TAS Munich report 2015
By Jonathan Valin
Auspicious Debuts
Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo
Diamond and CCDB subwoofer
This terrific two-way mini-monitor with the witty,
comma-like shape has impressed me since its
introduction last year. Now equipped with a
silken-sounding SEAS diamond tweeter, this
€18k mini could easily have been (and
probably should have been) one of my Five
Most Significant Exhibits. But since it was
coupled with Crystal Cable’s striking new
€10k CCDB (Crystal Cable Deep Bass)
subwoofer, introduced at this year’s show, I
saved it for auspicious debuts. No one in this
industry has a more playfully elegant sense of
style than Crystal’s Gabi Rijnveld, while her
celebrated husband, Edwin, ranks among the
world’s finest audio engineers. Together this
couple has created many beautiful sounding
and beautifully designed components—none
better, IMO, than this sat/sub combo, powered
by Crystal’s equally
fashionable Cube integrated amp. One of my
colleagues thought the sound of this combo
rivaled that of the Magico Q7 Mk II in the midband—and it was indeed stunningly open, boxless,
detailed, and realistic on vocals, though (naturally) a bit reduced in image size, as all two-ways
are! Blessed with that extraordinarily lifelike and densely colored mid, among the sweetest treble
I’ve heard from a diamond tweeter, and quite staggeringly good, powerful and deep-reaching
bass, the Minissimo Diamond/CCDB sub is a satellite/system of extremely high style and superb
sonics. A great debut for Crystal Cable.
By Julie Mullins
In other categories (outside my electronics bailiwick for this show report), Crystal Cable debuted
itsArabesque Minissimo Diamond monitor that now features a diamond tweeter and its brandnewCrystal Cable Deep Bass subwoofer, the latest additions to its charmingly yet functionally
designed suite of diminutive components conceived by the inimitable Gabi Rijnveld and her other
half Edwin. Their room was a true multi-sensory delight, from its all-around outstanding sound
(among the best at the show)—enhanced by the upgraded speaker’s sweet-sounding treble and
the sub’s deeper, fuller bass—to the living-room-styled backdrop and finally, the duo’s virtualreality tour experience of the company’s home base. I didn’t want to leave.
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