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Industrial Work
and its
he photographer of today has to deal with an ever
increasing diversity of subjects. Photography is used
in so many fields of human activity that only a camera
with a system of equipment can meet a II the demands
of modern practice.
The Voigtlander
is a camera with such a
system. The advantages of interchangeable lenses have
been most successfully combined with those of the
central shutter, and a whole system of accessories
and supplementary apparatus widens the scope of the
considerably: tele and wide angle shots, flash
photography; close-ups, copying, macro- and micrography, oscillograph fluoroscopy, and other specialised
technological work can be carried out with this fine
Thus the
is a camera which you can fully
utilise for your work as well as yo ur private pursuits.
This booklet is intended to give you a survey of the
almost endless number of applications made possible
by the
If you desire any additional information please ask
your dealer or write direct to Voigtlander who will
be glad to answer any enquiry about the
PRO MIN ENT and its system of equipment
With its combination of interchangeable lenses and central shutter
impairing your instant readiness for action when using a non-
the PROMINENT meets two demands of versatility under all working
standard lens. With the PROMINENT there can be no faulty focusing
conditions. including the use offlash : While the choice of different
because of mistakes in reading or converting figures.
lenses allows tl-te photographer to make the best optical use of the
Other features : The coupling of film winding. shutter tensioning,
PROMINENT for the task in hand. the central shutter is the only type
and film counter gives you quick action; there is a dou ble exposure
to permit perfect synchronisation of electronic flash as well as
and film loc.k. a self-timer. depth of field scale. a film indicator,
expendable flash bulbs. Only the central shutter makes it possible
and eyelet for the carrying strap.
in any circumstances
to obtain simultaneous and uniform illumination of the whole
negative area.
to utilise the full intensity of the flash. and
to synchronise all kinds of flash with all shutter speeds up
to 1/500 second.
The central shutter of the PROMINENT is a special design of the
SYNCHRO-COMPUR ; its do ubi e blades offord complete protection of even the fastest films during the changing of lenses.
The precision rangefinder incorporates Automatic Coincidence
Compensation and is combined with the viewfinder with which
it shores the eyepiece. All interchangeable lenses without
reflex attachments, no matter of which focal length, can
be focused directly by means of the rangefinder without
For if you change over to a different focal leng t h you not only
alter the scale of reproduction and therefore the picture area,
but also the apparent perspective and the depth of field . The
interchangeable lenses also afford you additional advantages in
the fields of macrophotography and photomicrography which
are dea lt with in greater deta il on later pages of this booklet.
There can be no mistaking the tendency of the development of
recent years : miniature
photography and
ever greater importance.
colour are
make the highest
demands on the lens ; the miniature format needs increased
image contrast and finer resolution, colour photography much
improved .colour correction .
Both demands are fully met by the new Voigtldnder High Efficiency Lenses . All these lenses have been created in the course of
the laslfew years, yet in this short space of time they have acquired
a world wide reputation for themselves . The reason can be found
in the practical results achieved by the lenses of your High Efficiency Series:
Definition and image contrast are considerably improved.
The limit to which a negative can be enlarged is no longer
set by the lens but rather by the film material.
Colour photographs
rendering .
To the Voigtldnder scientists must go the credit of having set new standards of photographic optics by developing these optical
systems . With new types of glass and improved methods of computation they succeeded for all intents and purposes in eliminating
the so-called "higher order co lour aberrations" . The result has been greatly improved definition with colour as well as black-andwhite negative material, and their achievement put the lenses of the Voigtldnder high class series in many respects ahead of the
present standard of most film emulsions. The lenses will therefore keep their value for years to come .
interchangeable lenses of non-standard focal lengths also possess the qualities of the high class series . Even in
specialised working conditions the exacting photographer always has at his disposal a top quality lens that gives him the best
obtainab le results w it h either co lour or black -a nd-white material.
