Brochure: Porsche 987.II Boxster (March 2010)

Brochure: Porsche 987.II Boxster (March 2010)
The Boxster
This catalogue is produced by Porsche for use in English speaking
markets around the world. The standard specification of the Boxster in
Australia, however, is substantially above the one presented in this catalogue.
Boxster S
The table below shows features which are referred to as “optional” but which
in fact are standard in Australia.
ParkAssist (parking sensors at rear)
Climate control
Cruise control
Sports seats
Heated seats
Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with navigation module
Sound package plus
Six-disc CD/DVD changer
Telephone Module (SIM Card insertion or Bluetooth® connectivity)
Universal Audio Interface (iPod®, USB, Aux-In)
Wind deflector
Anti-theft system including interior radar surveillance
Windscreen with grey top-tint
Please note that Factory Collection, ISOFIX mountings and Vehicle Tracking System is not available for Australian delivered vehicles.
Porsche Cars Australia Pty Ltd, October 2009.
The Boxster concept
Model range
Chassis Safety
Factory collection
Technical data
The Boxster concept
To evolve without losing your indi-
By rekindling a source of infinite
The Porsche Stability Management.
viduality. Push the boundaries
potential: inner fire.
Or the purposeful design.
Remain true to yourself while
With the Boxster models, this
In other words, refined technology
exceeding expectations. How can
power is demonstrated in many
which sets out clear rules. Not
you do that?
ways. By the powerful engines,
only in the roadster segment,
for example. The optional Porsche
but also for the driver. We call it
Porsche Intelligent Performance.
without breaking with tradition.
Boxster | The Boxster concept
The pleasure of a roadster.
The excitement of a Porsche.
The Boxster models.
Gear changes take place in milli­
increases the agility of the
When fitted in combination with
seconds without any interruption
Boxster but also enhances
PDK, the optional Sport Chrono
in the flow of power. The advan-
driving pleasure.
tage over a fully manual transmis-
Package (p. 56) gives you access
to two further functions: ‘Launch
sion is the considerably faster
As you would expect, the chas-
Control’ for maximum accelera-
rate of acceleration for the same
sis setup ensures a supremely
tion from a standing start, and
An extraordinarily powerful mid-
Despite this increase in power,
level of fuel consumption. The
sporty ride. A wider track and
a ‘motorsport-derived gearshift
mounted engine. An extremely
the CO2 emissions have been
advantage over a fully automatic
generously dimensioned wheels
strategy’, bringing gearshift
low centre of gravity. Very high
reduced by up to 12 % compared
transmission is a perceptible
in a dynamic design provide an
characteristics straight from the
agility and dynamic handling.
with the previous model. In com-
increase in driving dynamics –
even sportier driving experience.
The driving experience offered
bination with the optional Porsche
with a similar level of comfort
The optional mechanically locking
by a Boxster goes far beyond
Doppel­kupplung (PDK), the
and a distinct reduction in fuel
rear differential (p. 54) delivers
superficial driving pleasure. That’s
result is a very low emissions
consumption. In short, Porsche
high traction and increased per-
because it’s based on a concept
value of 214 g/km and fuel
Doppelkupplung (PDK) not only
which made the 550 Spyder one
consumption of 9.1 l/100 km
of the most successful racing
(31 mpg).
cars of its time. We see it as the
very embodiment of Porsche
The Boxster S has an additional
Intelligent Performance.
power boost, with direct fuel injec-
Boxster S
tion (DFI, p. 28) fitted as standard.
Both models are powered by
This provides optimum fuel mix-
sophis­t icated engines. The
ture formation for improved fuel
The 3.4-litre six-cylinder Boxer
In summary, an engine which
In both models, a precision six-
The principle is as impressive
Boxster’s six-cylinder Boxer engine,
efficiency and a distinct increase
engine in the Boxster S develops
is responsive enough to provide
speed manual gearbox makes
as it is simple: it has seven
fitted with VarioCam Plus (p. 36),
in power and torque. In combi­
an impressive 228 kW (310 hp).
power from the outset – and
optimum use of the power and
gears, two half gearboxes and
has a 2.9-litre capacity, 188 kW
nation with the optional PDK, this
Maximum torque of 360 Nm is
reaches its limit at 274 km/h
torque of the engine. Available
two clutches. As one gear is
(255 hp) and maximum torque of
gives a reduction in fuel con-
reached between 4,400 and
(170 mph).
as an option is Porsche Doppel­
engaged, the next is already
290 Nm at 4,400 to 6,000 rpm.
sumption of 15 % and lowers CO2
5,500 rpm and acceleration to
kupplung (PDK, p. 42) featuring
preselected in the other half
Taking it to 100 km/h (62 mph)
emissions by 16 % compared with
100 km/h (62 mph) takes just
both manual and automatic
in just 5.9 seconds, with a top
the previous model.
5.3 seconds.
speed of 263 km/h (163 mph).
Boxster in Porsche Racing Green Metallic
· 10 ·
Boxster | The Boxster concept
The standard Porsche Stability
In the interior, the elegant sports
In conjunction with the PCM, the
Management (PSM, p. 63) further
styling is coupled with a high
optional BOSE® Surround Sound
enhances active safety with its
degree of practicality. All the
System supports 5.1 surround
brake assist feature and a pre-
important functions are intuitive
charging function which increases
to control, including the optional
braking system readiness.
Porsche Communication Manage-
A rhetorical question: What would
ment (PCM, p. 83) with 6.5-inch
you do if we were to give you
touchscreen and CD/DVD drive
the key now?
Boxster | The Boxster concept
with navigation module.
Air intake grilles
Exterior mirror
A real roadster is like true love:
you recognise it at first glance.
The rear features LED taillight
In short, although we rarely stick
makes the Boxster models unmis­
modules that blend harmoniously
to the rules, we have observed
takable – especially at night.
with the overall design. The
one: form follows function. Design
The Boxster models are fitted as
centrally located stainless steel
and functionality are combined
standard with halogen headlights
tailpipe – twin tailpipes on the
perfectly in the Boxster models.
and LED daytime running lights
Boxster S – and the rear diffusers
This concept also follows a
a dynamic look – and increase
integrated separately into the clus-
finished in sporting black com-
is governed by one philosophy
traditional Porsche theme: the
cooling power. On the Boxster,
ters above the outer air intakes.
plete the powerful look. The
above all: that the styling of a
seamless blend of function
the air intake grilles are finished
Bi-Xenon headlights with dynamic
dynamic presence of the Boxster
Porsche reflects its inner values.
and design. Visually exciting
in the exterior colour, whereas
cornering lights, including LED
models is further emphasised
Here, the primary value is extreme
with performance to match.
on the Boxster S they are con-
daytime running lights, are avail-
by the clean, neat design of the
trasted in sporting black. The
able on request. The dynamic
wheels. The Boxster is fitted with
athletic appearance is comple-
headlight design emphasises the
17-inch wheels as standard, the
ance is immediately evident
mented by striking spoiler lips.
striking contour of the wing.
Boxster S with 18-inch wheels.
from the front, where large air
The two models have a drag
A 19-inch option is available for
intakes in a powerful geometric
coefficient value of 0.29 and
both models.
design lend both Boxster models
0.30, respectively.
The emphasis on high perform-
· 15 ·
At the front, the headlight design
The design of the Boxster models
Boxster S in Guards Red
Rear light module
· 16 ·
· 17 ·
Model range
You can’t change character.
Characterised by Porsche Intelligent
With real purpose. The Boxster –
But you can enhance it. Make it
Performance, and therefore dyna-
synonymous with pure
unmistakable. More individual.
mism and refined technology, giving
per­formance. The Boxster S –
As in the Boxster models. Both
a more direct connection between
an expression of thoroughbred
are distinctive and rewarding.
the driver and the road. On every
· 18 ·
· 19 ·
Boxster | Model range
Many fairytales begin with ‘Once upon a time’.
But only a few true stories do.
The Boxster.
You can tell a good concept from
Even though the gap between the
The 2.9-litre six-cylinder Boxer
the fact that it isn’t just short-term.
Porsche 356 No.1, the 550 Spyder
engine delivers a power output
We appear to have got something
and the Boxster seems huge, it’s
of 188 kW (255 hp) at 6,400 rpm
right. Because the basic concept
still an out-and-out roadster. High
and a maximum torque of 290 Nm
of the Boxster has lost none of its
performance, lightweight con-
at between 4,400 and 6,000 rpm.
appeal in over 60 years.
struction, sporting agility, pure
driving pleasure – these values
are reflected in every detail.
The six-speed manual gearbox
The 17-inch Boxster III wheels
Adding further to the stylish
has been optimally matched to
with an open five-spoke design
design of the Boxster are the
the engine characteristics
allow a clear view of the brake
front air intake grilles finished
and high power output. From a
system with its black anodised
in the exterior colour.
standing start, the Boxster accel­
four-piston aluminium monobloc
erates to 100 km/h (62 mph) in
fixed calipers. The large front
The Boxster. A roadster that
5.9 seconds. Or just 5.8 seconds
and rear brake discs ensure excel-
stirs emotions. Because it
with the optional Porsche Doppel­
lent braking performance.
doesn’t just reflect the passion
kupplung (PDK, p. 42). And com-
of our engineers, but over half
plementing this perfectly is the
a century of Porsche history.
sporty, lightweight chassis.
Integrated centrally below the
rear panel is a stainless steel tailpipe which produces the distinctive Boxster sound.
· 20 ·
· 21 ·
Boxster | Model range
As well as the 18-inch Boxster S II
The front air intake grilles are
compartment covers in the door
wheels in a dynamic design, the
painted black for a striking con-
and the rear centre console. The
Boxster S is fitted with a power-
trast. Together with the centrally
instrument dials are aluminium-
ful braking system which is
mounted twin tailpipe, they give
distinguished by its red-painted
the car a powerful presence.
calipers. The rear brake discs
These are just the facts. To expe-
are thicker than those on the
In the interior, as well as leather
rience the performance of the
Boxster for increased stability
on the steering wheel, PDK selec-
Boxster S, we can only offer one
under braking.
tor/gear lever, handbrake lever
piece of advice: you really need
and door handle, the Boxster S
to drive it.
has leather trim on the storage
Boxster S
Like a shot of adrenalin.
The Boxster S.
The flagship model in the Boxster
For increased torque and power
(PDK, p. 42) and ‘Launch Control’
range has also evolved: the
– with a simultaneous reduction
from the optional Sport Chrono
Boxster S. It presents an even
in fuel consumption. The result is
Package, just 5 seconds. Com-
more athletic interpretation
228 kW (310 hp) at 6,400 rpm
pared with the previous model,
of the roadster concept. More
and a maximum torque of 360 Nm
fuel consumption has been
powerful and more efficient. Its
at 4,400–5,500 rpm. It acceler-
reduced by up to 15 % depending
engine is fitted with direct fuel
ates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph)
on the type of gearbox fitted,
injection (DFI, p. 28) as standard.
in just 5.3 seconds. With the
and CO2 emissions by up to 16 %.
optional Porsche Doppelkupplung
Boxster S
· 22 ·
· 23 ·
· 24 ·
Set high standards. Exploit its
And it is precisely this that we
the Boxster S, the latter also
full potential. Apply full power.
have achieved in the Boxster
featuring direct fuel injection (DFI)
An athletic build or good equip-
models. First and foremost by
for even more power and torque,
together with greater efficiency.
ment alone isn’t enough.
providing powerful engines:
The drive must be right. The inner
a 2.9-litre engine in the Boxster
fire must be strong enough.
and a 3.4-litre power plant in
· 25 ·
Boxster | Drive
Many experiences have to be rationalised first.
