Industry Standard Booklet To Be Attached To All Quotes

Industry Standard Booklet To Be Attached To All Quotes
Industry Standard Booklet to be attached to all quotes.
Environmental Water Systems is the Industry
Standard in Whole Home Water Filtration.
Provide quality filtered water throughout your home, while protecting your Kitchen & Bath investment.
Decorative faucets and finishes, as well as luxury bath, shower and steam systems require
protection from the ravages of chlorine, chloramines, and volatile organic contaminants
(VOCs). EWS and CWL Series whole home water filtration provides the required protection
from these contaminants and provides the consumer the benefit of clean filtered water for all
uses, including drinking, cooking, skin absorption and inhalation, and makes the experiences
of bathing, steam, and/or showering the luxury items they were intended to be.
For any home that is on a municipally-treated or city water system or utility*, it is necessary to
filter all the water at the main water supply in order to protect all the kitchen and bath product
selected for that home.
• Under most circumstances, the EWS-1354 Series is the appropriate choice.
Specify EWS-1354 for a 3/4” to 1” line, EWS-1354-HF for an 11/4” line, and
EWS-1354-11/2” for an 11/2” line.
• The smaller EWS-1054 or EWS-1035-LTD systems are specified based on minor
water hardness issues, or special or lesser conditions or requirements.
• The CWL Series of whole home filtration is specified if water hardness is not an issue.
The preference, need, or option for the following types of systems does not exclude the
requirement of EWS point of entry whole home water filtration at the main line.
• Softeners. Some consumers prefer (slippery or soft water feel) or need (based on local
water conditions) the use of a softener. The option of a softener (RT1035 or TT1054) on the
hot side (the inlet to the water heater(s)) is available and is a green application that reduces the
environmental hazard of the softener and the brine discharge.
• Sink Filtration. Some consumers may want filtration at the sink based on personal
preference, health concerns, and/or water conditions. The upgrade option of more advanced
filtration at the sink, either the UU250 (highest upgrade drinking water filtration system with
UV disinfection) or the RU300C18 (reverse osmosis system, with or without UV disinfection)
is available.
• Costs of EWS Whole Home Water Filtration is about the same as a cup of coffee per day
• Should be placed on ALL homes with municipally-treated or utility water systems*
• Protect investments in high-end luxury kitchen and bath products
• Provides clean, quality filtered water throughout the entire home (drinking, cooking,
and absorption)
• Enhance all bathing, showering, and/or steam experience (absorption and inhalation)
*NOTICE: Individual well water and/or water that is not regulated, monitored or treated, requires
complete and independent testing prior to specifying the correct product(s) based on water
conditions. Please consult with EWS, Inc.
Pictured: EWS-1354
Choose the Whole Home Water Filtration System
that is right for you.
EWS Series
The Environmental Water System
Showcased by the National Association of Home Builders, considered by
Builder Magazine as one of their “Favorite 50” Products and available in
over 500 Kitchen & Bath Showrooms,
EWS has been the leader in whole
home water filtration since 1987.
The Environmental Water System is a
whole home water filtration appliance
and the alternative to salt softening.
The Environmental Water System uses
the highest grade of organic granular
activated carbon media improving
taste and odor by removing chlorine
and other volatile organic contaminants and pollutants. The result is
quality filtered water throughout the
home for all uses. The system utilizes
our exclusive ICN Conditioner(s), which break the bonds between the
naturally found hardness minerals of calcium and magnesium from the
water molecule. This inhibits scale formation in pipes and water heaters, while providing an easier clean up of water spotting.
Water Filtration (EWS & CWL Series)
• Imagine a bottled drinking water factory for your home.
• Quality filtration: clean, chlorine-free, better tasting, healthy water from every faucet and tap throughout your home. Everyday.
• Healthier drinking and cooking.
• Healthier for skin absorption and inhalation from all other
daily uses.
