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 Water Purifiers
UV + UF Purification
UV+UF Purification
Automatic with Storage
Double purification by RO and UV with TDS Control System
World's most technologically advanced water purifier based on the ground-breaking KENT Technology
The power of KENT Technology
KENT proudly presents KENT MAXX - the new advanced fully
automatic UV purifier with storage tank.
The innovative KENT MAXX, developed at KENT laboratory, provides
the double purification of UV+UF. While the initial purification by UV
deactivates bacteria and viruses, the double purification by fine pores
of Hollow Fibre UF membrane reduces them from the purified water
completely. The Activated Carbon pre-filter reduces bad taste and
odour too, so that the water you drink is healthy, safe and tasty.
Tap Water
Fill the upper chamber of the purifier with
tap water and watch the magic of filtration begin.
Sediment Filter
Reduces suspended particles and impurities.
Activated Carbon Filter
Reduces organic chemicals. Reduces bad odour.
Improves taste of water.
UV Membrane
Reduces Bacteria and viruses
UF Membrane
Reduces Bacteria as well as Cyst.
Double purification, first by UV followed by Hollow Fiber UF
membrane - filters out bacteria, virus and even cysts
Fully automatic operation with auto-on and auto-off facility
Computer Controlled Operation with Filter Change Alarm and
UV Fail Alarm
Transparent, detachable tank for easy onsite cleaning
7 Litre capacity purified water storage tank
LED indicators for power on and purification process on display.
Tamper-proof UF Membrane fused inside membrane housing
Push-fit components give leak-proof & maintenance-free
Mounted SMPS for over voltage protection
ABS material construction for corrosion-free life span
Wall mounted design - best suited for domestic purpose
Ideal for Tap/Municipal water supply.
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Computer —-
CE Certified ISO 9001:2008 Certified GOLD MEMBER
ISO 14001:2004
BS OHSAS 18001:2007
Model Name : KENT MAXX
Model No. : 11013
Product : Water Purifier With
Ultra Violet Disinfection
Net Weight : 6.10 Kgs
Product Dimensions (mm) : 390 (L) X 285 (W) X 400 (H)
Purification Capacity : 15% Litres/ Hour
Storage Tank Capacity : 7 Litres
Filter Cartridges
: Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF
Max. Purification Production Rate :
60 L/hr (Depending on inlet
water pressure)
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min.) :
0.3 kg/cm? or 4.267 psi/10°C
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max.) :
3 kg/cm? or 42.67 psi/35°C
UV Lamp Wattage
: 11 Watt
Ultra Violet
Innovations for
Better Living
KENT RO Systems Ltd.
A-2, Sector-59, Noida, UP - 201309, India
Ph.:+91-120-3075000 E-mail: sales
Mineral RO™ and © 2005 - 2009 Kent RO Systems Ltd.The
process & purifier is patented vide patent no. 199716.
** Purificaton capacity tested on NaCl solution
with 750 ppm TDS at room temperature.
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