March 2012
The Flypaper is a
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The Fox Valley
Aero Club
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Thomas Spriet
Vice President:
John Turner
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
P.O. Box 837
St. Charles, IL 60174-0837
Tony Sokol
Paul Jacobs
Flypaper Editor:
Doug Swanson
AMA Gold Leader Club
Academy of Model
Aeronautics Charter
Club #252
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Shots From the Field page 11
E-Fest 2012 page 12
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M a r c h
2 0 1 2
Tom Spriet–
February 29th and 55 degrees, what an unbelievable
winter we are having. Who would have thought we
would have tornadoes in February?
E-flite (EFLU1280)
This past Saturday our Aero Club hosted its annual
swap shop which was a huge success. It could not
have happened without the time and efforts put forth
by the team of Jim Toth, Joe Pedone, and John Turner.
This year we kicked up the food service with many
different delights thanks to Mike and Rosemary
When you see these folks please take a
moment and say thanks for the efforts and Kudos to
all for a job well done! ! ! Speaking of success, our
last meeting was one of the best-attended meetings
that I can recall with standing room only. You, the
members, brought a wide variety of models and
projects for show and tell. In addition, we had the
pleasure of a visit by John Redman from Horizon
Hobby. He brought up a few of their new offerings
to soon be on the market.
As March begins, we will all be
busy getting our gear in order for
spring—which will soon be here.
For those of you who may have completed a
project since our last gathering, by all means bring it
to the next meeting. Participation and sharing of
knowledge is what makes our club tick and
remember you can always learn a new trick so come
out to show us—and tell us—about your newest,
most prized possession.
Very soon we will be forming committees for The St.
Charles Memorial Day parade and The Swedish Days
parade in Geneva. Let us know if you would like to
be involved. We also will be getting a group together
to discuss our lease options with the City of St.
Charles. The board would appreciate any and all
input from the original group in an effort to secure
our lease. We will use March for
discussions and plan a meeting
with the City Administrator in
April. We still have time to enjoy
our facility, but want to prepare
for tomorrow.
Unlike our
airplanes, time continues to
fly—and seems to be
picking up speed.
See you soon....
Tom Spriet
DX18 System with
AR9020, MD2 by
Spektrum (SPM18000)
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
Doug Swanson–
Thanks to our contributors
this month!
On the next page, check out
Joe Pedone’s report on our
successful 2012 Swap Meet
and Indoor Fly.
Dale Gathman has again
provided many photos used
in these pages. See page 11
for a collection of “Shots the
Field”. This is the only way that I know what the field
looks like lately as weather and time constraints keep me
A few FVAC members made the relatively short trip
down to E-Fest this year. Dennis McFarlane has
provided text and photos for all of us who
couldn’t make it. See page 12.
Sebastian Kowalski has provided a simple
and effective tip for keeping your engine
tuned. Check it out on page 14.
Most likely you’ve heard about the digital
magazine RC Pilot.
It is available for
download to your iPad, Android tablet, and
now—your computer. A new web edition is
now available for download and viewing on
your desktop. Get your free preview issue
As you plan ahead and get your
aircraft ready for the summer, have
you thought about how to protect it
(and yourself) when you get to the
Last year many people
showed an interest in my Coleman
canopy. I kept telling everyone that
they were hard to come by—well,
they’re back in stock at all of the
Walmart stores I’ve visited lately.
The Coleman 12’x12’ Instant Canopy sells for about $129
(I prefer the straight-leg version). I had it out in some
very heavy rain during our IMAC contest; it—and my
plane—came out fine.
Remember, please share with us! Send
your tips, projects, news, and all-around
cool stuff to me. I’ll
get it in an issue
everyone to enjoy.
See you at the next
meeting, Doug
Get your trainers ready! We’ll need
trainers and pilots, spotters, demo
pilots, and helpers!
June 9th - Please save the date!
