E9.30 - Sveiseeksperten

E9.30 - Sveiseeksperten
NA-5 Automatic Welding System
Designed for Multiple Process CV Operation ... Innershield®, Submerged Arc and other Open
Arc Processes, A complete automatic control which may also be used with available procedure
and control interface options for remote operating versatility.
( Models: NA-5N, NA-5NF, NA-5S, NA-5SF >
À proven concept in automatic
welding — “set-it-and-forget-it”
automatic welding equipment.
The arc voltage and wire feed
speed can be set on digital
meters before the arc is struck
and the procedure remains
precisely set day in and day out.
NA-5N and
Travel Carriage
Six Benefits from LINCOLN® NA-5 Automatics
Solid-State Controls — Precise control of welding procedures, striking characteristics,
start and stop, bead size and shape, and arc stability facilitates
economical welding to the most exacting requirements.
High Productivity — Automatics deposit more metal at faster travel speeds than
semiautomatics to increase production, eliminate bottlenecks
and cul costs.
Low Cost Repetitive Welds — Electrode position adjustments lock tight for pushbutton produc-
tion welding with consistent quality.
Operating Versatility — Easily adjusted for a wide range of processes, feed speeds,
wire sizes, procedures and methods.
Easy Installation — Compact units with excellent flexibility fit into simple fixtures or
the most complex automated production lines.
Worry-Free Operation — Solid-state controls and rugged construction minimize down-
time and maintenance costs.
NA-5N HEAD — Includes wire feed head with straightener for cored wire (K331 A and B only)
and head mounting. Also includes electrode cables from control box to wire
contact assembly, and a cross seam adjuster. Does not include control box
or wire reel, brake and mounting.
NA-5NF HEAD — Includes wire feed head with straightener for cored wire (K332A and B only).
Does not include control box, wire reel, brake and mounting, cross seam
adjuster, head mounting parts or electrode cable from control box to wire
contact assembly.
With brake assembly (order separately)
lor 50 & 60#
(22.7 & 27.2 kg)
Coils (optional) TRAVEL CARRIAGE
== (optional)
STD. 4 (1.2 m) CONTROL TO
includes control cable WIRE STRAIGHTENER
and two 4/0 electrode
cables (extensions
with insulation ADJUSTER
and hardware
(order separataly)
Y ;
NA-55 HEAD —
Includes wire teed head with straightener for solid wire, flux hopper with
automatic valve and head mounting. Also includes electrode cables from
control box to wire contact assembly, and a cross seam adjuster. Does not
include control box or wire reel, brake and mounting.
Includes wire feed head with straightener for solid wire. Does not include
control box, wire
brake and mounting, flux hopper with automatic valve,
cross seam adjuster, head mounting parts or electrode cable from control
box to wire contact assembly.
Mote: Second wire
reel ls not shown.
Required Power Source:
DC Constant Voltage
Select one of the following
The Idealarc” DC-400', DC-6007, DC-655, DC-1000, or
DC-1500#! are the recommended power sources for use with
the NA-5. They are solid-state SCR controlled welders which
provide two modes of constant voltage output — one for sub-
merged arc, and one for Innershield and other open arc
processes. The DC-400, DC-600, and DC-655 are also suit-
able for stick welding.
The Idealarc CV-400* and CV-555 can be used with the
NA-5. However, the CV-400 diode option is required to utilize
the cold starting and sensing features of the NA-5 (Order
K1346-14), The CV-400 is a constant voltage DC arc welding
power source.
| Current [Required Current | Required
Type | Current | Arc | Duty | Range Power | Bulletin Type | Current | Arc | Duty | Range Power | Bulletin
Model (60 Hz} | (Amps) | Volts | Cycle | (Amps) | System | Number Model (60 Hz) | (Amps) | Volts | Cycle | (Amps) | System | Number
pc-a00™ | K1308 | 4000c | 40 | 100% | 60-500 | APhnase | ESTO DC-1500©| K1275 |1500DC | 60 | 100% | 200-1500 | 3 Phase | Es 60
DC-800= | K1288 | 600DC 4 [100% | 70-850 |3Pnase | E540 Cv-400 | wren | 4000C | 36 | 190% | 60-500 | 3Pese | E430
DO-555 K1609 | 50006 | 44 | 100% |50-815DC| à Phase | ES sé Cv-655 клаво | 850065 | 44 | 100% [70-815DC] 3 Phase | 24.40
DC-1000 | к!298 [100005 | 50 | 100% | 150-1000 | 3 Phase | E550
" The KB26 Diode Kil for tha DC-400 is required to permit full usa of all the NA-5 features.