The three different focal lengths of P /8, 2, and 4 inches (35, 50, and 100 mm .) of the interchangeable lenses at present available
adapt the
to amost any normal requirements . They enable the creative photographer to endow his pictures with that
"final touch" that gives them the stamp of his personality.
Within the frame-work of its system the PROMINE NT offers you
a choice of several lenses. all belonging to the Voigtldnder High
Efficiency Series. Thanks to the highly effective vacuum applied
anti-flare coating -
specially suited to colour films -
the optical
efficiency of the lens2s is fully utilised without impairing the colour
quality of the image in any way; it goes without saying that the
coating is proof against all normal cleaning processes . Strict
controls see to it that every single lens can meet the most exacting
Besides the outstanding colour performance common to all
PROMINENT which we have already described. the individual features of the various lenses are:
2 inch (50 mm.) NOKTON f/1.5. Standard focal length .
With its extreme aperture of f/1.5 the NOKTON is the fastest lens
of the Voigtldnder high class series . A 7-element lens. it can deal
with the most unfavourable light conditions and will give you
sharp pictures even at full aperture .
2 inch (50 mm.) UL TRON f/2. Standard focal length .
A 6-element lens of unsurpassed definition and
brilliance. With its large "light reserve" and outstanding definition at full aperture. performance
of the ULTRON lens has enthusiastic admiration .
4 inch (100 mm.) DYNARON f /4.5. Tele lens.
A 6-element, genuine, telephoto lens of short back focus . This reduces the risk of camera
shake, due to the forward centre of gravity of the assembly, so common with long focus
lenses . Distortion is very well corrected. Thanks to its focal lenght, twice as great as
that of the standard lens, a full tele effect is obtained. It is directly coupled to the rangefinder (p. 7). The DYNARON has an outstanding colour performance, a quality remarkable in tele lenses.
Pis inch (35 mm.) SKOPARON f 3.5. Wide-angle lens.
A fast 5-element lens with angle of acceptance of about 63°. Its outstanding resolution,
good correction of distortion, and particul arly fine colour correction, give it exceptional
qualities. It is also directly coupled to the rangefinder (p.7).
4 inch (100 mm.) TELOMAR f/ S.S
This 5-el ement tele lens is built into a reflex attachment. It is a genuine telephoto lens
of short back focus with full tele effect and also very good correction of distortion . It
yields outstanding definition and has excellent colour correction a particularly
important feature .
The reflex attachment gives you all the advantages of the ground glass screen which
are so helpful with every type of photograph and particularly so with a tele lens :
You can check your composition, exact focusing, and depth of field with portraits and
close-ups, and there is no parallax (important with very close range shots down to a
distance of 10 inches) . A 5 x magnifier shows you the clear screen image right way up.
For fast moving subjects (children at play , sports) you can use the frame finder which
is built into the screen magnifier of the TELOMAR. In order to see the screen image the
right way round, you can exchange the ordinary magnifier for a 5 x prism magnifier.
Over a century of development links the world 's first mathematically computed photographic lens-a Voigtlander product-with the interchangeable lensesofthe PROMINENT.
This vast experience which is of the greatest possible importance, caused the Voigtlander designers to refuse any compromise whatever the design of the interchangeable
For only by correcting each lens to the last detail and as a complete optical and mechanical unit was it possible to obtain the quality that made Voigtlander lenses famous al l
over the world.
The consequence of this refusal to compromise was a number of optical and mechanical
advantages wh ich are of great and even decisive importance in practical work with the
directly mounted PR OMIN ENT lenses :
Maximum definition with a II lenses, with colou r as well as black-and-white material,
Invariable adjustment of all lens elements in rigid mounts . Final testing of the
co m p I ete lens,
Absolute protection against dust between the lens elements ,
Direct focusing of all lenses by means of the rangefinder. No out of focus images
through incorrect setting of the lens in transferring the rangefinder readings.
Continuous focusing of moving subjects without having to remove the camera
from eye level. Permanent check on the focus through the combined view and
rangefinder eyepiece.
