Kia Motors Corporation
231 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-938, Korea
Kia is the newest and most exciting force of change in the automotive world and we are ready to change the way you feel and think about driving. More than just a
promise, we are committed to making driving a true pleasure for customers across the globe. With youthful styling and the latest in advanced technologies, Kia cars
are turning heads the world over with the power to surprise. From the Picanto to the Mohave, Kia offers a full lineup of sedans, SUVs and MPVs that are not only
practical but downright exhilarating to drive. Keep your eyes on Kia because our best has yet to come.
About Kia Motors Corporation
Kia Motors Corporation ( -- a maker of quality vehicles for the young-at-heart -- was founded in 1944 and is Korea's oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. As
part of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, Kia aims to become one of the world's premier automotive brands. Over 1.5 million vehicles a year are produced in 13
manufacturing and assembly operations in eight countries which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers covering 172 countries. Kia today
has over 42,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues of almost US$15 billion. It is the major sponsor of the Australian Tennis Open and an official automotive partner
of FIFA -- the governing body of the FIFA World Cup. Kia Motors Corporation's brand slogan -- "The Power to Surprise" -- represents the company's global commitment to
surpassing customer expectations through continuous automotive innovation.
Progression at every level
Innovation, a sporty stance, and style that conveys confident individuality.
These are the characteristics you expect from progressive, modern car
design. One glance at the bold new shape of the Kia Optima will convince
you that these qualities are effortlessly delivered.
Hone your competitive edge
The essence of modernity
With a bodyshell conceived as a single futuristic unit, the high-tech silhouette conveys all the
clean, streamlined references its designers could muster. The striking, sharply styled front end
is further refined by the contrasting black of the signature Kia radiator grille, bezel frame
headlights and lower air dam. The Optima is dynamism personified.
04 / 05
The cityscape...
Your natural playground
Turning heads thanks to its strong exterior styling, the Optima is the ideal accompaniment
to urban living. High-tech rear lamps and reflectors emphasise the elegant visual flow, while
oval, chrome-tipped exhaust pipes put the accent on power.
06 / 07
Sleek and purposeful
from front to back
There are some things that all sporty cars have in common: a long athletic
bonnet, a lowered profile, and chrome detailing. One dynamic styling attribute
after another all come together in perfect harmony to create the Kia Optima.
Character lines
A vehicle’s outline is what defines its character. The
Optima’s coupe-like roofline, flowing smoothly
into the high rear deck, merges uninterrupted
with the strong C-pillar.
08 / 09
HID Xenon headlamps with static bending lights
that attracts attention
Projection headlamps and a high-mounted LED stop lamp are just some
the defining features of the Optima. LED daytime running lights heighten
the specification even more, while the optional sport package offers
unique 18-inch alloy wheels and LED rear combination lamps, adding to
the dynamic appeal.
Static bending lights
Available as an option, HID headlamps with static bending lights
increase your visibility when cornering, synchronising with the
turns of the steering wheel to light up more of the road.
10 / 11
LED rear combination lamps
LED daytime running lights
The Optima’s muscular athleticism is carried through to the cabin. A cockpit area shaped
around the driver combines with a sturdy 4-spoke steering wheel for complete control.
A space where you’re in charge
◦ Bluetooth hands-free
DoWn SHift
uP SHift
◦ Auto cruise control
Optional Bluetooth functionality* lets you Ideal for motorway cruising, auto cruise
use your mobile phone without taking your control lets you maintain a constant speed
hands off the steering wheel.
and enhances fuel economy.
*Not available in some countries
inDuLGE in tHE DESiGn
Supervision cluster with 3.5” colour TFT LCD
A high-tech, visually striking supervision cluster emulates classic sports car instrumentation with its dual cylinder
design. Featuring a 3.5” colour TFT LCD, it gives you essential information such as average fuel economy, trip
distance, distance to empty, open door warning and outside temperature. At the same time it allows you to fully
customise the menu to your own desired settings.
Centre fascia
The centre fascia is angled towards the driver by 9.6 degrees, putting the audio,
navigation and air conditioning systems within easy reach and making control and
operation as uncomplicated as possible. All the while contributing to the feeling of
spaciousness and comfort.
14 / 15
Paddle shifters
Paddle shifters bring an exciting new dimension to your driving through their ability to make lightning-quick gear
changes, just like a competition vehicle. Positioned at the end of your fingertips just behind the steering
wheel, they do away with the need to take your hands off the wheel in order to shift gears.