Others speak directly to your heart.
rev range, reaching 290 Nm
power plant develops a maxi-
a reduction in fuel consumption of
between 4,400 and 6,000 rpm.
mum torque of 360 Nm between
up to 15 %* and in CO2 emissions
4,400 and 5,500 rpm.
of up to 16 % (compared with the
The engine in the Boxster S fea-
Six-cylinder Boxer engines.
The power unit is free revving,
VarioCam Plus (see p. 36) in
and boasts excellent load-change
conjunction with the resonance
Both Boxster models are pow-
characteristics and outstanding
intake manifold ensures high
ered by water-cooled six-cylinder
smooth running performance.
torque even at low speeds, and
Boxer engines, mounted cen-
With a perfectly matched inter-
excellent power development
trally – just a few centimetres
play of all engine components,
in the upper rev range. Maximum
behind the driver – to ensure an
the Boxster develops 188 kW
torque is available over a wide
authentic roadster experience.
(255 hp).
previous model), achieved by DFI
tures direct fuel injection (DFI)
For incredible driving perform-
and delivers a power output of
ance and higher torque, espe-
228 kW (310 hp). The 3.4-litre
cially in the lower rev range, with
* D epending on type of transmission
· 26 ·
and VarioCam Plus technology.
3.4-litre six-cylinder Boxer engine in the Boxster S
· 27 ·
Boxster | Drive
Direct fuel injection (DFI).
The spray and cone angles have
Depending on throttle input, mul-
with enhanced engine efficiency.
lated by the electronic engine
been optimised for torque,
tiple fuel injection takes place.
Translated into figures, this
management system.
The Boxster S engine has direct
power output, fuel consumption
DFI improves the internal cooling
means, when compared with the
fuel injection (DFI). With milli­
and emissions by enabling a
of the combustion chamber by
previous model, a reduction in
The exhaust gas cleaning system
second precision, fuel is injected
homogeneous distribution of the
preparing the mixture directly in
fuel consumption of up to 15 %,
ensures that emissions remain
directly into the combustion
air/fuel mixture and, therefore,
the cylinder. The resulting higher
depending on the type of trans-
well below the strict limits of the
chamber at up to 120 bar pres-
effective combustion.
compression ratio (12.5:1) helps
mission, and up to 16 % fewer
Euro 5 European emission stand-
to deliver more power along
CO2 emissions. Injection is regu-
ard, thus helping to protect the
sure via electromagnetically
actuated injection valves.
Boxster S
· 28 ·
· 29 ·
Boxster | Drive
Power (kW)
188 kW (255 hp)
290 Nm
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500
Engine speed (rpm)
Boxster: 290 Nm between 4,400 and 6,000 rpm, 188 kW (255 hp) at 6,400 rpm
228 kW (310 hp)
Power (kW)
360 Nm
Torque (Nm)
Torque (Nm)
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500
Engine speed (rpm)
3.4-litre six-cylinder Boxer engine in the Boxster S
Boxster S: 360 Nm between 4,400 and 5,500 rpm, 228 kW (310 hp) at 6,400 rpm
1. High pressure pump
2. High pressure injector
3.Ignition rod module
4.Camshaft controller
5.Tappets with integral valve
play compensation
Inlet camshaft
Inlet valve
Valve spring
Combustion chamber with
Alusil running surface
· 30 ·
0.Forged aluminium pistons
11. Forged connecting rod
12. Crankshaft
13.Water pump
14. Vibration damper
5. Resonance valve
16.Twin flow valve
17. Intake distributor with
integral acoustic volume
18. Vacuum pump
9. Cooling jacket
20. Crankshaft breather
21. Timing chain
· 31 ·
Boxster | Drive
Lightweight construction.
Integrated dry-sump lubrication.
plies the lubricating points in the
in both fuel consumption and
engine. To reduce power losses
CO2 emissions.
Both Boxster models are equipped
Integrated dry-sump lubrication
and increase efficiency, an elec-
with alloy engines. Ingenious
guarantees a reliable oil supply
tronically controlled oil pump
design down to the finest detail
while reducing engine tempera-
has enabled weight – and conse-
tures, even in sportily driven cars.
quently fuel consumption – to be
Engine cooling system.
Our cross-flow cooling system,
For the engine, these detailed
as used in motorsport, supplies
supplies the engine lubrication
solutions mean a consistent
each cylinder uniformly with cool-
points as and when required.
oil supply, regardless of gravita-
ant. Valves are thus protected
This means that the oil pump does
tional loads, even in the most
against overload and premature
not work so hard when there is
demanding track conditions.
wear, which minimises the
reduced. Integrating the camshaft
The oil reservoir is located inside
bearings fully into the cylinder
the engine. Four oil pumps trans-
less demand for lubrication. The
engine’s tendency to knock and
heads is just one example of the
port the oil from the cylinder heads
benefits of an on-demand oil
reduces emissions, fuel con-
effective lightweight construction
directly into the oil sump. A fifth
supply system are optimum effi-
sumption and engine noise.
measures that have been imple-
pump in the oil sump directly sup-
ciency combined with a reduction
Boxster and Boxster S
· 32 ·
· 33 ·
Boxster | Drive
Input data
Used to regulate/control
valve which closes and opens at
ally to protect the cylinders and
set engine speeds. A two-stage
pistons at high engine speeds
tuning effect creates oscillation
The electronic engine manage-
and loads. The on-board diagnos-
of the air mass in the intake
Idling via throttle valve
and ignition
ment system ensures optimum
tics, which are compliant with
system, which in turn generates
engine performance under all
European standards, ensure
a turbocharging effect and opti-
Heating of lambda sensors
operating conditions. It regulates
timely detection of any faults and
mises induction.
all engine-related functions and
defects that may occur in the
assemblies (see diagram). The
exhaust and fuel system in good
These two effects combine to
results: optimum performance
time and notify the driver
produce higher torque at low
and torque with reduced fuel con-
immediately. This also prevents
engine speeds, a flatter torque
sumption and emissions.
increased pollutant emissions and
curve, and increased power
unnecessary fuel consumption.
output at high engine speeds.
Inlet camshaft phase angle
Manifold injection (Boxster)/
direct fuel injection (Boxster S)
Lambda sensor signals
Knock sensor signals
– Coolant
– Intake air
– Air in engine compartment
– Engine oil
– Ambient air
– Engine oil
– Fuel
– Ambient air
ME 7.8/Boxster – SDI 3.1/Boxster S
Throttle-valve angle
Engine management system
Engine load
Engine management system
with electronic throttle.
ignition point is shifted individu-
Engine speed (from crankshaft)
Fuel pump (Boxster)/fuel pumps
controlled on-demand (Boxster S)
Fuel-tank venting
Camshaft position
Valve lift switchover
(VarioCam Plus)
Another important function of the
Secondary-air injection (Boxster)
system is cylinder-specific knock
Engine fan
control. Since the six cylinders
never all work under precisely
The acoustic properties of the
system are second to none,
Two-stage resonance intake
Boxster sound.
the same conditions, they are
Continuously variable oil pump
monitored individually by the
The intake manifold with dual-flow
Air-conditioning settings
Fuel pressure (Boxster S)
knock control. If necessary, the
distributor pipe has an adjustment
Accelerator pedal
Throttle valve
Vehicle speed
producing the characteristic
CAN interface with driving dynamics control, transmission control, immobiliser, instrument cluster, climate control,
SPORT button, SPORT PLUS button, sports exhaust system button, diagnostics, etc.
· 34 ·
· 35 ·
Boxster | Drive
VarioCam Plus
VarioCam Plus.
Boxster S and Boxster
This two-in-one engine concept
adjuster at the head of the corre-
reduce fuel consumption and
seamlessly adapts in response to
sponding camshaft.
exhaust emissions. High valve
Ignition system.
VarioCam Plus combines variable
driver input. The result: instant
valve timing with two-stage lift
acceleration and extremely smooth
To improve throttle response
on the inlet side. This results in
during the warm-up phase, Vario­
voltage static distribution. The
Cam Plus selects high valve lifts
individual ignition coils, located
smoother running, better fuel
lifts generate high torques and
The ignition system in the Boxster
maximum output.
models is designed for high-
economy and lower exhaust emis-
The variation in intake timing is
with retarded valve timing. In the
on the spark plugs for optimum
sions. As well as greater top-end
steplessly controlled by means of
middle and low load ranges, low
ignition reliability, are controlled
power and low-end torque.
an electro-hydraulic rotary vane
valve lifts with advanced timing
directly by the engine electronics.
· 36 ·
· 37 ·
Boxster | Drive
Boxster S twin tailpipe
Boxster tailpipe
Exhaust system.
The exhaust system – with twin
Boxster S exhaust system
cleaning systems, the exhaust
regulate the composition of the
gas can flow more freely – for
exhaust gas and monitor the con-
increased power and torque.
version of pollutants in the cata-
Every Porsche is designed with
lytic converters.
durability in mind. On the Boxster
single self-adjusting belt. The
models, this is reflected in the
drive chains on the camshafts
lengthy service intervals.
and intermediate shafts do not
it belongs for as long as possible:
normally require servicing.
on the road.
tailpipes on the Boxster S – is
made of stainless steel. Until it
The stereo lambda control
converges in the connecting tube,
circuitry controls and monitors
A sports exhaust system – for a
the exhaust gas is channelled
each cylinder bank separately.
more resonant sound – is avail-
through two separate tracts and,
For each exhaust tract, four
able as an option for each of the
thanks to separate exhaust gas
corresponding oxygen sensors
Boxster models.
· 38 ·
The alternator, power steering
With the sole exception of the
pump and the air-conditioning
spark plugs, the ignition system
compressor are all driven by a
is also maintenance-free.
· 39 ·
So your Boxster remains where
Boxster | Drive
Boxster S
Radiator module
Brake force amplifier
Selector/gear lever
PASM damper
6-speed manual or
7-speed PDK
6. Resonance intake system
7. Coolant expansion tank
8. Electronic throttle valve
9. Connecting pipe
10. Rear silencer
11.Attenuation pipe
· 40 ·
2. Oil filler pipe
13. Air filter pipe
· 41 ·
Boxster | Drive
For people who have no time to spare.
Even when changing gear.
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK).
The optional Porsche Doppel­
without having to sacrifice the
reduce fuel consumption even
kupplung (PDK), with both man-
ease of automatic transmission.
mode, enables smooth gear
In total, PDK has seven gears at
PDK is essentially two half gear-
changes with no interruption in
its disposal. Gears 1 to 6 have a
boxes in one and thus requires
the flow of power. This results
sports ratio and top speed is
two clutches – designed as a
in significantly faster acceleration
reached in 6th gear. The 7th gear
double wet clutch transmission.
and lower fuel consumption,
has a long ratio and helps to
ual gearshift and an automatic
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
This double clutch provides an
second half gearbox. During a
which contains the even gears
alternating, non-positive connec-
gear change, therefore, a con-
(2, 4, 6).
tion between the two half gear-
ventional shift no longer takes
boxes and the engine by means
place. Instead, one clutch simply
of two separate input shafts
opens and the other closes at
(input shaft 1 is nested inside the
the same time. Gear changes
hollowed-out input shaft 2).
can therefore take place within
The crankshaft transmits engine
The flow of power from the
torque to the dual-mass flywheel
engine is only ever transmitted
Clutch 1 controls the first half
which is then channelled through
through one half gearbox and
gearbox, which contains the odd
the clutch housing and onto the
one clutch at a time, while the
gears (1, 3, 5, 7) and reverse.
multi-plate clutches, or to be more
next gear is preselected in the
Clutch 2 controls the second,
precise, the outer disc carrier.
Boxster S
· 42 ·
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
in detail.