= When DC-60's are used, cument models (codes 5288 and up) ara preferred for optimum performance (Bulletin E5.40}
3 DC-1500'5 (Buñetin ES.6M below code 8284 are not suitable for use with the NA-5.
\_ * Diode option required 10 ubiize "he cold starting and sensing features of the NA-5.
Convenient Operator Controls located in one place for efficiency,
a Control power switch turns wire feeder Input power on and off,
Also serves as an emergency stop switch. 7
e Inch pushbuttons feed electrode up and down when not wald-
ing. ®
a Stan and stop pushbuttons control welding cycles, +
a Controls for preselling ol wire feed speed and voltage prior to
and during welding. These controls eliminate returning to the
power source for routine procedure changes. 1053
a Digital display of bolh wire feed speed ánd vollage on separate
meters. 5
a Means for having the meters read elther the preset values or
the actual values, €
e Switch to allow presetting the different sets of controls using
one sel of meters (function lights to indicate which set of con-
trols are functioning). 7
a Timer control lor bumback and/or wire retract time. #
e Travel switch controls the travel mechanism for automatic start-
ing and stopping when welding. travel without welding dunng
setup and travel off. =
® Lockable Cover over procedure setting controls.
& Pilot light to show when the electrode is “hot”. +
Controls of Unparalleled Versatility adjusts procedures and
travel sequence for best arc siriking, welding and crater filling for
all suitable processes and apphcations.
® Sinking inch speed adjusts for best arc starting independently of
welding wire speed, 11
e Striking voltage can be set for optimum arc starting. ©
® Arc starting by he “hol star” or “cold star” methods ("hot start”
anly, when using DC-400 without K826 Diode Kit or when using
the CV-400, DC-655 or CV-655 wilhout diode option).
a Travel can be selected to start either when the start button is
pressed or ihe arc stnkes.
a Optional start module (with preset feature) controls penetration,
bead size or other factors for an adjustable time at the start ol
the weld. 1:
# Wire feed speed and arc voltage can be ‘SET before or during
welding and the 'ACTUAL' values can be read during welding.
® Wire feed speed and arc voltage are held virtually constant
regardless of input vollage variation, feeding force, loading of
the power source, ambient temperature changes or a voltage
drop in the electrode or work circuit,
® Travel stops either when the stop button is pressed, when Ihe
arc stops, or at end of crater fill or burnback time (as selected
by the user).
& Optional crater module (with preset feature) controls procedure
for an adjustable peried of lime 10 regulate bead size or fill
craters at the end of the weld. ©
e Adjustable delay timer controls bumback of electrode from the
puddle al Ihe end of the weld to prevent crater sticking, The cir-
cuit can be set to retract the electrode from the crater for easy
fixture unloading or to remove a slag ball from the end of the
electrode for better starting when using Linc-Fill™ procedures.
® Available interface options for remoie control ot inch-up/down,
slart’stop, and weld procedures,
® Oplional weld timer which eliminates the need fo press stop but-
ton. 28)
® Automatic shutdown should the vollage deviate from the presel
Wide Performance Range lels you choose Ihe best process and
procedures for today's needs. Can be adapted in minutes for new
processes and major procedural changes without large expense or
long equipment delivery delays.
@ Use open arc or submerged arc welding as desired.
® Heads available for feeding (035° (0.9 mm) thru 7/32” (5.6 mm)
electrode using three gearbox ratios — 57:1, 93:1 and 142:1,
Install parts to convert for diferent wire sizes and ratios in min-
a Two-posilion adjustable drive roll pressure develops the right
force lo feed all electrode types.
a Feeds wire from 50 to 60 Ib (22.7 10 27,2 kg) coils or 300 to
1000 1b (136 to 453.6 kg) Speed-Feed™ reels and drums.
a Adjustable brake on reel for 50/60 (22.7/27.2 kg) cols prevents
reel overrun,
These Worry-Free, Hard-Working Wire Feeders minimize equip-
ment downtime and lost production. Simple routine service keeps
maintenance costs low.
