Sigabort - BCF2000 Control Surface Script User Guide v1.pages

Sigabort - BCF2000 Control Surface Script User Guide v1.pages
This script adds dynamic functionality the the
BCF2000 making it an essential MIDI controller for
Ableton Live
Download the provided file folders to your hard-drive
then follow the instructions in the link below.
Click Here for Installation Instructions @
You need to have installed the _Isotonik Folder in addition to the chosen Control
Surface Script
The high level operation of the controller can be switched between two modes:
Locked and Free.
This is determined by a setting in the config file (config.txt) that is provided with the
In this mode the preset controls on the BCF are disabled and it is not possible to
change presets whilst the controller is in operation.
This mode is enabled by setting a value of 0 for Preset in config.txt.
This mode allows you to change presets whilst using the controller to allow you to
MIDI map other presets within Live. In order to use this mode you need to provide a
preset (1-32) which will be used for the controller. This preset number should be
entered into the “Preset” field of config.txt.
Note: Using this mode will cause the existing preset to be overwritten and replaced.
Note: This is not the default mode when you first install the software as we do not
want to overwrite any presets that you may have before you get chance to reorganise/back them up.
Upon startup the BCF will be placed into the designated preset.
BCF XL operates in two modes: Mixer mode and Device mode (switchable by one
of the control buttons). The function of the buttons and encoders will change
depending on which mode is being used. The controller will default to Mixer mode
upon startup.
LED rings around the encoders will be illuminated when the encoder has a valid
assignment in Live. The LED rings will be updated to reflect the current values in
Live as you move around the set and as changes are made in Live.
Mixer Mode
In mixer mode the push encoders control 1 send of each track. Which send is being
controlled can be changed by the control buttons.
Pushing the encoder will select the track in Live if it is not already selected. If the
track is already selected then record arm for that track will be toggled on and off
(unless Swap_arm is 1, in which case solo will be toggled on and off).
If the Pan option is 1 then encoder group 2 will be set to control the Pan position of
each track.
Device Mode
In device mode the main encoders control 8 parameters of the selected device. It is
possible to change the parameters being controlled with the bank buttons.
Mixer Mode
In mixer mode the top row of buttons control mute and the bottom row of buttons
control solo for each track. If Swap_arm is 1 then the operation of solo and arm is
swapped around and the bottom row of buttons will control arm instead.
Device Mode
In device mode the top row of buttons allow the first 8 devices on a track to be
selected as the device to be controlled.
The bottom row of buttons allow the first 8 devices on a track to be enabled/
The faders control the volume of each track.
If Track_navigation is set to 1 then the bottom two buttons operate track left and
track right for the session. If you are using the BCF as a slave device for
LaunchSync and session movement is controlled by another controller then you can
set this to 0 to have access to all 4 encoder groups.
If Enable_function is set to 1 then the function
buttons take over the operation listed in the
control buttons section and the control buttons
are available for your own mappings.
If Enable_function is set to 0 then these buttons
retain their standard BCF functionality.
The control buttons have the following actions:
Top Left: Toggle mixer/device mode (device mode when illuminated)
Top Right: Fold/unfold current track (available when illuminated, i.e. if current track
is a group). If returns mode is 3 or 4 then this toggles tracks/returns and track fold/
unfold is not available.
Bottom Left: Sends bank up
Bottom Right: Sends bank down
Top Left: Toggle mixer/device mode (device mode when illuminated)
Top Right: Device lock
Bottom Left: Parameter bank up Bottom Right: Parameter bank down
If Enable_function and Transport are set to 1 in the config then these buttons
become transport controls.
Top Left: Stop transport
Top Right: Start transport
Bottom Left: Arrangement record toggle Bottom Right: Session record toggle
It is possible to select the Master track when in device mode by selecting the
currently selected track, i.e. if track 3 is selected then using track select to select
track 3 again will select the master track and allow devices to be controlled as with
other tracks.
If Direct_bank is 1 and Enable_function is 1 then the bottom 4 buttons can be used
to access the first 4 banks of the device directly when in device mode. If
Direct_bank is 0 (and Enable_function is 1) then the buttons remain free for user
The file config.txt contains a number of configuration options to tailor the operation
of BCF XL. A Configuration utility is in development but for now this can be edited
by hand.
The preset to be used for Live operation. If 0 is used then no presets are overwritten
on the BCF but you will not be able to change presets during operation.
If set to 1 then the function section of the BCF is used for control operations and
the bottom 4 buttons remain free for user mapping.
If set to 1 then the bottom two buttons of the encoder groups are used for track left
and right. If set to 0 then these remain in operation for encoder groups 3 and 4.
If set to 1 then in mixer mode the bottom row of buttons operate track arm and the
push encoders operate track solo, as opposed to the normal operation which is the
Enable/disable direct bank mode.
If set to 1 then the main 32 encoders on the BCF send 14-bit updates – this
increases the resolution of each control for finer adjustments.
If set to 1 then then encoder group 2 is mapped to Pan control for each track.
If provided this changes how many tracks are moved left or right when banking in
session view (defaults to 1).
Determines how return tracks are handled:
0 – return tracks are not displayed
1 – return tracks are displayed, right justified, but normal tracks take priority and
return tracks may need to be scrolled into view.
2 – return tracks are displayed, right justified, but return tracks take priority and will
always displayed.
3 – tracks and return tracks are toggled via a control button with on or other being
in view.
4 – tracks are display and return tracks are toggled as an overlay, right justified, via
a control button.
The Max_returns config setting can be used to limit the number of return tracks that
can be controlled (if you have a large number in the set but don’t want all of them to
appear on the controller). Setting this to a value of -1 will disable this feature.
Toggles whether master track is displayed or not. The master track is always fixed
at the right hand side of the controller.
Toggles whether transport controls are provided. This is only valid if Enable_function
is 1. Dynamic
This determines whether the BCF will enable/disable encoders and buttons to
reflect current Live state with respect to the number of tracks currently in use and
the number of parameters available for device control. It is recommended that you
leave this set to 1 as it provides much clearer feedback. However, this does cause
slight update delays (usually these won’t have a negative impact) and can be turned
off by setting this value to 0. Log
Whether to write entries to the log file.
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