· 43 ·
Boxster | Drive
Rear wheel
Multi-plate clutch 1
Multi-plate clutch 2
The advantage over a fully auto-
This, along with the long-ratio
In essence, PDK combines sporti-
matic transmission is the per-
7th gear, helps to achieve
ness with efficiency and comfort.
ceptible increase in driving
reduced fuel consumption and
What does all this mean for you?
dynamics – with a similar level of
emission figures comparable with
Uninterrupted driving pleasure.
comfort, and a distinct reduction
those of a manual gearbox.
Rear wheel
in fuel consumption. The com-
Rear semi-gearbox 1
(1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, R gear)
pact dimensions of the gearbox
With the optional Sport Chrono
reduce rotational masses which
Package, PDK is enhanced by
means a more direct engine
the ‘Launch Control’ and ‘motor-
response, and the system is
sport-derived gearshift strategy’
more lightweight.
functions (p. 57).
Semi-gearbox 2
(2nd, 4th, 6th gear)
PDK function diagram
Under oil pressure, clutch 1
signal, the overlap shift is initi-
Depending on the gearshift
closes and forms a frictional
ated, i.e. as clutch 1 opens,
programme, the gear change
connection with input shaft 1.
clutch 2 closes. The non-positive
is optimised for comfort or for
The torque is now transmitted
connection with input shaft 2
sporty handling and takes place
through the first half gearbox
is established, and power is
in a matter of milliseconds.
– and then the differential – to
transmitted to the wheels.
the rear axle. At this stage,
The gear which is engaged is
The advantage over a fully manual
PDK has already preselected
displayed on the instrument
transmission is the considerably
the next gear in the second
faster rate of acceleration for the
half gearbox. Engine torque
same rate of fuel consumption.
is already acting on the other
outer disc carrier and, in
response to a gear change
· 44 ·
· 45 ·
Boxster | Drive
Three-spoke sports steering wheel with gearshift switches
Three-spoke sports steering
wheel with gearshift switches.
Three-spoke sports steering wheel with gearshift paddles
the standard three-spoke sports
steering wheel features two
Six-speed manual gearbox.
Hill-start assist.
high-quality twin-spoke design
The gear selector for PDK im-
Fitted as standard is a six-speed
Standard for manual and Porsche
and silver-coloured galvanised
presses not only with its unique
manual gearbox which is per-
Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmis-
spoke cover. The airbag module
design, but above all with its
fectly matched to the character-
sions it assists the driver in
is finished in the same colour
superior functionality enabling
istics of the engine. The shift
making a comfortable, smooth
as the steering wheel rim.
you to change gear manually.
throw is short and precise, the
and roll-free start on an incline.
tuning is sporty – as befits the
The system detects you have
Visually, the steering wheel is
PLUS and Launch Control func-
distinguished by its distinctive,
tions are activated.
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK),
Three-spoke sports steering
wheel with gearshift paddles.
Gear lever for six-speed gearbox
Gear selector for PDK.
you whether the SPORT, SPORT
In conjunction with the optional
Gear selector for PDK
ergonomic switches. One press
with the thumb and the PDK
If you wish, you can now change
Displays in the left and right-
Press forwards to shift up, pull
character of the Boxster models.
braked to a halt on an incline.
shifts up. One pull with the index
gear motorsport-style. The
hand steering wheel spokes tell
backwards to shift down. Even if
The dual-mass flywheel mini-
Provided a gear is engaged, the
finger and the PDK shifts down.
paddles are made from a strong
you whether the SPORT, SPORT
the gear selector is set to auto-
mises engine noise and the con-
brake pressure is maintained
Either the right or left hand can
alloy and are ergonomically
PLUS and Launch Control func-
matic mode, you can still change
trol cable mechanism prevents
approximately two seconds once
be used.
located behind the steering wheel
tions are activated. Another
gear manually using the switches
vibrations from being transmitted
the footbrake is released. The
spokes. Pull the right-hand paddle
feature reminiscent of the world
on the steering wheel.
to the gear lever.
vehicle is therefore temporarily
When combined with the optional
and the PDK shifts up. Pull the
of motorsport is the top centre
prevented from rolling backwards.
Sport Chrono Packages (p. 56),
left-hand paddle and the PDK
marking on the steering wheel
Brake pressure is reduced if
an additional display is located
shifts down.
sufficient revs have been gener-
above the airbag module telling
ated depressing the accelerator
pedal (for manual transmission,
the accelerator pedal is depressed and the clutch engaged).
· 46 ·
· 47 ·
Having inner fire is one thing.
The Boxster chassis is tuned
The result is powerful dynamics.
Being able to transfer it to the
for high performance,
Excellent agility. Pure driving
right place is another. Unbridled
transferring power to precisely
pleasure. And outstanding road-
energy must be correctly
where it belongs: the road.
· 48 ·
· 49 ·
Boxster | Chassis
matics are designed for high
cornering, braking and accel-
performance, as is the generous
chassis itself and, thanks to the
The greater the steering angle,
power assistance, steering effort
the more direct the steering
What use is a perfect suspension
is reduced to a comfortable
ratio. This is particularly notice-
The chassis of the Boxster
setup without perfectly tuned
level. Around the straight-ahead
able when turning tight corners
The suspension of the Boxster
wheel track. Lightweight con-
models has been tuned to match
struction throughout keeps the
the high performance of the
overall weight and unsprung
models ensures high safety
steering? For Porsche, this would
position, such as during motor-
or parking. The car has a turning
masses low, with almost all mov-
reserves irrespective of load,
be inconceivable. The solution
way driving, the ratio is less
circle of just 11.1 m.
ing parts made from aluminium.
and easily controllable load
is a steering system which is as
direct but with no loss of agility
transfer when cornering. Corner-
precise and immediate as the
or feedback.
Lightweight coil-over McPherson
struts are combined with lateral
The mid-engine design, in com­
ing stability is exemplary, even
control arms to ensure excellent
bination with the complex chassis
in high-speed bends. The same
driving dynamics and safety on
technology, results in minimum
applies to straight-line stability.
all road surfaces. The axle kine­
roll and pitch movements on
Front axle with McPherson struts and lateral control arms (Boxster S)
Boxster and Boxster S
Rear axle with McPherson struts and lateral control arms (Boxster S)
· 50 ·
· 51 ·
Boxster | Chassis
Boxster with 19-inch Carrera Sport wheel and Boxster S with 19-inch Carrera S II wheel
to 19 inches are available for both
models on request. All available
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
instrument cluster. The system
updates quickly and reliably
A range of sophisticated wheels
wheels are equipped with anti-
ensures both models deliver
theft protection. A selection of
The optional Tyre Pressure Moni-
whenever the tyre pressures
exceptional driving performance,
alternative wheels is featured
toring (TPM) sends warnings to
are corrected or a wheel is
without compromising on ride
on page 108.
the on-board computer’s display
changed – ensuring a high degree
screen in the event of low tyre
of comfort and safety.
comfort. The Boxster is fitted with
each time the engine is started,
17-inch wheels in an open five-
Specifically for the cold season,
spoke design, and the Boxster S
winter tyres and snow chains
has 18-inch wheels with a
are available from the Porsche
The driver can check the pres-
dynamic sporty look. Wheels up
Tequipment accessory range.
sure in all four tyres via the
17-inch Boxster III wheel
· 52 ·
· 53 ·
18-inch Boxster S II wheel
Boxster | Chassis
Porsche Active Suspension
Management (PASM).
Sensors monitor the movement
of the vehicle body, for example,
Mechanically locking rear
under heavy acceleration and
The optional PASM is an elec-
braking or on uneven roads. The
Are you a fan of sporty driving?
tronic damping control system.
control unit tunes the dampers
In your spare time, do you
On the Boxster models, the
to the optimum hardness for the
enjoy the occasional outing on
suspension has been tuned to
selected mode to reduce roll and
the racetrack? Then you
match the high power of the
pitch still further and to increase
shouldn’t do without the optional
engine. PASM actively and con-
contact between each individual
mechanically locking rear differ-
tinuously regulates the damping
wheel and the road.
force for each wheel according
ential available in conjunction
with 18-inch or 19-inch wheels.
to the road conditions and driving
In ‘Sport’ mode, the suspension
It further enhances the traction
style. In addition, the suspension
is set to a harder damper rating.
of the driven rear wheels on
is lowered by 10 mm.
On uneven roads, PASM imme­
uneven roads and when acceler-
diately switches to a softer
ating out of tight bends. Road
The driver can select between
rating within the ‘Sport’ setup
holding at the limits of perform-
two different modes: ‘Normal’
range, thereby improving con-
ance is even more impressive.
which is a blend of performance
tact between the wheels and the
The car holds its course better
and comfort, and ‘Sport’ where
road. When the road surface
and so PSM intervenes less often.
the setup is much firmer. The
improves, PASM automatically
In other words, sheer driving
PASM control unit evaluates the
reverts to the original, harder
pleasure and faster lap times.
driving conditions and modifies
Rebound in ‘Sport’ mode –
working piston only, sportycomfortable tuning
Rebound in ‘Sport’ mode –
working piston only, sportyhard tuning
Compression in ‘Normal’ mode –
working piston and bypass, sportycomfortable tuning
Compression in ‘Normal’ mode –
working piston and bypass, sportyhard tuning
the damping force on each of
the wheels in accordance with
If ‘Normal’ mode is selected and
the selected mode.
the driver’s style becomes more
assertive, PASM automatically
switches to a harder rating within
the ‘Normal’ setup range.
Damping becomes harder, and
driving stability and road safety
are increased.
· 54 ·
· 55 ·
Sport Chrono Package.
With the optional PDK in auto-
A key component of the Sport
Engine torque increases and the
matic mode, gearshift points are
Chrono Package is the swivel-
clutch closes slightly. The mes-
The Boxster combines open-top
delayed until the upper rev range.
mounted in the centre of the
sage ‘Launch Control ’ appears
driving with performance which
The shift times are shorter, the
dashboard with analogue and
in the display on the PDK steer-
at Porsche has its origins on the
gear changes sportier. At low rates
digital display.
ing wheel. The driver now quickly
of deceleration, the system
releases the brake – and pre-
initiates a swifter, brake-induced
In combination with the optional
As an option, for both models we
downshift. In manual mode, gear
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK),
offer the Sport Chrono Package
changes are faster and more
the Sport Chrono Package offers
Second, the ‘motorsport-derived
which enables even sportier tuning
two additional functions that
gearshift strategy’. Using this,
are activated by the SPORT PLUS
PDK is geared up for maximum
shift speed, the shortest possible
of the chassis and engine and
guarantees even more driving
In ‘Sport’ mode, the PSM (p. 63)
intervenes later for increased
pares for maximum acceleration.
Throttle response
in ‘Sport’ mode
Throttle response
in ‘Normal’ mode
Both sets of characteristics
are dependent on engine
Pedal travel (%)
Comparison of electronic and throttle maps for ‘Normal’ and ‘Sport’ mode
shift times and optimum shift
longitudinal and lateral dynamics.
First, ‘Launch Control’, which
points for maximum acceleration
Selecting the SPORT button
PSM now affords greater
ensures you achieve the fastest
– ideal for the racetrack.
on the centre console activates
manoeuvrability under braking
possible rate of acceleration
‘Sport’ mode, which makes
and exit acceleration, especially
from a standing start – on the
throttle the response significantly
at low speeds.
race track, for example. ‘Launch
more immediate, adjusts the
(as percentage of maximum)
Boxster | Chassis
Sport Chrono Package Plus.
Control’ is operated via the
rev-limiter to a harder setting,
For maximum dexterity, PSM can
SPORT PLUS button with the ‘D’
On request, the optional Porsche
and tunes the engine dynamics
be set to standby while the car is
or ‘M’ drive position selected.
