11558 ZTE MF10 Set-up Guide aw3.indd

11558 ZTE MF10 Set-up Guide aw3.indd
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ZTE MF10 Mobile
Broadband Wi-Fi hub.
Getting started guide.
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Mobile Broadband with Three.
Getting started.
Connecting devices to your Hub.
10 Getting to know your Hub.
13 Security.
14 Managing your Account.
Mobile Broadband
with Three.
Your Three Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi hub allows
you to create a secure Wi-Fi connection using
your USB dongle. This means you can now
connect multiple devices to your dongle, like
laptops, tablets, games consoles and even
smartphones, all at the same time.
Our network is an advanced 3G
network designed to give you
a faster, smoother experience
when using Mobile Broadband.
And we have the UK’s biggest
3G network so you’ll get a 3G
signal more often and in more
places than on other networks.
It’s important to position
your hub where you have the
strongest signal, as this is
where Mobile Broadband
works best – like upstairs
near a window. The Wi-Fi
means that you can be online
wherever you like nearby, so
you’re not tied to using a cable.
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Getting started.
Follow these simple steps to set up your hub.
1.Insert your SIM.
Make sure your SIM is inserted in your
Three dongle.
2. Prepare the hub.
Rotate the front cover, so that the part
with the Three logo is angled upwards.
Make sure the hub is switched off and
the power supply is unplugged, or you
could damage the hub.
3. Plug in the dongle.
Plug the USB dongle into the USB port
on the top of your hub.
4. Connect power and start.
Plug the hub into the mains power supply
and turn it on.
Turn the power switch on – located at the
back of your hub. Wait 1-2 minutes
after turning the hub on before you
use the service. The power indicator
should be lit.
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Connecting devices
to your Hub.
Connecting to your hub varies depending on what
device you’ve got. See below for some examples of
how to connect. You can go to Three.co.uk/mbbhelp
for more help and support.
Connecting to a
laptop or computer.
Turn on your hub and follow the
instructions below to connect it to
the internet.
In the Start Menu on your laptop/
computer, click on ‘Connect To’.
In the ‘Connect to a Network’
window, select your new hub
network. This is the SSID that’s
located on the back of your hub
e.g. 3Wireless-Adapter-xxxx.
Handy hint.
SSID: This is the Wi-Fi name of your hub.
WEP: This is your unique Wi-Fi key 16 digit
password to get into your hub.
You can find these on the base of your hub.
Enter your unique Network Key and click
‘Connect’. You can find the Network
Key on the base of your hub.
On the next screen, click on ‘Close’.
You should now be connected to your hub.
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Connecting a Games
console – like a Sony PSP.
Turn on the PSP WLAN switch.
Select ‘Settings’ and then
‘Network Settings’.
Select ‘Infrastructure Mode’ to
connect to your local Wi-Fi hub.
Select ‘New Connection’ to
specify an easy to remember
connection name.
Select the ‘SSID’ the same way as
you did for the Wi-Fi hub.
First press the button of your games
console to confirm the SSID and then
press it again to input your unique
Wi-Fi password.
Press the button of your game
machine to continue, and then press
the ‘X’ button to save the settings.
Select ‘Test Connection’ to check
the connection. If the test succeeds,
you are online.
Go to the Internet Browser.
Connecting an iPhone,
iPod Touch or iPad.
Select ‘Settings’, then ‘Wi-Fi’,
and then turn on Wi-Fi.
It will automatically detect the
networks in range.
Select your Wi-Fi hub which will be
called ‘3Wireless-Adapterxxxx’.
If necessary, enter your password
in ‘Security’ and tap ‘Join’.
Networks that need a password
show a ‘Lock’ icon.
Some Wi-Fi devices like Sony PS3
and Nintendo DS can also access
the internet through Mobile Wi-Fi.
You can find out more in the set up guide
that came with your device.
Advanced Settings.
We recommend that you don’t make any
changes to your hub settings. But if you
do want to make changes, you’ll need
to access the Mobile Broadband Home
Hub admin page.
To get to the admin page, type into your web
browser, and then enter your username
and password shown below to log in.
Username: admin
Password: admin
After you’ve made changes to your
settings, you’ll need to turn your router
off and on again.
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Getting to know
your Hub.
It’s important to get to know your hub as it can
help you to work out why you may be having
difficulties connecting to Mobile Broadband.
Use the table opposite to find out what the
problem could be. Then refer to the set-up
guide that came with your hub to find out
what to do next.
The LED lights, including WLAN and PPP,
are all blinking in green when:
The SIM card has not been installed.
A PIN or PUK code is required.
The router is not working properly.
LED light.
1 Power supply.
What is it doing?
What does it mean?
External power supply
is working normally.
External power supply is
disconnected or the hub is turned off.
WLAN is working normally.
Transmitting data.
WLAN is not working properly.
You’re connected to the internet.
The hub is trying to connect
to the internet.
The hub is not connected to the
internet, and it’s not trying to connect.
WPS authentication is started
and available.
WPS authentication is in progress
or unavailable.
WPS authentication has
not started and is not available.
No connection.
Solid Green
Flashing Green
Data Service Process.
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You’ll find Ethernet sockets on the back of your
hub where you can plug in your devices with an
Ethernet cable. You’ll also find the On/Off switch
on the back of your hub too.
WPS: WPS button is used to
start Wi-Fi Protected Setup
authentication process.
LAN 1: Ethernet socket for a
connection to your device.
LAN 2: Ethernet socket for a
connection to your device.
Power Socket: Connection to the
external power supply.
Power Switch: Turns the hub On or
Off. Hold in for several seconds to
restore the factory default settings.
Your Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Hub is password
protected with unique codes so that no-one else
can use your Wi-Fi connection. This is so you can
keep your details safe when you’re online.
The unique codes are called SSID
(Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Hub name) and
Wi-Fi Key (unique password). You’ll find
them on a sticker attached to the base of
your Wi-Fi hub.
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Managing your
The easiest way to manage your account
online is to plug your dongle directly into the
USB port on your computer and follow the
links to My3 account from the homepage.
You can still view the customer
homepage when your dongle is
docked in the hub by going to
You’ll need to register with My3 account
to manage your account while your
dongle is docked in the hub. To do this,
follow the links to My3 account from the
homepage and click ‘Register’.
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