Model Aviation...March 10...check it!
by Joe Pedone
he Fox Valley Aero Club annual swap meet was held this year on
February 25th. While the recent warm weather chilled to a more
“seasonal” winter day, the swap meet was well attended by both
sellers and shoppers. This event had fantastic support by our membership
with an abundance of volunteers, along with many FVAC members taking
advantage of the opportunity to sell items from their workshop, or shop
for bargains on parts or planes. With nearly 140 tables sold, there was
plenty of merchandise for buyers to browse through.
& Indoor Fly
photos by Dale Gathman & Doug Swanson
[Most of] The Friday setup crew
Ready and waiting for Saturday morning
One nice improvement to the start
of this year’s event was the ability to
set up the hall on Friday evening.
Thanks go to our President, Tom
Spriet for working with the Kane
County Fairgrounds to allow us early
access. We had a huge turnout of
volunteer support on Friday, and the
tables were set in record time. In
under an hour, the room was ready
to go!
Volunteer turnout started bright and
early at 6:30 am on Saturday
morning, and doors were opened to
vendors and sellers shortly
thereafter. Again, plenty of support
from FVAC members made this part
of the set-up go smoothly. Doors to
shoppers were opened at 9am, and
our many “gate keepers” moved
people into the event quickly. In no
time at all, the room was filled with
the buzz of RC commerce at its best!
M a r c h
A fun addition to this year’s event was an open
Foamy Fly for attendees. Tables were cleared
at about 1 pm to make room for this fun fly, and
it turned out to be a great way to keep people
engaged in the Swap Meet for longer than past
years. There was plenty of action in the air,
with formations of foamy T-28’s circling the
room, as well as carrier landing attempts on
tables, and some nice 3D aerobatics. This looks
Mike and
great food
the day.
to be an aspect of the Swap that we can look
forward to again in the future, and we’ll plan for
ways to make it even more fun next year.
There were so many club members that worked
to make this event successful that it is difficult
to single any individual out to thank. However,
there are some that deserve our special
recognition. First, to our Event Chairman, Jim
Toth, who has led the FVAC swap meet the past
2 0 1 2
managed our club table, and helped bring in
additional funds in selling some memberdonated items. Steve Baker placed FVAC signs
at key intersections along North Avenue and
Roosevelt Road to help direct buyers and
The men who put it all together:
L-R Joe Pedone, John Turner, Jim Toth
several years, and to John (JT) Turner for his
many hours of support in planning this years’
event. Thanks also go out to Mike and
Rosemary Raynes, for providing the great food
service throughout the event. Many positive
comments were heard from attendees on those
great chili dogs! Thanks also goes to JT’s wife,
Pam, who ran our 50/50 raffle that brought in
$220 of additional revenue and the same
amount to one lucky winner. Chuck Noyes
sellers to the event. And lastly, thanks to some
of our vendors who donated items to our raffle:
• Al’s Hobby Shop – Gift Certificate
• RC Planewear ( – T-shirt
• Quiet Flight RC – Electric Motor
Given the exposure to our Club from buyers and
sellers attending from Illinois and many of the
surrounding states, this event provides a great
showcase into what makes our club one of
the premier RC clubs in the region. It is the
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
great support and commitment from our members
that make it all possible, and many positive
comments were heard from attendees on the
support and professionalism provided by our
members. Many thanks again to all who helped
make this event a big success.