Secure locking in the rigid metal lens panel of the PROMINENT guarantees safe and
quick lens changing.
Photography at less than three feet opens up a new world of
beauty. The field of close-up photography offers literally enexhaustible scope for discovering the charm of small th i ngs : delicate
blossoms and interesting insects , pictorial still life and creative
table top studies are at your beck and call.
You can take close-ups with the PROMIN ENT up to a scale of
reproduction of 1 : 2.5 (see under "Macrophotography" for still
larger images) . This gives you a natural size reproduction of the
subject on an enlargement as small as 2' / 4 x 3' /4 inches . There are
two ways of taking close-up photographs : by means of the Focar
lenses o r with the Proximeter.
The Focar lenses are positive meniscus lenses which you simply
fi t in front of one of the standard 2 inch lenses like a filter, and
which enable you to take photographs at less than the normal
near limit of
feet. Of course , every Voigtlrinder Focar lens is
coated on both sides and precision ground and mounted so as to
preserve the high performance of the camera lens. According to
the sub j ect distance you select a Focar lens A (40 to 20 inches) ,
B (20 to 13' /4 inches) or C (113/ 8 to 9 inches). They enable you
always to obtain the most suitable image size. A leaflet containing
all the necessary instructions is enclosed with every Focar lens.
Close- ups are particularly easy with the TELOMAR in its refle x
attachment. It has more than one advantage. For while the greater
focal length results in tw ice the image scale of the standard lens.
the reflex viewing system of the attachment allows you to focu s
easily on the ground glass screen without any paralla x error
and to check the depth of field. For close-ups with the TELOMAR
you need in addition to the Focar lenses A , B, and C , the Focar
lens 0 which bridges the gap between 40 inches and
6' /2feet,
near focusing limit of the TELOMAR tele lens.
The Proximeter offers you an alternative method of taking closeups. This supplementary optical unit not only brings the near
focusing limit of the lens from
3' /2feet to 10 inches
but also adapts
the built-in rangefinder of the PROMINENT. Therefore lens and
rangefinder remain coupled just as correctly as in the normal
focusing range. In other words, with the Proximeter you can use
the rangefinder at distances closer than
3'/2 feet.
You can even
take action shots of moving close-up subjects. At the same time
the Proximeter also takes care of parallax , a particularly important feature with close-ups.
The Proximeter can be used together with anyone of the standard
2 inch lenses and also with the DYNARON; it yields images at
a scale of reproduction up to 1 : 5 and 1 : 2.5 respectively .
You will find further information in a special leaflet obtainable
from your dealer.
For close-ups the copying outfit described on the following page
can be composed as to form a table stand. With close-ups you
often have to stop down considerably in order to obtain sufficient
depth of field, and this may necessitate time exposures. You can
also study the angle of view, the picture area, and the subject distance in comfort because the table stand holds the PROMINENT in
an immovable grip. An extremely robust ball-and-socket head
that cannot tip over widens the scope of the table stand consi derably. It allows you to lock the camera at any reqlJired angle ,
and you will find it single knob control of vertical adjustment
and tilt particularly convenient.
For the important field o f documentation the PROMINENT system contains apparatus
designed to permit easy a nd quick copying of all kinds of originals. You can accomodate
a whole archive in the smallest space.
With the PROMINENT copying outfit you can copy origi nals of any size between
113/ 4 x 16' /2 inches (297 x 420 mm .) and 3 x 4 3 / . inches (74 x 105 mm.) ; i. e. scales of
reproduction from 1 : 12 to 1 : 3. It consists of copying stand with size indicating-mat,
focusing head with 50-mm.-REPRO-SKOPAR f/ 3.5, ground glass adapter,S x ground
glass magnifier, coupling ring, and ball joint with tube .