® Solid-state controls give trouble-free operation.
® Rugged construction needs only simple routing service for con-
tinuous perdormance.
e Function lights built into the printed circuit boards speed repairs.
8 Plug-in components are quickly replaced.
ц ==
E ma
o i A Ea
a _—
= mr ¿Ma a
Easy Installation Ino simple lixlures or fully automated systems
makes Ihe benefits of automalie welding available to large or small
[abricalors and rebuilders,
® Simple head mounting with versatile posifioning minimizes fix-
ture requirements and speeds installation,
a One compact box containing all controls mounis almost any-
where for maximum operating efficiency. Remote controls can
be located in & fixture congolé with tha use of available interface
8 Power source lo control box cables up to 100 11 (30 m) long plug
into the control box,
® Standard 4 № head 10 control leads plug into the conirol box.
Optional head to control extension cables up lo 30 1 (9 m) long
plug in at both ends.
& Control requires 115 voll. 60 or 50 Harz power available from
recommended power sources.
» Hinged panel provides easy access lo components inside the
control box.
® Ouickly reconngécl stop and start sequence as desired lor new
apolications using dip swilches on the logic board. No soldering,
bolted connections or taping needed.
Versatile Head Positioning adjusts quickly to new applications
wiih differant processes yet locks light [or repetitive welding.
9 Adjustment of he face plate around the drive roll,
e A 360% miational adjustment of the neamor within its mounting
@ Trua leit and right head mounting.
® Cross seam adjuster (NA-5N and -55 only) leis the operator
track along irregular joints while welding.
e Oplional vertical and horizontal head adjuslers make quick
handcrank setups (rather than bol-head side adjusimenis)
where frequent job changes occur.
* Ability to drive the wire in eilher direction through ihe face plate.
+ No limilation of gearbox posilion because of lubrication in the
gearbox. In addition, the use of specal gear maierials as well as
ball bearings result in long life and high efficiency. Gearbox and
driva roll arangement execily the same as the ficld-proven
e High efficiency spur gearbox results in a smaller head with no
sacrifice in feeding ability.
Innershield® and Ц
Submerged Arc |
6 K148 — For 062 lhru 3/16" |
(1,6 nm 4.54 mm) wire at high \
currents, Qptional water coals |
Ing attachmant (T12928) rec- ff
ommended when Innarshield
welding over 600 amps.
a K148 — Line-Fill™ Long Г
ЭНеком! [2-5" (51-127 mm)]
submerged Arc
contact tips (E9.110),
Single Electrode
Submerged Are
@ K231 — For 5/64 thru 7/32"
(2,0 thru 5.6 mm) elactrodes at
currants generally below 600
amps. Quler flux cone gives
full flux coverage with mini-
mum consumption.
6 K386 Narrow Gap Deep Groove Nozzle —
Waler cooled submerged arc nozzle for welding in
a 5/8" (15,9 mm) minimum gap up to 10" (254.0
mm) deep. Includes flux delivery tube, flux hose
and rackets lo permit nozzle rotation, and two
Submerged Arc
thru 5.6 mm wire.
a K226T — [3/32 or 1/8" (2.4
fact jaws for maximum life
currents over 830 amps.
Submerged Are
® K233 — For .035 thru 3/32°
(0.9 thru 2.4 mm) solid wire al
currents under 800 amps, x=
submerged Arc
<- age around the electrode,
e K405 Automatic Innershield Nozzle — À slender
nozzle with offeet for more positive contact of wire
to tip. Features "quick-change” threadless contaci
tip. For 3/32" (2.4 mmj or smaller wire sizes (EB1E),
® K226R [1/8 thru 7/32" (3.2
3.2 mm) wire], Augged con-
a K285 Concentric Flux Cone
— For use with K148, K148
Ji with a K148, or K128 nozzles,
Gives concenirie Mux covers
Twinarc kils include contact nozzle, wire
guides, wire feed rolls and guides, and a
second wire reel and mounting brackat.