Editor’s note: I asked Joe if he could prepare this write up for us because of his direct
involvement with the planning and execution of the event. Of course, he’s not going to
toot his own horn, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for his hard work on
the event. I was especially
impressed with the table
layout map he created in
Microsoft Excel. It has
many high-tech features
that will benefit our future
swap meets. - Doug
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
& Indoor Fly
March 8
FVAC Member Meeting
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at Township Hall
April 12
April 21
FVAC Member Meeting
Member Work Day
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at Township Hall
FVAC Field
June 2 & 3
June 14
June 9
June 10
June 15 & 16
June 24
FVAC Pattern Contest
FVAC Member Meeting
Kids Day
Fun-Fly & Pig Roast
Al’s Helicopter Fun-Fly
Geneva Swedish Days Parade
FVAC Field
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at FVAC Field
9:00 AM start, 1:00 PM second round
Flying starts at dawn, Pig ready at 2:30
FVAC Field
Meet at 10:00 (loc. TBD), parade at 1:00
May 10
May 26 & 27
FVAC Member Meeting
Classic Pattern Contest
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at Township Hall
FVAC Field
July 12
July 21 & 22
FVAC Member Meeting
Festival of Flight
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at FVAC Field
FVAC Field
September 13
FVAC Member Meeting
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at Township Hall
August 4 & 5
August 9
Chicagoland IMAC Challenge
FVAC Member Meeting
FVAC Field
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at FVAC Field
October 11
October 21
FVAC Member Meeting
Fun-Fly & Turkey Fry
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at Township Hall
10:00 AM FVAC Field
December 7
Annual Christmas Party
Hilton Garden Inn
November 8
2 0 1 2
FVAC Member Meeting
Albatros D.Va WWI BNF
by ParkZone (PKZ5980)
6:30 Board 7:30 Regular at Township Hall
= Recently added event / revised date
Past Events of 2012
January 1
February 25
First to Fly Fun Fly
2012 Fox Valley Aero Club Calendar of Events
M a r c h
UMX Carbon Cub SS BNF
by E-flite (EFLU1180)
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
John Turner–
March is one of my favorite
months of the year for
being inside! (maybe?) I
have always used this
month to reorganize my
shop for the "annual spring
cleaning". This should not
be confused with the
"spring cleaning" like
raking your yard and
getting your lawn furniture
ready for summer!
If you are somewhat like me, you finished your late-fall
flying season by putting your planes on the floor, table or
wall and began to work on a new project. As the spring
season approaches, you are thinking about the longer
daylight hours and finding your buddies back at the field.
Then, Mother Nature sends us a message with a few cold
weekends and snow, which allows one the opportunity to
reorganize your shop and get ready for the new season.
Let's be honest, the shop is our focus for the many hours
of working on planes, equipment, painting, covering and
building new stuff! I like to go through all my cabinets
and start throwing out old stuff that has not been used
and buy new stuff. My wife always says: "I like your
spring cleaning, but it looks the same as it did last fall"!
The good news is I can find my stuff again and enjoy some
of the new planes or equipment that was purchased at our
local hobby shops or SWAP meets. Yes, I recently
purchased another plane and will begin to work on it next
year (maybe)!
I hope this provides some helpful
tips for the upcoming season ahead!
I look forward to seeing everyone at
the flying field next month as we
"spring ahead" on March 20th.
Fly Safe!
BNF by E-flite
Speaking of spring—have you begun your spring check list for the flying season
ahead? Here are my top 10 points that you should consider:
1. Structure of aircraft: Look for any stress cracks
2. Internal structure of aircraft: Tighten servo screws and check mounts.
3. Engine: Are the motor mounts secure? This is a good time to replace the glow plug.
4. Electrical System: Recheck all leads and connectors, including receivers and speed
controllers. (I recently found a cracked wire on my servo lead to the receiver that was
shorting out)
5. Wheels, including pants: Do they need collars replaced or tightened? Are wheel pants
cracked, needing some CA or replacement? Oh what the heck, take them off and reduce your
weight to fly faster!
6. Propellers: Time to replace any damaged props and make sure they are balanced to
reduce vibration. Even those small electric propellers or ducted fans might have some issues.
7. Fuel Tank: Yes, it might be time to replace that clunk and tubing after all those years!
8. Battery: Be sure to cycle both your transmitter and receiver pack for Ni cads.
9. Flight Box: Is your glow starter battery and/or electric starter in working order?
10: Did you renew your AMA card this spring?