A special high-quality lens, the 2 inch (50 mm.) f/ 3.5 REPRO-SKOPAR , is built i nto the
focusing adapter. This top class lens is specially corrected for close-ups, and its high
resolving power permits the copying of smallest writing and delicate drawings ; in '
addition its excellent colour correction produces faithful reproductions of coloured
The ground glass attachment permits precise focusing of the REPRO-SKOPAR at any
distance within the range of adjustment ; it also serves in using the copying lens for any
close-ups (see page 9) . As in the case of the refle x attachment (p. 6) the screen magnifi er can be replaced by a prism magnifier for viewing the image the right way round .
Even copying with a scale of reproduction of 1 : 1 and 2 : 1 (macrophotographs) presents no difficulty to the owner of a PROMI NENT for the versatile PROMIN ENT system also
covers this specialised field of photography. The macro unit determines the ex act field
of view and distance , while the desired scale of rep r oduction is obtained by combining
two lenses ; one of the 2 inch lenses
the DYNARON for a scale of reproduction
of 2 : 1, and the DYNARON
a special supplementary lens system (4 3 / . inch or 105 mm .
COLOR-SKOPARf/ 3.5) for a scale of reproduction of 1 : 1. The two lenses, the PROMIN ENT,
and the macro unit are rigidly locked together and can be used in the horizontal position or filted as required .
The depth of field necessary with these ultra close-ups at twice natural size is obtained
by means of special stops and the table stand with ball-and-socket head (p.9) will
support the camera securely.
The PROMINENT is also a useiul camera for ta king photomicrographs. Thus the scient ist
can acquire a professional camera which he can equally well use in his spare time as
an amateur cam~ra.
With the exception of the wide-angle lens you can use the PROMINENT with any of its
lenses for photomicrography. The magnification of the negative is ' /s that of the visual
microscope image with a 2 inch lens. and 2/S with a 4 inch lens. Therefore it is best to
use the PROMINENT with the DYNARON for photomicrography wherever possible.
because the 4 inch lens makes better use of the negative area and produces a greater
i mage scale .
The PROMINENT system offers two ways of taking photomicrographs: with the reflex
attachment or with the focusing telescope. With both combinations a micro clamping
collar connects camera and microscope.
When using the reflex attachment the microscope image is focused on the ground
glass screen where it remains visible up to the moment of exposure. The focusing
attachment for photomicrographs on the other hand allows the subject to be
watched during the actual exposure. This is very valuable with live. and thus moving.
specimens which continually alter the microscopic image. The observation tube can
be used with all lenses of the standard focal length (2 inches) or with the DYNARON.
Only accessories of the fi nest qual ity can mai ntain the fine performance of the PROMINENT and its lenses. That is why Voigtliinder
have produced the Voigtliinder precision accessories for their
cameras which undergo the same strict tests as the other components of the PROMINENT system . Incidentally, all Voigtliinder
accessories fit not only Voigtliinder cameras but also all other
makes with the same lens mount diameter.
You should on principle use the lens hood for every photograph
i n order to keep out stray light and to prevent flare which reduces
contrast. It is of robust all-metal construction and cannot be damaged by being dropped or knocked.
The PROMINENT filters are also optical high precIsion products.
Their glass is precision ground and dyed in the mass, their robust
and accurate mounts are extremely rigid. All Voigtliinder filters
are coated on both sides in order to ensure the greatest possible
light tran~mission and to prevent any stray light from reaching
the lens. A well chosen range of filter colours will deal with all
practical work:
there are two yellow filters G 1,5 x and G 3 x of
different depth,
a green filter Gr 4 x and an orange filter Or 5 x.
When taking photographs in the mountains or in a
haze-free atmosphere (e. g. at the seaside) the Ultraviolet filter UV eliminates the ultraviolet rays so
detrimental to your pictures. With colour film, the UV
filter prevents the blue tinge which often arises with exposures made during the middle hours of the day.
The polarising filter P removes troublesome reflections from windows. spectacles, water surfaces,
and the like.
And finally, the Type A conversion filter allows artificial light type colour film to be used in daylight or
with electron ic flash.
