Ultra compact DVB-T tuner
Ultra compact DVB-T tuner
· State-of-the-art USB DVB-T tuner (DTT, Freeview)
· USB 2.0 compatible
· Remote control
· Aerial with magnetic base and sucker
· USB cable
Incl. TerraTec Home Cinema software:
TerraTec Home Cinema turns television on the computer into an experience. Whether internal
or external TV card, whether digital (DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C) or analogue (antenna, cable) – the
possibilities of turning your computer into a television are endless. Use a PCI card and a USB
box, for example, to record a program and simultaneously view another one or record several
broadcasts. All TerraTec TV cards can be freely combined for this purpose.
In addition to the usual functions, such as time-shifted television, electronic program guide (EPG)
and digital video recorder, the TerraTec Home Cinema offers a few innovations: With remote
programming via the Internet, the current television program can be conveniently searched and
a recording can be programmed with a click of the mouse. For this purpose, TerraTec Home
Cinema accesses the established service of tvtv.de – a 60-day trial version is included. The
computer wakes up at home from standby or the idle state on time and the desired broadcast
automatically lands on the hard disk.
Even easier are recordings using the electronic program guide during the broadcast – simply
press the corresponding button. No matter how you plan your recordings: They can already be
viewed while the recording is still running!
More new functions of the TerraTec Home Cinemas include: Automatic optimization of the
aspect ratio, recording of Dolby Digital (AC3), video text and subtitles, support of DVB radio and
customizable lists of favorites (genre, location), multi-tuner support and constantly available help
functions as well as the advertising editor Cut! which allows for easily cutting advertising blocks –
easier than ever before.
Slim and resource-saving, intuitive operation, yet very extensive – the TerraTec Home Cinema
fully exploits the possibilities of television on the computer!
TerraTec Cinergy T USB XXS
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Technical Details
• DVB-T (Freeview, DTT) receiver with remote control
• Latest tuner technology for optimal reception
• Digital video recorder
• Picture in Picture within a transponder
• EPG, Teletext and TimeShifting
• USB 2.0 compatible
• USB bus powered
System requirements
• 2,0 GHz Intel or AMD CPU
• 1024 MB RAM
• Windows XP SP2 / Vista
• One free USB 2.0 port
• 300 MB free hard drive space for software installation
• Direct-X-compatible audio hardware
• Direct-X-compatible video card with video overlay function
• CD/DVD drive for driver/software installation
• TerraTec Home Cinema
Scope of delivery
• Cinergy T USB XXS
• Aerial with magnetic base and sucker
• Aerial adapter MCX to IEC
• Remote control
• USB cable
• Installation & software CD
• Quick Setup Guide
• Service request form
• Registration documents
EAN code:
24 month
TerraTec Cinergy T USB XXS
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