Panasonic G50 G51 A100 x300 USB cable

Panasonic G50 G51 A100 x300 USB cable
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Panasonic G50 G51 A100 x300 USB cable
Compatible with: Panasonic G50 G51 A100 x300
This USB port data cable is designed for mentioned phone as simulation COM port. You may link your mobile phone with your
PC using this data cable for data transfer, phone book editing, changing the startup logo and operator logo in your phone,
creating and editing your favorite ringtones. Utility software required for data transfer between your mobile phone and
computer. In most cases software can be downloaded from phone's manufacturer website.
Download/Modify ringtones by using appropriate software
Modify Startup & Operator logos by using appropriate software
Send SMS messages easily by using appropriate software
Edit mobile phone numbers on your SIM card
Edit & Send picture messages via PC
Make full use of service software that requires M2BUS connection.
Connect to PC USB Port
USB interface V1.1 (max. 12Mbps)
cable lenght: apro. 95cm
transfer from PC up to 4 Mbps
No external power supply is required
Needs corresponding software with the simulation COM port
Support Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP operation system
USB is not supported in Windows 95, 98 First Edition or Windows NT
Data cable for PROFESSIONALS only, otherwise it may easily damage your mobile phone by incorrect operation.
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