Camera ever-ready case
To make it easy for you to carry your interchangeable lenses and
accessories and to have them always at hand, VOigtldnder have
produced several cases : the camera ever-ready case, a small
accessory case which can be attached to the carrying strap of the
camera, a case for the interchangeable lenses, and a case for the
complete equipment.
Small accessory case: Takes 1 lens hood and
3 filters or Focar lenses.
Universal case UNIT-B: PROMINENT with lens attached,
DYNARON, SKOPARON,Turnit viewfinder, Kontursportsfinder, lens hood, 3 filters or Focar lenses , 2 Proximeter.
Lens case UNOP-B: Lens 50 mm., DYNARON , SKOPARON,
Turnit viewfinder, Kontur sportsfinder, lens hood, 2 filters
or Facar lenses, 2 Proximeter.
The popularity of flash photography is constantly increasing
because it renders the photog rapher independent of the prevailing light .conditions. The speed
synchronised central shutter of
the type used in the PROMINENT
is an especially important factor
in this development because it
is the only type to permit the
reliable synchronisation and full
utilisation of all kinds of flash.
The ideal flash equipment for the PROMINENT owner is the Voigtkinder flash case. This novel combination *) of an ever-ready case
with a flash gun does away with the need for carrying a separate
flash gun. With this flash case you are ready for action at a
second 's notice even when taking fl ash shots and its operation
is simplicity itself.
Only the central shutler could master this task:
Flash photo of a fast-moving subiect in powerful spotlights. Th e
dynamic jump of the dancer required the
1 / 1000
sec. of the electro-
nic flash . whilst the '/500sec .• accomplish ed by the Synchron-Compur , leaves the spotlights ineffectual . which with the speed of
1 / 25
However, if you prefer a separate flash gun you can supplement
your equipment with the Voigtlander flash gun . Its most important features are : very efficient reflector, light weight, and its
" magic eye" test contact - above all, however, its exceptionally
attractive price.
sec. would render dullnes and double outlines.
Please ask your dealer for the two special leaflets describing
thes= two fl3sh guns.
*) German and Foreign Patents
Since the angle of view of the telephoto and wide-angle lenses
only the picture area as seen by your PROMINENT but also its
differ considerably from that of the view and rangefinder, Voigt-
surroundings. Everything is in natural size. When you look
lander developed the reversible TURN IT finder for the additional
through the Kontur finder you clearly see a brilliantly white
lenses. With a simple rotation of this push-on viewfinder you can
outline that is suspended in the field of view like a frame and
match the viewfinder image to the field of view of the DYNARON
shows you exactly how much of the scene will be on you r negative.
or SKOPARON lenses. The viewing image in both viewing
directions is bright to its edges, and in the tele position it gives
distinguish even the slightest alteration of facial expressions,
photographing people and portraits you can clearly
you a 1.7 x magnification of the natural size of the subject. A
and easily find the right moment for releasing the shutter. Spec-
small lever with three click settings allows you to compensate
tacle wearers particularly li ke the Kontur finder because they
for the parallax error.
no ' Ionger have to take off their glasses.
The Voigtlander KONTUR finder is of a completely different
kind. It really ought to be called a "picture finder" because it
Read all about the novel Kontur finder in the special leaflet
obtainable from your dealer or direct from Voigtlander.
makes it so very easy to determine the most pictorial part of the
subject and to arrange it exactly as you want it.
The Kontur finder is available for the standard focal length of
This is because with the VOigtlander Kontur finder you see not
2 inches (50 mm.).
Highest Speed -
no Luxury!
Would you liketo be independentfrom bad lighting conditions with you colour photos! You are - with the ultra speed NOKTON f/ 1.5.
Evidence : A PROMINENT amateur took this picture with aid of the light from the liquid steel only. '/25 sec. at full aperturef/ 1.5. When other
colour photographers must resign. you can still shoot with your NO TON. and achieve unique effects.
Your photo dealer:
because the lens is so good
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