Adding new off-air channels to your electronic programming guide

Adding new off-air channels to your electronic programming guide
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Local off-air broadcasters provide their programming in a variety of formats. Most
common formats are supported by the receiver which will automatically convert the
format received to the format you have selected for your display. The quality of a local
off-air broadcast is different for analog and digital transmissions and dependant on
several other factors. The receiver provides several features to help you enjoy local offair broadcasts with some conveniences normally only available for Bell ExpressVu
Note: If you have questions about off-air channels, contact the broadcaster, not Bell
ExpressVu! To learn more about off-air TV, see About Off-Air TV Broadcasts in Chapter 2.
As new local off-air channels become available in your area, you can add them to the
program guide. You can also edit the guide to remove channels or to change channel
If you have not yet connected an off-air antenna or cable source to the
receiver, first see Chapter 2 Setting Up to Receive Off-Air Broadcasts or
Cable for details.
To add a local digital channel:
1. Press MENU 6-1-5 to open the Local Channel Setup menu.
2. Use the Scan Digital selection to add the local channels to the Program Guide
automatically or select the Add Digital option on the Local Channel Setup menu.
This opens the Add Local Digital Channel menu.
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Using The System
Adding New Off-Air Channels To The Program Guide
3. Enter the Transmit Channel number for the channel you want to add. You may
need to enter zeros at the start of the number.
Note: The Transmit Channel number may differ from the familiar broadcast
channel number. See the section, Transmit Channel Numbers in Chapter 2 for details.
4. The menu displays a signal strength bar. Adjust the aim of the TV antenna until the
bar is green, shows the strongest possible signal, and says Locked. The menu shows
a Channel Number in green if the receiver is getting enough digital channel
information via the off-air signal, in yellow if it is not.
Note: Some digital channels do not broadcast all the time. You may need to wait
until the channel is being broadcast.
5. Select the Save option to add the channel. This opens the Edit Local Channel
Name menu:
Highlight a letter and press the SELECT button. Do this again to spell out the
channel name. You can enter up to five characters. If you need to, use the space
option to insert a space or the <back option to correct a letter. When you are done
entering the channel name, select the Save option. This opens the Local Channel
Setup menu again.
6. Repeat steps 5 through 8 if you want to add another local digital channel.
7. To delete one or more channel(s), select the channel(s) in the Channels list and then
select the Remove option.
8. Select the Save option to leave the Local Channel Setup menu.
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User Guide
Note: To change the name or network affiliation of a local off-air channel, you will
first need to select the Remove option to delete the channel and then add it back to
the listing with the new information. Be sure to select the Save option to the changes
before leaving the Local Channel Setup menu.
To do this, use printed TV listings or the on-screen Program Guide. In the Program
Guide, off-air channels that have digital content have a yellow background.
Note: The appearance of this screen may be different on your receiver.
You can view current programming on your Program Guide screen by:
• pressing MENU on your remote.
• select System Setup.
• select Guide Display.
• Press the remote control INFO button to display an overlay on the screen
where you can choose one of three options.
Select either the Cancel or the OK option to continue with the event timer, or select
Stop Timer to stop the event timer.
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Using The System
Using The Browse Banner
If you select a digital channel, the receiver opens a separate guide for that channel’s
sub-channels. You can use this guide in the same way you use the Program Guide.
In this example, 29-01 WSB D is a sub-channel for 29 WSBD digital channel.
Note: The appearance of this screen may be different on your receiver.
To close the Program Guide and not change the channel, press the remote control
CANCEL button. The receiver displays the program you were watching before you
opened the Program Guide.
The Program Banner provides information about the program you are watching. The
receiver displays the Program Banner for a few seconds at the top of the TV screen
every time you change the channel or press the remote control VIEW button.
You can use the Browse Banner to change channels, or to see what other programs
are available without changing the program that you are watching. The receiver displays
information on the program you are watching at the top and Browse Banner
information at the bottom of the TV screen. Press the UP or DOWN ARROW to see
what programs are playing on the channels above or below the one you are viewing.
Information on these programs appears at the bottom of the TV screen.
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