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
Have you heard? Microsoft has introduced a new flight
simulator program called Microsoft Flight. What’s the best
part? It’s FREE! Check this website for the latest information
and download:
Minimum computer specs:
CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
GPU: 256 MB card capable of shader 3.0 (DX 9.0c compliant)
HD: 10 GB Hard Drive space
RAM: 2.0GB
Images courtesy Microsoft Flight webpage
Rich Gabrys,
Flash EPP
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
by Dale Gathman
Dale Gathman, E-flite
DHC-2 Beaver 25e
Kevin Kessler,
Fieseler Fi156 Storch
Sebastian Kowalski, MB339
Dale Gathman’s
E-flite Advance 25e
Tony Bahowick’s
OMP Edge 540
By Dennis McFarlane
Hosted by Hobbico over the weekend of February 11-12, this year
was the seventh consecutive E-Fest held at the University of
Illinois Armory and unquestionably, in the few years since its
inception, E-Fest has grown from a mid-winter get-together into
the premier indoor festival.
Although just like with any large event there is a tremendous
amount of behind-the-scenes activity always taking place, what
most people see and participate in is the flying. The Armory is
divided into four sections. One area is for helicopters, one for
fixed wing 3-D flying, the third is for slo-fliers, like a Vipor or
Uberlite, and the fourth and largest area is dedicated to open,
sport flying.
E-Fest is a very popular indoor event and admittedly the early
afternoon crowd can be a little thick, which means long lines at
the pilot stations and movement throughout the Armory can
become a bit of a challenge. After attending all of the E-Fest
events I usually recommend to first-time attendees that right
after lunch, to avoid frustrations, it’s usually a good idea to find
your seat and stay put until the post-lunch surge subsides. In this
regard, E-Fest 2012 was no different.
Rusty Dose spots for his
son, Tom, at the 2012 E-fest.
Mel Ziska spots so Steve Gawlik
can get some stick time
The AMA always sends representatives to E-Fest, but this year was special.
In attendance were Executive Director, Dave Mathewson, President, Bob
Brown, and Government Regulatory Affairs Rep., Rich Hansen. These guys
are three of the nicest people anyone could meet. All three are easily
approachable and
that model
about having
fun. The three
hosted a very informative
seminar on issues regarding sUAV’s
Eric Karl
(small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and
flew his
comparison of
to radio
Armin Weber flies his helicopter
FVAC members who attended E-Fest this year were
Chris Gini, who scored third in the fixed wing 3-D
freestyle competition, Armin
Weber, who was constantly
flying either a helicopter or fixed
wing aircraft, Steve Gawlik, Mel
Ziska, Dan Rocha, Board member
Eric Karl, Rusty Dose with his son
Tom, and of course, Cindy and I.
Although the dates float due to the Armory’s availability, EFest has tentatively
been set for the same
weekend in February
next year, and we’ve
already booked our
motel room for 2013.
Chris Gini flew
his MX-2 foamy
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
Sal Perno–
I would like to welcome R. Thomas Flint, Patrick
Flynn, Sebastian Kowalski and Brian Wituk to the
Fox Valley family. Lets give them a warm
welcome this season and any help they may need.
by Sebastian Kowalski
ElectriFly Gee Bee
Rx-R (GPMA6020)
Glow motors are relatively easy to
tune, but still require some time to get
them dialed in perfectly. The last thing
you want is to have your hard work
erased by vibration.
Most needle valves have a metal “spring” which
engages with the grooves around the circumference
of it. Over time, this spring tends to loose it’s holding
power, leaving your needle setting vulnerable to
changes in-flight due to vibration.
The solution is simple. Cut a piece of fuel tubing
around a 1/4” long. Use needle-nose pliers to expand
the tubing and place it over the needle valve body and
spring clip. The clamping effect of the tubing will help
your needle valve stay where you set it!
