ES4191 MFP
ES4191 MFP
Designed for the user, built to perform.
A4 mono MFPs for small to medium workgroups
Fast, reliable and easy
to use - everything
you need to produce
professional mono
documents, efficiently
and cost effectively
The ES4191 MFP - great for your
business and packed full of features
and utilities to support your day-today business needs.
The ES4191 MFP – A4 multifunctional mono printer
Built on tried and tested, award winning technology, the ES4191 MFP delivers a
new standard in mono multifunction versatility in the workplace.
Packed full of outstanding utilities, eco functions and standard features, including
an RADF enabling you to copy, scan and fax two sided documents helping to reduce
costs and your carbon footprint.
The ES4191 MFP is based 100% on energy efficient LED technology and is a
fast and cost effective alternative to multiple machines for the small office and
workgroup environment, combined in one ergonomic and ultra reliable device. And
for extra peace of mind, you can benefit from OKI’s unique 3 year warranty at no
extra cost by registering your product within 30 days of purchase.
Thanks to its flexible media handling, the ES4191 MFP can print many document
types from labels to spreadsheets, invoices, proposals, forms, technical drawings
and more, making the ES4191 MFP ideal for use by a wide range of organisations
and workgroups across sectors such as retail, hospitality, construction, financial
and healthcare. In fact, the ES4191 MFP is perfect for any organisation that
requires fast mono printing with the added functionality of copying, scanning and
Printing whilst on the move with mobile printing
OKI brings mobile printing to the workplace through innovation and technology. Many of our products, including the
ES4191 MFP, are now compatible with mobile printing applications allowing you to print directly from your mobile
device over wireless networks.
Using readily available software and apps, such as ePrint, and Cortado Workplace, you can now print directly from your iPad,
iPhone or smartphone to our range of high definition printing devices, great for printing documents wherever you are without
the need to connect to a PC or Mac.
For further information on mobile printing visit our dedicated web page
Useful utilities that help you control and manage your printing
OKI provides a suite of utilities with the ES4191 MFP offering added functionality, control and efficiencies for your organisation.
PrintSuperVision – For the management and
control of networked printers and MFPs
With a powerful reporting structure,
PrintSuperVision allows IT managers to
manage devices and troubleshoot any problems without
user intervention, providing complete control and visibility
of all printers, regardless of make or model, across your
ES4191 MFP
features at a glance
Print speed
Paper capacity
with optional paper tray
Print Job Accounting – Provides visibility and
control of your organisation’s print spend
Gain visibility and control of print usage
within your organisation, allowing you to
restrict access to individuals or groups and manage printing
and copying within defined cost limits. Print Job Accounting
also provides you the ability to report on usage across the
network, capturing information on volume, paper size,
media type and consumables usage.
ES4191 MFP
A4 Mono Desktop 4-in-1
Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
250 + 100
Outstanding features to support
your day-to-day print, copy, scan
and fax requirements
Automatic duplex
printing, copying, scanning
and faxing as standard
The ES4191 MFP comes with an
RADF as standard for simple,
efficient and cost effective
handling of double sided
Direct printing and scanning
Print directly from or scan
directly to a USB stick without
the need of a PC providing
added flexibility and
improving user efficiency.
Cost saving, high
capacity toners
The ES4191 MFP offer high
capacity toner cartridges
to reduce total cost of
ownership and user
Intuitive menus and
simple to use controls
Combining a 3.5” graphical
LCD display, one touch
function buttons and a simple
menu system the ES4191 MFP
is user friendly and easy to
QWERTY keypad
The ES4191 MFP comes
with a user-friendly
QWERTY keypad for
instant typing of email
addresses to facilitate
document management
and workflow.
Perfect for high
volume print jobs
With paper capacity of
up to 880 sheets, you
can now support your
high volume mono print
requirements in-house.
Flexible media handling
With a multipurpose, manual
feed tray, the ES4191 MFP
can print on a wide range of
media sizes and weights,
from A6 to 1321mm and up
to 160gsm.
Functionality to
improve your
productivity and
The ES4191 MFP is ergonomically designed
including a user friendly and intuitive
graphic display to quickly guide the user
through each task. Job Macro functionality
records and instantly recalls frequently
used tasks for highly efficient working.
Built on award winning technology, with the ES4191 MFP
you can expect sharp, accurate and reliable printing.