Communication Management
for performance driving.
still in ‘Sport’ mode (p. 63). For
Whilst the driver depresses the
(PCM, p. 83) can be combined
safety, it is set to intervene auto-
brake pedal with the left foot,
with the Sport Chrono Package
The optional Porsche Active
matically only when ABS assist-
the right foot depresses the
Plus. In addition to the functions
Suspension Management (PASM)
ance is required on both the front
accelerator pedal to the floor.
of the Sport Chrono Package,
also switches to ‘Sport’ mode,
With the accelerator in the kick-
it includes a personal memory
which offers harder damping and
down position, the system
function in the PCM and a per-
more direct steering and, there-
detects the driver’s request for
formance display for evaluating
fore, better road holding.
Launch Mode and revs the
lap times.
Sport Chrono stop watch
engine to an optimum speed of
approximately 6,500 rpm.
‘SPORT’ button and ‘SPORT PLUS’ button on centre console
· 56 ·
· 57 ·
Resolve apparent contradictions.
Firstly, it represents uncompro­mising
For example, with Porsche
Reconcile extremes. Remain
sports performance. Secondly, it
Stability Management. Or the
superior. In every way. These
offers high levels of safety – both
powerful braking system.
typical Porsche characteristics
active and passive.
Because no-one ever said that
make the Boxster unique in the
inner fire is dangerous.
roadster segment.
· 58 ·
· 59 ·
Boxster | Safety
A purist concept doesn’t allow for reserves.
Except when it comes to safety.
Active safety.
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)
Braking system.
Standard brake unit (Boxster) (top)
Standard brake unit (Boxster S) (bottom)
in the front end and special
To distinguish them visually,
channelling systems, increases
the brake calipers on the Boxster
The Boxster and Boxster S have
the stability of the brakes during
have a black anodised finish
a braking system with four-
heavy use.
while those on the Boxster S are
The chassis setup allows for an
enable easier overtaking and
piston aluminium monobloc brake
extremely sporty driving style
evasive manoeuvres. Porsche
calipers fitted front and rear.
Both the Boxster and Boxster S
Uncompromising sports per­
with exceptional cornering control.
Stability Management (PSM,
Offering excellent rigidity, they
have internally vented brake
formance. Comprehensive safety.
The variable ratio steering is
p. 63) fitted as standard helps
are compact and save on weight.
discs at the front with a diameter
ing and optimum braking in the
At Porsche, these qualities have
direct and precise with excellent
to stabilise the vehicle in critical
Their superior responsiveness,
of 318 mm, whilst the rear discs
wet, the brake discs are cross-
always been inextricably linked.
feedback from the road.
driving scenarios, even in
for fast and sensitive braking, sets
measure 299 mm. The result is
unfavourable weather conditions.
them apart.
impressive braking performance.
Just as in the Boxster models
painted red.
where the body, chassis and
The braking system ensures
Also contributing to active
brakes constitute a single inte-
maximum deceleration and
safety is the effective headlight
A brake booster reduces pedal
The brake discs on the Boxster S
are 4 mm thicker than those
grated system with generous
stability. A high power-to-weight
concept which guarantees
effort whilst maintaining powerful
on the Boxster, which increases
safety reserves.
ratio and responsive throttle
excellent vision at night (p. 64).
braking. A special ventilation
stability even further.
system, whereby the entire wheel
brake is cooled through openings
· 60 ·
· 61 ·
For reduced weight, better cool-
Boxster | Safety
Boxster S
Porsche Ceramic Composite
Brake (PCCB).
Boxster S
Boxster S
Porsche Stability Management
they are more resistant to heat.
All the necessary ingredients
Please note that circuit racing,
The low thermal expansion of
are there for a short braking
trackday use and other forms of
Under acceleration on wet or
the brake discs prevents defor-
distance, even in the toughest
performance driving can signifi-
On request, we can equip your
mation under heavy braking.
conditions. Moreover, safety
cantly reduce the service life of
PSM, which comes as standard,
(automatic brake differential)
Boxster S with a brake system
Furthermore, the ceramic brake
under braking at high speeds is
even the most durable brake
is an automatic control system
and ASR (anti-slip regulation)
that has already had to cope
discs are totally resistant to
increased thanks to the excel-
pads and discs. We recommend
that stabilises the vehicle at the
functions, giving an agile
with the harshest requirements
corrosion and offer more favour-
lent fade resistance of PCCB.
that all brake components be
limits of dynamic driving per-
response. When ‘Sport’ mode is
of motorsport: the Porsche
able noise-damping properties.
low-grip road surfaces, PSM
improves traction using the ABD
professionally inspected and
formance. Sensors continuously
selected on the optional Sport
The key advantage of PCCB
replaced where necessary after
monitor driving direction, speed,
Chrono Packages (p. 56), the
Six-piston aluminium monobloc
is that the brake discs are
every track event.
yaw velocity and lateral accel­
PSM intervention threshold is
The ceramic brake discs have
fixed calipers on the front axle
approximately 50 % lighter than
eration. Using this information,
raised to enable greater driver
a diameter of 350 mm front and
and four-piston units at the rear
standard discs of similar design
PSM computes the actual direc-
involvement – particularly at
rear – for extremely powerful
provide a high and constant
and size. A factor that helps
tion of motion. If this direction
speeds of up to approximately
braking. The brake discs are
brake pressure. The pedal
to reduce unsprung and rotating
deviates from the desired course,
70 km/h (45 mph). The integral
formed from a specially treated
response is fast and precise with
masses on the vehicle. The
PSM initiates braking inter­
ABS can further reduce the
carbon-fibre compound that is
only moderate input required.
braking distance.
Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB).
consequence of this is better
ventions targeted at individual
silicated in a high-vacuum process
road holding and increased
wheels in order to stabilise the
at approximately 1,700 ˚C. Not
comfort, particularly on uneven
only are the resulting discs much
roads, as well as greater agility
harder than standard discs,
and improved handling.
· 62 ·
· 63 ·
Boxster | Safety
Bi-Xenon headlights with
dynamic cornering lights and
LED daytime running lights.
For an even sportier drive, PSM
already in light contact with the
LED technology is also used in
can be deactivated. However,
brake discs. Maximum braking
the taillight unit to provide better
it is automatically reactivated for
power is therefore achieved
illumination and respond more
your safety if either of the front
much sooner. When sudden brak-
quickly to driver input. Further
wheels (in ‘Sport’ mode, both of
ing is detected, the brake assist
benefits are that LED bulbs are
Available as an option for both
the front wheels) requires ABS
function applies maximum brake
energy saving and have a longer
Boxster models are Bi-Xenon
Dynamic cornering lights offer
assistance. ABD remains perma-
pressure to all four wheels.
life than conventional bulbs.
headlights which include dynamic
particularly effective illumination
The design is unmistakable, both
cornering lights and LED daytime
of the road ahead, especially
day and night.
running lights.
through bends. Sensors continu-
nently active.
PSM includes two additional func-
evenly. In fact, they are so effec-
This determines the angle
tive that separate fog lights are
of the dynamic cornering lights,
no longer necessary. A headlight
with the lights able to swivel
cleaning system is built-in.
into the corners up to a limit of
15 degrees, even with main
beam switched on.
ously monitor the speed, lateral
tions: precharging of the brake
Bi-Xenon headlights are brighter
acceleration and steering lock
system, and brake assist. If you
The Boxster models are all fitted
than halogen headlights so that
and, from these variables, calculate the course of the bend.
suddenly release the accelerator
with halogen headlights with
they offer improved visibility and
pedal, PSM automatically readies
LED position lights integrated
they illuminate the road more
the braking system. With the
separately into the front light unit
braking system having been
with integral fog lights above the
precharged, the brake pads are
outer air intakes.
Dynamic cornering light
· 64 ·
Night-time illumination (front)
Night-time illumination (rear)
· 65 ·
Boxster | Safety
Roll-over protection.
Porsche Side Impact
Protection (POSIP).
The front area of the cockpit is
Sheet steel
Tailored Blanks
High-strength steel
Passive safety: engineered
Super high-strength steel
Super high-strength austenitic
stainless steel I
strength steel elements in the
Both Boxster models are fitted as
doors provide exceptional side-
standard with an airbag system
impact protection. The reinforced
comprising two full-size front air-
The deformation zone at the
windscreen frame and the roll-
bags as well as dedicated head
front of the vehicle contains a
over bars positioned behind the
and thorax airbags (POSIP, p. 67)
system of longitudinal and lateral
seats provide an effective barrier
on each side. This arrangement
members which absorb the
if the car overturns. Energy-
ensures optimum upper-body
energy in the event of an impact.
absorbing materials are used at
protection, even when the hood is
The fuel tank and fuel lines are
key points throughout the passen-
open. For added comfort and
safely positioned outside the
ger compartment.
safety, the three-point belts have
deformation zone. Together with
integrated force limiters and
the rigid side structures, high-
Child seats.*
For our youngest Boxster pas-
protected by a robust steel
Both Boxster models are equipped
sengers, the Porsche Tequipment
element integrated invisibly into
with Porsche Side Impact
range of accessories includes
the windscreen frame. The rear
Protection (POSIP) as standard.
child seats and the necessary
roll-over bars are made from high-
This consists of two airbags on
preparation. This comprises an
strength steel and are located
each side. The outer bolsters of
ISOFIX fixing bracket for mount-
behind the seats. Their flattened
the seats contain a thorax air-
ing the Porsche child seats, and
form ensures high safety, and
bag and each door contains a head
a key switch to deactivate the
harmoniously follows the lines of
airbag. Each has a volume of
passenger airbag.
the seat backrests. The upper
around 8 litres, ensuring high
seat-belt anchorage points are
protection in the event of a side
attached to the bars for greater
impact, even when the hood is
accessibility and comfort.
open. The passenger cell is also
shielded by side impact protection beams in the doors.
* N ot to be used in conjunction with
sports bucket seats.
Porsche Side Impact Protection (POSIP)
· 66 ·
· 67 ·
Does appearance count more than
For us, function always takes
The focus is on ergonomics.
inner values? Are good looks
Because you have to be able to
most important? We’ve never been
convinced of this.
exploit the full sporting potential.
The pure, dynamic design
language of the Boxster models
· 68 ·
The inner values of the Boxster
is carried into the interior.
ensure measurable performance.
Every control is intuitively placed.
· 69 ·
Boxster | Comfort
At Porsche, form follows function
– and the driver.
switch panel and a storage
The steering wheel with height
compartment are also integrated
and reach adjustments, and the
into the new centre console.
position of the pedals contribute
to the comfortable drive.
What leads us to make a thorough-
on intelligent function. And that’s
The front centre console includes
The seats offer excellent support,
bred roadster as comfortable as
evident from the interior too.
the CDR-30 audio system with
even during high-speed corner-
All materials are carefully selected
single CD drive as standard. Or
ing, and have a wide adjustment
for their visual and tactile
possible? Your desire to drive it
every day, in every situation, and
All controls are designed and
alternatively, the optional Porsche
range. The roomy interior means
qualities and create an unique
in every season. So the entire
oriented around the most
Communication Management
that even taller drivers can
atmo­sphere. Even when your
concept of the Boxster is based
important element: the driver.
(PCM, p. 83). The climate controls,
find their ideal seating position.
entire concentration is on the road.
Boxster interior with comfort seats with driver memory and other optional equipment
· 70 ·
· 71 ·
Boxster | Comfort
Boxster S interior with three-spoke multifunction steering wheel for PDK and other personalisation options
Steering wheels.
able display of key data from the
pattern of the optional Porsche
standard on-board computer.
