TCU 8000i Terminal Control Unit
PowerVisionTM Enterprise Release 3 I Terminal Control Unit
PowerVisionTM Enterprise Release 3
TCU 8000i Terminal Control Unit
Door access control
Lift access or lift call control
Vehicle boom gate access control
Time attendance & management
Visitor management
Intrusion alarm monitoring
Guard tour monitoring
Lighting & utilities control
Facility booking control
Audio-visual alert in absence of AC source
The new compact TCU 8000i is a universal, intelligent
terminal control unit suitable for multiple applications,
particularly building security and control systems.
Each TCU 8000i unit can support up to a maximum of 16 card
readers (8 doors), and 64 input and output points via various
types of I/O boards. Depending on application requirements,
multiple TCU 8000i units can be connected in a cluster to
NIU-4 or NIU-5, and to the central supervisory computers.
As a basic building block for the PowerVision™ Enterprise
Security Management System, it also supports a range of
hardware modules, making it a flexible and powerful platform.
Consisting of a CPU board, a lightning protection board, a
regulated power supply unit, an AC/DC power converter
board, an AC line filter, and a circuit breaker, there remains
enough space within the key-locked enclosure to mount either
an 8-channel input board (PCA-22024A), or an 8-channel I/O
board (PCA-22033).
In applications involving smart-cards and smart-card readers,
the CPU board requires an optional built-in interface to a
Secure Access Module (SAM) board to facilitate secured
authentication between the smart-cards and the CPU. This
offers extra security, and maximises investment for systems
employing smart-cards.
The CPU board contains a microprocessor, RAM memory, and
all the necessary communications ports to interface with
external Network Interface Units (NIUs), card reader
controller units, and remote I/O units.
The enclosure is also equipped with a tamper switch that
detects unwarranted intrusion, while an audio-visual alarm
sounds in the absence of an AC source.
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Application Support
PowerVision™ Enterprise Release 3 ‒ refer to catalogue for
more details
System Parameters
256 access groups
256 schedules, each with 4 intervals and holidays
Full Anti-Passback (APB) capabilities (timed, soft and hard)
Max 64 input points (optional external hardware)
Max 64 relay output points (optional external hardware)
Ability to work in Off-Line Mode
Card Access Parameters
20,000 cardholder capacity
Card function type: Normal, Time Attendance, Arm/Disarm,
Guard Tour, Control
Operation modes: Card-only, PIN only, Card + PIN
Selectable PIN per card (4-8 digits)
Card add/delete feature
Card + PIN to arm/disarm Alarm Function
Dual-card access function (2-man rule)
Card with time/date activation and expiration function
Card control function to trigger up to a combination of 32
input and/or output points
Door Parameters
Auto lock/unlock by schedule
Locking/unlocking of doors by card reader control
Door strike control: 3-255 sec
Door left open alarm: 1-255 sec
Alarm Parameters
Door held open/forced open alarm
Duress alarm (from keypad readers)
Intrusion alarm (instant or delayed)
Alarm monitoring
Fire alarm input triggering
Tamper alarm for enclosure
Arm/disarm via keypad, card reader, central computer, schedule
Input supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto switching)
Battery backup: 12VDC, 7AH (Optional)
Battery charging: on-line charging
Backup period: minimum 4 hours
Power consumption: 1.6W (idle) to 30.4W (full load)
Supports up to 16 card readers (8 doors)
Optional inputs: maximum of 64
Optional outputs: maximum of 64
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions: H406mm x W406mm x D90mm
Enclosure Material: Mild Steel, powder-coated spraypaint
Weight: 7.5kg
Colour: Grey
Operating Environment
Operating temperature: 0°-50°C (32°-120°F)
Humidity: 10%-90% non-condensing
Ordering Information
Model | Description
ADC-25544 | Terminal Control Unit ‒ TCU 8000i
Intelligent Controller for S Series Reader, for Secured Mifare/
HID/EM Card Scheme
The product also supports multi-technology cards/schemes.
Please specify details when ordering.
Product Selection Matrix
Selection Matrix
S Series Readers (Card Scheme)
EM Prox
Terminal Control Unit
TCU 8000i
Cable Terminal Unit
Serial I/O Unit (SIO)
Communication Board
1 x 10mb/s ethernet connectivity
1 x RS 232 serial port (configured for LAN support)
1 x RS 422 port (for interfacing to other TCU-8000Ps)
8 x CRC port (to interface with card reader controller units)
4 x IOU port (to interface with remote IOU units)
2 x IDE bus connector (to interface with local bus I/O boards)
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Reader Model
CPU Board
Embedded microprocessor board
Hardware real-time-clock with battery backup
I/O Parameters
Flexible programmable logic of all input and outputs points
through Addressable Control Unit (ACU) functional blocks
Hardware Specifications
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