• Sharp, clear mono printing for professional business documents
• Fastest in its class with print speeds of up to 40ppm and
5 seconds to first print - perfect for time critical print jobs
• Duplex printing as standard – reducing paper consumption and
enabling the production of business documents in-house
Banners/spreadsheets/gantt Charts
• Overlay function enables you to save logos or forms in the MFP’s
memory, for re-use in other documents
• Secure Print function for PIN or password protected printing to
ensure document confidentiality
• Paper capacity of up to 880 sheets, keeping user intervention
to a minimum
• Multi-purpose tray for printing on a wide variety of media sizes
and weights
Enhanced fax functionality, delivering Super G3 speed
with intuitive controls that improve efficiency and
document management.
• Super G3 speed enables faxes to be sent and received at
high speed
• Fax documents directly from or to your PC
• Forward faxes to another fax machine
Single sided
• Forward faxes directly to an email address
fax to
• Send faxes over the internet
• Block junk faxes and store incoming faxes to minimise
unnecessary printing
• Save time with 16 one-touch buttons and 100 speed dials
to retrieve regularly used numbers
Double sided
Automatic duplex
printing, copying,
scanning and faxing
The ES4191 MFP comes with a 50sheet Reverse Automatic Document
Feeder (RADF) as standard for quick
and easy copying, scanning and faxing
of double sided documents.
2 to 1
1 to 1
1 to 2
2 to 2
Incorporating a high definition LED scanner, the ES4191
MFP provides a range of functions that improve workflow and
productivity in the workplace.
• Fast scan speed of up to 10ppm colour and up to 37.5ppm mono
• Multiple scanning configurations , single or double sided, with
single or double sided mono
single or Double sided Colour
• USB and network TWAIN scanning (PC and Mac)
• Save scan settings for repeated tasks
• LDAP provides direct access to contact and email data from an
existing directory server, saving time and improving the reliability
of document delivery
scan to
• The QWERTY keypad makes sending emails simple
• Continuous scan enables a number of different documents to be
scanned to create one single document output
• Remote scanning allows scanning to a number of networked PCs
• Scanning preserves the integrity of the original document in
colour or black and white
network folder
FTP Folder
• Scan directly to: USB, Network folder, email, FTP Server for fast
and versatile document storage and management
ID Card Copy
The ES4191 MFP offers superior copy quality combining LED
scanning and printing for clear, sharp and fast results.
• Multiple copying configurations, single or double sided, with RADF
ID Card
• Fast, high quality black and white copy output
• Job Macro enables the user to programme frequently used copy
• ID Card copy for simple copying of double sided ID cards on
a single sheet
• Background removal allows user to eliminate artefacts copied
from glass or media on printed output
• Document collation automatically sorts copies of multi-page
documents, saving you time
Collated copies
Single Copies
Improving efficiency
and reducing
environmental impact
The ES4191 MFP is one of the most
environmentally conscious A4 mono
MFPs on the market, incorporating
a wide range of features to help
your organisation reduce its energy
consumption and impact on the
Consolidating multiple devices into one
Reducing toner usage
Bringing together several devices into
one efficient device reduces:
• Energy usage – saving you money and
the environment
• Consumables consumption
• Toner Save function – reduces the
amount of toner used when printing
draft or internal documents
• OKI offers customers a free
consumables recycling programme.
Currently 97% of all materials
returned through the scheme are
Reducing power consumption
• 100% based on LED technology that
inherently consumes less energy
• Eco Mode – improves throughput
performance and reduces energy
• Deep Sleep Mode – reduces energy
consumption to less than 3W
Duplex printing, copying, scanning and
faxing1 as standard
• Reduces paper usage
• Enables printing professional
documents in-house
The ES4191 MFP
is ideal for small
to medium sized
businesses and
workgroups, bringing
print, copy, scan
and fax functionality
closer to where your
business needs it.
ok i
A range of fax features can help to
reduce fax print volumes, saving energy,
consumables and telecom costs:
• Send a fax to any PC on the network
without the need for printing
• Store received faxes in memory or
forward to an email address
• Blocking junk faxes to prevent
unnecessary printing
• Internet fax reduces telecom costs
ES4191 MFP – The 4-in1 device that is fast, secure and built to perform, perfect for
larger corporations
For organisations with demanding needs the ES4191 MFP is a robust, fast and
high performance device with features that add security and control whilst
reducing the total cost of ownership.