Doppelkupplung (PDK), as well
Each black circular dial in the
Additional data, such as average
as the selected gear. The dial on
instrument cluster – aluminium-
fuel consumption, fuel range or
the left contains the analogue
coloured in the Boxster S –
the data of the optional TPM can
speedometer with digital trip
sports steering wheel with full-­size
provides important information
be shown as desired.
meter and total distance display.
airbag. As an option, you can
In combination with the optional
optional steering wheel heating
at a glance. In the centre is the
The multifunction steering wheel
required. Also available on request
is available in a choice of smooth
is the three-spoke sports steering
The Boxster models are equipped
leather, Aluminium Look, carbon
wheel with gearshift paddles
as standard with a three-spoke
or macassar finish.
(p. 46). For extra comfort in the
cold winter months, there is the
The design and legibility of the
specify a three-spoke multifunction
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK),
(available only in conjunction with
analogue rev counter with digital
The right-hand dial displays the
dials are also enhanced by the
steering wheel with integrated
the three-spoke steering wheel can
seat heating). It is available for
speedometer and a customis-
outside temperature and shift
white backlight illumination.
buttons for the most essential
be optionally fitted with gearshift
all steering wheels, except the
audio and, where applicable, navi-
switches – and is also available as
three-spoke sports steering wheel
gation and telephone functions.
a multifunction steering wheel if
with gearshift paddles.
· 72 ·
· 73 ·
Boxster | Comfort
Standard seats.
Comfort seats with driver
The standard seats with centre
Sports seats.
Along with all the adjustment
The seat upholstery is offered
features of the comfort seats,
in all available leather types and
The optional sports seats have
the side bolsters on the seat
upholstered in Alcantara offer
Comfort seats with electric fore/
firmer leather upholstery than
surface and backrest are indi­
a high degree of comfort with
aft, height, backrest and lumbar
the standard design. Higher side
vidually electrically adjustable,
good lateral support and opti-
support adjustment are available
bolsters on the seat squab and
for increased comfort on long
mised under-seat suspension.
as an option. The tilt angle of the
backrest provide additional lateral
journeys and tailor-made lateral
Through bends, your seat gives
seat squab is also electrically
support. The seat height and
support through bends or on
As an option, all compatible
partments in the door and the
you a feeling of security with-
adjustable. The memory function
fore/aft position are adjusted
the racetrack. The memory func-
seats – apart from sports bucket
centre rear console. Leather
out restriction. The seats are
supports the exterior mirrors
manually, the backrest electrically.
tion supports the exterior mirrors
seats – can be equipped with
upholstery is available as an
equipped as standard with
and all seat positions on the
and all driver’s seat positions,
two-level seat heating. Seat venti­
optional extra. On request, further
manual height and fore/aft adjust-
driver’s side. Using the control
apart from the side bolsters.
lation for the standard seats and
trim elements can also be leather-
comfort seats is also available
finished or individualised with
as an option (only in conjunction
wood, carbon or Aluminium Look
with heated seats, automatic
finish. (For further information
climate control, and part- or full-
please see pages 112 to 116 and
Adaptive sports seats with
driver memory.
As well as the leather steering
wheel rim, gear/selector lever,
handbrake lever and door handle,
Seat heating and ventilation.
the Boxster S has leather trim
on the lids of the storage com-
ment and an electric backrest
switches in the door panel, it
adjustment, enabling virtually
is possible to restore one of two
every driver to find the ideal seat
personalised settings. Addition-
position, regardless of physical
ally, you can store a further seat
The optional adaptive sports
position in each of the ignition
seats in leather upholstery
For the ultimate sports experience,
leather interior). A slipstream
the Porsche Exclusive Boxster
keys. As soon as you unlock the
combine excellent comfort with
you could opt for sports bucket
effect evaporates perspiration
catalogue with current price list.)
door using the key remote, the
first-rate track performance.
seats with a folding backrest,
moisture – for a comfortable
driver’s seat and exterior mirrors
integral thorax airbag and manual
seating environment. Ventilation
resume their stored position.
fore/aft adjustment. The backrest
intensity can be set to any of
shell is made from glass/carbon-
three levels.
Sports bucket seats.*
fibre-reinforced plastic and has
a stylish carbon-weave finish. The
backrest pivots are positioned
high in the side bolsters to provide
lateral support to the pelvic region
characteristic of a race seat.
* Child restraint systems must not be used
in conjunction with sports bucket seats.
Comfort seat with driver memory
Adaptive sports seat with driver memory
· 74 ·
Sports bucket seat
· 75 ·
Boxster | Comfort
Air conditioning.
Cruise control.
lockable glove compartment
‘Welcome Home’ lighting.
(includes CD storage on vehicles
HomeLink® (programmable
garage door opener).
Windscreen wipers.
As standard, both Boxster models
This optional automatic speed
with optional sound system).
When the vehicle is opened or
come with a quiet, efficient
controller for the 30 to 240 km/h
The storage box on the rear bulk-
locked using the key remote, the
The optional programmable
an adjustable intermittent wipe
air-conditioning system. Optional
(19–149 mph) range is operated
head offers additional loadspace
standard automatic locator light-
garage door opener is integrated
speed are aerodynamic and
climate control, with solar and
using a switch on a separate con-
(except on vehicles with optional
ing switches on automatically.
into the overhead console and
inconspicuous. The windscreen
temperature sensors, ensures
trol stalk on the steering column.
BOSE® Surround Sound System)
This is particularly convenient at
remotely controls up to three
washer system has two heated
along with space in the rear
night. In conjunction with the
different garage doors, gates,
and filtered nozzles. An inte-
centre console. Other practical
optional PCM (p. 83) and Sport
home lighting and/or alarm
grated rain sensor is available
features include storage com-
Chrono Package Plus (p. 57), the
as an option (in conjunction
partments in the doors, coat
delayed lighting switch-off period
The Boxster’s cleverly designed
hooks on the back of each seat
can be adjusted as desired.
storage compartments offer
and two retractable cup holders
plenty of space, such as those in
above the glove compartment.
even more consistent control
over the interior temperature.
Storage compartments.
The windscreen wipers with
with auto-dimming mirrors).
the front centre console or the
Climate control
· 76 ·
Cruise control
Cup holder
· 77 ·
Boxster | Comfort
Water-repellent side windows.
Anti-theft protection.
Vehicle tracking system.
and a higher-capacity battery.
A tilt sensor is included.
At the front there's enough room
for the large trolley from the
The surfaces of the side windows
As soon as reverse gear is
The Boxster models are equipped
In conjunction with the alarm
Porsche Travel System, while
are treated with a water-repellent
engaged, the optional ParkAssist
with an immobiliser with in-
system, this optional preparation
the rear can accommodate the
coating so that not only water but
is automatically enabled. If you
key transponder. In addition, the
enables future installation of a
also dirt runs away more easily,
move too close to an obstacle, a
Boxster S has an alarm system
vehicle tracking system available
thereby providing optimum visibil-
warning signal begins to sound,
with contact-sensitive exterior pro-
from Porsche Tequipment. It
Two carpet-lined luggage compart-
of lightweight aluminium.
ity even in poor weather.
becoming faster until the car stops.
tection as standard. On request,
makes it possible to locate a
ments are available. The front
A service hatch located in the
Two luggage compartments.
Porsche golf bag. The luggage
compartment covers are made
The sensors of the optional
radar-based interior surveillance
stolen vehicle across most of the
loadspace capacity is 150 litres,
rear luggage compartment
ParkAssist are neatly concealed in
is available which protects
countries of Europe. The package
with 130 litres at the rear –
enables easy refilling of coolant
the rear bumper.
the interior of the vehicle when
includes a special wiring loom
even when the hood is lowered.
and engine oil.
the hood is closed. For the
Boxster, the alarm system and
radar interior surveillance are
both available as options.
Front luggage compartment
Rear luggage compartment
· 78 ·
Luggage compartments
· 79 ·
Boxster | Comfort
The Boxster hood system is perfectly matched to the dynamic
exterior design. It opens in just
12 seconds and can even be
operated while the car is in motion
at speeds of up to 50 km/h
(approx. 30 mph). The glass rear
screen is heated and scratchresistant. The Boxster models
ensure unrestricted driving
pleasure - and not only when the
sun is shining.
The optional hardtop is elegantly
A concertina action protects the
styled to match the exterior of
interior rooflining when the hood
the Boxster models. It is made of
is folded away. The hood itself is
robust aluminium and weighs
made from a fade-resistant robust
just 23 kg. The integral glass rear
fabric which is specially pro-
window is, of course, heated.
tected against ultraviolet light.
The hood structure is very light
and stores compactly for a low
vehicle centre of gravity with
Wind deflector
no loss of storage space. The
interior is lined with a stylish and
practical heat-insulating fabric
Wind deflector.
that also reduces exterior noise.
· 80 ·
installed on the rear roll-over
bars. The wind deflector is
On request, a three-piece wind
available in combination with
deflector is available which
the storage box on the rear
reduces turbulence in the head
bulkhead panel or with the BOSE®
and shoulder area. It is easily
Surround Sound System.
· 81 ·
Boxster | Comfort
Calling the tune,
even when it comes to communication.
an even more impressive sound
experience, you could opt for
the Sound Package Plus or BOSE®
Porsche Communication
Management (PCM) including
navigation module.
Surround Sound System.
Porsche and sound – inseparable
CDR-30 audio system.
The FM dual tuner with RDS
The main feature is the 6.5-inch
colour touchscreen with a
durable, easy-to-clean coating.
Functional, innovative and easy
PCM is available on request for
to use, you will find the display
diversity, a total of 30 memory
Controlling the CDR-30 audio
both Boxster models. As the
very clearly presented and a
Both Boxster models are equipped
presets, dynamic autostore
system could not be more simple:
central information and communi-
maximum of five list entries per
as standard with the CDR-30
and speed-sensitive volume con-
the function keys ensure that all
cations system, it can be used
page enable you to operate the
The audio system is specially
audio system with 5-inch display
trol are, as usual, all part of the
the main functions are directly at
for many different applications
unit quickly and safely. Alterna-
adapted to the Boxster models.
(monochrome) and MP3-com­-
standard package. Just like the
your finger-tips, and it is also pos-
and its ergonomic design makes
tively, you can also operate the
patible CD drive. An integrated
high-quality sound, which is deliv-
sible to conveniently control all
it easy and comfortable to
PCM using conventional button
The result is a rich and more
six-disc CD autochanger is avail-
ered by two high-range speakers
of the most important functions
enjoyable sound – both inside
able as an option.
in the dashboard, two low-range
using the buttons on the optional
speakers in the door trims and
multifunction steering wheels.
– not only in terms of the engine,
but also in the interior acoustics.
and outside the car.
two 25-watt output stages. For
CDR-30 audio system with optional CD autochanger
· 82 ·
Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with navigation module
· 83 ·
Boxster | Comfort
A touchscreen enables rapid
the software supplied (software
request. There is no need to ‘train’
destination input and instant
complies with all statutory
the system.
viewing of traffic information and
requirements for automatic log-
points of interest (POIs) by simply
books as specified by the
allowing you to touch the symbols
German revenue authorities).
Telephone module for PCM.*
on the map. Route diversions,
e.g. the nearest service stations,
can therefore be incorporated
Available as an option, the quad-
TV tuner.
band GSM telephone module
quickly and easily into the current
route guidance.
offers convenience and excellent
A TV tuner, available as an option,
reception. Hands-free calls can
receives free-to-air analogue and
be made by inserting a SIM card
When viewing a map, it is pos­
digital broadcasts (DVB-T) and
directly into the PCM’s integral
sible to select between a 3D
provides entertainment between
SIM card reader. And for even
perspective and the 2D display.
journeys. For your safety, the
more convenience, the Bluetooth®
At motorway exits, graphical
TV picture cannot be displayed
capability of your mobile phone
turn indications are displayed for
while the vehicle is in motion.
can be used to make calls through
better orientation. In splitscreen
the SIM Access Profile (SAP).
mode, you can choose to display
not only the current map over-
Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including navigation module
Once automatic pairing is com-
Voice control system.
view, but also a list of icons that
represent dynamic route guidance.