Tiny Twinarc Wire Straightener
—= ® К281 — Sirzightens wire diame- ue
vers 045 thru 3732" (1.2 thru 2.4
mm). Particularly valuable on ;
longer electncal stickoui proce-
Tiny Twinarc fe
® K120 — Feeds two 045, 1/16,
5/64 or 3/32" (1.2, 1.6, 2.0 or 2.4
mm) electrodes lor high speed
submerged arc welds on 14 gauge Ca
(1.89 mm) 19 heavy plata.
Large Wire Twinarc
E K225 — Foads two 5/64, 3/37 or
1/8" (2.0, 2.4 or 3.2 mm) wires for
submerged arc welding on "Fasl-
* Fill” joints or hardfacing beads.
Innarshield Twinarc
thicker than 1/4" (6,3 mm).
e K239 — Feeds two 3/32" (2.4
mm) Innershigld wires for high
speed welds on 12 gauge (2.65
mm} and thicker steel, Includes
waler cooling tubes. Paricularly
suited for roundabout filet and
lap welds when ona member is
® Horizontal Head Adjuster (K96) — Provides crank
adjustment of head position. Has 2° (51 mm) horizontal
* Vertical Lift Adjuster (K29) — Provides 4" (102 mm)
hand crank adjustment of vertical head position. It also
includes up to 3-3/4" (95.2 mm) in-and-out horizontal
adjustment with stops that can be preset for simple repe-
tition of the same adjustment
® Solid-State Spreadarc™ (K278) — Oscillates head
across the line of travel, For hardfacing build-up using a
Twinarc or single arc nozzle. Calibrated dwell time and
oscillation speed controls permit the Spreadarc to cover
large areas quickly with smooth beads of minimum
admixture. Flux cored electrode, open arc and sub-
merged arc procedures can be used.
ea TC-3 Self-Propelled Travel Carriage — Carmes head
and controls in either direction on a beam of suitable
length. It operates either automatically with the weld con-
trols or manually. The speed ranges, set with a continu-
ous, calibrated speed control without gear changes, for
the two available models are (S) 5-75 ipm (0.1-1.9
m/min) and (F) 15-270 ipm (0.4-6.9 m/min). Plugs into
the 115 (110) voit AC, 60 or 50 hertz travel receptacle of
the Automatic Control Box.
Order Standard Carriage (K325) — For single elec-
trode and Twinarc (2 wires fed thru 1 head) installa-
Order High Capacity Carriage (K325HC) — For tan-
dem arc (2 or 3 heads) and Twinarc-tandem arc (up to
4 wires) installations,
Order a T144689 Mounting Kit if the NA-5 control box is
to be mounted on the carriage.
® Magnetic Separator (K58) — Removes magnetic parti-
cles from recirculated submerged arc fluxes to reduce
porosity caused by a build-up of mill scale.
® K310 Screen — Removes large particles from recirculat-
ed submerged arc fluxes. Designed to fit the top of either
the standard fill funnel of a continuous flux feed system
or a K58 magnetic separator. The unit has a steel screen
with .065 to .075" (1.7 to 1.9 mm) openings and an air
vibrator attached to the frame. The vibrator can be used
with air line pressures ranging from 20 thru 100 psi
(137.9 thru 689.4 кра).
® High Frequency Unit (K238) — Supplies high frequen-
cy power to the welding leads for more positive starting
on difficult applications. Operates on 115 (110) volt 50 or
60 hertz. Handles up to 750 amps welding current
Cannot be used with Linc-Fill Starting Relay option or
Spreadarc. Requires special head, flux hopper and wire
real insulation,
® Solenoid Assembly (K223) — Valve to automatically
control water flow when using K239 or cooling attach-
ment on K148 contact assembiies. Can also be used to
control gas.
