How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX

How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
A. FreePBX Setup Procedure
To setup the FreePBX sever for Dinstar MTG200
A1. Login the FreePBX
Open the web of the FreePBX server with its IP address, the IP is assigned by customer, and then
enter the username and password to go to the main page.
A2. Add a SIP trunk on FreePBX
Go to Connectivity-->Trunks page, click Add Trunk to create a new sip trunk for the MTG200.
A3. Configure the SIP Trunk
Edit the parameters of the SIP trunk.
Trunk Name: Dinstar, for example
Other parameters, please keep the default ones.
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
Outgoing Settings:
Define the outgoing settings, trunk name and peer details.
Trunk Name: dinstar_out
Peer Details:
If the FeeePBX server and the MTG200 device are in different network, please make host to be
The port 5060 is used to define the communication port between MTG200 and FreePBX server,
user can define other ports too, but it must be same on both sides.
Incoming settings:
Define the incoming settings, user context and user details.
User Context: dinstar_in
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
User Details:
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
After finish the settings, click Submit Changes to save the configurations and click Apply to
make them effective.
A4. Add Outbound Route
Go to Connectivity-->Outbound Routes page, click Add Route to add a new route, and configure
the settings.
Route Name: Local_Bucaramange, for example
Dial Patterns that will use this Route: 6XXXXXX, this means all the dial pattern begins with 6
and its length is equal to 7 will match this outbound route to call out.
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes:
Select the trunk for this route to send out the calls, user can set several ones, here we only use the
one Dinstar which we defined for the MTG200.
After finish these, click submit changes to save the settings and apply the configurations.
A5. Add Inbound Route
Go to Connectivity-->Inbound Routes page, click Add Incoming Route to add a new inbound
Enter the name of this inbound route in Description option, Telefonica, for example. And
configure the DID Number, make sure the DID number is same with the E1 line’s number.
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
Set the Destination for this inbound route, it can be the an IVR or an extension or else.
Other parameters, please keep them as default.
Submit the settings and apply.
B. MTG200 Setup Procedure
Setup the MTG200.
B1. Login the MTG200
Login the webpage of MTG200 by entering its IP address in web browser, the default IP of
MTG200’s FE1 port is, and default ip of MTG200’s FE0 port is, user
can connect either network port and use the corresponding IP to access the web of the device.
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
By default, username and password is admin/admin.
B2. Configure the Network
Go to Network page, setup the network connection for the device, input IP address, subnet mask,
default gateway and DNS server
After configuring the network parameters, please restart the device to make the settings effective.
B3. Configure R2 trunk
Connect the E1 line you get from the provider to MTG200’s E1 port, and open the web page.
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
Go to R2 Config-->R2 Trunk page, add the R2 trunk.
And then go to System&Statistics-->E1/T1 Status page, check the R2 trunk’s status, make sure
the E1 cable is connected and the protocol you set is right.
B4. Configure SIP trunk
Go to SIP Config-->SIP Trunk page, add the sip trunk on the MTG200.
Trunk Name: Freepbx
Remote Address:, the IP address should be the freepbx server’s.
Register to Remote: Yes
Outgoing Call Mode: Access
SIP Username: dinstar_in
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
SIP password: qazwsx$#
SIP Confirm Password: same with the sip password
Detect Trunk Status: No.
Notice: SIP username and password must be same with the one user created on FreePBX server.
Outgoing call mode can be either access mode or peer mode.
After finish the settings, go to Status&Statistics-->IP trunk Status page to check if the trunk has
been setup well.
C. Test
Test the configurations.
C1.Add an extension on FreePBX
Go back to FreePBX’s webpage, and go to Applications-->Extensions page, add an extension.
Configure display name and extension number, also configure the secret for this extension, leave
other parameters as default.
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
Submit the changes and apply it.
C2. Register the SIP Account
Install a softphone on your pc, x-lite, for example, enter the sip account information and then
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How to Configure MTG200 with FreePBX
C3. Outgoing call test
Make an outgoing call using X-lite, 6041996, for example.
C4.Incoming call test
Test an incoming call, dial the E1 line’s number.
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