Navigation module for PCM.
switched off to conserve battery
Almost all of the functions of the
Radio functions include up to
The integrated single CD/DVD
42 memory presets and an FM
drive – in combination with the
dual tuner with RDS and fre-
optional BOSE® Surround Sound
The GPS navigation module
quency diversity, which continu-
System – is also able to play
included with the optional PCM
ously scans in the background
back music from audio and video
now has an internal hard drive
The optional electronic logbook
for the best signal.
DVDs in the 5.1 digital surround
containing maps for most Euro-
enables automatic recording of
screen and the voice control
format. An integrated six-disc
pean countries.
relevant driving data. Once you
system recognises commands or
CD/DVD autochanger with MP3
have downloaded the logbooks
sequences of numbers, whoever
compatibility is also available as
via Bluetooth ® or the optional
the speaker. It then gives an
an option for the PCM.
USB interface, you can evaluate
audible acknowledgement and
them on your home PC using
carries out the functions you
· 84 ·
Electronic logbook for PCM.
plete, the mobile phone’s aerial is
charge and the phone operates
PCM can be controlled using
via the car aerial. Depending
the latest optional voice control
on the type of mobile phone, this
system with word-by-word input.
gives access not only to the
The menu item is read aloud
numbers on the SIM card, but also
exactly as it is displayed on the
to the phone’s internal memory.
· 85 ·
* See page 117/118 for information.
Boxster | Comfort
The mobile phone can also
A cordless handset is also avail-
mobile phone tucked away in
three connections: one for your
be controlled, depending on the
able for the telephone module.
your pocket. However, the PCM or
iPod ®, one for a USB stick/MP3
model, by means of the PCM,
However, this cannot be used for
CDR-30 is able to control only
player and one as an AUX interface
the optional multifunction steering
Bluetooth ® calls via the Hands-
the basic functions of the mobile
for any compatible audio source
wheel or the optional voice con-
As an option, the CDR-30 audio
For sophisticated ears:
system can be fitted with an
the optionally available Sound
integral six-disc autochanger, or
Package Plus.
for the optional PCM, an integral
phone. The GSM connection is
of your choice. The
established through the aerial of
stick can be controlled conven-
ing your pocket.
the mobile phone. The mobile
iently and safely using the PCM.
phone preparation is available
Through the USB socket, it is also
Seven speakers with a total
output only in conjunction with
with or without a mounting bracket.
possible to download data from
output of 185 watts combine to
PCM). Both are MP3 compatible,
the performance display of the
create the perfect interior sound
and hold up to six CDs or DVDs.
Sport Chrono Package, as well as
experience. Sound settings can
They are easy to load via the
data from the electronic logbook.
be customised using the CDR-30
input slot on the CDR-30 or PCM.
Mobile phone preparation for
PCM and CDR-30.*
can be used to enable a Bluetooth®
or USB
CD or CD/DVD autochanger.
trol system, without it ever leav-
In addition, the telephone module
free Profile (HFP).
iPod ®
Sound Package Plus for PCM
and CDR-30.
six-disc autochanger (DVD/audio
connection for those mobile
To enable a Bluetooth ® connec-
phones that only support the
tion for those mobile phones
Handsfree Profile (HFP). Here, the
that only support the Handsfree
GSM connection is established
Profile (HFP), an optional mobile
through the aerial of the mobile
phone preparation is available.
With this optional feature, the
audio system that comes as
ment (PCM, p. 83). Also includes
phone. The PCM acts as the
With HFP, the PCM or CDR-30 acts
storage compartment in the centre
standard, there is an AUX socket
CD storage in the glove compart-
hands-free system and the mobile
merely as a hands-free system.
console in combination with the
for connecting any other type of
phone can remain stowed away.
Here, too, you can leave the
optional PCM will contain up to
audio source.
Voice control system for PCM
· 86 ·
Universal audio interface for
PCM and CDR-30.
audio system or the optional
In conjunction with the CDR-30
Porsche Communication Manage-
* See page 117/118 for information.
Cordless handset for telephone
module and PCM
Universal audio interface for PCM
· 87 ·
Boxster | Comfort
BOSE® Surround Sound System
for PCM and CDR-30.
5.1 surround sound is balanced,
loudness function increases
lifelike and crystal clear. It’s a
bass levels as you decrease the
sound that’s as true to a live
volume, thereby compensating
The optional BOSE® Surround
performance or cinematic expe­
for the decreasing sensitivity of
Sound System is compatible with
rience as you can get.
the human ear at these frequen-
both the CDR-30 audio system,
cies. Moreover, the AudioPilot ®
which comes as standard, and
Of course, you can still play
Noise Compensation Technology
the optionally available PCM.
traditional music sources such
uses a microphone to continu-
Developed specifically for Porsche,
as CDs (only format supported
ously measure the ambient noise
it has been optimised for the
by CDR-30), either in stereo or
inside the vehicle and adapts
Boxster models. A total of 11 loud-
in one of the surround modes
music playback automatically so
speakers, including an active sub-
generated by patented BOSE®
that a consistent sound is main-
woofer and central speaker, and
Centerpoint ®
tained in all driving conditions.
a seven-channel digital amplifier
algorithm of Centerpoint ® II
with a total output of 385 watts,
extracts a precise and realistic
The BOSE® Surround Sound
combine to produce a truly memo-
sound from the stereo signal.
System. A genuine – perhaps the
technology. The
rable sound experience.
7.0 cm Neodym mid-range speaker
2.5 cm Neodym high-range speakers
Microphone for AudioPilot ®
on the steering column
digital amplifier
only – alternative to the characThe SurroundStage ® signal
During audio playback from audio
processing circuitry developed
or video DVDs (only with the
by BOSE® assigns each indi­
optional PCM), the system is able
vidual audio channel, whether
to make full use of the impressive
sourced from a DVD or generated
sound spectrum of 5.1 digital
by Centerpoint ®, to a selected
recordings. With music in the 5.1
combination of loudspeakers
format, the sound has already
and is therefore able to deliver
been recorded in a multichannel
an optimally balanced surround
format and is faithfully repro-
sound experience to both seat
duced exactly as the original.
Five dedicated audio channels
To complement these features,
(front left, front right, centre,
the BOSE® Surround Sound
surround left, surround right)
System offers a comprehensive
deliver a sound that is as authen-
selection of equaliser presets for
tic as it is natural. The digital
customised sound. The dynamic
teristic engine sound.
8.0 cm Neodym mid-range speakers and
20.0 cm ND ® low-range speakers*
Active subwoofer with 2 x 13 cm low-range speakers
and 2 x 6.5 cm mid/high-range speakers
* Neodym low-range speaker featuring BOSE® patented technology offering ultra-slim build and superior bass performance.
· 88 ·
· 89 ·
The Boxster models. Synonymous
With the latest technologies which
So that you can kindle the inner
with pure driving enjoyment.
reduce both fuel consumption and
fire of your Boxster. Looking
Particularly in the open air.
CO2 emissions.
Another reason why Porsche
With quality which means that over
has faced the challenges
70 % of all Porsche cars ever built
of the future and, for decades,
are still on the road. And with a
has shown responsibility for
commitment, right from the design
the environment.
stage, to environmentally friendly
· 90 ·
· 91 ·
Boxster | Environment
Boxster S and Boxster
Our contribution to a cleaner environment:
pure engineering.
In an era of intensifying debate
Exhaust emission control.
This is achieved by means of a
Fuel economy and recycling.
two-stage cascade-type catalytic
Both engines comply with strin-
converter which comprises two
At Porsche, a fundamental aspect
gent emission standards, including
monolith substrates on each of the
of design is intelligent lightweight
Porsche is already among those
Porsche development centre in
Euro 5 in Europe and LEV II / ULEV
twin exhaust tracts. These spe-
construction. For both economical
about CO2 emissions, every auto-
manufacturers achieving the
Weissach. Here, all technological
in the USA. Vehicles manufactured
cially coated substrates contain
and ecological reasons. This
motive manufacturer is asking
lowest CO2 emissions. This has
developments are carried out
by Porsche demonstrate that
ultra-fine honeycomb channels
forms the basis for low fuel con-
itself what it has to offer in terms
been achieved through the new
with environmental protection in
even high-performance sportscars
in which pollutants are converted
sumption values in conjunction
of environmental protection. Our
efficient drive concept (DFI), light-
mind. The goal? Pure perform-
can achieve very low emission
as exhaust gas passes through.
with out-standing performance.
answer has long been the same:
weight construction, optimum
ance – but not at the expense of
values in their respective category.
maximum efficiency.
aerodynamics and low rolling
the environment. A goal achieved
In short, the Boxster is not only
The stereo lambda control cir-
It is economical thanks to the
by the Boxster models.
extremely sporty, it is also very
cuitry controls and monitors each
high proportion of aluminium cast
cylinder bank separately, while
alloys, plastics and super highstrength sheet steel used. This is
Over the last 15 years, Porsche
has been reducing the CO2 emis-
This high level of environmental
another lambda sensor on each
sions of its vehicles annually by
responsibility is clearly demon-
cylinder bank monitors pollutant
substantially lighter and more
an average of 1.7 %. In relation to
strated by our approach to environ-
conversion in the respective cata-
stable than conventional steel.
power output (g/km per hp),
mental management at the
lytic converter (p. 38).*
* Not in markets with leaded fuel.
· 92 ·
· 93 ·
Boxster | Environment
In the Boxster models approxi-
In addition, Porsche uses only
mately 20 % of components are
environmentally friendly water-
The release of hydrocarbons
from the fuel system has been
made from lightweight alloys.
based paints. The Boxster models
Both Boxster models are already
minimised thanks to the active
The Boxster models comply
Long service intervals offer
We use only innovative and envi-
are absolutely free of asbestos,
designed to operate on fuels
carbon filter and a special coating
with all applicable noise regula-
clear advantages. For you: lower
ronmentally friendly components,
CFCs and components manufac-
with an ethanol content of up to
on the fuel tank. All fuel lines
tions without any form of engine
costs and saved time. For the
and each material is labelled
tured using CFCs. This is because,
10 %. Ethanol has a positive
are made of aluminium and multi-
encapsulation. To achieve this,
environment: the use of fewer
to facilitate its separation for
here at Porsche, environmental
impact on the CO2 balance since
layered plastic.
noises are eliminated at source.
consuables and replacement
recycling. Recycled plastics are
protection does not begin at the
the plants cultivated for the
Engine parts are stiff, moving
parts. For full details of service
used where they meet exacting
end of a vehicle’s life. It starts
production of this biofuel also
parts are lightweight and toler-
intervals, please refer to the
technical requirements. In all,
at the planning and development
absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.
ances are kept to a minimum.
separate price list.
the Boxster models are approxi-
Large-volume silencers and reso-
mately 95 % recyclable.
nators in the air intake system
minimise noise further. For the
entire service life of the vehicle.
Boxster S
· 94 ·
· 95 ·
Personalisation is a reflection
The Boxster models give you this
you can personalise your Boxster
of your inner self. An opportunity
flexibility. Because they provide
or Boxster S to suit your taste.
to present your personality.
not only sporting performance.
After all, you’ll be spending a long
For yourself.
But also individuality.
time in it.
Whether it’s the exterior or interior
colour, the materials, wheels or
the BOSE® Surround Sound System,
· 96 ·
· 97 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
Our wide range of colour options
offers you the opportunity to
enhance your Boxster’s unique
Available for selection are
four solid colours, eight metallic
colours, four special colours,
five hood colours and ten interior
colours, including a two-tone
leather package – a combination
of Black and Stone Grey.