Take your seat in the Optima and what registers first is the array of technologically
advanced features at your disposal. From paddle shifters to auto cruise control, and
from a bright, easily-readable supervision cluster to the wraparound, driver-oriented
centre fascia, this is a car designed for the here and now, with one eye on the future.
◦ Dual zone full auto temperature control
Different people prefer different temperatures. No problem
– the climate control divides into two individually adjustable
zones for custom tailored comfort.
More space, more comfort,
more sophistication
Despite a lowered exterior height and an elevated beltline, interior dimensions
on the Optima have actually been increased. How? Through the
innovative use of space and the judicious layout of elements.
Headroom and legroom are generous for both front and
rear passengers. Driver comfort has received particular
attention, with the driver seat incorporating an advanced
memory system that remembers the settings for two
different drivers. And so that the front passengers aren't
left out, their seat gets the same treatment.
16 / 17
Attention to detail For you and those closest to you
The spaciousness of the Optima allows your friends and family to
experience all the reassuring comfort and elegance that are built
into this highly refined vehicle. At the same time, they’ll
appreciate the use of luxury materials and the emphasis on
texture – the finishing of the seats blending seamlessly
with the trim detailing. Storage is generous too, with
door pockets, cup and bottle holders, and seat back
pockets. All of it perfectly complemented by cool
mood lamps and interior lighting.
18 / 19
1. Ventilated front seats
Both the driver and front passenger
seats are ventilated for enhanced
comfort on hot or cold days. Warm or
cool air is blown through the seat and
backrest cushions, preventing
perspiration build up.
frESH Air AnD
MorE LiGHt At tHE
touCH of A button
Nothing beats fresh air and sunshine. The Optima’s panoramic sunroof lets
plenty of light into the interior, while increasing the sensation of space.
Just tilt and slide, and in case things get a little too hot, electric roll
blinds slide into place to protect you from UV rays. For seamless
design integration, sunroof-equipped Optimas come complete
with black high gloss side pillar trim.
1. 8-way adjustable driver seat
2. Driver lumbar
Ideal for fine-tuning your driving position,
the 8-way adjustable driver seat provides
ultimate flexibility. The IMS (integrated
memory system) automatically stores
settings for two drivers.
Powered lumbar support in the driver seat,
with 2-way adjustability at the touch of a
button, allows optimum seating comfort.
This is a feature that’s indispensable on
long journeys.
Panoramic sunroof
The panoramic sunroof expands everything about the Optima – visibility,
styling, and sporty appeal. Open it up and get closer to the sky.
20 / 21
Technology to make life simple
And driving more enjoyable
6-CD changer audio system
Offering enhanced convenience and sound quality, you can load the top class Infinity sound system with up to 6 CDs for truly customised listening.
Skip between CDs and find the music that suits your taste and style! The Optima delivers a dynamic individualized listening experience.
As you would expect with a car of this calibre, the Optima
positively bristles with the latest technology. The 530-watt
premium Infinity sound system features 8-speakers in addition to
the standard AUX-USB and iPod connectivity, ensuring an
unsurpassed listening experience on the move. All of it operated
via intuitive, fingertip-sensitive controls.
◦ MP3, Radio
◦ Aux and ipod, USB input
The completely integrated sound system
means you can play not just CDs, but MP3
files too.
USB connectivity lets you plug in an Aux or
iPod mobile storage device and play tunes
you’ve already downloaded.
<< Infinity sound system
The precision-crafted Infinity audio system pumps out a maximum
530 watts, letting you fill the cabin with sound.
< Audio remote control
Adjust the audio volume without moving your hands from the
wheel thanks to a remote control on the steering wheel spoke.
22 / 23
Styled around the way
you live your life
Before a car performs on the road, it has to turn in a winning performance on your heart.
Exuding chic good looks and sporty style, it doesn’t take long for the Optima to convince you
that it shares your desires. An exterior that’s dynamic and elegant, an interior that functions
like an extension of your plugged-in, high-tech world. Welcome to the new Optima.
24 / 25
Every direction
The road ahead, the sky above, the miles passing beneath
is the right direction your
wheels. The power of the Optima lies in its ability to
make every journey a truly memorable one.
