Futaba 7C for F450 + DJI NAZA functions table

Futaba 7C for F450 + DJI NAZA functions table
Futaba 7C for F450 + DJI NAZA
functions table
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Manual mode
Atti mode
GPS mode
VR (CH6)
Other switches/dials
F must be held in position 2 for a few seconds to activate fail-safe.
This is to avoid any accidental activation.
User can reprogram another switch later on.
Course Lock
Home Lock
Follows A
(overides A)
Vary the camera pitch (does not control NAZA gains, as the
gains are fixed at recommended values. User can adjust it
before flight using NAZA Assistant software on the computer Please refer to DJI manual (downloadable from DJI-Innovations
website) for these functions
No need a switch to disarm motors. NAZA is intelligent and pilot
needs to execute CSC to arm motors. Refer to NAZA manual
None (OFF)
NAZA manual and NAZA Assistant software from http://www.dji-innovations.com/. In order to adjust NAZA parameters, user must download and install
NAZA Assistant software.
Warning 1!: Fail-safe works ONLY when enough satellites are picked up by the GPS compass (no red flash, or just one red flash). Do not use or rely on
fail-safe when not enough GPS satellites are picked up (two reds or three reds). Must use manual mode when fail-safe is not working!
Warning 2! if you expereience that the multicopter appears NOT to follow your command, you must switch to ATTI or Manual mode to regain total control
of the copter.
Warning 3: Because of the limitation of the Futaba 7C transmitter, if signal is lost or TX is off, the only fail-safe function available is: throttle is set to 50%
and the multicopter will stay hovering at the last point before signal is lost. The multicopter will stay there to wait for Signal to be established again. It will
not go home or land. This is a limitation of Futaba 7C, not of NAZA. If user wants it to return home and autoland, use switch F described above, and do
NOT turn off the transmitter.
If questions: please call +1 202 550 9149 or skype roman_king1 for technical support. We may not be able to answer you immediately. If so please
leave a message and we will call back.
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