RDU Series Room Thermostats

RDU Series Room Thermostats
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HVAC Products
RDU Series Room Thermostats
Sleek and powerful for CAV and more
Push-button control with digital display, 12 adjustable parameters
settings for precise control
Digital and analog inputs for remote sensor, changeover, card-key access
switching or other special control needs
Perfect for constant air volume (CAV) heating/cooling systems, valve
actuator control, or control of valve and damper on one output
Sleek and attractive design
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Siemens RDU Room Thermostats bring
sophistication and economy for CAV and other
room heating/cooling systems
RDU50U Thermostat with
automatic heating/cooling
The RDU Thermostats are great for a wide range of spaces with stand-alone heating or
cooling control. They also handle control needs in large facilities, for spaces controlled
independently of the building automation system. A typical application might be
constant air velocity (CAV) control (0 to 10 Vdc) in a commercial or light industrial
building. An RDU Thermostat can control valves or dampers—or combinations of
dampers and actuators on one output.
• Attractive, user-friendly design with push-button setpoint, large 1.5” diagonal digital
display, switchable Fahrenheit/Celsius
• Quick and easy installation
RDU50.2U Thermostat with
manual heating/cooling
changeover switch.
• Adjustable parameters for fine-tuning controls, 12 settings for precise control,
- Sensor calibration
- Proportional band adjustment
- Integration time
- Separate heating and cooling set back temperatures
- Electronic upper and lower setpoint limit stops
• Proportional+Integral (0 to 10 Vdc) control output for damper or valve control
• One digital and one analog input for a wide range of options in remote changeover
switching or parameter setting—such as the following examples:
- Automatic heating/cooling changeover with an optional cable sensor
- Commanding of Economy or Frost-Protection mode by external contact such as
window contact, presence sensor, cardkey, or hotel key-sensing switch
Changeover/Remote Sensor
for use with an RDU
Product No.
Heating/cooling changeover
Key Specifications/RDU Series Room Thermostats
Automatic changeover
Temperature setpoint range
41-95° F (5-35° C)
Manual, 3-position switch
Control accuracy at 67° F (19° C)
±1.5° F (.8° C)
Analog output/digital output
0 to 10 Vdc/1mA
Changeover/Remote Sensor
Operating voltage
24 Vac
Wall Plate Adapter
Adjustable parameter settings
Lockable Thermostat Guard
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