SUB 1000 f
SUB 1000 f
Product specification sheet
Powerful, reliable and ultra-compact, these are the characteristics of the SUB 1000 F. Equipped with a 12" (30cm) speaker driver with a natural
Flax sandwich cone and a powerful 1000W BASH® amplifier, the SUB 1000 F will add the perfect finishing touch to your Home Cinema installation.
The speaker driver is equipped with a dual magnet for improved linearity, and to ensure that an optimal magnetic force is delivered to the voice coil.
The closed design of the subwoofer enclosure ensures it’s free from interference.
Closed cabinet design with
thick panels
No interference
Thick 19/16” front panel
(40mm) with a High Gloss
lacquered finish
Very high power
1000W BASH® amplifier
12" (30cm) woofer
with Flax cone:
High rigidity, no distortion
Dual magnet:
Strong magnetic force, linearity
Rubber ring.
No visible screws for a
sleeker design.
SUB 1000 F
Key features
• Compact closed subwoofer
• Very high-power BASH® amplifier (1000W)
• Speaker driver developed and manufactured in France by Focal
Active sealed subwoofer
12" (30cm) Flax woofer
Cut-off frequency (-6dB)
Frequency response (±3 dB)
24Hz - 200Hz
Crossover frequency
40 to 160Hz
Stereo line inputs
Direct line LFE
0° / 180°
Power mode
on / auto
Dimensions (HxWxD)
420 x 400 x 420mm
1617/32" x 153/4" x 1617/32"
Net weight
47lbs (21.5kg)
Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMLab® - - SCAB - 151012/1
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