Blade 500 X BNF by
M a r c h
July 21-22, 2012
Paul Jacobs–
2 0 1 2
17% of you on the unpaid list. If your club dues are not
paid by the end of March, your flying privileges are
revoked. No one may fly at our field without a current
AMA card. I’ll be at the next meeting to get you current
and Sal Perno has the
stickers for your 2012 AMA
upcoming meeting
February has been a very
with renewals
and the SWAP.
will be the last chance to
Yesterday I received word
to Jim Toth,
get your dues paid before
that another long-time
John Turner and
being considered late.
friend and fellow flyer from
Joe Pedone for
the old Fox Valley Aero
planning and
Squadron has passed away. Marshall Thorpe was an
avid builder and flyer in Naperville and a past neighbor
successful event this year.
and drinking friend for 30 of the last 35 years.
Rosemary Raines did a super job on the food
On a happier note, Dave
concession and Chuck Noyes held down the
Murray has confirmed
club table and sold a kit donated by Mark
that the “General”, Louis
Knoppkie for $75 in the club treasury. Pam
Patton will again be
Turner also helped out with a successful sale
coming to the Festival of
of 50/50 raffle tickets. The tickets were also
Flight to perform his magic.
used to give away some prizes and a few
Dave is lining up quite a few
lunches as well. I was busy at the three
jet guys to attend and we will
tables rented to sell Dom’s kits and I am
hopefully participate in two
happy to report that we sold all items
parades this year promoting
brought to the SWAP! It was a wellthe event. We have a scheduling
attended event, and those people
conflict with the event in Canada so
came to buy.
Carl Bachhuber will not be able to come
o down this year but we should have plenty of
The checkbook is growing this
aircraft for the crowds to watch.
time of year as membership
renewals are at 70% and climbing. This
Get those hangar queens ready for the flight line as
upcoming meeting will be the last chance to
spring is right around the corner.
get your dues paid before being considered late. Also,
be sure and get the AMA dues paid as well—there are
Ultra Micro
Spitfire Mk IX
BNF by ParkZone
Lewis Patton put his
FeiBao F-15E Strike
Eagle through its
paces at the 2011
Festival of Flight.
He’ll be back again
this year!
Doug Swanson photo
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
good shape. Still collecting dues
and passing out stickers for our
AMA cards. Tom reminded
everyone that the treasurer’s
books are always open for
questions and/or concerns
which may arise.
Tony Sokol–
Fox Valley Aero Club
General Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2012 @ Township Hall
President Tom Spriet called the meeting to order at 7:32pm.
The meeting was very well attended in anticipation of John
Redman’s presentation. It was “standing room only”. There
were also many items for Show-and-Tell which were dispersed
Doug Swanson photos
except where noted
throughout the meeting.
Secretary Tony Sokol had
no report since the last meeting was
cancelled due to inclement weather.
He did mention Doug Swanson’s
accomplishment of creating a firstplace winner in the AMA’s
newsletter contest. More later.
Treasurer Paul Jacobs
reported that the checkbook is in
Paul Jacobs
Field Chairman Greg Bohler
reported that the official work day
was moved to April 21st due to a
conflict with the Toledo show. Greg
advised everyone that someone has
driven off the pavement and left
deep ruts in the grassy area. A snow
fence will be erected this Saturday to
Greg Bohler
prevent people from driving off the
paved area until later this spring. A
few volunteers are requested to
bring rakes to pull the turf back into the ruts.
Mel Ziska brought a Tech 1 foamy powered with a 3-cell
battery. The little plane is extremely
flexible lending to its extreme durability.
Perfect for E-Fest this coming Saturday in
Mel Ziska
Dennis McFarlane brought an
Electrify Gee Bee. The plane is “Receiver
Ready” so all it needs is a receiver and a 3S 2200mah battery. Dennis is using the
AnyLink system adapter which allows any
transmitter to connect to the plane
regardless of manufacturer’s protocol.
continued on next page
M a r c h
continued from previous page
Dennis McFarlane
The system is designed for close-in
flying of small planes and not for
large craft. It has a 1000ft range.
