APX7500 Mobile Brochure
2-In-1 Radio.
For One-Of-A-Kind Interoperability
Motorola APX™ 7500 Multi-Band Mobile Radios
Designed for today.
Engineered for the future.
APX Mobile: Technology driven by first-responder challenges
When every second counts, first responders must be able to communicate
with one another – no matter what agencies are involved in mission
critical operations. Despite years of heightened attention to security and
preparedness, many communities are looking for the right technology to
achieve interoperability and be capable of mounting a swift and effective
joint response.
With the APX 7500, organizations can purchase one radio for instant multi-band
communication – and streamline the expense of maintaining, installing, and
operating multiple mobile radios. The APX 7500 mobile radio operates in 700/800
MHz and VHF and will be available in other bands as they become available.
The APX 7500 exemplifies Motorola’s commitment to meet the voice and data
demands of today’s first responders in mission critical environments – to enable
anywhere, anyplace, anytime connectivity.
Motorola is the leader in providing mission critical solutions that enable
agencies to achieve interoperability goals, whether customers are upgrading
an existing system or designing a new system from the ground up.
Top Mission Critical Communication Challenges –
and how APX answers the call
Interoperability On Demand
Agencies from different jurisdictions often operate
on different frequency bands – requiring agencies
to install and maintain two radios in order to
communicate with one another.
Future Ready Investment
Agencies want to protect current investments in
mission critical radios and ensure that new radio
purchases can be updated to utilize the latest
advances in technology.
The APX solution: The APX 7500 multi-band radio
can operate on both 700/800 MHz and VHF
frequencies* – to enable instant, interoperable
communications for improved coordination,
response, and first responder safety.
The APX solution: The APX 7500 is backwards
and forwards compatible – it works on all existing
ASTRO® 25 systems and will also work as
customers migrate to advance technology
such as TDMA. The radios have an expansion
slot that makes adding future data applications,
such as Bluetooth®, possible without additional
hardware updates.
Ease of Installation
The area inside vehicles offers limited installation
space and radios can be difficult to access.
The APX solution: The APX mobiles are designed
to fit into the existing install space for ease of use,
installation and removal. The mid-power mobile,
allows for reuse of mounting holes and cables. The
new high power trunion design provides secure
engagement and ease of installation allowing the
radio to be removed without removing the cables.
*Additional bands will be available.
Advanced Technology Provides an Answer
FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) is a proven technology that is widely
used today in radio systems and is part of Project 25 Phase 1. FDMA carries one
call per channel. TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) will be part of P25 Phase
2 requirements and it provides double the voice capacity. Customers can add
more users to their system or more data services without the need for additional
frequencies or infrastructure.
The APX radios support both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 technologies seamlessly.
Using Motorola’s unique Dynamic Dual Mode (DDM) capability, the radios
dynamically switch between FDMA and TDMA without the user having to
change channels. This provides complete interoperability and flexibility to
communicate with existing and future networks.
APX fully compatible with the Motorola ASTRO 25 Network
APX 7500 multi-band radios were designed to work with ASTRO 25, Project
25 standards-based communications network. With integrated voice and data
capabilities, the ASTRO 25 network offers improved communications between
multiple agencies, as well as neighboring communities, from everyday operations
to disaster response.
“Providing cross-discipline interoperability and
increased functionality, APX is a cutting-edge
tool for communications.”
–Eugene Vardaman, Executive Director,
North Carolina Criminal Justice Information Network
Innovations that enhance safety
and elevate performance
Advanced new features in a familiar design
Two APX 7500 models:
APX 7500 Mid Power and APX 7500 High Power
+ Mid Power Install
Fits into the existing XTL footprint allowing reuse of the mounting holes
and cables for ease of installation.
+ High Power Install
New trunion design provides secure engagement, ease of installation
and a new handle design that allows the radio to be removed without having
to remove the cables.
12 character RF ID asset tracking provides a fast, accurate and convenient method of obtaining valuable asset tracking information without having
to uninstall the radio.
1 O3 Control Head
+ 4-line/14 character/2 icons character
alphanumeric display
+ 3 x 6 keypad with up to 24
programmable soft keys
+ Cellular style user interface and
color display
Seamless Scan
Seamless scanning of multiple protocols including
FDMA and TDMA systems and multiple RF bands.
2 O5 Control Head
Multi-Band Operation
Multiple frequency bands supported while
maintaining APCO TIA transceiver specifications.
+ 4-line/14 character/1 icon
customizable, tri-color LCD display
+ 3 x 6 keypad microphone accessory with 3 programmable soft keys
+ 5 programmable soft key buttons and, 5 scroll-through menus with up to 24 programmable soft keys
+ Multiple control head configuration to fully control a single radio with up
to 4 different wired locations
+ Motorcycle configuration available
Integrated GPS
Integrated GPS receiver can transmit the outdoor location of a vehicle to a map-based location application.
Advanced Encryption
The mobile comes standard with FIPS certified
encryption for secure communications with greater
security in a tamperproof solution.
Intelligent Lighting
Intelligent lighting uses color to notify the user of
the radio mode, potential emergencies, or specific
events. Color alerts provide information at a glance.
Expansion Slot
Expansion slot for future option cards, such as
Bluetooth® and other future data applications.