6 Flux Hopper (K219) — With electric flux valve for sub-
merged arc welding. (Standard on NA-55.)
e Flux Control Kit (516300-12) — Provides mechanical
control of the flux flow rate.
e Wire Reel Assembly (K299) — Includes wire reel for
90-60 Ib (22.7-27.2 Ka) coils, wire reel mounting and
brake. Available with or without high frequency mounting
insulation (HF),
Permits additional settings of wire feed speed and volt-
age for an adjustable period of time (10 seconds max.)
Can be used for either a starting procedure or a crater fill
procedure. If both are required, two assemblies must be
Permits remote operation of the NA-5 Inch Up, Inch
Down, Start and Stop functions by either of the following
user-supplied external signals and provides electrical
isolation of the NA-5 control circuitry from these signals:
SWITCHES — Momentary closure of contacts rated for
24 volts, 5 milliamperes, DC.
24 VOLT SIGNALS — Momentary application of a 24
volt +10% AC or DC signal capable of 5 milliamperes
steady state (.15 amp peak capacitive in rush) per input.
This module can ba used with all codes of NA-5 Controls
and replaces the earlier K336 Remote Pushbutton
Interface Module, which provided only for external switch
closure signals.
Available in choice of 10 second (K337-10) and 100 sec-
ond (K337-100) units. Permits setting of weld time for an
adjustable penod of time. Eliminates need to press slop
button. The timer units are adjustable over the following
ranges: K337-10 0.00 — 9.99 seconds
K337-100 00.0 — 99.9 seconds
Designed to mount and connect to NA-5
controls above code 8300 only. Provides
three additional Weld Mode procedure
settings of wire feed speed and voltage,
allowing the choice of four NA-5 Weld
Mode procedures selectable by the kit's
panel switch or customer-furnished
remote switch or 24 voll signals.
The Analog Interface Procedure Control is an optional
control box designed to mount and connect to NA-5
automatic controls (above Code 8300) and the NA-SR.
The control provides circuit isolated interface for remote,
user-provided, 0 to 10 voll DC analog signal levels to lin-
early sel the NA-5 Weld Mode procedures between 0
and 100% of the rated range of wire feed speed and arc
voltage. The kit also provides +5% procedure overnde
controls under a lockable security panel, and a selector
switch to permit the choice of procedure setting control
using remote analog signals or the standard NA-5 Weld
Mode controls
BLY (K335 or K338):
The standard head is equipped with cables which permit
the head to be mounted up lo four feet from the controls.
“F" models, however, do not include electrode cables.
When the head is mounted further away from the control,
extension cable assemblies must be purchased. The
K335, for the NA-55 head, includes motor, tachometer
and flux valve lead extensions with polarized plugs and
electrode cables.
The K338, for the NA-5N, NF and SF heads, ls the same
as the K335 without the flux valve lead extension. Both
extensión assemblies are avallable in standard lengths
up to 30 feet (9 m).
To convert wire feeder for different sized electrodes.
Includes drive rolls and guide tubes. Four kits are avail-
Gearbox Wire Size Kit No.
| 142:1 3/32 — 7/32” (2.4 - 5.6 mm) T13724A
116 - 332" (1.6 = 24 mm) T13724B
95:1 3/32 — 92" (2.4 — 4.0 mm) T13724A
1/16 — 3/32" (1.6 — 2.4 mm) T137248
1/16 = 3/32" (1.6 - 2.4 mm) T137248
57:1 035 — 052” (0.9— 1.3 mm) T13724C
045 - 052" (1.2 — 1.3 mm) Cored T137240
To have proper wire speed calibration, the above combina-
tons must be used.
WIRE CONTACT ASSEMBLIES: (See page 5 for Details)
The NA-5R is a versatile automatic welding system ideally
suited for remote control interlace to automated or pro-
grammable controllers and computer controlled welding
robots. (E9.40)
This new system combines the accuracy and reliability of
the NA-5 automatic control, the maneuverability of a gun
cable wire feed unit, and the process control versatility to
“communicate” with remote control equipment through
electrically isolated input and output signals.
(Contact your Lincoln Technical Representative for com-
plete details.)
Optional NA-5R Wire Drives
Standard NA-5R wire drives can be used with the NA-5
controls if the L6733 Speedmeter P.C. board is installed to
replace the standard NA-5 Speedmeter P.C. board.
