The Next
Generation in
Fresh Brew
Animo introduces the new Optifresh (BEAN)
The OptiFresh Next generation
The OptiFresh from Animo
OptiFresh Bean NG
OptiFresh Bean NG
OptiFresh NG
OptiFresh NG
Fresh Brew has been given a new look: the OptiFresh NG from Animo. The machine with a
distinctive design. For delicious fresh filter coffee and a range of coffee varieties, which you
can serve with one touch of a button. The OptiFresh is simple to use and just as easy to
maintain. So discover the Next Generation in Fresh Brew now.
Machine with taste
Nothing can beat the smell of freshly made filter coffee. With the OptiFresh you can brew all
varieties: from pure black and decaf to cappuccino and latte macchiato. There are two
models of OptiFresh: with or without a coffee grinder. The OptiFresh BEAN grinds the
(visible) fresh coffee beans from the canister while you wait. Fancy something else? The
OptiFresh also brews delicious instant products such as chocolate. Tasty!
Pure ease of operation
The OptiFresh is quick to install and can be used anywhere. You have no fewer than twelve keys
to set your favourite drinks. Moreover, you can adjust the strength to your own taste. The height
of the cup tray can be adjusted and it is also suitable for thermos flasks. Thanks to its large
canister, you don’t have to fill the machine very often. Also handy: your OptiFresh is easy to keep
Fresh Brew Unit
Permanent stainless steel filter
Ceramic burrs
Permanent stainless steel filter
Quality comes first. The OptiFresh is made of high quality components and is thoroughly
tested. The result: a reliable machine that needs hardly any maintenance. Instead of using filter
rolls, the OptiFresh has a permanent stainless steel filter. Leading to less waste and excellent
performance. Talking about high quality: the OptiFresh Bean’s grinder is Swiss made, with
ceramic burrs that last a lifetime.
design classic
The OptiFresh is the new face in Fresh Brew. A pleasure to the eye thanks to its clean lines
and timeless stainless steel. With the OptiLight (LED) lighting you give the machine your own
look, matching your own style. Winner of the Good Design Award 2011, but already a
design classic!
Base cabinet with
cooling unit for
dispensing cold water
from the machine.
Including 1 drawer and
lockable door.
Coin mechanism.
Suitable for euro coins
and coffee tokens.
Coffee cup heater.
Standard with saucer
Various accessories are available for the OptiFresh, including base cabinets, cup warmers, stainless steel cup dispensers, water filters, coin mechanism, money exchanger and cleaning agents.
Sustainable choice
With the OptiFresh you are making a responsible choice. Stainless steel is very strong, completely recyclable and therefore sustainable. And, thanks to its high quality components, the
OptiFresh has a long life span. Moreover, the machine is energy efficient. The smart Energy
Save Mode switches the OptiFresh off when no coffee is made for some time. The OptiLight
lighting is low power. The stainless steel boiler is insulated to save even more energy.
Animo serves coffee, at any time. Coffee aficionados, connoisseurs, late workers and early
birds rely on these dependable machines. Easy to use with an optimum service life. For more
than 60 years, Animo has been the number one specialist in state-of-the-art coffee-making
systems and machines for professional use. At home and abroad. So, coffee anyone?
OptiFresh Bean NG
OptiFresh Bean NG
OptiFresh NG
OptiFresh NG
Animo represents the ultimate in coffee purity. In essence, this can be defined with just one
word: user-friendliness. You will soon notice that our machines are fast, simple and convenient.
Regardless time, place or the quantity of coffee you want to serve, Animo guarantees the
perfect cup of coffee. You also benefit from our vast experience, expertise, reliability and focus
on service. Animo. Coffee Convenience.
OptiFresh (BEAN) in detail
• Permanent stainless steel filter
• Separate hot and/or cold water outlet: for a pure cup of tea
• Adjustable cup tray, also suitable for thermos flasks
• Easy-to-fill bean, fresh brew and instant canisters
• Equipped with cleaning programme and usage counter
OptiFresh (BEAN) Specifications
Capacity OptiFresh (Bean) 1-3
For all models
•Capacity bean canister: 5,9 l/ 2,2 kg
•Every cup freshly brewed (50-240ml)
•Capacity fresh brew canister: 5,1 l,
•Permanent stainless steel filter
1800 gr (fresh brew coffee)
•Capacity instant canister: 2,3 l
(approx. 1300 gr milk topping/
1600 gr chocolate)
• Bean canister that looks full until shortly before refill (OFR Bean)
• Large waste compartment for coffee residue
• Indication for descaling, full waste compartment and full drip tray
•Adjustable cup tray: 60-115 mm
•Suitable for jugs. Max. dispensing
height: 167 mm
•Separate outlet for coffee and hot water
•Coffee capacity (120 ml) ) per hour: 130
Capacity OptiFresh (Bean) 4
•Dosing time (120 ml): 28 sec
•Capacity bean canister: 5,9 l/2,2 kg
•Hot water per hour: 25 l
•Capacity fresh brew canister: 5,1 l,
•Electrical connection: 1N~230V/50-60-
1800 gr (fresh brew coffee)
•Capacity instant canister: 2,3 l
(approx. 1300 gr milk topping/
1600 gr chocolate)
•Capacity instant canister: 1,2 l
•Compact size: 403(w*)x573(d)x 773(h**)
mm (*excl. door key)
(**excl. bean canister 91 mm)
•Plug & play
(approx. 700 gr milk topping/
•Stainless steel boiler: 3,0 l
800 gr chocolate)
•Simple to operate
•Adjustable coffee strength
OptiFresh Bean
•Stop button
•Coffee grinder with ceramic burrs
•Large bean canister
•Intelligent Energy Save Mode
•Cleaning program
•Consumption registration
•Large waste compartment: 6,7 l
•Water connection: ¾”
• Coin mechanism (nri)
• Money exchanger (nri), (MDB-protocol)
• Cold water
• Decafé model
OptiFresh Decafé. The coffee canister
is replaced by two separate canisters
•Base cabinet
for fresh brew coffee and decafé.
•Coffee cup heater
•Cleaning agents
•Water filter
•Stainless steel cup dispenser
•Cleaning set
•Stand alone set
OptiFresh (BEAN) Specifications
The selections depend on the ingredients you choose for each canister.
The adjustable controls make it easy to change the options.
OptiFresh (Bean) 1
Article number OptiFresh NG
1001705 1001707 1001709 1001711
Article number OptiFresh Bean NG
1001713 1001715 1001717 1001719
Number of instant canisters
Number of mixers
Selections 1
Coffee with milk
Coffee with sugar
Coffee with milk and sugar
Coffee chocolate
Wiener Melange
Latte Macchiato
Double espresso
Hot water
Cappuccino with sugar
Espresso with sugar
Espresso chocolate
Chocolate milk
Warm milk
OptiFresh Bean NG 1
OptiFresh NG 1
OptiFresh Bean NG 2
OptiFresh NG 2
OptiFresh Bean NG 3
OptiFresh NG 3
OptiFresh Bean NG 4
OptiFresh NG 4
= Standard configuration from factory
= A
djustable selections (depend on the chosen ingredients)
= For filling thermos flasks
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