• Great for all-around usage: bathing, showering, steam, and
sauna, providing healthier skin, hair and body systems.
The System (EWS & CWL Series)
• Minimal system maintenance required; change out filtration (GAC) media and conditioning about every 7-10 years, based
on local water conditions and usage.
• Automatic backwash using Proprietary Digital Valve Technology self cleans the filtration media and provides years of trouble-free operation, all using the power consump-
tion of a doorbell.
• Sized for and installed at the main service line, providing high flow rates to accommodate almost any home application.
EWS Water Conditioning (EWS Only)
• Inhibits scale formation in pipes and water heaters.
• Provides an easier wipe off and clean up of water spotting than with untreated water.
• Use less soaps and detergents than with untreated water.
• EWS is an environmentally safe, non-corrosive alternative to
softeners that use sodium or potassium chloride.
• Nice clean feeling on your skin while bathing and showering without the “slick” feeling from salt-softened water.
CWL Series
Whole Home Water Filtration
The standard in whole home water
filtration includes the CWL Series
made for those consumers and
their homes with water of no real
or perceived issues with water
hardness. The CWL Series of whole
home water filtration appliances
offers the same, finest quality, timetested equipment and filtration media of the EWS Series, but without
the physical conditioning unnecessary for your application. Imagine,
a bottled drinking water factory in
your home, producing on-demand
quality filtered water to your entire
home for all your uses.
Typical issues with the problems
associated with water hardness?
Refer to the EWS Series.
Prefer a salt softener?
In addition to the EWS Series, the option of salt softening should be installed
to the hot-side only which is the inlet to the water heater(s). This provides
filtered water throughout the home while restricting the harmful use of the
softener to hot water only and reducing the environmental impact due to the
brine discharge.
Softener Series
Softeners strictly soften the water and are not
filtration systems. The softening process of ionexchange substitutes naturally found calcium
and magnesium minerals for sodium or potassium chloride. Soft water must avoid the cold/
drinking side of any sink, wet bar, ice
maker/refrigerator, and hose bibs.
Softened water has advantages, however, the tradeoffs and disadvantages
are many. Door-to-door salesmen
and the misinformed can provide
skewed or incorrect portrayals of
what softened water is all about.
Restrictions may apply to softener
usage and discharge. Softeners may
affect and/or void warranties on special finishes, pools, spas, appliances,
and certain household/commercial
devices. If needed or preferred, we
suggest application to the hot side only. All our softeners have digital
metered valves and, though we generally advise against their use, we
produce some of the best and most efficient softeners in the industry.
See The EWS Series for the Best of Whole Home Water Filtration
and The Alternative to harsh salt-softening.
Sink options in addition to your Whole Home System
based on your needs and preferences.
Drinking Water Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Drinking Water Filtration Systems filter the water at the point of use,
such as the sink, for cooking and drinking only.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are a more aggressive form of filtration where water is pushed through a membrane to reject inorganic
contaminants as well as naturally found minerals. The items that these
systems reject through their membrane are highly regulated through
your municipally-treated water and therefore may be misapplied in
many instances. If you like a more stripped down, flatter water taste
or you’re allergic to the fluoride put into city tap water, then this is for
you. Please be aware that RO systems have a history of being marketed
heavily by softener salespeople as a way to remove the salt the softener
puts in. Ironically, the common reason for filtration is to improve taste
and odor and yet without the carbon post filters,* the RO system and
the membrane alone cannot provide tasty, quality water.
Used on their own, these drinking water filtration systems compliment
most water supplied by your utility or municipally treated tap water and
provide a great alternative to bottled water.
Choosing the right system is simple and based on local water conditions and your needs and/or preferences. Used along with our whole
home water filtration systems, these sink units may offer additional
The “Better” Option
The FUGAC250 two-stage
drinking water filtration
system improves taste and
odor, by removing chlorine
and volatile organics (herbicides, pesticides, solvents, dyes, fuels and other
pollutants), and offers the
safeguard of reducing lead
and cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia). Meets or
complies with NSF Standard
53. Use alone or in conjunction with any EWS or CWL whole home
system as an additional safeguard for lead and cysts.