Theta Ⅱ 2.4 MPI Engine
Displacement (cc)
Max. Power (ps)
Max. torque (kg·m)
0 - 100km/h (sec)
80 - 120km/h (sec)
WitH LoWEr EMiSSionS
◦ Active ECO system
◦ Organ - type accelerator pedal
Standard with all Optima 6-speed automatics,
the Active ECO system optimises all the drive
train elements to deliver significant fuel savings.
Accelerate in comfort by letting your foot and
ankle travel in the same trajectory as the pedal
The Optima packs power and performance into a class-leading, environmentally-friendly powertrains.
With the lightweight Theta II 2.0 or 2.4 MPI petrol engines, extra torque is delivered thanks to a
straightened air intake system that allows the inhalation of a greater volume of air.
◦ 6-speed manual transmission
Reverse gear is positioned close to the driver’s
seat, making light work of manoeuvres where
several forward and reverse shifts are required.
Theta Ⅱ 2.0 MPI Engine
◦ 6 - speed automatic transmission While advanced software means gear shifts occur
at the optimum point, the manual gate is positioned on the driver’s side for easier operation.
28 / 29
Displacement (cc) 1,998
Max. Power (ps)
Max. torque (kg·m) 20.2
0 - 100km/h (sec) 10.9
80 - 120km/h (sec) 7.9
ESC (off )
ESC (on)
◦ Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
ESC deploys in sudden braking situations, regulating engine torque and
applying braking force to each wheel to slow you down safely.
rEASSurAnCE buiLt in
◦ Hill - start Assist Control (HAC)
This useful system stops you rolling
backwards when you have to pull away
from a standstill on an incline.
▶ Front, rear, side and curtain airbags
An advanced 6-airbag system comprises driver/passenger airbags at the front, frontside airbags for additional driver and passenger protection, plus curtain airbags to
protect both front and second row occupants.
▼ Larger disc brakes
The Optima’s 18” alloy wheels are fitted with large, 17-inch(Φ320/28t) disc brakes,
providing powerful braking and a racy, sporty appearance.
30 / 31
Safety is up there with style, dynamics and performance when it comes to car design. The Optima
incorporates a whole range of state-of-the-art features to provide you and your passengers with
safety of the highest order. These include electronic stability control for when you have to brake
suddenly, oversize disc brakes for smooth, controlled and powerful braking, and details such as a
rear view camera and active headrests in the front seats.
<< Front active headrests Tha
Front active headrests move forwards and up in
the event of a rear-end collision to protect the head
and neck.
< Front safety power windows
If the driver and front passenger windows sense an
obstacle in their way when being raised, they
automatically stop and wind down.
▶ 60:40 split fold down rear seats
The 60:40 folding rear seats offer plenty of flexibility when it
comes to hauling luggage, and are particularly suited to
carrying longer and unusual-shaped cargo.
Every part of the Optima has been considered from your point of view. This means features that
don’t just work smoothly and logically, but play a key role in driving enjoyment. From a heated
steering wheel that makes driving on cold winter days a pleasure not a chore, to aero blade wipers
that keep your view crystal clear while also cutting down on wind noise, everything has been
thought through to the last detail.
◀ Remote keyless entry system
With the key blade neatly folding away into the main body of
the key, a simple press of the button is all it takes to lock and
unlock the car.
04. Escort lights* Headlamps remain lit so that the driver always
06. UV cut windscreen glass The front windscreen cuts harmful
relays images from a rear mounted camera, clearly showing what’s behind you.
walks away from the vehicle in the light.
02. Rear parking system Ideal for the city, the rear parking assist
system uses sensors to warn you if you get too close to an object when parking.
* Only available with remote keyless entry system
ultraviolet rays, helping to reduce glare and keep the interior temperature
even and comfortable.
05. Gull wing folding outside mirrors Power outside mirrors fold
07. LED high-mounted stop lamp An LED stop lamp, placed high up in
up and away for convenience when you park. Their aerodynamics also
contribute to better fuel economy, while the gull-wing folding style
echoes the classic sports car era.
the rear window where it provides maximum visibility,warns the driver behind and
other road users that you’re applying the brakes.
practical one. Chrome outside door handles are both
eye-catching and durable.
32 / 33
01. Rear view camera A screen in the Electro-Chromic rear view mirror
03. Chrome outside door handles A stylish touch and also a
08. Dual muffler Dual oval-shaped exhaust tips on the 2.4 engine
version have an unmistakable sporty resonance.
09. Engine start button Fire the Optima’s engine with one touch of
the engine start/stop button, and get a reminder of the car’s sporty prowess.
