (152.4m)
Power Supply
36 VDC, 2 Amp
1-RU Rack Mount - 1.75” H x 19” W x 6” D (4.45 cm x 4.26 cm x 15.24 cm)
EZCamera Interface Module CCU (EZIM)
Three (3) RJ-45 Connectors
One DB-25 for Power, Video, Control & Gen Lock (n/a for HD1 camera)
Cable Assembly
For Sony HD1 Camera: DB-25M to DB-15HD/8-Pin Mini Din/BNC x 2/EIAJ4 Power Connector
* Optional SD Video Cable (with S-video and composite) Part # 440-6207-000
Power Regulator
Supplies 12VDC to Cameras
3” H x 4.5” W x 1.2” D (7.6 cm x 11.4 cm x 3 cm)
Thin Profile Wall Mount HD1
12-Gauge CRS with Black Powder Coat Paint
5.875” H x 11.71” W x 10.999” D (149.23mm x 297.43 mm x 279.36mm)
5.4 lbs. (2.5 kg)
Toll Free 800-572-2011 ● Phone 763-971-4400 ● FAX 763-971-4464 ●
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