iStor-ageii diskGenie
PC/Mac compatible
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IStorage" diskGenie
Portable Encrypted Hard Drive SECURE STORAGE
я Compact, Encrypted
with secure PIN code access 2 5” external USB
You're in safe hands...
The diskGenie rom 1Storage offers powertul harcware encryption ina REAL-TIME HARDWARE
compact, portable device with a totally unique difference. With an
easy-to-use keypad design and software free setup, the iStorage ENCRYPTION |
diskGenie is only accessible using a PIN code similar to using an ATM. AES 256-bit encryption
Featuring AES 256-bit real-time hardware encryption, diskGenie
protects the data on the drive, keeping it safe even if the hard drive
is removed from its enclosure. Quite simply, the iStorage diskGenie SOFTWARE FREE
is the ultimate portable hard drive and secure storage system. INSTALLATION
No software required
May your wishes come true...
With no software to install, easy setup and real-time |
encryption, the diskGenie is the best way to protect your data, ...Period!
customers and business. The conveniently integrated USB
cable eliminates the need to carry around cables, so is
perfect for using with notebooks and taking your data on the LOW POWER DESIGN
road. Its low powered, compact, robust design features a USB host powered.
16-point omni-directional shock mounting system, -
protecting the drive from drops and knocks. With storage ACFE adapter SCLC
capacities of up to 500GB* it is perfect for safely
transporting data between office and home as well as
storing photos, music and video files.
Allows enrolment of up to
The diskGenie also offers stress free deployment in 10 passkeys & passkey
corporate environments whilst adding secure additional management
capacity to your system. Allowing the enrolment of up to
ten unique user IDs and one administrator, it is an
unparalleled business collaboration tool. Cross platform compatibility
Windows®, Mac®, Lin
What is hardware encryption? AM INUX
Real time hardware encryption performs its operation
‘on-the-fly’, encrypting and decrypting bytes and sectors INTEGRATED USB CABLE
of data as it is written or read from the hard drive with no Convenient integ rated
speed degradation. This delivers much greater performance
cable enables you to be
and speeds compared to software encryption.
connected at the flick of
Key Benefits a fingertip — no cables to
© COMPLETE SECURITY with real time 256-bit hardware carry around
encryption and key pad access
© EASY TO INSTALL and set up - no software needed й a :
16-point omni-directional
© CONVENIENCE via integrated USB2 cable - no extra cables shock mounting system
or AC power needed protects your data from
© ROBUST, PORTABLE compact design with shock mounting to protect the hazards of travel
from knocks
© ADMINISTRATION feature allowing up to 10 passkeys and passkey 3-YEAR к. e
management WARRANTY Mac IB Universal
© COMPATIBILITY with any operating system incl. Windows®, Mac®, Linux
O GUARANTEED with 3 year warranty
Easy to use keypad design
IStorage" diskGenie
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Unlock the drive with your own unique six- to sixteen-digit pin
Real-time 256-bit
AES Hardware Encryption
Encrypts 100% of your data in real-time and keeps your data safe even if the
hard drive is removed from the enclosure
No software installation
No software required to setup or operate - making it perfect
for corporate deployments
Administrator feature
Allows enrolment of up to ten unique user ID's and one
administrator, making it a useful business collaboration tool
100% of data on
drive encrypted
All data on the drive is encrypted in real-time — no speed
degradation — data not accessible even if drive is removed
Ultra-portable design
Ideal to take between home and the office or on trips
Integrated cable
Integrated USB 2.0 cable
Low powered design
Bus powered from standard USB port
Extensive Shock Mounting
Protects the drive with a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system
Hard Drive Capacities
250GB*, 320GB* 8: 500GB*
Plug-n-Play and Compatible
on any system
Works with Windows®, Mac® and Linux
Hot Swappable
No need to power down, just plug and go
Secure storage
Excellent for notebook owners, road warriors, government, health care,
insurance companies, financial institutions, HR departments and
executives with sensitive data
Box Contents
¡Storage diskGenie Drive with integrated cable, Quick Start Guide,
Auxiliary power cable & neoprene travel pouch
Data Transfer Rates
USB 2.0 - Up to 480Mbps
Power Supply 100% bus powered
Interface Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Buffer Size 8MB
RPM 5400
Average seek time 12 ms
Shock - non operating 1000G 1ms
Shock - operating 300G 2ms
Dimensions & weight
19mm X 84.5mm X 120mm (0.75” X 3.3" X 4.7”) weight: 6.2 oz.
3 years limited
System Requirements
Hardware: PC compatible computer with Pentium® CPU or similar, 32MB of RAM,
CD-ROM or CD-RW, USB 1.2 or 2.0, Apple® G3 or later
Operating systems: Microsoft® XP or Vista™, Mac® OS 10.2 or greater, Linux
Ordering Information
¡Storage Part Number: IS-DG-256-xxx (xxx=drive size in GBs)
*One gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes; accessible capacity will be less and actual capacity depends on the operating environment and formatting.
For more information visit our web site at or call +44 (0) 20 8832-1256
©2009 iStorage Limited - Corporate Offices: Park House, 111 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London, W5 5LB
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