Dave Murray brought a
Hangar 9 Jackal sporting an OS .60
and tuned pipe. The battery is in
the tail for balance. Robart will be
offering a set of electric retracts for
it soon.
had many badges to hand out. Sal
will also be taking photos for ID
cards right after the meeting.
Dale Gathman photo
R.T. Flint (Ready-to-Fly) displayed one of
two Bonanzas present at the meeting. The pilots were detailed
by painting them up and adding little microphones and
earphones. Decorative stripes and decals were also added.
Armin Weber displayed the second E-Flite Bonanza
which sports an add-on lighting system by RAM. Armin
cleverly added “gas caps” to cover an “oops” with a soldering
iron during the light installation. The stab and fins are
mounted with two small bolts on the bottom making for a
simple installation which lines up perfectly.
Membership Chairman Sal Perno reported that he
Armin Weber
Government Relations
Chairman Alvin Cole reminded
everyone of the “good news”
Newsletter Editor Doug
Swanson officially announced that
the Flypaper won 1st place in the
AMA’s newsletter contest. Doug thanked everyone
for their many contributions providing the content
to make the newsletter what it is. This year’s
emphasis will be on sharing knowledge so anyone
with experience in any area of modeling is invited
to share by contributing an article for publication.
He also wants to continue spotlighting various
models throughout the year.
2 0 1 2
regarding the relaxation of regulations by
the FAA regarding model airplane flying. We
need to keep following the FAA actions
regarding this matter and above all keep
flying safe.
R.T. Flint
President Tom Spriet would like to
form a committee to look into the details of
lease renewal which will
be coming up in 2014. He
would especially like to get
input from those involved
in getting the original
lease put together. Tom
did manage to seize the
opportunity to meet with
the City Manager recently
and discuss the field. The
manager is willing to meet
with us in the next couple
of months to further
discuss the future of the
Mark Knoppkie brought
continued on next page
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
continued from previous page
a partially finished Troy-Built Deviator ARF which he has had to modify extensively.
Mark felt the quality was not up to the standards of the Hanger 9 kits in many ways.
The plane will be powered by a P-140 turbine. Dream Works retracts will be used.
Dale Gathman displayed an E-Flite electric 25-E Beaver which has 3 flights
on it and no black wing tips…yet. Power is supplied by an E-Flite power 32.
Dan Compton brought his newly-completed Great Planes Christen Eagle,
powered by an OS-55AX engine. Dan warned anyone building the kit that the
landing gear fairings are not very heat resistant and if you get too close with a heat
Tom Spriet informed
us that we are entertaining
plans to participate in the
Swedish Days parade again
this year. He also suggested
Dan Compton
that we may want to
participate in the St. Charles
Memorial Day parade with a
possible Warbird theme.
Tom would like to form a
committee with a few
individuals that would like to
work on these two projects.
He will get the paperwork
started so we are ready to go
when the time comes.
Tom also brought up the pig roast which was attended by 140
individuals last year. The pig roast guys are ready to go and the event will be
the Sunday following the “Kids Fly” (June 10th).
Lastly, Tom addressed the problem of the unattended position of Past
President on the Board of Directors. According to the constitution, the
President can appoint someone to fill that position and Dennis McFarlane has
consented to accept that post. A show of hands indicated approval of the
action by the general membership.
John Redman from Horizon Hobby brought several new offerings by
Horizon including the new UMX micro Gee Bee featuring AS3X
technology. AS3X technology allows the tiny Gee Bee to fly much more stable than
earlier models—much like a form of gyro stabilization. This particular model will
be given away in a drawing at the end of the meeting.
John also introduced several more new models including:
A small ParkZone Ultra Micro Spitfire Mk IX powered by a 1S-150 battery
as in the Mustang, Corsair, etc.
