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Installation and Operational Guide
MODEL # I-0009
This instruction manual serves as a guide for the Pegasus Interior Light bar. IMPORTANT! Please read
through all provided instructions and any listed warnings in regards to product use.
Record Product Serial Number:
The following provides all the information necessary to safely operate the previously listed products of Feniex
Industries, Inc. Please read this manual thoroughly before installing or operating your new product in order to
prevent any damage or injury. Failure to follow the listed instructions in the manual may result in damage to your
product or personal injury.
The product(s) contain(s) high-intensity LEDs. Do not stare directly into the light(s) as eye damage or
momentary blindness could occur.
Please guarantee all vital components of the vehicle are not in danger of being damaged by drilling holes necessary for installation. Check all sides of the mounting surface before drilling any holes into the vehicle.
Do not install this product in any way that interferes with the deployment of the air bag. Doing so may
damage the effectiveness of the air bag and can lead to serious personal and vehicle injury. The installer will
assume full responsibility of proper installation of the new unit.
Please clean the mounting surface before installation of the unit when using tape, brackets, magnet, Velcro
or suction cups.
The product ground wire must be connected directly to the Negative (-) battery post for effective use of the unit. Please follow all wiring guidelines provided to guarantee long lifespan and productivity. Failing to follow these instructions may result in damage to the product.
Feniex Industries, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that the product shall be free from defects in material and
workmanship for sixty (60) months from the date of purchase for all LED products. Feniex Industries warranties computer
systems, horns, speakers and sirens and controllers for 24 months, while coverage for strobes, switches and flashers are for
a 12 month term. If a manufacturer defect occurs within this time period, Feniex will repair or replace malfunctioning parts
free of charge.
If a warranty problem occurs, please contact customer support at 1.800.615.8350 or visit the web site at www.
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Feniex Industries will still provide service for all products after expiration of the warranty. For any issues, call the
customer support line. In some instances it may be necessary for the product to be shipped, freight prepaid and insured for
loss or damage to Feniex headquarters.
WARNING: Utilizing non-factory screws and mounting brackets may result in loss of warranty coverage
This warranty shall not apply if this product is a.) used with products not sold or licensed by Feniex Industries,
Inc. (including, but not limited to, power supplies, radios, control devices, adapters and power converters); b.) is used
for rental; c.) is modified or tampered with; d.) is damaged by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, or by other
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Back view of Pegasus
5.)With the light bar against the headliner and the brackets positioned,
reattach the visor clips back into their original position using the original
4.) Hide the black cable harness by pushing it up and through the headliner.
**For split models, repeat steps 1-3 with the additional 2 triangular-holed side brackets
provided, with the visor clips furthest from the rear view mirrors on each side of the vehicle, as well.** **The Universal model includes adjustable brackets to allow for flexibility
in the use of the mounting brackets and the flashback shield**
3.) Position the opening of each bracket directly under the mounting location for the
removed visor clips.
**Height adjuster plates have been provided allowing for flexibility in mounting and may or
may not be needed, depending on the year of the vehicle. If the adjuster plates are needed,
position the plates in between the Pegasus frame and the mounting bracket**
©Feniex Industries, Inc.
Pegasus Specs:
Voltage: 9-13 VDC
Current Consumption: < 5 Amps
Dimensions: 0.95”H x 37”L x 5.5”W
2.) Secure each mounting bracket to the metal frame using the provided 1/4“x20 hex head MOUNTING BRACKET
bolts. The bottom of the metal frame has two holes on each side. Insert the hex head bolts
through the bottom holes on each side to fasten the light bar frame to the mounting brackets.
1.) Remove the visor clips nearest to the rear view mirror on each side of the
vehicle. Follow OEM instructions. Retain the hardware and the visor clips.
Before commencing mounting instructions, connect the provided rubber gasket trim to
the flashback shield. Extra length is provided to allow for flexibility in adjustment. Cut off
excess trim. The thin gasket connects to the top of the frame, while the thicker gasket
connects to the bottom or the flashback shield.
Mounting Instructions: (All vehicle types)
See illustration for mounting information
CE certified
SAE J595 certified
Meets CCR, Title 13 requirements
RoHs and REACH compliant LEDs
12V POST (switch)
©Feniex Industries, Inc.
7.)For takedown steady functionality, connect the white wire to a 12V post (switch) or engage the green wire to a 12V post for takedown flashing.
6.) In order to achieve, a center out directional pattern, connect both the orange and blue wires to a 12V post (switch). There are 7 different center out
flash patterns. To select a pattern, engage the blue and orange wire to a 12V source and momentary connect the yellow wire on a 12V source to select
the desired pattern.
RFI foil shielded
Do not wire this unit to an alternative power supply, such as
AC or DC converters. Wire only as instructed . The red (+)
wire should connect only to the vehicle’s battery or to a 12V
switch post. Failure to do so may damage the unit and will
void warranty.
5.)For right arrow function connect the orange wire to a 12V post (switch). There are 7 different right arrow flash patterns. To select a pattern, engage
the orange wire a 12V source and momentary connect the yellow wire on a 12V source to select the desired pattern.
4.) For left arrow function connect the blue wire to a 12V post
(switch). There are 7 different left arrow flash patterns. To select a
pattern, engage the blue wire a 12V source and momentary
connect the yellow wire on a 12V source to select the desired
3.) To turn the Pegasus lightbar on, connect the brown wire to the
red (+) wire.
2.) Momentarily connect the yellow wire on a 12V source to select
a flash pattern.
1.) In order to power the unit, extend the red (+) wire to the
12V post of the vehicle’s battery. Extend the black (-) wire to the
ground post of the vehicle’s battery.
Wiring Instructions:
See illustration above for wiring information:
Red wire = Positive, 12V power
Black wire= Negative, Ground
White wire= Takedown steady function
Yellow or White/Black wire= Flash mode changer
Green wire= Takedown flash function
Blue wire= Left arrow function
Orange or Gray wire= Right arrow function
Brown or Red/Black wire= Lightbar On function
Blue and Orange/ Gray wires= Center out function
Black slash mark= 12V post (switch)
Wiring diagram shown for all Pegasus interior light bar vehicle models:
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