• Secure Print protects valuable corporate data
• 40ppm for high volume print jobs
• Auto delivery feature – allows users to route all faxes or emails from a specific
sender to multiple pre-defined destinations
• An optional Foreign Device Interface (FDI) enables connectivity to 3rd party
software allowing control and reporting of printing and copying through
proximity and smart card systems. This facilitates local authentication for
printing anywhere across a LAN, WAN or Internet network
Advanced fax functionality reduces the
need for printing
For increased security, the ES4191 MFP
has an optional FDI that can be connected
to a 3rd party software so confidential
documents can be printed via IC card
Summary Product Specifications
ES4191 MFP
Number of users
Print speed
A4 Mono Desktop 4-in-1
Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
1 to 20+
Duplex unit
SD memory card
FDI (Optional)
Time to first print
First copy out time
Paper capacity
2nd paper tray (Optional)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
Weight (approx)
Power consumption
Memory RAM
Print resolution
Fax speed
Fax page memory
Printer language
Scan to
OS compatibility
Software Utilities
Document management
Paper sizes
5 seconds or less
10 seconds
250 + 100
455 x 427 x 425mm
Deep Sleep mode: <3W
Up to 33.6kbps, 2 seconds/page
Secure Print, Secure Erase
PCL6 (XL3.0), PCL5e, PS 3 (emulation), SIDM
FTP, HTTP, USB memory, Email, TWAIN, CIFS and Scan to Application and Fax from Actkey Utility
Windows XP / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) / Vista / 7; Mac OS X 10.4.0 - 10.7.2
PrintSuperVision, Print Job Accounting, Template Manager
Nuance PaperPort SEv11, Nuance OmniPage SEv16
A4, A5, B5, A6; Custom Size up to 1321mm and weights up to 160gsm
12k Toner (44917607)
25k Drum (01283601)
Why OKI?
Why Executive Series?
OKI is the business printing specialist.
Heritage of award winning products.
Our single-minded aim is to help businesses to
grow and to prosper by enabling them to create
the best possible impression with their printed
communications. By building on our proven, reliable,
single-pass technology, we have developed fast, high
quality, cost-effective printing solutions that benefit
businesses today and into the future.
Building on OKI’s heritage of award winning products,
the exclusive Executive Series range of Multifunction
Products, colour and mono printers provide hasslefree document solutions, budgetary control and
enhanced workflow efficiency.
We also know how important reliability is for
customers. That’s why every one of our products is
built to perform, day in, day out, helping to maintain
business efficiency and provide that competitive edge.
Our selected Executive Series partners can provide a
print strategy and tailored solution that delivers total
peace of mind through fully serviced products and the
benefits of predictable budgeting.
OKI. No one does more in business printing.
As part of the OKI Group’s Charter of Corporate Conduct, OKI continually
reviews its efforts to provide environmentally sound
solutions to its customers:
CarbonZero Manufacturing Facilities
OKI’s three main production facilities,
located in Ayutthaya (Thailand), Shenzen
(China) and Fukushima (Japan), which manufacture
printers and MFPs for the company’s European and
broader global markets have been made “CarbonZero”
in a bid to slow down global climate change. This
initiative is in accordance with our commitment to
reduce total Greenhouse Gas Emissions, with an
emissions reduction target of 6 per cent by the end
of 2012. This target is in line with the United Nations
climate change objectives. We have invested in a
range of carbon offsetting projects through CO2
balance, to offset these factories’ carbon emissions
making them ‘CarbonZero’.
OKI’s Green Leaf symbol, found on all products and
packaging, represents our total commitment to
collection, recycling and environmental processes.
Our printers and MFPs have earned the Energy Star by helping to eliminate
energy waste through particularly energy-efficient
designs. They use less energy to perform regular
tasks. When not in use, they automatically enter a
powersave mode and product features such as, duplex
printing, further reduce the wasting of energy and
paper resources.
ok i
3 Year On-Site Warranty
Our devices are manufactured to the
Our products are designed and manufactured with
reducing the impact on the environment in mind.
g Increasing the amount of our hardware products and consumables that are recycled is one of our strategic objectives.
gWe feel responsible for conducting our business
in an environmentally sound manner, contributing
to conservation and activities within our local
Energy Star
Considering the Environment
highest standards of quality and
technology, which has been confirmed by independent
tests. We are so convinced of the high quality of our
products that we are offering you an extension of the
standard warranty period to 3 years at no extra cost
to you. Simply register your product within 30 days of
purchase. For further information please visit:
20 years of LED Technology
OKI pioneered the development of digital
LED technology in printers over 20 years ago. This
innovation delivers High Definition printing – for more
accurate, striking printed documents. Thanks to this
digital LED technology, our printers are compact,
environmentally friendly and energy efficient, using
significantly less raw materials in the manufacturing
process and consuming less energy. LED print heads
have no moving parts, making our LED printers robust
and ultra reliable.
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United Kingdom
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