E-flite UMX ASK-21 Micro Glider – 4 Channel – Includes Hi-start.
E-flite UMX Carbon Cub SS micro – tow hook – 5 channel – floats available
Ultra Micro AS3X – 27mm
Ducted Fan – 4 channel –
removable gear
Park Zone Albatross
– BNF – 4 channel – combat
system as in SE-5A
E-flite Albatross DVA
– Scale hinging – pull-pull
capable – Power 25 or 32 –
shock LG.
John Redman
John also introduced the new 18
channel Spectrum radio. Mid-level
priced – 10+8 technology – utilizes
12110 receiver - Gear door
sequencer is built into the
transmitter - More rugged antenna
inside case. A very informative
capabilities of various radios ensued.
continued on next page
M a r c h
continued from previous page
Dave Brustle displayed his
newly-finished Morris Hobbies
Su-Do-Khoi sporting a 52cc
Dale Gathman photo
engine. Dave modified the servo
mounting and placed batteries back
to balance perfectly. The plane has
more than enough power and floats
down for gentle landings. A very
docile flying plane.
Joe Pedone presented an
update on the upcoming swap shop
activities. 70 of the over 100
available tables have been sold.
The fee is $14 per table ahead of time and $19 at the door. Looking for set-up
volunteers to help out starting at 6:30 Friday evening. The Foamy fly will start
around 1:00pm and fliers must have current AMA card. Mike and Rosemary will
handle the food distribution.
Dave Brustle presented a partially finished
highly-modified ¼ scale Lanier kit. Dave replaced all of
the plastic parts with built-up wooden top deck and
sheeted wings. He also modified the size of the control
surfaces. The plane will be powered by a DLE-30.
Doug Scatterday from Robart introduced us to a
new line of electric retracts that will be offered in the
near future. Older models using the pneumatic systems
will be able to be converted to electric eliminating all of
the tanks, valves and plumbing. The first plane that
electric retracts will be available for is the new Hangar
2 0 1 2
9 P-47. Conversion kits will eventually be available
for older systems.
Dave Murray closed the show-and-tell
presentations with his spectacular 9ft turbinepowered Global T-33 trainer. 250oz fuel capacity will
be needed to power the 50lb airplane utilizing a
40lb-thrust turbine. Canopy, brakes, retracts, speed
brakes are all powered pneumatically. A lighting
system completes the bird which is finished in a
Thunderbird scheme. The plane is constructed of all
composite material.
Twenty-five dollar gift certificates were donated by Al’s Hobby Shop and
HobbyTown courtesy of Cindy and Ken respectively. Brian, Jerry, and John had
really big smiles on
their faces as they
Dave Murray
winnings. Thanks
Cindy and Ken.
Ending the
evening’s festivities
was the drawing for
the UMX micro Gee
Bee donated by
Dale Gathman photo
courtesy of John
Redman. And the
winner was……Me! Yup, yours truly took home the micro Gee Bee and can not wait
to bind it to my 9303 and get it in the air. Thanks John.
Following the drawing a motion was made by Rusty Dose and 2nd by
Cindy McFarlane to adjourn. President Tom Spriet adjourned the meeting at
Respectfully Submitted,
Tony Sokol – Secretary FVAC
M a r c h
2 0 1 2
Greg Bohler–
The weather must be getting nicer because I
have been spending more time outside already.
That usually means more people will start
visiting the field. Please remember the ground
is still soft and even though you may think it
will be OK, once you start to drive out there,
there is only one way back. That usually leads
to double the damage. With some major help
from Jim Clousing on a very windy cold day we
put barrier fence across the drive way to help people figure
out to stay in the parking lot until the ground firms up
later in the spring. Thanks Jim for coming out and helping.
We have changed our field work day to April 21 for this
year. We did not want to conflict with Toledo and many of
us will be visiting that show the week end before. Please
make a note of the change and plan on coming out to help.