The “Best” Option
The UU250 is our best
drinking water system,
providing the same
great performance of
our FUGAC250 but with
additional safeguards for
your protection. By incorporating our patented
UV disinfection, all water
additionally flows through
the UV module for effective (99.99%) safeguards
against bacteria, viral, e-coli and other microorganisms. Meets or
complies with NSF Standards 53 and 55. Use alone or in conjunction with any EWS or CWL whole home system as an additional
safeguard for lead and cysts, bacteria, viral, e-coli and other microorganisms.
These systems do not require storage tanks and do not waste water like
reverse osmosis systems. All drinking water systems can be connected
to hot tanks, chillers, ice makers, refrigerators, and can be ordered
with EWS upgraded faucet options and finishes. Reverse Osmosis
systems may have limitations. Consult with EWS, Inc.
Choosing the right system is simple and based on local water conditions and your needs and/or preferences. Used along with our whole
home water filtration systems, these RO sink units may offer additional
Municipal Water Application
RU300C18 – Three-stage system uses a chlorine tolerant CTA
membrane which reduces inorganics, minerals, total dissolved
solids, lead and cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia).
*All systems utilize a GAC postfilter to polish the water from the
tank and improve the taste and
odor by removing chlorine and
other volatile organics.
Well Water Application
RU400T35 – Four-stage system
uses a GAC filter that protects
the chlorine intolerant TFC membrane which reduces inorganics,
minerals, total dissolved solids,
lead and cysts (cryptosporidium
and giardia).
Challenging Applications
RU500T35 Series – for heavy
sediment, particulate matter, and
very high total dissolved solids. A booster pump option becomes
necessary and is integrated into the RU500T35w/BP to provide the
minimum 40psi over the membrane for this system to operate at the
required specifications.
UV Disinfection Upgrade Option for RO’s
For the additional safeguard (99.99% effective) from bacterial, viral,
e-coli and other microorganisms, add our patented UV disinfection
module to any of the above systems. Meets or complies with NSF
Standard 55.
Industry Standard Booklet to be attached to all quotes.
How To Select The Right Product For Your Home.
Please check the appropriate box.
(City, tap, or from a utility.)
(Unregulated & untreated.)
Are you on municipally-treated water? If so, information
is readily available for you to make an informed decision
to compliment that water, in order to meet your needs.
Are you on unregulated or private well water? If so,
you’ll need information to determine your water issues
and their solutions.
Well water requires
complete and independent
testing. Call us or visit for
more information.
Whole Home Water
Filtration & Physical
Whole Home Water
The EWS-1354 is the
appropriate choice for
most applications.
3/4”-1” EWS-1354
11/4” EWS-1354 HF
11/2” EWS-1354 11/2”
OTHER ______________
3/4”-1” CWL-1354
The CWL-1354 is the
appropriate choice for
most applications.
11/4” CWL-1354 HF
11/2” CWL-1354 11/2”
OTHER ______________
Specify an EWS RT-1035
if you have a preference
for softened water.
(Hot side only.)
Used along with our whole home water filtration systems, these sink
units may offer additional safeguards. Choose based on your water
conditions, preferences or needs.
Environmental Water Systems
The Number One Filtration System In America.
Drinking Water System.
Safeguard for lead, cysts,
bacterial, viral and e-coli.
Reverse Osmosis System.
Safeguard for lead, cysts
and inorganic materials.
For any additional details, information, or Q&A, please consult with
your Kitchen & Bath sales associate, an EWS mfg. rep, EWS, Inc.
customer service or our web site at
9101 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 105-J8
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
702.256.8182 Ph. 702.256.3744 Fx.
©2007 EWS, INC. All rights reserved. Made in USA. REV0907.
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