Carousel ICE: Integrated Cooling Enclosure

Carousel ICE: Integrated Cooling Enclosure
Carousel I.C.E.:
Integrated Cooling
Standard Sizing
• 12, 19, 26, & 42U Height
• 608-708mm Wide
Robustly built and sealed for use in wet, dusty or hot environments,
NEMA type 12 and 4 cabinets have optional cutouts to air condition voice/
data equipment and servers. Cooling units can be designed to handle
up to 20,000Btu/hr (5.8kw) of heat load, addressing various needs and
applications. Add a UPS for a fully enclosed PI Solution.
• 799mm-999mm Depth
• Three-point locking handles on all doors provide easy but controlled access;
two keys included
• Square or Tapped Mounting
Holes are Available
• Fully gasketed to keep contaminants away from equipment, reducing
maintenance costs
• Multiple finishes are
available in over 200 colors.
• Two sets of 19-in. rack angles support both front and rear of equipment
Industry Standards:
• EIA RS-310-D
• UL 508A Listed; Type 12; File
Number E61997
• UL 508A Listed; Type 4 or
12; File Number E619967
• UL Listed per CSA C22.2 No
94; Type 12; File Number
• UL Listed per CSA C22.2
No. 94; Type 4 or 12; File
Number E61997
• NEMA/EEMAC, Type 4 or 12
• Rack angles are infinitely adjustable from front to rear for positioning
• Mobile base provides easy placement of cabinet
• Levelers and anti-tip bracket secure cabinet to the floor
• Rated for 1500lbs of static load
• Mobile base includes casters, levelers and gland plate
• Gland plate allows for easy routing of cable.
• IDF’s, MDF’s, State / Local
Municipalities, K-12 Education
• Institutions, Non-Personnel
Rooms with Cooling Constraints
• “Set It and Forget It” Scenarios
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Top Technology Partners
Carousel partners with the top
technology companies in the world.
Through these relationships, we provide
complete end-to-end services and
• Need mechanical and electrical
• Project Manager
• Disruptive for piping and wiring
• Need a place for condensate
to drain
• Cooling the whole room –
not efficient
• Cooling design not optimized
• 1-3 weeks to implement
• 50% Cost Savings over Traditional
Split Phase system
- Under $10,000 for complete system
- Traditional system 15K to 30K installed
not including Power
• All in One
- Power
- Cooling
- Management
• Any Environment
- Wiring Closet to Manufacturing Floor
Installation Cautions
Compressor requires dedicated electrical circuit
2. Air handler requires dedicated electrical circuit
3. Pump requires dedicated electrical circuit
4. Supply air depicted best case scenario unlikely
(wall units often can not be placed for optimal
5. Condensation pump must be connected to
building drain system. (Max. distance and lift
often 50’ x 10’)
6. Comfort air system is only rated for 8 x 5 x 52
operation (2,080 Hours)*Unlike precision air
systems that are rated for 365 x 24 operation
(8,760 hours) and designed with modular
components for lower MTTR (Mean Time To
Repair) standards.
Corporate Headquarters
Carousel Industries, Inc.
659 South County Trail
Exeter, RI 02822
• Ease of Installation
- 2 Outlets needed – plug and play
- No Hardwiring
- No Condensate Pump (Cab in NEMA
12 rated)
- No Roof Condensers
• Fast Deployment
- Install and working in under 1 hour vs. 1–3
weeks for split phase system
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