It would be a good idea to bring a plane to fly as this year
we have no major projects and will concentrate mainly on
housekeeping chores.
In this edition of the Flypaper I have asked Doug to post the
bid spec. sheets for mowing the field and applying weed
and feed. It is our tradition to post these in March and
award the contracts at the April Board meeting. The last
few years these have become very competitive. Good luck
to all interested parties.
Lastly I would like to congratulate Jim Toth, Joe Pedone,
and John Turner on a phenomenal job with the swap meet.
These gentlemen did a great job of organizing and running
a very successful event. This was our first event of the year
and they have set the bar very high for all of us involved in
events to come. They have once again showed FVAC with
it's best foot forward.
See everyone at the next meeting.
Greg Bohler
Mowing bids for the season from
April 2012 to November 2012
• The contractor must provide proof
of insurance.
• The contractor must have
appropriate equipment to mow 10
acres, including weed eating and
blowing all grass clumps off of all
asphalt surfaces.
• The contractor will invoice Fox
Valley Aero Club once a month for all
services rendered.
• Mowing will be every Thursday
unless F.V.A.C. requests that there is
no need to mow.
• Weed eating will be done as
• Grass clippings will be blown off all
asphalt areas.
• Grass will be maintained at a
height of 2.5” to 3.5” everywhere
north of the runway and in the
retention pond.
• All of the grass west of the
retention pond and south of the
runway will be maintained at 1.5”.
• Any grass clumps will be raked,
blown, or otherwise dispersed or
disposed of.
Weed and Feed Bids
The grass part of our field is
approximately 355,000 square
feet (roughly 10 acres).
We will entertain bids for weed
and feed in 3 applications.
• The first will be in April and
will be a total weed and feed
application of our total field.
• The second will be in June
and will be a weed and feed
application on the front area
only. This will be around the
runway and the fly-over field
• The third will be in
September and will be a total
weed and feed application of
the total field.
This bid proposal is also
posted on our website.
Interested parties may submit
a bid by e-mail to
Bids will be awarded at the
April board meeting.
M a r c h
Support Your Local
Hobby Store
Your local hobby store will help
you save a ton of money in the
long run by guiding you, and
helping you avoid purchasing
products that are not right for
your skill level. Hobby stores are
available to help lend their
expertise with pre-sale questions,
after-sale support and personal
customer service. They will make
sure that you are not getting
yourself into something that you
will regret after you get home,
and help you avoid spending
more money than you need to.
The ultimate goal of the hobby
store’s staff and owner is to keep
you involved in the hobby for life
and keep you informed with
everything you need to know to
get the most out of whatever
direction you choose.
2 0 1 2
Dan Compton
Chief Flight Instructor
Cell: 630-664-6426
John Fischer
Cell: 312-518-0075
Cliff Fullhart
Cell: 630-709-1533
Home: 630-397-5033
Alan Galle
Cell: 630-697-8464
John Horvath
Paul Jacobs
Futaba 8JA 8Channel 2.4GHz
S-FHSS Air Radio
Tom Siwek
Cell: 224-542-0323.
Available primarily on
Work: 708-728-9000
Bill Sponsler
Cell: 630-373-2722
Cell: 630-291-1872
Mike Kostecki
Cell: 847- 323-6578
Jason Walsh
Al’s Hobby Shop Celebrates 65 Years of Family Business
On Saturday April 21st, Al’s Hobby Shop will be hosting an Open House and
super sale in the store in honor of its 65 years of doing business in Elmhurst,
Please come and join us in our celebration. There will be manufacturer
representatives on hand to talk about their products, slot car and mini-rc racing,
drawings, and in-store raffles.
Refreshments will be available as a thank you
to all of our customers for their loyal support.
April 21st, 2012
Hope to see you there!
BOX 449
119-125 ADDISON AVE.
PHONE: 630-832-4908
FAX: 630-832-3812
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