10. Rear air ventilation Rear air ventilation means passengers on
the back seats are assured of a comfortable indoor environment. The angle
of the air stream can be adjusted to suit the passengers’ wishes.
11. Interior mood lamps Door mood lamps, with their red hue, offer
distinctive illumination at night, creating an inviting interior environment.
12. Sunglass storage with dual map lamps A sunglass holder is
conveniently placed just above head height, and is located between twin
map-reading lamps.
13. Cooling glove box A cooling glove box is ideal for keeping drinks
and snacks chilled on your journeys. It also features a light so that you can
better see what you’re doing.
14. Auto defogging system When condensation forms on the
windscreen, sensors automatically begin the de-misting process, doing
away with the need to operate the controls manually, and providing
optimum visibility for safe driving.
15. Luggage compartment A spacious luggage compartment, with
one of the largest capacities in its class, lets you carry all your gear with ease.
Sport Package
The Optima really shows its mettle with the optional Sport
Package. Breathing youth and energy, it allows two sparkling
personalities to shine through – yours and the car’s. Wheels,
radiator grille, bumpers, lip-type spoilers and a range of other
features come together to provide a distinctive identity from
the ground up.
1. Unique sporty 18” alloy wheels Large and fast-looking, with extra large brake discs to match.
2. Sporty front radiator grille / bumper Provide real presence with their assertive, stand-out design.
Sport Package
3. Stylish side bumper Sculpted into the bodywork, for an aggressive, purposeful appearance.
4. Alloy pedals Put a real touch of motorsport control at your feet.
5. High performance damper For ultimate driving performance over all types of road terrain.
6. Carbon fibre-look interior accents Provide that final finishing touch on the interior space.
7. Lip-type rear spoiler / bumper Add a touch of style and aerodynamics at the back.
Sport seat
Black never goes out of fashion – for
good reason. Stylish, sporty.
* The exterior specification of the Sports Package cannot be altered. For the interior specification, the normal colour/finishing options are available.
intErior CoLourS
AS ECo-ConSCiouS AS You ArE
Choose an interior colour for your Optima to match your personality and mood.
So you value sustainable living? We do too. That’s why we take
pride in rising to meet the expectations and challenges of the 21st
century while making tangible contributions to the preservation of
the environment and sustainable development of society.
boDY CoLourS
beige two-tone
Gray two-tone
black monotone
A sophisticated combination that’s
both practical and easy on the eye.
Tasteful and laid-back with
overtones of urban chic.
Black never goes out of fashion – for
good reason. Stylish, modern.
We set up an environmental research centre to spearhead our drive
for the production of clean hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles to lead the
way to eco-friendly cars for a greener tomorrow for you, your
children and all of us.
create innovative products, ensuring state-of-the-art Design for
Recycling (DfR) guidelines. Wherever possible, recycled and
recyclable materials are being used in the production of every Kia.
Even at the end of your car’s life, one of our environmental targets
is the eco-friendly return and treatment of end-of-life vehicles. By
operating a rigid process, we guarantee environmental protection
in the treatment of harmful waste substances. These are then
recycled or recovered, ensuring the highest level of environmental
The concept of eco-friendly motoring is adhered to through out all
cycles of a vehicle’s life. From design through to recycling, we
As you see, what you do on a small scale with your household
refuse, we at Kia Motors do on a large scale.
An exciting paint finish goes hand in hand with exciting driving. Choose from a wide range of refined and sporty colours.
Snow White Pearl [SWP]
Platinum Graphite [ABT]
brignt Silver [3D]
Dark Cherry [IR]
DiMEnSionS AnD SPECifiCAtionS
Satin Metal [STM]
Light Graphite [LC]
Metal bronze [D0]
Spicy red [IY]
Santorini blue [HO]
Ebony black [EB]
With class-leading proportions, see how the Optima measures up.
Three different sizes, five different designs.
Specifications (mm)
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
(Front / Rear)
1,591 / 1,591
(Front / Rear)
965 / 1,085
(Front / Rear)
1,015 / 955
(Front / Rear)
1,155 / 880
Shoulder room (Front / Rear)
1,455 / 1,415
Hip room
1,388 / 1,384
Fuel tank (ℓ)
18-inch Luxury Alloy Wheel
16-inch Steel Wheel
(Front / Rear)
17-inch Alloy Wheel
16-inch Alloy Wheel
18-inch Sporty Alloy Wheel
38 / 39
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