Phonic Ear Trouble Shooting

Phonic Ear Trouble Shooting
FrontRow Systems
Check batteries
• Rechargeables will only last 1 to 2 school years.
• Front Row products require nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.
They do not create a “memory” so they can be charged each night.
• Charging alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries is our #1 repair cause.
• Fresh batteries are the easiest troubleshooting tool.
No sound
• Check power and batteries. Is green light on?
• Batteries dead, not charged, placed the wrong way?
• The “toGo” tower battery may need to be replaced every 3 years.
• Is the transmitter turned on? Receiver on? Volume too low?
• Do the transmitter and receiver channels match?
• Does the mic or transmitter have a “mute” switch? Is it on?
• Use the mic with another working system to test.
• Microphones are our #1 problem source for static or buzzing.
• Intermittent static, loud crackle or popping sounds are usually a
broken mic jack
• Is there a new installation in the school interfering?
• Are channels A and B both on, but one is not in use?
• Two transmitters on the same or similar channels. Change channel.
• Does it make a sound when you walk by something specific?
• How does it sound with the lights out? Computer off?
• Use mic from another working system to test.
• Is the receiver antenna attached?
• Batteries could be old, low or missing.
• Is the antenna missing?
• Is the tone set too high? Is the volume too high?
• Is the mic too far from the teacher’s mouth? This causes increased
• Are the speakers (Pro Digital) installed too low? They should be
above 6 feet and angle down at 45 degrees.
• Lapel mics are more susceptible to feedback, which is why the overthe-ear boom mic is recommended.
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