Of course, you can specify your
Boxster in virtually any other
colour of your choice. Further
information is available in
the Porsche Exclusive Boxster
Using the Porsche Car Configu­
Boxster with interior package in macassar, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in macassar, leather trim and optional equipment
rator at, you
can transform your ideas into
reality. Here you can design your
Personalisation options.
The Boxster models are a unique
the opportunity to make your
For more information on indi­
Porsche according to your per-
Your Porsche Centre will be
very own Boxster using whatever
expression of the Porsche engi-
own personal refinements when
vidual items, please refer to the
sonal preferences. Turn some-
pleased to advise you.
colour or extra equipment you
neering philosophy. Their design
you place your order.
separate Boxster price list.
thing special into something
is a modern classic that will
stand the test of time. For this
The following pages feature a
In addition, with the Porsche
personalise your Porsche at a
very reason, we can offer you
wide selection of products
Exclusive range you have the
later date with the Porsche
grouped according to category.
opportunity to specify your
Tequipment range of accessories.
· 98 ·
unique. Naturally, you can also
· 99 ·
· 100 · · 100 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
Solid exterior colours.
Metallic exterior colours.
Special exterior colours.
Hood colours.
Standard interior colours.
Special interior colours.
Natural leather.
leather/soft-touch paint.
Leather/soft-touch paint.
Basalt Black Metallic
Macadamia Metallic
Cream White
Terracotta (special colour)2)
Guards Red
Platinum Silver Metallic*
Meteor Grey Metallic
GT Silver Metallic
Stone Grey
Stone Grey1)
Stone Grey
Cocoa (special colour)2)
Carrara White
Dark Blue Metallic
Aqua Blue Metallic
Amethyst Metallic*
Metropole Blue
Sand Beige1)
Sand Beige
Black/Stone Grey (two-tone)
Stone Grey
Speed Yellow
Ice Blue Metallic*
Porsche Racing Green Metallic
Ruby Red Metallic
Ocean Blue1)
Ocean Blue
Dark Grey (natural leather)3)
Natural Dark Grey
Natural Brown (natural leather)2)
Natural Brown
Carrera Red (natural leather)2)
Carrera Red
See separate price list for factory-recommended colour combinations.
Soft-touch paint in interior colour, film finish in interior colour on inner door sill guards, black film finish on sun visors.
Special colour or Natural Brown (natural leather) and Carrera Red (natural leather) interior: soft-touch paint in interior colour,
black film finish on sun visors and inner door sill guards.
3) Dark Grey (natural leather) interior: black soft-touch paint, black film finish on sun visors and inner door sill guards.
* Available from 09/10 at the earliest.
Also available up to 07/10: Artic Silver Metallic (metallic exterior colour), Atlas Grey Metallic (special exterior colour).
· 101 ·
· 102 ·
· 103 ·
· 104 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
Boxster | Personalisation
I no.
• Metallic paint
• Special colours
• Individual colours
• Bi-Xenon headlights with dynamic cornering lights
• Deletion of model designation
• ParkAssist (rear parking aid)
78, 106
• SportDesign package
106, 119
• Grey top tint on windscreen
• Automatically dimming interior/exterior mirrors with integrated rain sensor
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)
PDK gear selector lever
Engine, transmission and chassis.
and LED daytime running lights
42, 107
• Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)
62, 107
• Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)
• Sport Chrono Package
• Sport Chrono Package Plus (only in conjunction with PCM)
• Sports exhaust system
with ride height lowered by 10 mm
• M echanically locking rear differential
• Hardtop
• Wind deflector, three-part
• Storage box on engine cover
· 106 ·
I no.
• Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK, 7-speed)
(only in conjunction with 18-inch or 19-inch wheels)
The vehicles illustrated in the chapter on Personalisation may include additional options not featured in this catalogue.
For information on these options, please contact your Porsche Centre.
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list.
– not available • number/extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option
· 105 ·
Boxster S
Boxster S
SportDesign package
· 107 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
19-inch Carrera S II wheel
19-inch Carrera Classic wheel
19-inch SportDesign wheel
19-inch 911 Turbo wheel
• 17-inch Cayman II wheel
19-inch 911 Turbo II wheel
I no.
• 18-inch Cayman S II wheel
• 18-inch Boxster S II wheel
53, 108
• 19-inch Carrera S II wheel
• 19-inch Carrera Classic wheel
• 19-inch SportDesign wheel
I no.
• 19-inch 911 Turbo wheel
• 19-inch 911 Turbo II wheel
• Wheel centres with full-colour Porsche crest
• Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
• 19-inch Carrera Sport wheel (including wheel centre
with full-colour Porsche Crest)
The vehicles illustrated in the chapter on Personalisation may include additional options not featured in this catalogue.
For information on these options, please contact your Porsche Centre.
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list.
– not available • number/extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option
· 108 ·
Boxster S
19-inch Carrera Sport wheel
18-inch Boxster S II wheel
Boxster S
18-inch Cayman S II wheel
17-inch Cayman II wheel
· 109 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
I no.
Sports seat
Boxster S
Soft ruffled leather seat
Boxster S
Climate control
Floor mats
I no.
• Comfort seats with driver memory
ruise control
• Sports seats
74, 111
• Climate control
76, 110
• Adaptive sports seats with driver memory
• Alarm system with interior surveillance
• Sports bucket seats
74, 75
• Interior surveillance
• Seat heating
• Preparation for vehicle tracking system
• Seat ventilation (only in conjunction with seat heating)
• Fire extinguisher
• H eated steering wheel (only in conjunction with seat heating)
• Floor mats
(programmable garage door opener)
The vehicles illustrated in the chapter on Personalisation may include additional options not featured in this catalogue.
For information on these options, please contact your Porsche Centre.
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list.
– not available • number/extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option
· 110 ·
· 111 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel
I no.
• Partial leather seats
• Soft ruffled leather seats (only in conjunction with leather interior package)
• Leather interior package (includes seats, dashboard upper/lower sections
– in special colour
– in two-tone combination
– in natural leather
– in colour to sample
Interior: leather and natural leather.
and door panels in smooth-finish leather)
– in standard colour
Three-spoke sports steering wheel with gearshift paddles
I no.
• Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel
73, 113
• T hree-spoke sports steering wheel with gearshift paddles
46, 73, 113
The vehicles illustrated in the chapter on Personalisation may include additional options not featured in this catalogue.
For information on these options, please contact your Porsche Centre.
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list.
– not available • number/extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option
· 112 ·
Boxster S
Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel
for PDK
Interior: leather and natural leather.
Boxster S
Sports seats, leather trim and personalised optional equipment
· 113 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
Interior: carbon.
I no.
Boxster S
Interior package in carbon, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in carbon and personalised optional equipment
Boxster S
Interior: macassar wood* (dark wood with satin finish).
Interior package in macassar, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in macassar and personalised optional equipment
I no.
• Macassar interior package*
• Carbon interior package
hree-spoke multifunction steering wheel in macassar*
• T hree-spoke multifunction steering wheel in carbon
* Since wood is a natural product, there may be variations in colour and grain
The vehicles illustrated in the chapter on Personalisation may include additional options not featured in this catalogue.
For information on these options, please contact your Porsche Centre.
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list.
– not available • number/extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option
· 114 ·
· 115 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
Audio and communication.
Boxster S
Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in Aluminium Look finish and personalised optional equipment
Universal audio interface (AUX, USB, iPod ®) for PCM
Interior: Aluminium Look finish/aluminium.
Boxster S
• Gear and handbrake levers in aluminium I
• PDK selector lever and handbrake lever aluminium
• Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel in Aluminium Look
• Integrated CD autochanger (six-disc for CDR-30)1)
• Universal audio interface (AUX, for CDR-30)
• Sound Package Plus, including CD storage (for CDR-30 and PCM)
• BOSE® Surround Sound System, including CD storage
• CDR-30 audio
I no.
I no.
• Mobile phone preparation (for CDR-30 and
• Mobile phone preparation with cradle (for CDR-30 and
(for CDR-30 and PCM)
• External aerial (for CDR-30 and PCM)
ay be incompatible with some copy-protected audio CDs/DVDs.
– M obile phone preparation: The use of a mobile phone inside a car may cause an increase in the interior electromagnetic field strength and,
accordingly, in the electromagnetic radiation to which passengers are exposed. The use of the telephone module for PCM via Bluetooth ®
SAP connection or with the SIM card inserted prevents exposure to electromagnetic radiation as only the car’s external aerial is ever used.
– For information on compatible mobile phones, please contact your Porsche Centre or visit www.
– Telephone module in HFP mode: The use of a mobile phone inside a car may cause an increase in the interior electromagnetic field strength
and, accordingly, in the electromagnetic radiation to which passengers are exposed. The use of the telephone module for PCM via Bluetooth ®
SAP connection or with the SIM card inserted prevents exposure to electromagnetic radiation as only the car’s external aerial is ever used.
The vehicles illustrated in the chapter on Personalisation may include additional options not featured in this catalogue.
For information on these options, please contact your Porsche Centre.
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list.
– not available • number/extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option
· 116 ·
· 117 ·
Boxster | Personalisation
Audio and communication.
Boxster S
Cordless handset for telephone module and PCM
Electronic logbook for PCM
I no.
• PCM including navigation module1)
83, 84
• Integral CD/DVD autochanger (six-disc for PCM)1)
• Universal audio interface (AUX, USB, iPod ®, for PCM)3)
86, 117
• TV tuner (for PCM)
85, 118
• Telephone module (for
• Cordless handset for telephone module (for PCM)
• Voice control system (for PCM)
85, 86
• Electronic logbook (for PCM)
85, 118
ay be incompatible with some copy-protected audio CDs/DVDs.
2) See page 117 for information
3) For information on the compatibility of iPod ® and iPhone ® models, please contact your Porsche Centre.
The vehicles illustrated in the chapter on Personalisation may include additional options not featured in this catalogue.
For information on these options, please contact your Porsche Centre.
For more information on the options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list.
– not available • number/extra-cost option • standard equipment W no-cost option
· 118 ·
Porsche Exclusive
And to your specification.
Aesthetically and technically,
Either your Porsche Centre or the
inside and outside, using fine
customer centre in Zuffenhausen
materials and with customary
(tel. +49 (0)711 911-25332) will
With the range of options featured
Porsche quality. Our overriding
be happy to answer any questions
in this catalogue, you can make
principle? Uniquely handcrafted
you may have. Please note that
your Porsche even more special.
to your taste. You will find a
delivery times may be extended
Introducing Porsche Exclusive.
wide range of design options in
for certain Porsche Exclusive
Have your vehicle individually and
the separate Porsche Exclusive
exclusively tailored to your wishes
Boxster catalogue.
even before it leaves the factory.
· 119 ·
Factory collection
You won’t be able to sleep the
night before. The night after,
you won’t want to.
you at their place of manufacture
(which we can return on your
to final installation. Experience
part of your factory collection
Then you’ll finally experience
– in Leipzig.
one of the key moments in the
visit, we will be delighted to offer
what it means to own a Porsche.
construction of any car: the
you a three-course meal from
‘marriage’ of engine/chassis and
our gourmet menu. If there’s
still time, you can enjoy some
Where better to experience the
Please note that there are a
passion of Porsche than in the
number of formalities that must
body. The factory tour is one of
place where it all began? A place
be completed when you take
our oldest traditions and is always
additional refreshments in the
characterised by a unique blend
delivery of your new Porsche.
conducted by a Porsche enthu­
customer lounge or simply
Many of our customers dream
of past and future. To take advan­
For full details, please consult
siast with extensive knowledge
browse in the Porsche Design
of the marque.
