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DIN family
Apio DIN2 is a Plug&Play Wireless device, designed for the digitization of every Modbus device.
Apio DIN2 allows Real-Time and Cloud Control of every Modbus device that is connected to,
including counters and energy meters. The most common use of the Apio DIN2 is the accounting of water, electricity and gas consumption as well as the production of energy from renewable
sources. The feature of Apio DIN2 that converts a Modbus loop in Wireless allows the reduction
of cabling costs, simplifying and reducing installation time. The device is out-of-the-box compatible
with Seneca and Eastron energy meters and with Huawei and Selco inverters; moreover, Apio
DIN2 is compatible with all the devices of the Apio Mesh family. Moreover, thanks to it’s small
dimensions, Apio DIN2 can be configured as a Repeater so that you can extend your Apio Mesh
Network when needed.
Before start, let’s see what a Mesh Network is.
Mesh Network
A Mesh Network is a network topology in which each node relays data for the network and
cooperate in its distribution. A mesh network must have one coordinator device, tasked with
its creation, control and basic maintenance, along with one or more dislocated nodes.
Let’s see now, what ApioOS is.
The first Web OS that gives an App to every internet-connected objects.
An ApioOS App live in your Cloud giving you the freedom to use it everywhere and from
every device. Moreover, an App in ApioOS connect with every compatible object and service
so that you can use your object in a new way every time you open it!
To use Apio DIN8 the following minimum requirements are needed:
1. 12/24 V power supply;
2. Apio Gateway;
3. ApioOS user profile.
If you don’t have an ApioOS user profile, you can register a new one in the login page of
your Apio Gateway or at the following link: Do you need to install
your new Apio Gateway? You can follow the steps in the Apio Gateway User Guide or at the
following link:
First installation
Login into your local ApioOS using the following link or remotely by Cloud
using this link:
1. Login using your ApioOS credentials;
2. Power the device;
3. In the pop-up that will appear in max 15 seconds after you power the device, choose the
installation mode beetween Operative and Repeater (see next page for more details);
4. Click “YES” in the button.
Installation mode
When you first install the Apio DIN2, it’ll be ask you if you want to install it in the Operative
mode or in the Repeater mode:
Operative mode
Control your Modbus devices
The operative mode allows to digitize every Modbus device giving you Remote and Real-Time control. The divece
is compatible out-of-the-box with Seneca and Eastron
energy meters, with Huawei and Selco inverters and with
every Apio Mesh device.
Repeater mode
Expand your Apio Mesh network
The Repeater mode is created for all those situations
where the distance between one Apio Mesh node is out
of the Mesh Network range. Apio DIN2 in the Repeater
mode is the Plug&Play solutions to extend your Apio Mesh
Network: it gives your around 30 meters more.
Technical specifications
12-24 Vdc
C. Wireless
LWM IEEE 802.15.4
RF power
20dBm (100mW)
Indoor range
Outdoor range
Extra pins
4 PWM, a total 14 digital and
analog input
2-DIN module
36 mm
I/O layout
Connection scheme
Power connection
RS485 connection
din2 user guide
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