Future-application ready.
Radio Profiles
Radios can be configured with multiple user-selected
or automated operating behaviors such as audio
level, lighting and tones. Whether on surveillance or
working in bright sunlight, the user can customize
settings as needed.
Expandable memory slot for storage of future data
applications information. As technology needs grow,
increased memory is available.
Text Messaging
Text messaging offers a freeform or canned messaging solution. Efficiently send and receive messages
to and from subscribers or dispatch operators.
Programming over Project 25 (POP25)
Motorola’s POP25 solution allows subscriber radios
to be programmed over the air via the ASTRO 25
systems while remaining in the field.
Unified Call List
Consolidates all call lists underneath one unified list.
Users can easily access all information associated to
a particular contact.
Today’s Mission Critical Challenges
Demand a New Generation of Radios.
Why APX 7500?
Motorola’s APX mobile radios deliver exceptional performance by combining
advanced voice and data technology with legendary Motorola quality.
The innovative rugged design and safety-focused functionality is based on
extensive user input and innovative engineering – continuing in the Motorola
tradition of translating engineering breakthroughs into real world advantages
to deliver the best two-way radios in the field.
APX 7500 operates in multiple bands and meets
P25 public safety specifications for seamless multiagency collaboration.
2-In-1 Radio
APX 7500 operates in 700/800 MHz & VHF and
acts as two radios in one. Motorola has reduced
the amount of equipment service shops must
install and maintain.
The APX mobile radio was designed to maintain
the same mounting foot prints as the XTL. The high
power trunion was completely redesigned for ease of
installation, providing installation guides and rails, better engagement into the tray and better handle grip.
Advanced Emergency Functionality
Motorola offers several Advanced Emergency features to assist in keeping mission critical users safe.
When an emergency call is initiated; other users in
a talk group will hear an alert and see the ID in their
display. The Emergency Keep Alive feature ensures
your emergency call is not dropped even if the radio
power switches OFF. The Emergency with Voice to
Follow feature allows communication without pressing the PTT button if needed.
APX is backwards and forwards compatible with
Motorola SmartNet®, SmartZone® and ASTRO 25
systems and offers future expandability for
developing technologies.
APX 7500 supports P25 Phase 1 and is upgradeable
to support P25 Phase 2 to offer better spectrum
utilization and double voice capacity using existing
Data Capability
The APX 7500 is Integrated Voice & Data ready.
With the ability to send and receive data through
your trunking or conventional system infrastructure,
APX is ideal for text messaging and can be used as
a modem. Programming over Project 25 (POP25)
allows the radio configuration to be accessed and updated over the air. APX also comes equipped with an
integrated GPS Receiver for outdoor location tracking.
FLASHport™ Software
The APX 7500 has built-in FLASHport capability to
support customizing the radio with new software.
Customer Programming Software
The APX radios utilize new and enhanced CPS
software that is user friendly and provides increased
speed and efficiency. The Built-in Codeplug Comparator allows easy diagnostics of codeplug differences. The Customizable Views feature allows users
to see only the codeplug fields they are interested in.
An Undo/Redo function makes changes easy. With
Improved Help access the CPS automatically stays in
synch with the user’s selections.
Add-On. Optimize. Enhance.
Extensive line of Motorola Original®
accessories for APX mobile radios
To complement the APX 7500 mobile two-way radio,
Motorola Original® accessories are specifically designed for
mission critical communications. Agencies can re-use many
accessories from the Motorola XTL radio’s that utilize the
O5 and O3 control heads – maximizing investments while
maintaining the latest technology.
Plus, Motorola offers the new IMPRES™ Smart Audio
System which provides enhanced communication between
the radio and the accessory optimizing the audio performance
and assuring the highest quality communication.
Keypad Microphone
Access critical features directly from
the microphone. A full keypad allows
users to dial phone numbers and
send text messages, while the
navigational buttons allow users to
navigate through radio menus. Also
includes 3 programmable buttons
for additional customization.
IMPRES Visor Microphone
Utilizes state-of-the-art IMPRES technology. Automatic gain control provides
improved audio and consistent output.
Small microphone mounts to vehicle’s
visor for convenient hands-free radio
operation and safety while in a vehicle.
Desktop Microphone and Tray
These convenient accessories allow
mission critical users to convert APX
mobiles into simple base stations
offering an ideal solution for dispatch
and transportation users. Desktop tray
and microphone sold separately.
Keypad Microphone
IMPRES Visor Microphone
GPS Antenna
A separate GPS antenna is required
in addition to the mobile RF antenna
for GPS capability. This fixed-mount
antenna is a discreet standalone
antenna that has a semi-permanent
mount easily assembled with minimal
tools to vehicle roof or trunk.
Desktop Microphone and Tray
GPS Antenna
Mission Critical Portfolio
Technology That’s Second Nature™
The APX™ Portable Two-Way Radios are part of the MOTOA4 Mission Critical Portfolio of products that
offer seamless connectivity between first responders. Motorola puts real-time information in the hands of
public safety personnel to provide better information that enables better decisions for better outcomes.
It’s Technology That’s Second Nature.
APX P25 Multi-Band Radios
Additional information and resources such as product information, brochures, and white papers are available
on the APX product website found at motorola.com/apx.
Motorola, Inc.
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