Driver’s Selection Shop.
of collecting their new Porsche in
tage of this fascinating opportu-
your Porsche Centre, who will
person. They want to be there
nity, please inform your Porsche
also be happy to assist when it
when the car of their dreams leaves
Centre that you would like to col-
comes to planning your trip.
the factory. This way, they can
lect your vehicle in Zuffenhausen,
be the first to take their Porsche
or if you purchased a Panamera
to its rightful place: on the road.
or Cayenne, in Leipzig. We will then
make all the necessary arrange-
Today, all Porsche engines are
ments to have your Porsche ready
constructed here in our main
by the agreed collection date.
factory in Zuffenhausen, where
If Zuffenhausen is the destination
for your factory collection, then
why not also visit the new Porsche
Everything about a Porsche
is more intense. Especially
the anticipation.
Museum? Here, you’ll find an im-
There’s no need to rush just yet.
The moment you’ve been
waiting for.
pressive range of exhibits, includ-
The highlight of your visit will
ing legendary Porsche models
undoubtedly be the delivery of
that have made key contributions
your Porsche – handed over by
to the Porsche success story.
specialists who know it inside
the legendary 356 was built.
Finding the factory is straight-
Take your time and make the
Awaiting you in Leipzig are an
and out. They will take their time
You can collect your Boxster,
forward. The easiest way to
factory tour one of the highlights
impressive car exhibition and an
to explain everything you need
Cayman or 911 from here.
travel from outside Germany is
of your visit. See Porsche pro-
exciting film presentation about
to know about your new car
to fly to Stuttgart, Frankfurt
duction processes in action for
the fascinating world of Porsche.
and all its technical features.
If you’ve chosen a Cayenne or
am Main, or Leipzig, and then
yourself, from engine assembly
How does a Porsche experience
Panamera, this will be waiting for
continue by train, taxi or hire car
and the preparation of upholstery
of the culinary kind sound? As
Vehicle handover in Zuffenhausen
· 120 ·
Porsche Museum
· 121 ·
Porsche Centres
Porsche Assistance
Porsche Financial Services
Porsche Exclusive
Porsche Tequipment
Your Porsche Centre can assist you
Enjoy peace of mind with our
Our innovative suite of financial
Realise your vision of the perfect
Personalise your Porsche at any
Porsche Design
Driver’s Selection
with every aspect of purchasing
exclusive breakdown and accident
services is specially tailored
Porsche with our factory custom-
time after purchase with the
With products ranging from
and owning your Porsche. You will
recovery service. Membership is
to the needs of Porsche owners.
isation programme. From styling
Tequipment range of approved
fashion and accessories to
also find a wide range of products
free when you buy a new Porsche.
Products range from attractive
enhancements to performance
accessories. Designed exclusively
tailored luggage, this unique
and services, including genuine
finance and leasing options
upgrades, all modifications are
for your car, every product is fully
collection combines quality and
Porsche parts and accessories.
to vehicle insurance and the
uniquely handcrafted for your
style with everyday practicality.
Porsche Card.
Porsche Online
For all the latest news and
information from Porsche,
go to
Porsche Used Car Programme
Porsche Classic
Porsche Clubs
Your specialist source for genuine
Our bi-monthly magazine for
Since the first Porsche Club
Porsche Driving Experience
1. Porsche Travel Club.
2. Porsche Sport Driving School.
Porsche Approved is the simple
way to find the perfect pre-owned
Porsche parts and technical docu-
Porsche owners has news,
was founded in 1952, their
Exclusive driving holidays and
Porsche with the Porsche Sport
Porsche, anywhere in the world.
mentation as well as servicing,
interviews and a wide variety
number has grown to 613 with
incentive ideas combining
Driving School. To learn about
Every car is rigorously tested
repair and restoration for all types
of features from throughout
a total of 120,000 members
luxury and adventure, worldwide.
events at some of the world’s most
and comes with a comprehensive
of classic Porsche. Find out more
the world of Porsche.
worldwide. To find out more,
To find out more, call
famous racing venues, call
vehicle warranty.
call +49 (0)711 911-78307 or
+49 (0)711 911-78155.
+49 (0)711 911-78683. E-mail:
go to
Develop your skill and explore your
Ask your Porsche Centre for the latest brochures from Porsche Exclusive, Porsche Tequipment, Porsche Design Driver’s Selection and the
Porsche Driving Experience.
· 122 ·
· 123 ·
· 124 ·
The Boxster. A sportscar
A roadster that is driven by an
Turning every corner into an
in a league of its own.
unquenchable fire that burns within,
unforgettable experience.
Because it doesn’t follow
and sets new standards thanks to
And making sparks fly.
the rules; it writes them.
Porsche Intelligent Performance.
Providing the driver with an
After over 60 years of roadster
authentic driving experience.
history, the affair goes on.
· 125 ·
Boxster | Technical data
Technical data
Boxster S
Boxster S
Manual / PDK
Manual / PDK
Unladen weight (DIN)
1.335 kg / 1.365 kg
1.355 kg / 1.380 kg
Unladen weight (EC)1)
1.410 kg / 1.440 kg
1.430 kg / 1.455 kg
No. of cylinders
Permissible gross weight
1.635 kg / 1.670 kg
1.645 kg / 1.675 kg
2.893 cm3
3.436 cm3
Max. power (DIN)
188 kW (255 hp)
228 kW (310 hp)
Manual / PDK (SPORT PLUS) 2)
Manual / PDK (SPORT PLUS) 2)
at rpm
Top speed km/h (mph)
263 (163) / 261 (162)
274 (170) / 272 (169)
Max. torque
290 Nm
360 Nm
0–100 km/h (0–62 mph)
5.9 secs / 5.8 secs (5.6 secs)2)
5.3 secs / 5.2 secs (5.0 secs)2)
at rpm
0–160 km/h (0–99 mph)
13.6 secs / 13.4 secs (13 1 secs)2)
11.6 secs / 11.4 secs (11.1 secs)2)
Compression ratio
11.5 : 1
12.5 : 1
Flexibility (80–120 km/ h)
7.6 secs / –
6.5 secs / –
– / 3.8 secs
– / 3.2 secs
Fuel consumption/emissions3)
Manual / PDK
Manual / PDK
Urban in l/100 km
13.8 / 13.6
14.4 / 14.1
Extra urban in l/100 km
6.9 / 6.5
7.2 / 6.6
(50–75 mph) in 5th gear
In-gear acceleration (80–120 km/h)
Rear-wheel drive
Rear-wheel drive
Manual transmission
PDK (optional)
(50–75 mph)
Front axle
McPherson-strut suspension
McPherson-strut suspension
Combined in l/100 km
9.4 / 9.1
9.8 / 9.4
CO2 emissions (g/km)
221 / 214
230 / 221
Rear axle
McPherson-strut suspension
McPherson-strut suspension
Power assisted (hydraulic)
Power assisted (hydraulic)
with variable steering ratio
with variable steering ratio
Dimensions /aerodynamics
Turning circle
11.1 m
11.1 m
4.342 mm
4.342 mm
4-piston aluminium monobloc fixed
4-piston aluminium monobloc fixed
Width (including exterior mirrors)
1.801 mm (1.952 mm)
1.801 mm (1.952 mm)
calipers front and rear, discs
calipers front and rear, discs
1.292 mm
1.294 mm
internally vented and cross-drilled
internally vented and cross-drilled
Vehicle stability system
PSM (with ABS 8.0)
PSM (with ABS 8.0)
Front: 7 J x 17
Front: 8 J x 18
Rear: 8.5 J x 17
Rear: 9 J x 18
Tyres Front: 205/55 ZR 17
Front: 235/40 ZR 18
Rear: 235/50 ZR 17
Rear: 265/40 ZR 18
2.415 mm
2.415 mm
Luggage compartment volume (VDA)
150 l / 130 l
150 l / 130 l
Tank capacity (reserve fuel)
approx. 64 l
approx. 64 l
Drag coefficient
manual/PDK cw = 0.29/0.30
manual/PDK cw = 0.30/0.31
eight is calculated in accordance with the relevant EC Directives and is valid for vehicles with standard specification only.
Optional equipment increases this figure. The figure given includes 68 kg for the driver and 7 kg for luggage.
SPORT PLUS button in conjunction with the optional Sport Chrono Package or Sport Chrono Package Plus.
3) Data determined in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) in accordance with the Euro 5 (715/2007/EC and 692/2008/EC) measurement
method. The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle nor do they constitute part of the offer. They are intended solely as a means of comparing different types of vehicle. You can obtain further information about individual vehicles from your Porsche Centre. The fuel consumption
has been calculated based on a vehicle with standard equipment. Optional equipment may affect fuel consumption and performance.
2) W ith
· 126 ·
· 127 ·
Heated seats
Heated steering wheel
Oil supply
Dry-sump lubrication,
Hill-start assist
On-board computer,
Dynamic cornering lights
Garage door opener
Active safety
Direct fuel injection (DFI)
Adaptive sports seats
66, 67
Anti-theft protection
Audio interface, universal
Audio system CDR-30
Bi-Xenon headlights
BOSE® Surround
‘Welcome Home’ lighting
Passive safety
Sport Chrono Package
Sport Chrono Package Plus
Wind deflector
SportDesign Package
Wiper system
Ignition system
Porsche Active Suspension
Individual equipment
Management (PASM)
Porsche Ceramic Composite
Sports bucket seats
Brake (PCCB)
Sports exhaust system
Sports seats
Exclusive, Porsche
Braking system
Exhaust emission control
LED daytime running lights
Management (PCM)
Exhaust system
Lighting concept
Porsche Doppelkupplung
Lightweight construction
Luggage compartment
Porsche Exclusive
CD or CD/DVD autochanger
Factory collection
Child seats
Comfort seats
Cruise control
Headlight cleaning system
· 128 ·
61, 62
Standard seats
Steering wheels
Storage compartments
46, 73
Porsche Side Impact
Protection (POSIP)
Porsche Stability
Manual gearbox
Management (PSM)
Technical data
63, 64
Porsche Communication
Voice control system
Sound Package Plus
Six-cylinder Boxer engine
Vehicle tracking system
Engine cooling
Engine management system
VarioCam Plus
knock control
95, 122
Electronic logbook
with electronic throttle
Side windows, water-repellent 78
Boxer engine
Seat ventilation
integrated Sound System
Climate control
Rear differential,
Telephone module
Telephone preparation
TV tuner
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
Navigation module
mechanically locking
Resonance intake manifold
Roll-over protection
· 129 ·
The models featured in this publi-
Any reproduction, duplication
cation are approved for road use
or other use is prohibited with-
in Germany. Some items of equip-
out the prior written consent
ment are available as extra-cost
of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
options only. The availability of
models and options may vary from
Porsche, the Porsche Crest, 911,
market to market due to local
Carrera, Boxster, Tequipment,
restrictions and regulations. For
PCCB, PCM, PDK and PSM are
information on standard and
registered trademarks of
optional equipment, please con-
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
sult your Porsche Centre. All
information regarding construc-
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
tion, features, design, perform-
supports the use of paper from
ance, dimensions, weight, fuel
sustainable forestry sourced
consumption and running costs is
from sustainable forests.
correct at the time of going to
This catalogue is printed on
print. Porsche reserves the right
paper made from 100 % PEFC-
to alter specifications and other
certified pulp (Programme
product information without prior
for the Endorsement of Forest
notice. Colours may differ from
those illustrated. Errors and omissions excepted.
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Porscheplatz 1
© Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, 2010
70435 Stuttgart
All text, illustrations and other
information in this publication
are subject to the copyright of
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
Edition: 01/10
Printed in Germany
WSLB1101000120 GB/WW
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