INSITE 8.0.2 Build 148

INSITE 8.0.2 Build 148
We are pleased to announce INSITE™ 8.0.2 has been released.
This release will include the following tool changes and improvements:
Installations upgrade capability
Upgrade from INSITE 8.0.1
Work Orders
Images and Templates
Beginning with INSITE version 8.0.1, images or templates imported from later versions of INSITE will be
highlighted in the Work Order window.
For Example: If templates or images from INSITE 8.0.2 are imported into INSITE 8.0.1, those images
or templates will be highlighted. When hovering over those images or templates, an informative message
will be displayed.
ECM Image Analyzer
To open this new feature Right-Click on any image and select 'Analyze Image' to open. This can be used
to view key features of an image and contains improved graphics. The current feature, or all features,
can be exported to Adobe (pdf) or Excel (xlsx) file formats.
For Example: Duty Cycle Monitor will show a 3-D, multi-colored graph, and it can be rotated using the
New Features and Parameters
***These will only be displayed if they are supported by the calibration.
Crankcase Pressure Speed Derate
This feature provides the ability to enable the crankcase pressure speed derate as partof the Engine
Protection special feature.
Inducement Override Switch
This feature provides the ability to enable the Inducement Override Switch.
Engine Oil Level
This feature provides the ability to set the Engine Oil Level sensor type.
Driver Reward Distance Reset
This feature expands Driver Reward to include the ability to reset Driver Reward every time the engine is
turned off as well as to configure the distance the driver reward can be applied.
Multiple Load Based Speed Control Limit
This feature expands User Adjustable Fuel Economy to configure the minimum and maximum breakpoint
speed offsets.
SAE J1939 Multiplexing
This feature has been updated to include the following parameters: Machine Interlock Switch, Desorb
inhibit, and Inducement Override Switch.
Load Based Acceleration Control
This feature provides the ability to limit the engine acceleration.
OEM Simple Lockout
This feature provides the ability to derate engine speed or prevent the engine from starting when used
with OEM hardware.
Cruise Control Type
This feature expands Cruise Control to configure the different cruise control types to achieve the desired
fuel economy.
Intelligent Coast Management
This feature expands Cruise Control to allow the vehicle to coast further during low torque demand when
the driveline is disengaged.
This feature name has been modified:
Feature name prior to 8.0.2
Feature name starting with 8.0.2
Coolant Level Sensor
Engine Coolant Level Sensor 2
Advanced ECM Data
***These will only be displayed if they are supported by the calibration.
Engine Protection and Engine Protection Settings
These features have been updated to include Crankcase Pressure, Boost Pressure Differential and Bank
Vacuum Detection information.
Fuel or Timing System Table Reset Component Replacement
This feature allows the adaptive learning table values to be reset after fuel or engine timing
components have been replaced.
Operating Systems Supported
Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit
Windows® 8 32-bit and 64-bit
For INSITE PC Requirements and OS information,
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