NA-5R Wire Drives
| in. (mm) Gear Rated
Model | Type | Solid Cored |Ratio | ipm (m/min)
030-3732 | .062-.120 ; 50-600
Standard | 371 554 | (1620) | 72 | (13159
| 030-116 | __ 80-978
HI-SPEED | K372 | 08.16) 45:1 | (20-248)
| Specify wire site. KP502 or KPS03 wire size conversion kits for other
sizes are available.
f AC Input Power required tor all models is 115 (110) volts, 60 or 50 hertz of 350 volt-amperes capacity for the head and A
controls, An additional 250 volt-amperes is required for the Lincoln travel carriage and more may be needed for other travel
mechanisms. This power is obtained from the Lincoln power source
Reel and Mounting — K299
Order separately, Coop Wire A
Controls — K356. gmener or
NA-5N and NA-5NF раем Spring Guide®
DC Power Source — Constant K215 Input Cable (Specify се
Voltage Type with on-off control Length) — Includes two 4/0 —
of power source outpui electrode cables and the multi-
(see page 3) conductor control cable 5
\ 8
4' (1.2 m) Motor Cord —
Included with K331 and K332
K338 Extension — Motor cord and
o wy electrode cables. Ophonal when
| a more than 4' (1.2 m) is required
| S << Specify distance from head to
controls [30 (8.1 m] is maximum
length available] 4' (1.2 m) Electrode
Cables — Included with K331
Wire Sizes Wire
Emu la. (rr) Feed
| Haad Gear Speed
A Model | Type Solid Flux Cored Ratio | ipm (m/min) :
МА-5М KITA 32-18 (24-32) | I77-5/32 (24-4.0) 95.1 | 27-475 (0.6-10.8) | Contact Nozzle
Work Cable — > NA-SN K3318 1716-3732 (1 52.4) | 1116-2732 (1,62 4} 57.1 38-760 (1.0-18.3) (optional)
Two or móre NA-5N | K3SIC= | 035-052 (09-13) | — 57:1 | 40-775 (1.0-18.7)
4/0 NA-SNF | K332A 3732-1/8 (2.4-3.2) 302-532 (2 4-4 D) 95:1 | 22-425 (06-10. 8]
NA-5NF | KI3287 | 116-3372 (16-724) | 1/16-3932 (15-244 | 571 | 38-780 (10-193)
NA-5NF | KI3I3C | 035-057 (091.7) 571 | 40-775 (1.0-18.7)
Includes Flux Cored wire Straightener = Order T137240 Dove Roll Kit for 045- 052"
“Includes Small Wire Spring Guide (12-t 3 mm) Cored Wire
Reel and Mounting
NA-5S and NA-5SF со, 1 0
— K299. Order
For Submerged Arc Welding +
K215 Input Cable (Specity Length) —
DC Power Source — Includes two 4/0 electrode cables and FI DO
Constant Voltage type the multi-conductor control cable. nciude
with on-off control af with K346.
power source output K335 Extension — Motor, Flux hopper
(see page 3) and Electrode cables, Optional when
more than 4 (1.2 m) is required, Speck
distance from head to controls.
4' (1.2 m) Flux Hopper | A
Cord — Included with K346.
[oe у
| 4' (1.2 m) Electrode Cables — Nozzle
Ee] Included with K346. (Optional)
Я Work Cable —
| 0 == T Feed Speed Max. Solid
A Head Head Wire Size Gear Range Wire Size”
— | Model Type in. (mm) | Ratio lpm {miming In. (mm)
NA-55 | K346A | 332-732 (24-56) | 1421 | 15-200 (04-7.4) 7/32 (5.6)
NA-55 | K346B | 116-332 (1.62.4) | 95:1 | 22-425 (06-108) 1/8 (3.2)
| NA-55F | K34T7A | 332-732 (24-56) 1421 | 15290 (0.4-7.4) 7/32 (5.6)
For the K347 Head, order the K336 extension | NA-55F | K347B | 116-332 (1.624) | 851 | 22-475 (06-108) 1/8 (321
№. (soe NA-GN, above) 71 For gear ratics shown A
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E9.30 11/99
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